Epidemic of autism in the United States

 For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dear Readers:

Epidemic of autism in the United States, really?

Do not expect your traditionally educated doctors fresh out of college to remotely understand the mystery behind this explosion of autism plaguing the children. The next generation to come in power are the “Baby Busters Generation” or souls born with Pluto (fanaticism) in the health consumed sign of Virgo. This generation is made of health fanatics, puritanical born scientists and skeptics alike who have a tendency to “miss the forest for the tree” being over-concerned with details. So before I explain the phenomenon behind the “disease” lets’ give a deeper look at the crowd of scientists conducting those researches, their aims and who they work for…While many of them are truly concerned with the children health many of them are much too focused on the microscope and miss the obvious…

Scepter from my book “The Power of the Dragon

Pluto in Virgo: “The Baby Buster Generation” Pluto moved into the puritanical sign of Virgo (health) from 1957 to 1976, and this generation is next to take governmental power. This generation is fanatic about nature, perfection, work and health. Smokers have already suffered the impact of this “Baby Buster Generation,” as this generation must upgrade health and perfection in our society.Unlike Leo (life) Virgo is dry and sterile, thus fewer babies were produced during this era. Since Pluto entered the sign of Virgo, facilities for health programs and exercising boomed to satisfy a generation that craves fitness. The health businesses (body/ mind/tools) were launched and are still booming with Pluto in Virgo.

This generation is banning smokers from restaurants and public places, only yesterday in Phoenix AZ they voted the NON smoking law outside local colleges and universities, they also voted many tobacco tax increase and more rigid health oriented regulations are ahead of us. Note-This section and its predictions were written and published in the 1995 Moon Power edition.  On a more positive note, this age group will fight hard to preserve nature, animals and the remainder of the rain forest. Many powerful computers and microchips developed by this generation as experienced in Operation Desert Storm, are deadly accurate. Their ideal is very pure in thought and action, but this generation must guard against Pluto’s (fanaticism) subtle power for “perfection.” If the power of Pluto in Virgo is exaggerated, it becomes as deadly as the poison they try so hard to avoid.

Many of these souls will lose their lives by being too concerned with health (anorexia, hypochondria), turning rapidly to vegetarian diets, thus upsetting their naturally weak digestive tracts. They must understand that cats and dogs were born with strong claws and long, sharp teeth to tear apart raw flesh as intended by nature, while cows, horses, lambs, etc. are herbivores and were designed by God with flat teeth and three stomachs to eat only “salad.” They are none of those. They are omnivorous and must eat meat as a vigilant balance for their sensitive metabolism. Some souls who are overwhelmed by Pluto are overly crazy for carbohydrates. They are also protein paranoid. Some starve themselves after 6:00 p.m. Others take their heart rates much too seriously, some have a penchant for pain, and more are victims of the fat-burning syndrome.

Because of the inborn critical attitude and a strong desire for health and perfection, those natural “puritans” will not find someone good enough for them and many will end up alone in the game of love.

Note: Insurance Companies DO NOT have your best interest at heart! When Pluto (investigation/insurance) went thought the sign of Virgo (health) more of our private information went to powerful organizations. From Dr. Williams licensed practicing medical doctor. In the practice of medicine today, insurance companies don’t pay your doctor to spend much time with you and give you all the information you need about your disease. As shocking as it sounds, your insurance company may even forbid your doctor from telling you all there is to know about your condition and all of the available treatment options. Information about you health is priceless, and the less you know about the treatment of your child’s condition, the better the insurance companies like it, because it saves them money for treatments and newer, more expensive medications.

Note: Do you know that, for insurance purposes, if you apply for a credit card, not only your driving record, tax record but also your entire private health record is divulged to those organizations? Now that you have a better understanding of whom is doing the diagnostic and why they need your tax dollar for their researches (and survival) I hope you are ready to deal with the truth about autism. Furthermore depraved of Cosmic Consciousness none of those new educated kids on the block will ever own the golden keys of what it means to be human or fully understand the psyche of your child.

The numbers show there is an epidemic of autism in the United States.

“It’s not known whether these increases are due to better counting or should be blamed on something in the environment, or, most likely, a mixture of both Peter Bearman, a Columbia University sociologist, says…”

DT Rebuttal: The fact is; without Cosmic Consciousnesses  your infantile science elites do not know anything about the human psyche and can only assume of the reasons for autism. This is going to be a long very educational health oriented Cosmic Code newsletter readers and only if you become a VIP will you get the answers the Illuminati do not want you to know! I am about to spend hours writing about natural health and explain what autism is all about, where it comes from and what to do naturally.

Thus before your doctors decides to poison you if you suffer depressions or your child with dangerous chemicals get the facts! If you are already a VIP level 2 or a VIP level 3 give me time to generate this work and comeback to enjoy my findings. Others if you are only at level one and did not use the $24.95 super deal you are about to miss a lot of very valuable information that can change your entire perception of life or even save your child’s sanity. So join us right now and enjoy the rest of the story! I do not only predict the future, I also teach the Cosmic Code secrets and how the Universal Mind affects the human psyche. You may learn more natural healing tips if you listen to my latest radio show


Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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