Titanic,Science,David Icke and the Moon!

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

A century after the Titanic disaster, scientists have found an unexpected culprit for the sinking: the moon.


Anyone who knows history or has seen the blockbuster movies knows that the cause of the transatlantic liner’s accident 100 years ago next month was that it hit an iceberg. “But the lunar connection may explain how an unusually large number of icebergs got into the path of the Titanic,” said Donald Olson, a Texas State University physicist whose team of forensic astronomers examined the moon’s role.

DT Rebuttal: Here you go again, the same story repeating itself as did David Icke RE-inventing himself with my published work Moon Power creating  “Moon Matrix” but this time its science. First realize that all my Astrological work has been posted on the Internet and made available to the world since 1991. Note also the first time I ever wrote about the real reasons involving Titanic fate was on my birthday, February 26th 2006.

The Titanic Fate Exposed posted in my old website 


Then I revamped this old newsletter on March 2010  “Titanic, What Really Happened that Fateful Night?”  as yet I predicted another calamity in my book 2012 Moon Power – Cruise ship ran aground, kill 3


The fact is I am very happy the world of science is “discretely”  growing up spiritually but the fact is the Internet is where they found the information and decided to make it public in March 2012. In no way will the
“educated” new kids on the block endorse astrology or my work of course, thus Like David Icke did with all the work and book I diligently offered him for years, they RE-invented themselves but never mentioned my name or credited my years of research publicly. The good news is the dated, printed and posted material speaks the truth and if I had the money, I would sue both and win the case because my public work PREDATE S its all!



Astrology, Science and the Facts!

Astrology: Fraud or Superstition?

Pluto’s Identity and Science

Pluto flares in Egypt after 79 die in soccer riot

Continued: Ever since the Titanic sank in the early hours of April 15, 1912, killing 1,517 people, researchers have puzzled over Captain Edward Smith‘s seeming disregard of warnings that icebergs were in the area where the ship was sailing. Smith was the most experienced captain in the White Star Line and had sailed the North Atlantic sea lanes on numerous occasions. He had been assigned to the maiden voyage of the Titanic because he was a knowledgeable and careful seaman.

DT Rebuttal: Again there is a BIG difference between education and intelligence and without Cosmic Consciousness  Captian Smith, his passengers became the same dangerous ship navigating treacherous waters that engulfed them all. Many times on Coast To Coast with George Noory I mentioned this scenario and said on the air. “George, imagine had I been there in 1912 on the dock trying to reach Captain Smith and stop all passengers boarding the Titanic explaining that the Moon was waning (negative) soon in Pisces (news about ocean/oil/sinking) right in the Middle of a Supernova Window (Mercury retrograde) that would mess up all forms of communications? And the true potential for disasters as this celestial energy will find a way to stop any form of transportation?” The Death of Dr. Turi’ Electronic Mind


Yes all unconscious people in 2012 would do be exactly like James Randi and Company In Denial!

The good news is as their “imposed” spiritual leader they can only accept the obvious facts of my undeniable wisdom through the repetitiveness of all my predictions…

Continued:  Greenland icebergs of the type that the Titanic struck generally become stuck in the shallow waters off Labrador and Newfoundland, and can-not resume moving southward until they have melted enough to re-float or a high tide frees them, Olson said. So how was it that such a large number of icebergs had unexpectedly floated so far south that they were in the shipping lanes well south of Newfound-land that night? The team investigated speculation by the late oceanographer Fergus Wood that an unusually close approach by the moon in January 1912 may have produced such high tides that far more icebergs than usual separated from Green-land, and floated, still fully grown, into shipping lanes that had been moved south that spring because of reports of icebergs.

DT Rebuttal: You can really appreciate the hypocrisy of Mr. Donald Olson using his PhD’s in physics trying hard to avoid anything remotely dealing with what they perceive as Astrological “pseudoscience.”  Yes the old same trick or using Astronomy (a by product of the much older science of Astrology) instead of recognizing the ancient art for what it really is…But again  back in August 2006 I knew much more than all Astronomers combined and wrote What The Bleep Do They Know?  (Pluto and Astronomical Ignorance.)

Continued:  Olson said a “once-in-many-lifetimes” event occurred on Jan. 4, 1912, when the moon and sun lined up in such a way that their gravitational pulls enhanced each other. At the same time, the moon’s closest approach to Earth that January was the closest in 1,400 years, and the point of closest approach occurred within six minutes of the full moon. On top of that, the Earth’s closest approach to the sun in a year had happened just the previous day. “This configuration maximized the moon’s tide-raising forces on the Earth’s oceans,” Olson said. “That’s remarkable.”

DT Rebuttal:  Indeed this is one of the worse comment ever made by a scientist reflecting narrowness and a lack of perception. All based upon a lack of Cosmic Consciousness of course! One can only blame his natal limited UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”  and the lack of spiritual cosmic tuition – If this was the case there would never be any more of those large icebergs floating around and this nonsense would make the sinking of the Titanic an isolated “accident.” Insane, because since then ALL ships sharing the same fate went down to Neptune’s world suffered different circumstances/accidents but suffered the same exact cosmic reasons currently unknown to science.


But as much as I have offered NASA repetitive and unarguable proofs of my ability to predict very large earthquakes  on national radio programs and TV shows or by sending direct emails to USGS, they did not budge and would rather steal the information on the net and ignore Dr. Turi. They have the means to end up on CNN, they have the people to write about them, they have the power, the resoluteness, the financial support but NO decency, dignity or integrity! God thanks the Internet is offering me a voice. The First Amendment and the truth about “Friends and Foes” requires neither tact nor politeness. It requires that we permit all views to set up stalls in the marketplace of ideas, and we let that marketplace decide which ideas prevail or what the truth is all about!

Astrophysics,Quantum Physics and The Cosmic Code

Incidentally my Grandma new about the Moon Power  and stimulated me at a very young ago to make a good use of my own highly spirited UCI and offer real answers to the world of science. In fact, the  Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions will clarify my position to the world at large when it will air in the fall…

Continued: His research determined that to reach the shipping lanes by mid-April, the iceberg that the Titanic struck must have bro-ken off from Greenland in January 1912. The high tide caused by the bizarre combination of astronomical events would have been enough to dislodge icebergs and give them enough buoyancy to reach the shipping lanes by April, he said. Olson’s team has sought to use tide patterns to deter-mine exactly when Julius Caesar invaded Britain and prove the legend that Mary Shelley was inspired by a bright full moon shining through her window to write the gothic classic Frankenstein.

DT Rebuttal: Doesn’t fell weird for science to try to speak, understand or accurately translate God’s Cosmic will readers?  But again without Cosmic Consciousness all they can do is assume and use such ridiculous sentences by the bizarre combination of astronomical events.”  This translate in humongous IGNORANCE found in the rare science they have been all enslaved to uncover and many will with my guidance. Yes and soon The Reason Rally Bull!will display Mr James Randi and a very large bunch of unconscious educated morons.

Remember my “secret Email list” is mostly made of those hard core scientists and skeptics alike and they are reading the same words than you do! Some will be fast to negate my English/French forgetting the the task of translating the Cosmic Code or even speaking a foreign language many of them are unable to do! This simply makes me mentally superior and a fact they would rather ignore too!

Continued: The team’s Titanic research may have vindicated Captain Smith – albeit a century too late – by showing that he had a good excuse to react so casually to a report of ice in the ship’s path. He had no reason at the time to believe that the bergs he was facing were as numerous or as large as they turned out to be, Olson said. (An international iceberg tracking system was set up after the disaster.) “In astronomical terms, the odds of all these variables lining up in just the way they did was, well, astronomical,” he said.


DT Rebuttal:  The team’s Titanic research desperately needs Dr. Turi’s spiritual Cosmic  expertise and many will read my findings but does this mean they will approach me? Captain Smith had as much excuses as all the Captains of all the ships of the past. And this means also the 99.09% of an unconscious world totally unaware of the celestial mechanics I am trying so hard  (cursed) to pass on to you! Had he or  all other currently living souls of this world had access to my book Moon Power they would not have been victimized by ignorance. My work offers warnings to respect God’s celestial manifestations or the Cosmic Code jurisdictions instead religious convictions, scientific skepticism, atheism and ridicule shuts down the golden door offering such rare wisdom.

As explained in this newsletter “Titanic, What Really Happened that Fateful Night?”   three major errors cost the lives of so many innocent victims.

1 –  Avoid traveling after the Full Moon, unless you made your reservation during a waxing moon!

2 – Avoid traveling during a Supernova window (mercury retrograde motion.)

3 – Know your own personal lucky/unlucky Dragon  Dates or better investigate your natal UCI!

“In astronomical terms, the odds of all these variables lining up in just the way they did was, well, astronomical,” Olson said.

“In astrological terms, the odds of all these variables lining up in just the way they did was, well, astrological,” Dr. Turi said.

OMG! In what a young world did I land on?

The research will appear in the April issue of Sky & Tele-scope magazine.
© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun
Lastly I wish  The Vancouver Sun also publish my material but this will not happen because the Iluuminati controlling the information will not allow me a wider voice, at least for the time being! This is why you must become a Cosmic Coder, challenge yourself and learn about God’s Universal will. Please pass on this newsletter to the scientific community because our infantile science has so much spiritual catching up to do!
“Ignorance is evil, knowledge is power”
Only when the student is ready will the teacher appear because we are on;y talking about your life and those of your friends and loved ones…
Blessings to all
Dr. Turi

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