Astrophysics and Astropsychology

Hello my Friend:

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi


Dear Readers;

As you know I am greatly motivated to offer a very serious, if not vital public service to all the people willing to  make the effort to think out of the “box.” Each time I deal with a “victim” I am also offering both the lost soul and my readers the option to challenge themselves and investigate what Astropsychology is all about! My latest comments against “Friends and Foes” can easily misinterpreted due to a total lack of Cosmic Consciousness and ignorance of the constructive/destructive forces emanating from the Supraconscious. Anyone can only perceive its reality through its own UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”

small video

In my newsletter titled “Voices In Your Head?” I did not offer the readers enough information and many wrote back asking for more.  When I assure you there is no such thing as an accident or circumstances it’s because everything happens for a reason.  And while I decipher that reason with certainty it is because I know how the Cosmic Code or what an unconscious rational science and astrophysicists refer as “Dark Matter” or Quantum Physics.

Without a full understanding of the Universal Mind making up those spiritual cosmic rules, one can only have some control and limited understanding on what the incident becomes the reason for.  The created situation, is the quantum of creation, thus becoming the full expression of the UCI delegated and imposed by those unseen celestial forces. Fears, drive, gifts, aim, potential and the entire fate of any human is written in  the light of the stars and signs.

I expect any “accident” natural Deadly Tornadoes Predicted to the Day! or man made to happen because I know better but this mean I do care about everyone,including someone who used to be a friend.  I know many of my victims have very large audience that are mesmerized by the spoken and written words they use to express fear and/or wisdom.  Indeed there is much more behind my highly spiritual work and many are unsuited or unprepared for it and this allow room for false assumptions about my drive to free humanity from fear and ignorance.  The serendipity of it becoming a lesson in “Cosmic” thinking  is only allowed by becoming curious at the given opportunity you actually asked for because this not yet another accident  but subconsciously intended to bring you a different perspective on the human psyche.

It is unnatural for us to consciously think cosmically or in quantum.  One must be trained to build such rare wisdom and apply it the way my students and I do!  The lower physical frequency logic, rationale controls our body and is what we consider conscious but there is more to it! Human only experience the lower frequencies except in altered states like meditation, or when a lower frequency thought is promoted to the highest frequency stimulated by the Supraconscious and finally becomes what we were thinking all along. In fact all that you are, all you own including your fears and ailments are the results of your conscious or unconscious ability to reach it.

Quantum or Cosmic thinking is preset by your natal UCI considering logical action at every frequency set and induced by our local solar system , from the planetary conditions you karmically inherited at birth. Indeed why it is crucial to find out how you STAND under your stars to UNDERSTAND your fate and cosmic nature. Unless you become Cosmic Conscious you will be nothing else than a robot of your stars or one of the 99.09% of human walking this planet.

Most of the time you are acting your own unconscious thoughts, but I am convinced humanity in the future will become cognizant on every stars /constellations frequency and gain full Cosmic Consciousness.  In such a state of incomplete cosmic spiritualism human can only assume and make judgment, but only in a limited context.

Remember “In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

The test of Cosmic / quantum thinking in my view is that once Cosmic Consciousness and the “reflex” is established  nothing about anything or anyone is held sacred.  Without refined education it become  against human  nature to comprehend the spiritual Universal mechanics, making anyone prone to make erroneous judgement and I am here to challenge your own mind, spirit and soul to acknowledge quantum creation.

Stuffing yourself with conspiratorial or religious material is your choice, and are both good and bad put it this way.  It does no harm to have faith or an abundant information and may be  prudent for your own survival.  But the Supraconscious’ higher principle I am trying so hard to enforce is that human ought capitalize on what is positive and abundant  and in NO circumstance feed evil with a high principle you cannot yet perceive.

Many people are visual and those will easily assimilate my aim compiled in this small video. The main problem facing our society nowadays is that; it is in the interest of anyone in a position to influence others, including political and religious leaders to confine us to the resources they control with misinformation i.e.  oil, precious metal, politics, wars, science, medications, entertainments, sports, religion etc. Inducing fear steers the human instinct for preservation greatly and it seem EVERYONE including my unconscious “friends and Foes” victims I expose are doing just that. All for their own personal gain…

If humanity is to survive and thrive, you cannot feed evil any longer, because you BECOME a very nefarious part of the problem itself! You cannot allow yourself to fall for Religious poisoned souls and “Talking Heads” alike  using scary methods to grab and confine you into the subatomic negative EVIL because this is what trigger and amplify future devastation.  Instead change your conception of life, realize my message and capitalize solely on what is abundant in this rich universe.  The highest truths are often very simple but a “blind” soul will never be able to assimilate them.

There is nothing wrong for me to ask you  to choose creation, love, hope, faith, trust in God and humanity  over annihilation, fears, destruction, insecurity by connecting to the highest form of spiritual laws I feel constrained /cursed to pass on to you every single day of my life. Please choose potent sources instead of those that are constricted because it is not an accident for the world and humanity to have fallen so low.  It is more profitable for all humanity at large to recognize my mission and not need nor use what is being horded by unconscious “talking Heads” feeding you with fears and that is my vital message readers…

 And if science could / would acknowledge, use or predict behavior within the UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” software system I developed, might they (our politicians/the police and humanity at large) not also find a way to control their mental shortcoming?

Dr. Turi




(born October 12, 1970)

Please watch the video first where Kirk Cameron is interviewed about his view on gay people.  Yes readers you read it many times, souls born in January and October and the youngest souls of the Zodiac and prone to serious religious poisoning!  Some wake up some don’t…It amazes me to see the real power of Astropsychology manifesting itself with anyone and everyone. Only a fraction of humanity (my spiritually advanced students)  are conscious of the powerful jurisdictions of the Cosmic Code regimenting their lost psyches.  This world is full of unconscious people reacting neurotically to their stars and have absolutely no clue why they think, behave, believe or act the way they do.  You do not become gay, you do not learn how to become gay, you do not unlearn how God designed you…

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”


You simply grow up, educate yourself, understand the principle and offer love and respect to anyone born gay! Christians are the utmost unaware rigid people walking this planet and have no clue how God speaks or how he made his children…I wish those rich and famous pin heads would read my work and grow up to behave like human and not walking righteous books! Why Are You Gay? 

Join the Cosmic Code, don’t miss anything!



Dr. Turi will participate at the Mystical Cruise 2012



“if you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

Ask and you shall receive!



If you host an event, if you are a journalist, a radio or TV host, a blogger, own a magazine, write for a newspaper have a website I am open for interview and all my articles are available to each and every one of you to edit and use as needed.  Please refer my work and I to anyone that needs ratings and a great show! Also a special thanks to George Noory and ALL the media people that already have (and still) offer me the opportunity to reach more people furthering my message to the world!


My website is now getting over 2 million hits a month, thanks to all of you. Thus my predictions are slowly getting everywhere and this could never be without your participation from this “special list.”  Note; while this list is purposely made up of a variety of people from all walks of life many of you own a strong position of influence in the media. For many weeks now I gave you the opportunity to check on my work and if you trust I own a part of the mysterious puzzle we call life please consider having me as a guest or generate an article about my methodology. Times are changing fast and questions need answers outside of religious or scientific accepted “box” mentality.  I am always in demand but ready to help those you are in a position of reaching and growing and help them to regenerate mentally and spiritually.

I want to take this opportunity to warmly thanks all the great people skeptical or not because we are all only human born to learn and grow. Once more thanks to ALL the  special people and those in the media to have me on their radio/TV shows as a regular guest and ask you to do all you can to become a silent or open element by promoting my work. You are ALL a GREAT and VITAL part of my fate and helping me in my mission to free humanity from fears and ignorance.



Dr. Turi

Astropsychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy

“Your Future Is:  The Reincarnation Of Your Thoughts”

PH: 480-331-TURI (8874)



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