April Tornadoes, Earthquakes Fully Predicted

2012 April Elaborated Horoscope For All Signs



Dear Readers:
For days now my supporters and I have been blasting the Internet, Tweeter, MS FB etc. with my “SOS To The World” or serious warnings well ahead of the NWS. In fact they issued their first warnings for this weekend on  April 14/15/16 when I warned the world and the US on Coast to Coast national radio March 26th. Check the facts right now before continuing reading. Note also we tweeted EVERY major newsmedia and none of these folks took me seriously! I am sure you remember the 2006 100 tornadoes? Guess what I predicted those too in my book wich makes my dated, printed, published predictions unarguable…Indeed I am CNN before CNN, be curious you found the real thing!
If you were a VIP Cosmic Coder back on March 26th YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN WARNED of every pieces of news I posted on the Cosmic Code website well before CNN posted them to the world. There is still a few days left for April 2012 so you can check both the past and what is left for April before the month is over. Take your time to investigate each dates and each pieces of news and read section of my book 2012 Moon Power. Most of all Join the world, be informed and be prepared for my SOS windows.

April 14 – Millions in Plains brace for storms  

April 15 – 5 people killed; 3 states in peril today 

We still have April 15 to go!


Entrails Upset Spit Above

Red Fire Wind To Dance

Stars Command Shock Science

Calm Deception To Strike


Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking News/ lightning / Humanitarianism / New Age / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / UFO.

Those dates were given 03/26/2012 to George Noory on Coast To Coast national radio show where 20 millions listeners made notes.

April 7/8/9

Dramatic/deadly news/terrorism/police news!

April 14/15/16

Large quakes/tsunami/explosions/shocking surprises!


Tsunami watch lifted after 2 big quakes

7.0 earthquake hits western Mexico

Earthquakes shake Gulf of California

Thousands flee from China quake 

 Tornado hits Oklahoma; Plains outbreak forecast


Iran, 6 nations hold nuclear talks – Nuke?

Morosini dies on pitch -Shocking news?

Council mulling North Korea response –  Nuke?

2 earthquakes with (preliminary) magnitudes of 6.1 and 6.6 just happened in the Drake passage.  Quakes?

MEMO FROM 2012 MOON POWER FOR APRIL 3RD, 2012 AND  From my prediction page

“We are fast moving to an “AIR” dragon that will have the “weather man” wondering what the heck is going on and all the fire fighters on their toes. I see quite a lot of tornadoes; wind storms, sand storms, fire storms stopping traffic (check 2011 Moon power Supernova windows for most impact) and such a “wind” activity can only make the upcoming hurricane “season” a very busy one.”



Welcome to your 2012 April “Elaborated Horoscope For All Signs” this section includes the New and Full moon personal impact in all signs. Terania and I keep working hard to offer you the best guidance available on the net throughout the current year. While I am offering you supplemental information with transits and horoscopes make sure to regularly read your special edition 2012 Moon Power book as the transits, personal and your Personal Nostradamus Universal horoscopes works all in harmony.I thank you for supporting my mission to free humanity from fear and ignorance and my godly imposed mission on earth and this task can be sometimes quite distressful.

I am glad you made the right choice with me and you will be rewarded in the long road ahead of us because I am prepared to work even harder to build your own Cosmic Consciousness in 2012. My reputation all over the world, via the Internet has exploded with millions of hits looking for Dr. TURI on Google due to my endless radio/TV exposures and many groups reading/discussing my unarguable work. As we move further into the year 2012 my position as the true New Age Leader is recognized, appreciated and honored. Only a fraction of my material is available to the educational field, the Law Enforcement Agencies, politicians, science anyone willing to learn all about the reality and influence produced by the Cosmic Code. This is a revelation my students, clients, close friends and VIP’s perceived well before the rest of the world. Congratulation, for I am with you into the future. To all of you I say, welcome to the Cosmic Code secrets and your opportunity to see and hear God at work through the stars.

Remember being a Cosmic Coder means being guided every month personally by Dr. Turi and mastering the Cosmic Code secrets will help you to understand and guide the very “psychics” you rely on for directions. This website is REAL and very affordable, become a Cosmic Coder level 3 and pay only ONCE for the next 12 months to read your monthly personal guidance and predictions while mastering the Cosmic Code.

While many of you did order the new 2012 Moon Power but some people do not have the money or the option to download it, thus I have to include this material for them.

Now on to your 2012 April Elaborated Horoscope For All Signs

Remember a lot of older people do not know about technology or even own a computer and cannot download my 2012 Moon Power. Thus I have to accommodate every one of them by posting section of the book. While I am trying hard every month to serve thousands of people reading my horoscopes, remember it is generated for the mass ONLY. I have decided to elaborate each months of the year on all my VIP personal forecast and will do so to help each and every one of you to be prepared of what the “Universal Code” may throw at you.

This work is designed to add more information of what the Cosmic Code’s energy is all about. Note also your rising or your natal / hidden dragon can also seriously affect this general forecast. Very personal forecast with exact timing can only be generated with your precise time of and birth location, thus if you undergo serious challenges you will need a 90 MN taped Full Life or live Skype VIP telephone Reading. Note as a VIP you get this $700 consultation for $450 – Currently my prices for consultations are slashed to the bare minimum thus make the most, this can change any day. Call Terania at             602-265-7667       to set up your appointment or order directly from my webpage.

Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom

– Paracelsus

Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance For April 2012

April 4, 2012 — Venus enters Gemini: The planet of love in the sign of flirtiest Gemini. Souls born with this celestial gift will need mental stimulation and express themselves with love at all times. Unless the partner is animated, boredom will bring about a swift break. Great ability is often found in poetry, writing, photography and drawing. A natural zest for diplomacy and learning foreign languages is often found with this position. The soul could also marry a foreigner and reside in a foreign land during the course of this reincarnation. Expect lots of great news, and to spend money on anything that writes, reads, rolls and speaks. Horses, cars, bikes or anything with wheels are offered.

SUN., MON., TUE., WED., THU. — APRIL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:

RULERS — The Sun (Children) Mercury (Sibling) and Venus (Love):

Work, Career and Business: This trio will make these days quire interesting in terms of action and news. You will be occupied trying to cope with all the demands made upon you. Local errands will keep you busy and bring you in contact with interesting people. Don’t rush if you feel you won’t make progress or if things don’t go your way; all will change soon. Use the waxing moon to your advantage and be patient.

Partnerships: Expect new partners to show you their talents, and be patient with them if they cannot follow your pace. The deserving hard-working souls will benefit soon with well-deserved promotions or new opportunities for growth. Your wishes could be granted if you mean business and become active on the social scenery.

Family and Friends: A family member or a friend in need may request your advice. Be willing to consider the issues from their point of view, but try to avoid emotional outbursts and do not force your opinion on them. You may receive an invitation to be part of a gathering; use this opportunity to get some of your wishes. You miss some people you know well who have moved away. You may decide to relocate soon yourself.

Love Affairs: Don’t be insecure or shy; go after the person you are attracted to. Propose to dine out or offer flowers. With the great Sun in charge your romanticism will be accepted. Use positive words and further your life now. With Mercury in the air, get on the phone; you will use a convincing approach to stimulate someone you care about. Your words can make a difference with a person who has lost some of the feelings they had for you. If you were born in July, a curious foreigner born in March or November may be looking for your love. Keep busy on the social scenery.

Travel and Communication: Some lucky people will decide to take a trip to Las Vegas and enjoy the nightlife. The waxing Moon (positive) may bring you luck. If you plan to travel, always make all your plans within the New Moon to protect yourself and further your wishes. Enjoy the wilderness and enjoy the best of what life has to offer. Use the growing new moon’s energy to your advantage.

Environment: Wind could be a problem and speedy Mercury could produce sudden tornadoes in some parts of the US. Expect activity from environmentalists fighting for the survival of wildlife and the earth.

MEMO FROM 2012 MOON POWER FOR APRIL 3RD, 2012 AND  From my prediction page

“We are fast moving to an “AIR” dragon that will have the “weather man” wondering what the heck is going on and all the fire fighters on their toes. I see quite a lot of tornadoes; wind storms, sand storms, fire storms stopping traffic (check 2011 Moon power Supernova windows for most impact) and such a “wind” activity can only make the upcoming hurricane “season” a very busy one.”

Tornadoes tear through north-central Texas


NWS – Oregon Coast Weather This Week: High Wind Watch to Sunny Weekend

04/01/12 – Tropical Storm Pakhar Aims Rain, Wind towards Vietnam

Famous Personalities: Much talk and gossip will be available from celebrity magazines. A brother, a sister, a new car or form of transportation even a pair of twins may make the news.

04/04/12 –  Oprah troubled TV venture?

Events: Hopefully Venus will stop any damage from explosions. News from France or Japan or the Middle East could be troublesome. Interesting new developments in biology, science and research are to be expected soon.

MEMO – New Moon — March 22, 2012 in Aries: The New Moon will mature in the sign of Aries. Explosive and destructive news about fires, wars, and explosions is to be expected soon.  Mother earth is alive and may stretch her self vigorously, producing powerful volcanic or earthquake activity.  Souls born with this celestial identity will be competitive, aggressive and will use their inner leadership abilities to gain positions of power during their lifetimes. Discipline and patience must be induced at an early age to avoid serious head injury. Many endeavors will be launched successfully within the next two waxing weeks and you should be confident of the outcome.

Young RI girl’s beating captured in YouTube video


Entrails Upset Spit Above

Red Fire Wind To Dance

Stars Command Shock Science

Calm Deception To Strike

Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking News/ lightning / Humanitarianism / New Age / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / UFO.

Seven dead in California college shooting – Shocking?

Quake-hit Mexican area shaken again – Shocking?

Small plane hits Florida grocery storeTires slashed on 58 school buses  Tires slashed on 58 school buses

Tires slashed on 58 school buses  Tires slashed on 58 school buses – Shocking?

Shopping: Gifts offered to those for whom you care will bring much luck to their happy owners. You can find a good deal on a big-ticket item by comparison shopping. Offer Starguide as a birthday gift, and bring the light of true predictions and guidance into someone’s life.

Full Moon — April 6, 2012 in Libra: The next two weeks are going to be a trying time for many of us. Keep a cool head, as changes in business and partnerships are due for changes with this lunation. Be ready for the beginning or ending of a portion of your business or emotional life. Disturbing and surprising news is ahead of you from the government. Be ready to accept those dramatic upcoming changes. The world is getting ready for serious drama where many young lives will be wasted and death for some innocent souls is inescapable. Keep in mind that, life is a constant process of change, and the future usually has better to offer. Take chances, sign contracts, travel and promote your life only after the next New Moon. Be ready for a bumpy couple of weeks ahead of you. Be strong, you’ll need to be, for when all is said and done you and the world will be in better positions. Some foreign governments will work hard to avoid wars.

Lunation impact on all signs: Note only if you become a VIP Cosmic Coder will you read supplemental horoscope information / monthly transits.http://www.cosmiccode.drturi.com/

Aries – A full restructure of your business and emotional life is ahead. Be patient.

Taurus – Don’t be concerned or too worried, your work and your health are connected.
Gemini – Stress and changes with love, business and children are a part of life.
Cancer – Problems at home and your security should not keep you depressed for long.
Leo – Control your speech, important contracts are ahead so use diplomacy.
Virgo – Money and commitment is thought important paper work, signature is ahead.
Libra – Your emotions and imagination runs high, a new relationship for you?
Scorpio – Let go of wrong associations, a secret love affair could bring trouble; move on.
Sagittarius – A wish cannot come true with the person you are with now, change ahead.
Capricorn – Career commitments, contracts and changes are best for you.
Aquarius – A trip must be canceled, a partner gives you trouble, you’ll see through it.
Pisces – A friend will let you down soon you deserve better association in all you do.

ELABORATE HOROSCOPE – Full Moon Personal impact on all signs

Aries – This lunation will mature in your 7th house of marriage contracts and partnerships. Indeed some people who do not fit the bill have to go. Show affection and compassion so your partner realizes you actually care. Yes family matters tend to obstruct your aim for a better position in life and many of you will move in or out of a relationship and/or situation soon. Watch the moon and the stars and learn how God really speaks to you.

Taurus – This lunation will mature in your 6th house of work and health. Don’t over work yourself and trust the divine to guide you to a better service to the world. A new way to reach more people and service them “electronically or spiritually and at a higher level will be offered to you. Listen to your dreams there are messages in them for you to uncover. Work on both your body and mind to get a better health, don’t put it off any longer.

Gemini – This lunation will mature in your 5th house of love, children and creativity and you may be forced into some painful changes in these areas. Sometimes better opportunities are far away or unreachable and “things” must happen to liberate you. Make the adjustment and don’t let others influence your decision. Realize also that taking chances in life often pay off, even if you don’t like changes, life is a constant process of changes – Try something or someone else you will be happily surprised in the long run

Cancer – This lunation will mature in your 4th house of home, real estate and family members. Life is a process of continuous changes and moving may be the option given to you to lead a better life with more opportunities. Make sure to investigate your Astro-Carto-Graphy before any relocation. The economy is still tough and money problems will go away with time. You like to talk, find a job from home where you can talk? This is fine as long as you remain positive with everyone around you or move to find peace and reach your dreams.

Leo – This lunation will mature in your 3rd house of communication where siblings could offer challenging news. Your car or anything use to communicate may decide to give up on you, avoid eating when upset and get active physically to avoid health problems. Don’t be afraid to take on some study that could better your life and your spirit in general. Avoid depression; don’t feed evil with negative thoughts of the past.

Virgo – This lunation will mature in your 2nd house of money and this mean a great option for you to find good deals or even run your own show. Ideas are all over but one or 2 will pay off and often education is the key. Philosophy, foreigners or foreign affairs could open these doors stay vigilant for the opportunities coming your way. If you have exhausted all options so far you may be in the wrong place with the wrong people.

Libra – This lunation will mature in your 1st house right on yourself. Give a good look to your physical and spiritual state of mind and work to change what you don’t like. Watch the moon closely she will affect your moods drastically and could flare tempers. If you are the matriarch of the family do not let anyone bother you and realize to work on your own independence. You may want the best for everyone around you but what about you for a change?

Scorpio – This lunation will mature in your 12TH house or your subconscious affairs. Don’t let past failures or old love affairs bother you, in time you will find out it is more of a liberation that a loss. Do not nurture negative thoughts about children and do not eat when upset. Karma and hard work always pay off all you need is more time. Don’t drink, avoid anti depressants, and stay positive the future has much better in store for you.

Sagittarius – This lunation will mature in your 11th house of wishes and friends and some of them must go with or without your permission. Check also on the groups you are with and don’t be deceived with gurus or religions. Avoid being too critical for losing a friend means also losing a wish. Sarcasm or selfishness is not the way to reach your goals, be more positive with everyone around you and you will make serious progress.

Capricorn: This lunation will mature in your 10th house of career where you will be forced to reevaluate your career or may be move away. Your drive for success is real but you made some judgmental errors or behaved the wrong way and this need to be adjusted. Great changes must take place in your attitude, your behavior and habit to talk too much and not listening to others. Use more diplomacy you can’t lose if you do.

Aquarius – This lunation will mature in your 9th house of higher learning, religions, foreigners and foreign lands. Yes you may learn something fantastic with from these “weird” people who do not share the same traditional educated or “engineering views” of life. You may be forced to re evaluate all you have learned and accepted as reality. Time to expand outside of conventional religious teachings and see God in action above in the stars.

Pisces – This lunation will mature in your 8th house of money, sex, death and secrets. Time for you to think of making your own paycheck and invest in metaphysics and something hidden about money or sex may come to light; take it as a serious message for your future. You may have to deal with tough news but karma spares no one. Have faith don’t let nothing get you down because you much more resourceful than what you think.

Note: Pluto is back with us; Be VERY careful of what you say, where you go and what you do! Unaware police officers and/or criminals will meet with their death. Many other unprepared souls will pay the ultimate price by losing their precious lives and this could be you too. Please DO take my heed VERY seriously! Plutonic windows dates depict EXTREME criminal activity and police VULNERABILITY. No one is safe when EVIL reign on earth! The full year of Plutonic, Uranic and Moonic window dates are available to my VIP’s Cosmic Code subscribers only. Is your life worth this VIP subscription? Call us anytime for information at             (602) 265-7667       Join us ASAP. Sign up NOW! http://www.drturi.com

DON’T BE A VICTIM OF THE COSMIC CODE, RESPECT GOD’ SIGNS! There is a very important newsletter published 12/12/2009 offering very important information on Pluto titled “The Garden Of Eden” where I elaborate on the “DO and DON’T”. You may also look for “Police Requiem” published November 29th 2009 from http://newsletter.drturi.com/ read these ASAP.


Plutonic window 


 Hidden secrets sex, money come to light

Raw power challenges police deadly villains

Ugly face of death drama horror surface

Nature, man’s religion bloody folly reign


Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police  news/ FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

FRI., SAT., SUN., MON.,TUE., WED. — APRIL 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11:

RULERS — Pluto (Death/police) Venus (Secret love) and Jupiter (Foreigners).

Work, Career and Business: In time of a Full Moon, don’t let Pluto make you too direct or radical until you really know what you’re talking about. Be cautious in all you say and do. Pluto stimulates the animal nature in man and will make us behave accordingly. Be aware that whatever you say or do now will have serious repercussions in your life. Stay on the side of the law and make a good use of Venus’ diplomacy or you could end up sorry. Money will play an important part of this trend; use your intuition and turn down a hazardous business proposition.

Partnerships: Pluto is very choleric, and nothing will stop him from inducing trouble in your life. Death, secrets, power, manipulation, sex and extra-marital affairs are his favorites. Venus is no match for her powerful brother Pluto and this duo will change you into a walking sexual magnet to others. Be aware and stay close to the one you trust.
Family and Friends: Be aware of everything and everybody around you. Keep an eye on the children; Pluto takes their young lives swiftly. Be patient with family and friends, avoid gossiping, and help by cooling things down. This is the perfect time to mention my work before this celestial trend; the skeptics will receive a full wake-up call pertaining to the stars’ impact in their lives.
Love Affairs: With Jupiter around, a foreigner you know will play an important part in the next dilemma of your life. Pluto will also make you highly sensual and magnetic; you should take all the precautions needed to avoid sexually transmitted disease. A love affair started now will have a profound, even dramatic impact on your life. All water and earth signs, especially Scorpio and Taurus, will be affected by this plutonic impact; be aware, be prudent. Better stay home and watch TV.
Travel and Communication: Not a time at all to plan a long-distance trip or even to travel to faraway places. Use diplomacy in all your conversation and listen carefully; you will hear about secrets. Understand the limits to your investigations, and let neither sarcasm nor the Scorpio’s stinger affect your self-esteem. Stay clear of psychotic leaders and crowded places loaded with maniacs suggesting castration, suicide or drugs.

Environment: Nothing will stop Pluto from his tragic assaults to the earth.  Tsunami watch lifted after 2 big quakes – 7.0 earthquake hits western Mexico – Earthquakes shake Gulf of California   Be ready for some serious messes from the worst of our society who will shock the media.  APRIL 7- 3 killed in Tulsa; lone gunman sought  DEADLY NEWS? APRIL 7- Serial killer feared on loose in France  DEADLY NEWS?

Famous Personalities: Many financial or sexual secrets about a famous person will reach the media. Some unlucky souls will get wake-up calls from the dramatic planet. A public figure will make dramatic news or may be called to God. 

APRIL 8 Mike Wallace, veteran CBS journalist, dies at age 93

APRIL 8  Famed Chinese dissident Fang Lizhi dies

APRIL 7 Thomas Kinkade, popular artist, dies at age 54

APRIL 6  Malawi’s president dies of heart attack

Events: As usual, be aware of the power of Pluto, as dramatic news will plague the media. Expect news pertaining to the police force, sex,scandals, earthquakes, secrets, abortion and AIDS. The police will be busy trying to catch the villains.  APRIL 7 – Hells Angels leader sentenced for fraud  Hopefully none of the brave public servants will die doing so. The police force will make the news as they always do when their Plutonic ruler is in charge.  APRIL 6  Sheriff takes convict caddie golfing  Sheriff takes convict caddie golfing – Mthethwa calls for Auditor General investigation In the past, I have sent certified letters to many prominent governmental figures and ex- police chiefs of Los Angeles and San Diego Daryl Gate and Burgreen) well before and after the dramatic happenings unfolded. Copies were sent of both pages 87 and 36 of Starguide 1996/1997 where I predicted (over a year before) the “Rancho Santa Fe mass suicide” of March 26th 1997 and “Bill Cosby’s loss.” Including the Rodney King and Torrey Pines (San Diego) police officer rapist killer. No reply ever came.


April 7/8/9

Deaths in Afghanistan suicide bombing

Explosion near headquarters of Guzara district headquarters in Herat province killspolice officers and civilians.

Dramatic/deadly news/terrorism/police news?

Man coerced boys to perform sex acts via Internet video, FBI says

Ugly face of death drama horror surface

25 die in bombing near Nigerian church

Dramatic/deadly news/terrorism/police news!

Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) — Gunmen loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh attacked the country’s main airport with mortars Saturday, forcing authorities to cancel flights, witnesses and officials said.- TERRORISM?

APRIL 8 Charles Manson up for parole  Charles Manson up for parole  SERIAL KILLER?

APRIL 7- 3 killed in Tulsa; lone gunman sought  DEADLY NEWS?

  APRIL 6  Police: Man kills 4, wounds 3 in Hungary sword attack  DEADLY NEWS?

APRIL 7- Serial killer feared on loose in France  DEADLY NEWS?

APRIL 7- Double-decker bus crash in Argentina kills 11, reports say DEADLY NEWS?

APRIL 6  Sheriff takes convict caddie golfing  Sheriff takes convict caddie golfing POLICE NEWS?

APRIL 6 Dramatic news will plague the media. 

From my prediction page! (scroll down) 

 21. On a positive side, governmental waste and its special interest group of lobbyists and political abuses will seriously decrease watched by a new created internal financial police. 


‘I’ll never be under … investigation’

Not only these two police Chiefs, but also none of those governmental officials had the decency to investigate or even answer my mail. Even with the plain facts in their face, none of those public executives ever acknowledged my work in predictive astrology. Fear of ridicule kills your children and our police officers. I hope and pray that someday they will train our valiant and courageous policemen on the incredible dangers they face when Pluto is in charge. My research is unarguable and too many police officers have died in the name of their superiors’ ignorance and fear of ridicule. In ignorance of Pluto’s laws, the “Death Wish Generation” has wasted not only with the police but too many lives where children kill teachers and classmates (see my book, “The Power of the Dragon” and learn more about it).

Shopping: Avoid investing in dangerous tools, weapons or ammunition. Pluto’s awful signature of death should not be stored in your home. Doing so could kill your own children or family members. Beware of what cannot be seen or understood yet in terms of metaphysics could greatly cost you or your loved ones. You may invest in anything that can be used to kill nuisances. If you buy dangerous substances, keep them well away from children. Share my valuable forecast from www.drturi.com or accurate guidance for someone’s birthday or offer a comparison chart for a newly wed couple.

April 10 2012 – Happy Birthday Terania

Terania is such a joy in my life, she is also totally dedicated to me, my mission and to all of you and she does a tremendous work behind the scene planning trips and courses, editing, answering your millions of questions and all telephone calls. Terania is doing the bone work of Startheme Publications and I am so glad to have finally found my soul mate! If true love has a face and a name its Terania to me! The upcoming New Moon falls right on her 1st house of self and I could not find a better way to introduce her to all the new readers to the big world out here. Tell her how much you appreciate her work and dedication. teraniapromodir@cox.net– Now it’s time for me to spoil her…I am thinking of taking her to Warner Spring Desert Spa in CA “Fountain of Youth”  and pamper her by offering her a good massage, horse riding trip, swimming in the hot spring, not sure yet, don’t tell her anything! But if I do you will see the pictures in the newsletter following her BD, remember as a Cosmic Coder you travel and share our life.. a form of sane reality show?



Entrails Upset Spit Above

Red Fire Wind To Dance

Stars Command Shock Science

Calm Deception To Strike

Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking News/ lightning / Humanitarianism / New Age / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / UFO.


04/14 – Iran, 6 nations hold nuclear talks – Nuke?

Morosini dies on pitch -Shocking news?

04/14 – Council mulling North Korea response –  Nuke?

1st hit – Thousands flee from China quake 

2nd hit – Tornado hits Oklahoma; Plains outbreak forecast


THU., FRI., SAT., SUN. — APRIL 12, 13, 14, 15

RULERS — Saturn (Power for changes/karma) and Uranus (Explosion/shocking).


Work, Career and Business: With a waning Moon (negative) many of your wishes won’t be granted just yet. Don’t invest in your future; you may regret it. Do not turn down an invitation offered by friends that you know well; they may require your presence at a gathering. Chatter from those you meet now should not be taken seriously. Those of a certain age will offer valuable intellectual guidance. Be patient until the next New Moon.
Partnerships: Expect the beginning or ending of important parts of your life and be ready for surprising developments. Your life at work may be unstable now but those changes will give you the opportunity to focus on plans for a better future. Support your partner with words of courage. Don’t let Saturn’s depressing thoughts get to you.
Family and Friends: The weekend could be spent with family members, good friends and Mom’s good food. Some will prefer to dine out with lovers or business partners, but the experience could be troublesome. This is the time to practice patience with everyone around, and avoid doing anything original. Help a younger spirit in need.
Love Affairs: Absolutely anything great can happen if you are lucky enough to be involved with the right partner who really loves you. Don’t gamble on anything or try to reach for your dreams just yet. Throw a party, but avoid new faces; old friends have the best to offer. Participate with life to avoid depression. If you are a Capricorn, a Cancer or a Virgo may fall for you. If the person is new in your life don’t dream, use your head observe and be patient.


Travel and Communication: Make the best of Saturn and “Moon Power” in your life by planning future trips and by being prudent on the road. Curiosity is the pathway to fulfillment and happiness and Saturn will reward you for your celestial planning. Take care of the children and let them participate in all the great activities. Be aware of eccentric Uranus affecting them; have a good time and enjoy it all. Some may have to relocate to different residences; make sure you do your Astro-Carto-Graphy before then, as these “new” stars may affect you positively or negatively. Read the section on Astro-Carto-Graphy at the end of this book and if you need more information don’t be afraid to call the office at             602-265-7667      . Being at the right place at the right time has a lot to do with your progress in terms of opportunities. The knowledge found in Astro-Carto-Graphy would be a major contribution to your success (or your failure) in one of these new locations. Keep this opportunity in mind and give it a try — it works!

Environment: Stay clear of thunder and lightning; Uranus takes many lives without warning. 2 Coast Guard members killed in Alaska Expect him to throw a quake, a tornado or blow up a volcano soon. Let’s just hope you won’t be in his way! Explosions in Japan, France or the US are to be expected soon. Under Uranus power – TOKYO — A bomb damaged the home of an official at Tokyo’s international airport, police suspected leftists, who have long opposed the airport.

Famous Personalities: Crazy behavior by some famous people in public is high on the list. Some will become engaged, or married in very large gatherings, and others will expose their strong desires for freedom. – Writer: Mel Gibson talked of killing ex – Shocking?

“This was supposed to be associated with (Kim Jong Un’s) ascension to power. So for this thing to fail … is incredibly embarrassing,” said Victor Cha, former director of Asian affairs for the U.S. National Security Council and now a Georgetown University professor.”

Note: Would it be NASA or North Korea, science ignorance reign… Launching anything after the Full Moon is a dead end and cost tax payers billions including the lives of many coureageous US astronauts…

Airline launches kid-free zone – Aeronautics?

JetBlue pilot charged in meltdown – Aeronautics?

Grandma busted with 4 lbs. of pot – Shocking?

N.H. police chief shot, killed –– Shocking?

2 Coast Guard members killed in Alaska – Shocking?

3 killed in Ohio restaurant shooting – Shocking?

Coup attempt rocks Guinea-Bissau – Shocking?

Sports fan behavior reveals surprises – Surprises?

Events: Under Uranus’ power in CONROE, Texas — A fire ignited a small oil tank causing several explosions outside an Exxon oil refinery and forcing the evacuation of 40 refinery workers and nearby residents. Disco death Philippines — 150 people died in a discotheque fire. Alaska fire burns ‘out of control’. HOUSTON, Alaska — Fueled by gusty winds, a wildfire has swept “out of control” in south-central Alaska, where it has engulfed 7,000 acres and destroyed as many as 100 homes. Expect earthquakes and volcanic activity soon. 04/13/2012 – Thousands flee from China quake 

Shopping: Invest in Uranus now: visit your astrologer or favorite psychic only if you know him/her well. Don’t bring a new spiritualist into your life at this time, especially if you have never dealt with him before. Unless you feel strongly or know otherwise about him, don’t do it. Any of those light workers are karmically attracted to you and the reading could be one of your best or your worst psychic experience. Stay with the professionals, some of those psychics needs more help than you do! Uranus rules astrology and if you are attracted to the stars there won’t be a better time for you to realize what the old science has to offer you.

April 17, 2012 — Mercury enter Aries: With the planet of communication cruising through the aggressive sign of Aries, be aware of your speech and your speed. On a more positive side, your intellectual potential will regenerate with new studies. This is a perfect time to launch a magazine or any form of study involving the mind or new topics. Souls born with this celestial signature will be extremely competitive, intelligent, curious and great communicators. They will need to discipline their minds and learn to listen to others. An opportunity to make an impact in the world of speed and communication is offered to the soul. Dr. Turi needs your help to pass on his very important star message to the world. See www.drturi.com or call             602-265-7667       to help us to set a crash course in your area. News of war with the Middle East could plague the world where many governments will join in to stop an upcoming carnage.

MON., TUE., WED., THU., FRI. — APRIL 16, 17, 18, 19, 20:

RULERS — Neptune (Oil/ocean/Middle East) and Mars (Assault/war).

Work, Career and Business: As usual with Mars’ aggressive personality, expect all sorts of trouble with business partnerships. You are strongly advised to use diplomacy to avoid serious complications, especially during a waning Moon. If you are experiencing some trouble in your career, a serious change may be ahead of you. Neptune will make you absent-minded; try to concentrate. A little walk by the water would do your spirit good. Be patient, we are getting closer to the next New Moon.

Partnerships: The Lord of dreams may make your spiritual life busy and some of your dreams may come true in the near future. Learn to translate your subconscious impressions and write down your dreams first thing in the morning. You or your partner may be responding to Neptune’s power, so you may want to reach your inner self asking for God’s help in your prayers. Some may feel tuned into the universe and miraculously guided out of a bad situation. Provide spiritual support to those in need.

Family and Friends: As usual with Neptune’s sad touch and combined with the waning moon, sensitive friends may get depressed. Be there to help, but don’t let their problems get to you. The lonely old ones will feel the impact of Neptune and its accompanying deception upon their lives. Give a thought and pay them a visit or send them a little card. This gesture will make them feel less lonely and will make their own world more exciting. Be ready to offer a strong shoulder and realize the impact of Neptune upon your world. If you are a Pisces or a Gemini a positive friend could help you.

Love Affairs: Keep your eyes on your possessions as things may “disappear” now. Don’t let yourself into a deceiving business deal or worthless situation; learn to love with your head first and give your heart later. Your intuition will be sharp; use it to your advantage. A secret love affair may start for some earth signs and might last a while.

Travel and Communication: Remember, Neptune is also part of this trend and if you have to drive, you MUST stay clear of any alcohol. Neptune leads many unaware people to jail, left with a DUI to deal with. If you were born under a water sign stay clear of trouble if you feel depressed, don’t drink tonight.

Environment: Venus will try to stop her violent brother from stirring the earth’s innards, as Mars loves earthquakes, explosions, volcanoes and mass disasters. Sad news may come from the ocean, the Middle East and oil spills. Mother earth is alive, resourceful, and must heal.

Famous Personalities: Some prominent people may be caught in secret sexual or love affairs. Their dependency on chemicals, drugs or alcohol will be made public. The lucky ones will promote new movies. Under Neptune’s power — WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — Sheriff’s deputies pulled over Eddie Murphy and arrested a transsexual prostitute who was riding in his car, authorities said. A spokesman for the actor maintained Murphy was just being a “good Samaritan” by offering the transsexual a ride.

Events: Under Neptune and Mars’ powers, CAIRO, Egypt — A powerful sandstorm tore through southern Egypt Saturday, killing at least four people. The storm comes a day after the worst sandstorm in 30 years blasted across the country. With Mars’ aggressive nature, expect this type of news again. Villains will be active during this trend; do not trust strangers and do not put yourself in any situation that could make you a potential victim. Avoid dark streets and keep your personal alarm (intuition) on all the time.

Shopping: Try to participate in volunteer work to provide love and help to the needy. Shop in places promoting good causes; they need your financial support. Not a good time to invest in prescription drugs or decide to visit your spiritual advisor, unless you know him/her very well.

New Moon — April 21, 2012, 2010 in Taurus: The peaceful planet Venus rules this sign. However, combined with the magnetic pull of Mars for the next few days, we may experience explosions, accidents and damaging earthquakes. Hopefully, gracious Venus will stop her turbulent brother Mars from disturbing the earth’s entrails or produce serious drama and wars. Use this lunation to further your finances and utilize Venus’ diplomatic power to deal with others. If you play your cards right she might also reward you with love. Money will play an important part of this lunation.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – An opportunity to improve your finances is ahead, don’t miss it.

Taurus – This lunation is right on top of you, you cannot miss the new start.

Gemini – A secret will be revealed and a close person needs you.

Cancer – An important wish will be granted by a friend, be active.

Leo – Positive changes in your career will make you happy, stay on top.

Virgo – A new study or a far away trip is in store for you, be confident.

Libra – A legacy or a legal affair will turn in your favor travel soon.

Scorpio – A new relationship or a new business venture is ahead for you.

Sagittarius – Your health and work will improve and you’ll be lucky these days.

Capricorn – Good news from love, business ventures or children, invest now.

Aquarius – Buy or do something important for your home or family these days.

Pisces – Interesting surprises by mail or telephone be ready, a trip is ahead.

ELABORATE HOROSCOPE New Moon Personal impact on all signs

Aries – This lunation will mature in your 2nd house of money and this could lead you to some real good deals. You will find yourself consumed to find a way to make more money and the wise ones will invest following tier intuition to win later on. Be more practical and trustful with money because now that the Dragon moved in your favor and slowly building back the US economy all will be fine soon again. An order involving your self-esteem and your finances has been passed by God himself and your investments are karmically targeted but if you have a good karma do not worry. A new or more education is the key! You may learn about a death or inheritance. Be cautious about your dealing with religions, foreigners and studies. Be practical with your studies and keep your head out of the clouds.

Taurus – This lunation will mature in your 1st house right on you. Take care of yourself the stars wants you to live a long steady wealthy life. Lots of progressive changes are happening also on your partnership area but you need to let go of the past and start fresh with some new people. The stars will be with you after the next new moon and taking chances will bring its rewards. People will admire your beauty, your gentleness and your energy as a whole as you become more magnetic to the world. Avoid worrying about food and health and don’t over exercise. A better health often comes from a better attitude with life in general. Make the needed changes to improve your physical and spiritual life and if this means a new partner so be it. Your intuition is particularly accurate and so are your dreams. Listen to them carefully. Be cautious about money matter after the full moon as you will have to find a way to make more money, it could also mean a new job opportunity coming your way.

Gemini – This lunation will mature in your 12TH house or your subconscious where you will be realizing that what you think is real may not be the fact. Open your mind and feelings for life can only be better for you with the right information. Think of taking a deep study or improve your subconscious’ wisdom. Try my book “Beyond The Secret” to rebirth your spirit to the real God. A cruise to an exotic place or close to nature would heal your spirit. If your natal or hidden dragon resides in the subconscious house serious depressions may take place. You are strongly advised to stay clear of any form of legal or illegal drugs religious fears or guru / psychics séances and if you nurture suicidal thought contact me ASAP.             602-265-7667      . Order your personal Dragon window dates from http://www.drturi.com/resolution.php to know more. Be prepared for some serious changes in relationships as a secret may upset you. It’s only a blessing in disguise anything else you could pay a heavy penalty. Control, forgiveness and love is the key.

Cancer – This lunation will mature in your 11th house of wishes and friends, you have the stars on your wishes/friends area and you may be forced to reevaluate some of your goals and some of your friends. Some new people will come to be real good friends and provide you with golden opportunities while others may seem to stop you moving forward or deceive you. Some children artistic projects or new wishes could become a reality if you work hard and have faith in you and the universe. While kids may prove to give you stress and problems you need to develop more patience with them. New friends from the past will show up and some will open new doors. You may also need to do some clean up with some of these friends and listen to other more or lose them. Indeed if you ask you will receive not only the protection of your angels but also many of your wishes for your children will become a reality. So go out more after the New Moon to collect! Be cautious with investments and love after the Full Moon and be ready for some secrets to come to life.

Leo – This lunation will mature in your 10th house of career and you will be lead to some real good but trying times however great changes will take place in your future. Start something artistic or spiritual to regenerate and don’t worry about your health. Don’t be insecure because this means all the affairs involving home, general security and family could also mean moving or force you to endure more than usual stress. Those challenges are set to get you a stronger better position in the world and a fantastic future, have faith be patient. Be cautious with your partners after the Full Moon while many of you will be ready for some serious changes. There is no future in your past, learn to move on and realize life is a constant process of these changes. It’s very much a blessing in disguise really. Some serious changes at home, with family or the real estate will come to you, be prepared and watch the moon… Get Moon Power.

Virgo – This lunation will mature in your 9th house of higher learning, religions, foreigners and foreign lands. Be prepared for a foreigner “connection” and/or a very important study or a physical or spiritual trip that will change your life. You must avoid a state of confusion and let go of all the religious junk of the past and avoid both guilt and unfounded fears. This lunation is a major one where your connection to God will improve if you dare to face your fears. Forget the past and build your future with a newfound faith and wisdom and have confidence. Many far away people love and miss you and some of them will play a very important part in your life and your future. You may be forced to travel or take a study that will benefit you in the long run. An opportunity to reach a different world and be heard will be offered to you. Blame it all on your hard work and good karma. Be cautious at home and general communication with loved ones and how you handle siblings after the full moon. Changes at home and/or the real estate will be forced upon you. Think positive and relax and all will be fine.

Libra – This lunation will mature in your 8th house of investments and contracts and lots of work is needed to fix your finances. You were forced to spend against your will and repay some karma. Now that the tail of the dragon is slowly removing itself from the US financial world and better financial deals and great changes are expected. You had to *apathetically speaking die financially but the new you will emerge stronger, wiser and better with great opportunities to make more money and gather more wisdom. Do not nurture negative fearful thoughts regardless where you are at in life and use my Moon Power daily for true guidance and support. News of sex, death and drama is ahead of you; act accordingly, the rebirth is needed and will make you much stronger in so many ways. Be cautious after the full moon with your words, driving and keep an eye on your children. Some secrets will come your way and they will upset you a bit.

Scorpio – This lunation will mature in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships and some people must exit your life. While some of you are undergoing harsh situations do not lose faith for a better or a new and improved wonderful love relationship. Remember to use your head not your heart and make a good use of the lesson learned from your past. Some people will experience a break take it as liberation, not a loss. Be confident the future has so much more to offer you especially with the new Dragon sitting right on the house of contracts, marriage and facing the world. Serious work is needed on your spirit walk and meditate by the water. A great contract, a marriage or a business proposition is ahead of you and will bring joy in your life. Be prepared for some drama involving sex or finances after the full moon and keep a cool head at all time of bring the cops into your life

Sagittarius – This lunation will mature in your 6th house of work and your health. You must use this lunation to realize your potential and do something about as to regain good health and regenerate with a good job well done. The full power of the Moon is upon you and much good can be accomplished. Natural food and positive thoughts can only heal you faster especially with lots of guardian angels around you. Let go of your fears and your past build your future faithfully and you will be amazed of your own power. A much stronger, wiser and better you will soon be ready for the world and lots of money will flow your way. A new you will be born after the full moon, be ready for drama and secrets to come to light. Control is the key or pay the price.

Capricorn – This lunation will mature in your 5th house of creativity, love, children and romance. Give more attention to those who care and if you are single keep your eyes open on attractive older/younger foreigners. Listen to some friends because losing friend is also losing wishes and good deals. If you worked hard karma will repay you with success in the efforts you put in a grandiose project. Some good and solid friends will open great doors for you and your wishes will be granted in time. You are a very spiritual sign watch and respect the Universal Law of the Moon with Moon Power. Be ready after the full moon to avoid guilt, affairs of the past and uncontrolled imagination. Don’t become self destructive, don’t feed evil with fears and all will be fine.

Aquarius – This lunation will mature in your 4th house of home, real estate and family members where the current economy could make the situation strenuous but things will change for you soon. Some of you may be forced to move or deal/visit family members. Meantime your career needs a serious “cleansing” because you need to induce those changes and they are indeed on the way. You should be confident even if you don’t like the imposed changes they are needed to better your life. A trip will offer you the option to make a good use of a career opportunity. It’s time for you to see the facts and realize your home and your career need serious changes. If you don’t make the changes willingly the Cosmic Code will force you to act. Stand strong and make your decisions you are about to start a new life or move soon. Be cautious with some friends or groups that have not your best interest at heart. A wish may come through a form of death and rebirth.

Pisces – This lunation will mature in your 3rd house of communication where traveling and studying new Age material will become a great opportunity to grow spiritually. You may also look into new wheels or a new technology or even a telephone but wait for the new moon to do so. Avoid depression and stay clear of any form of deception alcohol or drugs because it does affect your mind and your decision-making. This is a perfect time to realize where you are in life and make some serious decisions for your future. A trip or an advanced spiritual study is the key because knowledge of the “Cosmic code” is something you always knew and used during your Indians past lives. Your plan to write, teach or travel far away will bring you joy and luck in many ways. Don’t be afraid to take on some study that could better your life in general. Be cautious after the full moon not to let the past, guilt bug you down and be ready for secrets to come to light. Important if not drastically positive changes are ahead pertaining to your career and your position in life, all depending on your karma.

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE., WED. — APRIL 21, 22, 23, 24, 25:

RULERS — Venus (love/friends) and Mercury (Transportation).

Work, Career and Business: The Moon is now positive for a few days so be confident to make progress. This is a time where you should make new plans. Try your best while you can and take on all challenges. Keep your head out of the swarm of stress and put a big smile on your face. People tend to react positively to a smiling face and a happy heart. Better times are on the way; the new Moon is on your side.

Partnerships: Someone close to you is upset. Time to apologize with a romantic dinner; don’t expect it to be perfect but it would help your situation. Mercury will pass on all sorts of news including some financial or sexual secrets. Improve your cosmic consciousness and do some inside soul-searching. See what makes you so different and what can be done to make your lives better. Don’t believe all you hear about a person.

Family and Friends: Save a difficult relationship with a friend or a family member while the moon is up. Its time to use diplomacy and understanding others is a must. Expect news with brothers or sisters and take the time to reply to them. Mercury rules communication and will help you pass on your thoughts deeply and correctly. Don’t let the last few day of the waning moon sap your faith; stand strong, tomorrow is always better. Life is changing around you and you know it.

Love Affairs: This trend may induce luck and may require both of you to let go of the past and dismiss destructive emotions such as jealousy and suspicion. Love Affairs started now could be real good in the long run; use your head, use Moon power’s knowledge. This energy will also force many unsuited couples to get out of their unhealthy relationships. The best of both of these planets is to be expected and great changes will come your way. If you are a Libra, don’t be too critical about an older or younger person born in February April or June who may be attracted to you.

Travel and Communication: Many police officers will meet with trouble in speedy chases and dangerous confrontations, while trying hard to stop lunatics. Venus will help those who are willing to use her gentle touch of love in all they do. If you were born with a passionate Venus in a water sign, you will be helped by this celestial trend. A very high level of hope and great energy will be imposed upon many souls these days. Stay clear of chemicals, drugs and alcohol if you decide to take a trip.

Environment: The police will be needed in some situation where nature will get out of hand. Let’s hope Venus will slow down Mercury’s windy nature and stop him from producing hard weather or tornadoes.

Famous Personalities: Good will comes from his lunation pertaining to the rich and famous. Scandals, sex, drugs and all the tools used by the “devil” could also be made public. A very famous but unlucky person may have some secrets to share.

Events: Use Moon Power Starguide wisely and if you know someone involved in Law Enforcement, let them read this book. With Pluto (death) still cruising through the sign of Sagittarius and a nasty happening fuelled buy destructive passions will be avoided. The diplomats will work hard to form a common agreement to stop the religious madness and territory.

Shopping: You may purchase anything dealing with cleaning the environment. With Venus’ desire for peace and love, buy flowers and give fresh love. Take serious precautions if you happen to be in the dating game with a stranger met in a waning moon. Invest and wear the protective sex item if you are not sure. Think of Starguide as a solid gift to help someone you care.

Approaching a (*) Moonic window

Nature To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many

Beginning / Ending of life and/or Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Destructive weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many.

MEMO OF A MOONIC WINDOW IN 2009 (04/06/09) * Ending of life? * Nature To Strike Hard? — At least 260 killed in Italian earthquake. 04/29/09 * Ending of life? *Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many?- SOLEDAD, Calif. – Luggage and bodies were left strewn around a central California highway after a bus carrying French tourists overturned on an overpass, killing at least five and injuring dozens.

04/29/09 * Ending of life? *Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many? 91 Swine flu cases in the US – Child Dies in TX.


THU., FRI., SAT., SUN., MON — APRIL 26, 27, 28, 29, 30:
RULERS — The Moon (Changing life) and the Sun (Light of love).

Work, Career and Business: Let go of your past and take chances, you have two great weeks ahead of you. Examine all business propositions carefully and if they fit your rational mind, then go for it. The Moon is now waxing and progress is to be expected soon. Some may be forced to relocate, start or finish a business. Many of the stars are on your side and you should be confident in the outcome. Invest in your business now.

Partnerships: Either the beginning or ending of an important part of your life, or a business partnership is a strong possibility within the next few days. As you know, nothing is made to last forever and somehow a wrong business partnership must end. Again this is a time where anything you really need could happen if you trust in yourself. Be patient with someone responding to the Sun’s desire for power. It’s a good time to meditate by the ocean or the river about the high purpose of your joined fate, your relationship and how it fits in your life. The Sun will make these days particularly romantic and beautiful for some.

Family and Friends: The Sun rules the children and love. Take the kids out to the park, but keep your eyes on them as, sadly enough, combined with other negative stars, some have disappeared under this energy. Unspecified vampires out there regenerate only by dealing with children and they will do all it takes to satisfy their unhealthy hunger. Accept the upcoming transformation with faith, as the changes will promote a better life. You may want to plan a special gathering with someone you are close to. A friend will have to move away soon and this could bring tears. The family circle will also be active these days and mother will be requesting your presence. Enjoy Mom’s food at home in the security and safety of your own family if you are in a new area and do not know many people. Expect an element of surprise from friends.

Love Affairs: Romance is on your mind more than ever and a meeting with some playmate can lead to an exciting love affair. You may feel comfortable with the person involved and sense that you can succeed; with the New Moon on your side you may end up with a form of commitment. If you are a Pisces, someone born in July or November may give you the opportunity to experience real love. The stars are on your side, look for it now.

Travel and Communication: Surely an interesting trend full of changes and surprises. Still, be careful in all you do and don’t take chances. Visit or call your friends; they need to share interesting news. This is a great time to plan for future trips to Europe; you may also use the creativity of the Sun to start or finish a book. With the Sun (life) in charge, much of the destructive news will be seriously altered. Flying is also under his protective power, unless the doomed pilot was born with an Aquarius Dragon’s Tail and was introduced to flying for the first time in his life after the Full Moon. Use a positive approach in all your words and you will attract more luck.

Environment: Much work will be done to further life and security these days and nature will be radiant with life. If you are out in the wilderness and you plan to cook, beware. Some accidental explosions could still occur, as some of the propane gas containers might have been purchased under a vicious energy or under the bad Moon. Mother Nature is still very much alive and may decide to show her power, forcing thousands of people to relocate.

Famous Personalities: On the negative side expect weird news and dramatic ending of relationships. Be ready for good news of births and marriages. Much will be done for the children these days.

Events: This will be an important time for your company or your local government to make decisions about a situation that needs to be dealt with. Thousands of people may be forced to relocate and start life anew, due to new construction plans or previous natural catastrophes. Expect some stubborn conservative groups to make the news about abortion and religion. The light is green thus many will succeed.

Shopping: This is a perfect time to invest in real estate and expensive items will bring great joy to some people. Great opportunities are to be found also at the swap meets and antique shops. Shop for anything that will further life and happiness. If you need to invest in something dangerous such as gas propane, cookers or sharp and dangerous items to take out to the wilderness, you can do it now. Share my valuable forecast on www.drturi.com with others. For someone’s birthday obtain accurate guidance in the form of a full life reading, or offer my book or a comparison chart for a newly wed couple.



Be safe and watch the signs!

Dr. Turi is available for any and all teaching and astrological material.

Read “The Mayan Prophecies And The Cosmic Code” from http://newsletter.drturi.com/

JOIN US THE DAY AFTER – 12/22/2012 – Humankind Universal day of prayer

“The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts” humankind, as of yet does not understand its serious implications and its accumulated applications. Thus I choose the “DAY AFTER” or December 22nd, 2012 as Dr. Turi’s Universal day of prayer marking the awakening of the power of enlightenment, common sense and the liberation of the human spirit from fear. On this day NOTHING dramatic will take place, instead a very constructive celestial energy will bless humanity. The Universal gates will open offering humanity a push a rare chance to finally connect with the Divine marking the END of the Age of Pisces (religions/deception/misinformation) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (UFO/humanitarian/the truth/the Cosmic Code.) Then, slowly but surely, Jesus’ true spiritual celestial Ministry will be reinstated. Humankind’s cosmic awareness of “Our Father In The Heavens” and God’ signs will be taught and used by all his children of the world promising the long awaited Universal spiritual rebirth of Humanity.

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God’s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world. Only when science finally honor the word science itself and investigate the “Divine” a real chance will be offered to the rest of mankind to uplift its perception and working of the Universe. Love, respect peace and harmony depend in understanding and respecting God’s highest celestial orders cloaked in the “Universal Code”. The truth of life and the Universe cannot originate from ONE solitary foundation; it’s all about a complex range of integration of all things at once”.

Dr. Turi

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring humankind a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony.

Dr. Turi
Click on this link to offer donations for OUR cause and for the children of the future.
Blessings and thank you from the heart.
Question? Help? Talk to Terania             602-265-7667


Dear VIP Readers;


“if you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

Ask and you shall receive!

Important changes:

Combined with Mercury retrograde and some improvement home work I totally forgot to produce parts of the March weekly forecast, thus as of today I have decided to post the entire month for all my VIP level 3 to plan their lives. Newcomers are signing everyday and I have to keep them all updated and accept my apology if I sound redundant to some older VIP’s.  I hope you will enjoy your “2012 April Universal Transits.” your April 2012 Daily Guidance and Predictions”  and your “Personal Elaborated Horoscope”  I will also include the “SOS To The World” warnings and translate what the Cosmic Code has in store for you and the world for the next four weeks. If you are a new comer check Updated – Occupy The World! where I explained how my quatrains and keywords reflect the news “I see” well before ending up on CNN.

If you are level 2 remember the $24.95 deal end tonight!

If you are level 1 or 2 and want to upgrade to read all the forecast please make sure to email Terania at teraniapromodir@cox.net  once you join so she can comp you in the Cosmic Code website


Check this small sample posted to the public




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