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American on honeymoon among dead in Barcelona – RIP two wasted young lives!

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TERROR IN VA: 3 KILLED ON DAY OF WHITE NATIONALIST RALLY – THE REPTILIUS ARE WINNING THE BATTLE! “Electing someone that has a negative chart; i.e. Hitler, could be devastating to the people under the jurisdiction of his natal stars. The fact is; when you elect a person to power, you will also karmically share this person’s fate! This is why becoming cosmic conscious is a must for all concerned voters.… Read and share please.

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2017 / 2050 Prediction by Dr. Turi

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Mom accused of killing 4 kids, their father – When I tell you the reptilius are after famous people and your children you should pay attention to my warnings or you may become part of the victimized statistics!

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2 toddlers die after being left in car 15 hours – The reptilius are after your children!

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FDA wants opioid pulled off market

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Phil Collin fall

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