James Randi and CO in Denial!

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For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

Dear Readers:

With Mercury (communication) in retrograde motion, people and affairs of the past comeback to the fore…and with it the option to clarify my position and expose more of the facts! Enjoy, because conscious or not you are also under the jurisdictions of those stars…

If you did not yet check my latest Utube video

What do you think The Reason Rally Bull! promoters, James Randi and a bunch of unconscious “educated” Talking Heads and skeptics alike would say or think if they were reading my latest unarguable prediction of “SEXISM” slowly taking over America air waves? Memo from my prediction page: (Scroll down please)

 Universal Predictions from August 30th 2012 to February 19th 2014

 Scorpio Dragon’s Head Taurus Dragon’s Tail

Note: Those Predictions were posted November 15, 2011 to the public


Note: I will update this page regularly when my predictions come to pass

 2012 / 2014  US SEXUAL WAR/ FREEDOM


Occupy wall street?

Back in October – during our first week of shows – we noticed this strange trend: Naked and pregnant women occupy the cover of magazines a lot.

I even chose a picture that was controversial enough to stimulate the large puritanical Christian group offering a glimpse of the “signs” depicting God celestial will and the things to come on CNN, apart from that I am “CNN before CNN” yes? What do you think those young souls depraved of Cosmic Consciousness would say or what type of excuses they would attempt to deny my predictive obvious work?

And you wonder why the organizers of the “Reason Rally” never invited me to prove them wrong? Furthermore  James Randi and his crowd are all parts of my not so “secret” email list and received ALL my newsletters, including this one. Now if you think these people are not reading my work and put my email to the automatic spam/trash you are in Neptune’s dreamland…They ar all part of my “secret list” and read my work like you do! Here they are again…

  James Randi Founder     
  D.J. Grothe President    
  Michael Blanford Director of Education      
  Banachek Challenge Administrator     
  Sadie Crabtree Communications Director

But gee having me there to expose the fact that there is more than science or ridiculous assumptions involved is also the end of “Reason Rally” financial endeavor and the end of Mr. James Randi career! But that’s is not the reason why they all avoid challenging Dr. Turi in the open with “predictions”, the fact is Mr. Randi has already lost is famous James Randi One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge with me and will find every possible excuses not to deal with me on the public scenery. 

But these people are also part of the long list of skeptics Readers and do you think them all trashed my newsletters? Incidentally none of them cameback and only a few of them asked to be removed from the list. Be sure they will all attend the conference and NONE of them mentioned my name for me to attend to challenge them. Its a disgrace and this is why I am asking all my supporters to act in my behalf and post this newsletter to all the skeptic groups and organizations you may read or be part of.  

Society for Psychical Research:  http://www.spr.ac.uk


Society for Psychical Research (USA Version):  http://www.aspr.com
Institute of Noetic Science: http://www.noetic.org
Peer review Neurology magazine:  http://www.neurology.org/
American Academy of Neurology:  http://www.aan.com/


Some of the most skeptical (I say cynical) people I will come up against trying to convey what I do (for background research of what I would be up against):


Dr. Susan Blackmore: http://www.susanblackmore.co.uk
Prof. Richard Wiseman: http://www.richardwiseman.com
Professor Christopher French: http://www.gold.ac.uk/psychology/staff/french/
Dr. Michael Shermer: http://www.michaelshermer.com/
Prof. Richard Dawkins: http://richarddawkins.net/


They are some of the single most harden skeptics/cynics or whatever unconscious young souls on the planet.

With thousands of people signed up to this conference, I am sure a few of my supporters will also attend and they should copy this newsletter and names and stockpile it all over the conference room or the hotel for the unaware public to acknowledge, this will force them all and Mr. Randi to deal with me directly…

They banned me from all their public websites and try very hard to bury the facts that I am the real thing. In fact I have so much proofs of my work posted to the world, on radio and television that it is simply impossible for them to ignore and I scare the hell out of them all with such a well documented unarguable work. 

When I first posted the above and added the topples women in November 2011 they were all laughing but keeping a good eyes on the news so they could finally make their case and ridicule me… Guess what readers, let me offer you some facts that will shock James Randi and all his staff  because they do read every single of my newsletters. Yes they are working overtime to “bust” me and as any coward would do, approach me or deal with me ONLY when they have the unchallenged proof I am dead wrong and my work is simply ridiculous.

But since my first direct contact and emails exchanges with  Mr. Randi’ s “Communications Director” Sadie Crabtree they went into hiding and removed my very existence from their lives.  Or it appears so…Knowing that Sadie, James Randi and all his supporters read and forward my work to them, they had ample time to suggest my name to the promoters or invite/challenge me in public at the  “Reason Rally” in Washington, D.C. on March 24! But this never happened because the real thing (Dr. Turi) is simply missing and the challenge has no true competitors. 

Dr. Turi Versus James Randi 

All I need is someone to help me to generate a power point show presentation using my endless chain of unarguable predictions and do some research on the Internet where all the facts are frozen in time and space for ever. Then once I get the million bucks I will offer a good chunk to those who helped me in the ridiculous process imposed by Mr Randi and eventually sue him to get the money I deserve. 

Currently millions of people read my work and rest assured all my “Friends and Foes, Talking Heads” including James Randi receive direct mail from me and know exactly where to go to read them. But most of the time their supporters usually do the job for them and email them directly. 

But is Dr. Turi much too “dangerous” or too competitive for them all? Yes the truth never helped anyone and alienate me from those only interested to make a buck and only those that “vibrates” to my integrity level and the truth will invite me to speak more of the truth! 

I wonder how they will react to my upcoming Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions exposed to the world or my Iran “Nukes” Predictions with George Noory produced in a  2006 television show?  All I can hope then is to be invited in a very different “Reason Rally”  and change the conference name to the “Spirited Rally” where the best of the best in predictive astrology are invited. 

As always those who are the least knowledgeable of a specific topic or phenomenon attracts each others to debate their own humanistic ignorance… all I can do is to reaffirm my position and my predictions readers…

SOS To The World March 11/12/13 – 2012 

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi


More of the idiosyncratic views on the Divine produced by James Randi’s UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” 

Again readers those who are completely destitute on the subject of metaphysics, psychic phenomenon, UFO, astrology are rallying at the The Reason Rally Bull! and will be lecturing endlessly on something so divinely deep reflecting the ignorance of a manifestation they can not comprehend and escape the logical born mind! 

In one second, after glancing upon James Randi UCI “Unique Celestial identity” I saw his entire psyche at his life time work – He is a Leo and like ALL Leo he nurtures a subconscious fear of death and diseases thus he is prone to have suffered directly or indirectly a “psychic” accident that traumatized him and lead him to use his Dragon’s Head (luck/Growth) in Gemini (the writer/communicator/the challenger/critical thinking) to negate the essence of his natural inborn fears. Now do not expect James to EVER tell you about his private “negative psychic experience” but knowing his UCI, his like and dislike about “magic” and at 82 years of age he certainly had plenty time to do so!

For him to be so reluctant about psychics he must have tried a few times… He was scared to death or unconvinced because the “psychic” was a born Neptunian and NOT Dr. Turi. Even nowadays and since 1991 only a few Leo souls managed to battle their inner fears of the future and asked for my services.

One has to become an advanced Astropsychologist to appreciate the art and perception found in my unique methodology to uncover the fate, idiosyncrasy and fate of anyone on the planet.

Note also his Dragon’s Tail (negative/past lives) resides in the world of Sagittarius (the eternal student/bible/codification of thoughts) could have add more “inner” fears coming from many of his religious pious past lives where he was destroyed a few times by strangulation and fire inflicted by the Spanish and French inquisitions.  It is so amazing to see people neurotic tendencies at work while the subject himself is totally unconscious of the energies producing his fate, beliefs and fears. Indeed Astropsychology will save this world and will be widely used by the children of tomorrow.


 This is an email exchange between myself and Sadie Crabtree – Communications Director, James Randi Educational Foundation | www.randi.org 


Sadie Crabtree is the Communications Director of the James Randi Educational Foundation. She has nearly a decade of experience helping labor unions, community organizations, and progressive nonprofits plan and win campaigns that change laws, change minds, and improve people’s lives. Her goal at the JREF is to share the skeptical movement’s investigative spirit with a broader audience than ever, and help the media expose the pseudo-scientific con-artists who profit by deceiving others.

You may jump in and join the old conversation anytime!!!

This is her answer following my predictions of Osama Bin Laden demise! 

 Sadie Crabtree  “Are you kidding? That’s ridiculous. “Someone famous may meet a sad fate in the water or on the road?” First, that prediction is so vague it would apply to most accidental deaths. Second, bin Laden wasn’t in the water when he met his fate. He was shot in a building. Third I don’t see how you can call it a “sad” fate when so many people are cheering over it. In spite of an incredibly vague prediction it seems like you got this one pretty wrong anyway.”

 DT Rebuttal; Well if it was you who died Sadie I would call it a bad /SAD day alright lol and while America rejoiced, the Middle East and his family did not. I am sure your family would also feel sad if you were shot and died. Osama Bin Laden may have been religiously poisoned to the core but he was still a human being victimized by Neptune! The point is I gave the exact date of his demise many months before in my book and you forgot to read “This powerful threesome may take the life of an important political person.”

I think somewhere Obama was a BIG world wide “political figure” for the terrorists groups,  and the world at large was he not? My prediction is specific if you read it all not just the obvious or his body being thrown at sea as I wrote. The fact is I also mentioned “Someone famous may also meet a sad fate in the water!” and a very IN – famous person named Osama Bin Laden did meet HIS sad FATE in the ocean thrown out from the deck of the USS aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. By the way how many times did you read on CNN about anyone famous or not being thrown in the ocean from a US NAVY ship? This is quite uncommon and not an accident, especially when the famous person was Osama Bin Laden.
Anyway let’s get more specific then, what do you have to say about the taped re-election of President Clinton? Why did you not mention my hit and the serious mess that took place in the Middle East well before Osama Bin Laden came into the picture? Check my Iran “Nukes” Predictions with George Noory produced in a  2006 television show?
Note this old newsletter was published May 3rd, 2011 but if any James Randi’ supporters and skeptic Mrs.Crabtree need more proofs of my undeniable predictions, they will be aired on the Discovery Channel.
With the new Dragon’s Head moving in the sign of Scorpio next August 2012, these people will get their wake up call and realize what can not be seen or yet accepted does not mean it is not real! I truly believe I already won the  millions dollars challenge, and I am expecting a check signed by in the mail soon – James Randi One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge – Dr. Turi Versus James Randi 
May I remind you that you will have to be patient to really appreciate my gift or if you start digging into my work soon you will also be convinced. Please read the following and read the section Earthquake Predictions.
Osama Bin Laden Buried at Sea? 

Osama bin Laden’s burial reportedly took place from the deck of the USS aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, above.


“Someone famous may also meet a sad fate in the water!”


The End of the Age of Pisces/religion/deception and mental abuses has arrived! 


From 2011 Moon Power (Note the book was published 01/01/210 and the predictions made June  2009. More unarguablepredictions for 2012/2014 are there for you.

Famous Personalities: This powerful threesome may take the life of an important political person. Someone famous may also meet a sad fate in the water or on the road. Be aware and be prudent.

 Events: Pluto (ultimate power/ life and death) is still in the sign of Capricorn (politics). He will keep enforcing a slow but sure decay of the government wrongdoing and waste of our tax dollar. The rebirth will result in one Universal government already in progress. This celestial configuration will bring troubles in part of many countries where raw power challenges the government in all its aspects. 


From: Dr. Turi <dr.turi@cox.net – This is an inquiry e-mail via http://www.randi.org/site/ – http://www..randi.org/site/index.php/1m-challenge.html  

James Randi contest for a million dollars? He already lost  since 1995!

Listen to yet another UNARGUABLE prediction –

More dated, printed obvious proof Mr. James Randi and company? Why don’t you ever answer my emails and give me my million bucks?

Earthquake Predictions:

Earthquakes tend to occur when diurnal tidal forces are able to release the accumulated strain on a fault. Hard planetary aspects appear able to increase the strain on a fault. Perhaps the computer-aided Astrogeologists of the future will be able to do the kind of micro-mapping and analysis needed to predict which faults are most susceptible to increased strain. As for the timing, my technique to predict earthquakes seems to be more accurate than all the latest computerized electronic equipment combined together!
So the scientific community likes solid proofs? Here it is again and anything that has ever been posted on the Internet is there to stay forever and with a little search on “Deja New” anyone can trace these posts.
Sample of Proof:

WWW -INTERNET – USGS – Message -ID: ///4Hv@goodnet/// -sender news////com (News Administrator) -Dr. Turi drturi////com>
Newsgroups – sci.geo,sci.geo.geology,ca.earthquakes,hkbu,geog.maps – WEEKLY USGS Quake Report 9/28 – 10/4/95 CA. Seismology Institute – in rticleDG1t4H.v
DATE- Oct 6h, 1995 drturi@goodnet.com says… POSTED (Oct, 6th. 1995) –
From Dr. Turi – Dear Sirs: – On Oct. 8th and Oct. 9th a very unusual seismic activity will be noticeable and will produce many quakes above 6.1. More information is available pertaining to my method if requested.
Dr. Turi
Results – Full proofs of predictions:
RE: Weekly USGS Quake Report Oct. 8th – Oct. 8th a 7.0 EARTHQUAKE HIT SUMATRA (INDONESIAN ISLANDS)
RE: Weekly USGS Quake Report Oct. 9th – Oct. 9th a 7.6 EARTHQUAKE HIT MEXICO.
More Proof?

Read Dr. Turi’s prediction made worldwide on Coast To Coast radio preparing the world for a BIG earthquake to happen WITHIN TWO DAYS!
Note TWO DAYS after the show a 7.1 Powerful quake rattled Indonesia.

Kudos to you Dr. Turi!
I surf the Internet periodically for predictions on forthcoming events, specifically all relating to earthquake activities. You hit the 11/22/95 Egypt/Israel/Saudi Arabia 7.2 quake smack dab on the head, per your earlier prediction. Congratulations again!
E-mail < ////private @ccmail.jpl.nasa///> Keep up the good work.
Appreciatively, G//
More Proof:

From: /////@///om
To: Louis a Turi
Date: Fri, 24 Sept 1999 22:31:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Show
I gave you full credit on the show just after the massive Taiwan earthquake and the Turkey aftershock on Sept 20…. I got a lot of email from people who were watching the date prediction as well. This is
marvelous my friend. The nice thing about it is how you understate these things and never gloat about them when you hit. I had another fine program with John Hogue last night. Be well, my friend.
Jeff Rense


“All I have asked for is a fair scientific investigation of my work for the sole purpose of promoting mans cosmic consciousness, saving time, money and the lives of many people.” 

Blessings to all. 

Dr. Turi


May be she is busy investigating my past predictions? What do you think? Its been months now and  no answer from Sadie, Randi or anyone else – May be you could email them asking to keep up the challenge? sadie@randi.org

Sharing Emails:

Hi darling Louis … 

It is very surreal to see what Icke is doing. So sorry you are also taking an abusive brunt. What a turn of events in Life this has taken. He is such an angry bitter man that seems to have completely lost it. All I see is his anger attacking everyone? Where is the Peace in this? If there were two countries at war I would not want Icke as a mediator for he will start a third war!  If people just took a deep breath and stepped back the picture is extraordinarily clear. Will become even more clear when I come out. I see what no one else sees, yet. 

 Sending much love, Pamela 

 Hello Pamela:

I am also worried about his state of mind with the Dragon’s Tail currently in Gemini afflicting his intellect potential. TRust me more and more people are seeing this and it will get worse and obvious soon…



Hello Dr Turi

 I trust that your well and very busy. I wanted to Thank you again for your work and dedication. I am wondering is this the year of death. I know that this 2012 energy is running fast, maybe too fast for some people. I just read that this skier in Switzerland crashed during World Cup skiing. It seems as if people are dropping like flies, especially celebrities and athletes. You hear about these strange accidents everyday now.

Look at Davey Jones, a vegetarian that exercised on a daily basis and was fit. Is this dragon going to get stronger as the years goes on?? The weather?? I hate to think what the summer is going to look like….with all this weather drama this year. Is it true…..Since I am a Dragon, will this really be a great year for me financially, since we are in the year of the Dragon. Thanks for all that you do. You and Terania are quite a team.

Best to you both. Have a great weekend.

Much love

Mary from San Jose CA

Hello Mary; I wish I had a simple answer for you but my predictions are quite obvious and will unfold…AS far as how much this Dragon will reach and change your life, all I can do is to remind you only a VIP reading will give you your personal predictions and information.





If you host an event, if you are a journalist, a radio or TV host, a blogger, own a magazine, write for a newspaper have a website I am open for interview and all my articles are available to each and every one of you to edit and use as needed.  Please refer my work and I to anyone that needs ratings and a great show! Also a special thanks to George Noory and ALL the media people that already have (and still) offer me the opportunity to reach more people furthering my message to the world!


My website is now getting over 2 million hits a month, thanks to all of you. Thus my predictions are slowly getting everywhere and this could never be without your participation from this “special list.”  Note; while this list is purposely made up of a variety of people from all walks of life many of you own a strong position of influence in the media. For many weeks now I gave you the opportunity to check on my work and if you trust I own a part of the mysterious puzzle we call life please consider having me as a guest or generate an article about my methodology. Times are changing fast and questions need answers outside of religious or scientific accepted “box” mentality.  I am always in demand but ready to help those you are in a position of reaching and growing and help them to regenerate mentally and spiritually.

I want to take this opportunity to warmly thanks all the great people skeptical or not because we are all only human born to learn and grow. Once more thanks to ALL the  special people and those in the media to have me on their radio/TV shows as a regular guest and ask you to do all you can to become a silent or open element by promoting my work. You are ALL a GREAT and VITAL part of my fate and helping me in my mission to free humanity from fears and ignorance.


Dr. Turi

Astropsychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy

“Your Future Is:  The Reincarnation Of Your Thoughts”

PH480-331-TURI (8874)




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