The Spirit of Mars and the Kids!

New Moon — March 22, 2012 in Aries: The New Moon will mature in the sign of Aries. Explosive and destructive news about fires, wars, and explosions is to be expected soon.  Mother earth is alive and may stretch her self vigorously, producing powerful volcanic or earthquake activity.  Souls born with this celestial identity will be competitive, aggressive and will use their inner leadership abilities to gain positions of power during their lifetimes. Discipline and patience must be induced at an early age to avoid serious head injury. Many endeavors will be launched successfully within the next two waxing weeks and you should be confident of the outcome.

Young RI girl’s beating captured in YouTube video

May be one of my readers could contact the mother “Gingerella” or the school master and offer some real answers here? Those unconscious kids are only acting out their stars and your educational system, your political, religious and scientific leaders are the ones truly responsible for such ignorance producing such less than human animosity! OMG! in what a young world did I land on?  

Read again readers and pass it on!

SUN., MON., TUE., WED., THU. — MARCH 25, 26, 27, 28, 29:

RULERS — Mars (Fight/hazard) Venus (Love/cherished) and Mercury (Traveling).

 Work, Career and Business: Mars is still active, so emotional reactions in the office should be avoided. Use patience and diplomacy with who ever is around, and good progress will be made. Make plans for the future and act upon them while the Moon is New. Money and communication will play an important part of this trend.

Partnerships: Some interesting news may come your way. You have free will, so don’t allow Mars to let anyone force his opinion on you. With Mercury’s sense of exaggeration, do not fall for all you hear, and don’t be afraid to challenge people’s information. You need to use your intuition, and sensitive Venus can help you in doing so. Use words of love and be patient with everyone; the New Moon will induce a new energy in them. Time to proceed forward, you are protected.

Family and Friends: In the anticipation of the upcoming weekend, Venus will bring an element of love and joy. Mercury will make us very communicative, and Mars will further a desire for action. This trend will be an interesting one where friends and family

members will try to get in touch with you all at the same time. Make the most of those beautiful stars and enjoy life. Listen to a young person’s needs.

Love Affairs: If you use Venus’ “savoir faire” in any situation, you will win over Mars’ argumentative temperament. A great time to show love and affection to those you care for. Avoid depressing conversations of your past, stay in the future, and look to the bright side of life. If you were born under the fiery sign of  Leo, keep a cool head with someone born in April or November. An Aquarius may fall in love with you. Get going and reach your wishes now.

Travel and Communication: Don’t let this trio drive you crazy, as you will have a million things to do at the same time. The strength of Mars combined with the speed of Mercury may bring trouble in your driving, so slow down. Use precautions and take your time if you have to travel far; don’t let accident-prone Mars create obstacles. Be alert and slow down and nothing wrong will happen. Make your future plans to travel now.

Environment: Keep in mind that impatient Mars is also with us and he doesn’t care for any of your plans; he may decide to create an earthquake or produce disturbing weather. If Mars wins over Venus and Mercury, his destructive power will be felt with explosions. “Mars, the Lord of War will show his power, while none suspect, the surprise of lightning will strike”– Note: Algeria train bombing kills 18- A bomb exploded under a passing train, killing 18 people and injuring 25, state radio reported. It was the latest in a new wave of attacks the government blamed on Muslim militants.

7.2-magnitude quake hits central Chile

Famous Personalities: This powerful threesome may take the life of an important political person. Someone famous may also meet a sad fate in the water or on the road. Be aware and be prudent.

Events: Pluto (ultimate power/ life and death) is still in the sign of Capricorn (politics). He will keep enforcing a slow but sure decay of the government wrongdoing and waste of our tax dollar. The rebirth will result in one Universal government already in progress. This celestial configuration will bring troubles in part of many countries where raw power challenges the government in all its aspects.

Shopping: Invest in tools or anything brand new, as great deals await you. Be confident in spending large amounts of money on clothes or jewelry now, they will bring you luck or the magnetism you’re looking for.


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