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Well, I posted this forecast on February 23, 2012 at 9:33am on the Cosmic Code website for my VIP readers and if they call me the “New Nostradamus” or “CNN before CNN” chances are they are right! All you can do is to go back in time and read what you missed then be the judge of the real power of the Moon Matrix or the section retrieved from my 2012 Moon Power book. Talking about the stars and knowing the stars is a big difference and I am offering the skeptics the opportunity to check on my claim in predictive astrology.  Remember there are millions of people doing this type of work but one can only appreciate my exactitude. Please do not assume I am an egocentric because I am confident in my work and direct in dealing with life in general.  As a truth seeker and a teacher of light I can not be less than honest and truthful with everyone dealing with me.


I am about to post the next two weeks personal, universal forecast and transits and offer much elaborated horoscopes as Nostradamus used to do over 500 years ago. If you are into the truth and real predictions you found me, join the world to learn all the secrets of the Universal Mind. Jump into the future with me, you are in good hands.

Remember being a Cosmic Coder means being guided every month personally by Dr. Turi and mastering the Cosmic Code secrets will help you to understand and guide the very “psychics” you rely on for directions. This website and my work is REAL and very affordable, become a Cosmic Coder level 3 and pay only ONCE  for the next 12 months to read your monthly personal guidance and predictions while mastering the Cosmic Code.

Now on to your personal horoscopes and all the goodies I have for you…

Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance 

While many of you did order the new special edition of my 2012 Moon Power some people do not have the money or the option to download it, thus I have to include this material for them.


ELABORATED HOROSCOPE FOR EACH SIGN: I have decided to elaborate each months of the year on all my VIP personal forecast and will do so to help each and every one of you to be prepared of what the “Universal Code” may throw at you. This newsletter will also add more information of what the Cosmic Code’s energy is all about. Note also your rising or your natal / hidden dragon can also seriously affect this general forecast. Very personal forecast with exact timing can only be generated with your precise time of and birth location, thus if you undergo serious challenges you will need a 90 MN taped Full Life or live Skype VIP telephone Reading.

Note as a VIP you get this $700 consultation for $450 –  My prices for consultations are still slashed in two make the most, this can change any day. Call Terania at             602-265-7667       to set up your appointment or order directly from my webpage.

 Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom

–   Paracelsus

 Personal Horoscope and Predictions For All Signs



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February 26th, 2012: Today is your astrologer’s birthday, I am 62 years old and because it’s the New Moon I am going to enjoy a great birthday with my wife Terania, a few good friends, my family and the people I love. I have to make this one special for sure and I will! Again thank you for all your good wishes and support.  Each year I am getting more and more birthday cards and emails from all of you.  It is an honor to receive so many blessings from all around the world.  Please forgive me if I do not personally answer you, but it is from the depth of my heart that I sincerely thank you. God bless you all.

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE., WED. — FEBRUARY 25, 26, 27, 28, 29:

RULERS —Mars (War/action) and Neptune (Magical hopes/ Water)

 Work, Career and Business: The new moon will make you lucky but Mars could upset your plans. Be nice with others at work; use your knowledge and don’t expect your boss to be aware of Mars’ impatience and irritability. The waxing Moon will provide you many opportunities soon.  Neptune may make it difficult for you to concentrate these days. Try to be more practical in your endeavors, important matters related to finances will be on your mind, and all will be fine soon.

Partnerships: As always communicate my work to others and make good use of Starguide. You may also suggest it to your partner, as two souls aware of the stars are better than one. Using Neptune’s intuitive power may save a situation, but avoid complaining and do something about it.  Control Mars’ impatience and understand the needs of your partner too.

 Family and Friends: In time of a New or Full Moon, people have some problems sleeping. Use tons of diplomacy with the children; Mars will want to keep them up late.  A great time is to be expected soon as the New Moon is now shining on us all.  Enjoy the love and good food provided by those who really care for you.  Spend some time with the children; teach them love and harmony as Mars may make them play rough.  Remember dangerous Mars is with us and with Neptune nearby, be aware around water.

 Love Affairs: Avoid any intense Martian situation with your partner; support, love and respect will take you miles.  Use Neptune’s soft values to apologize to someone you deeply care for and control your imagination.  Offer a present or some flowers; this always works.  If you were born in November, a Pisces or a Cancer will want to know you.  A trip close to the water or a movie will make you feel good.

 Travel and Communication: Mars’ speedy nature may affect your driving and response to others. Be courteous, psychotics and lunatics share the same road with you and one of those dangerous drivers may get you in trouble.  As always, under Neptune’s power, stay clear of alcohol if you take a long trip, and rest if you feel tired.  Anticipate this New Moon to be great and put a big smile on your face.

 Environment: Combined with Mars’ accident prone nature and Neptune’s absent-mindedness, expect sad news from water, oil or the Middle East. Once more, Mars’ destructive instinct is unpredictable, so avoid dangerous situations, especially if you spend time close to the water this weekend.

Nations want ‘tsunami wave’ of pressure on al-Assad

 Famous Personalities: Life is a constant process of change, and like all of us, famous figures must also accept the sad reality of demise.  Light will be brought up to some famous people’s hidden problems with alcohol or unlawful endeavors.  Soon, the end of a notable person’s life will reach the media.

 Events: With Mars, even on a waxing positive Moon, fires, destructionviolence, war and nature’s devastating forces at work are on the agenda.  Difficult weather including explosions, tornadoes or flooding may affect some of the states and surprise a number of people. Much of the difficult news may be coming from Japan, Germany, the Middle East and the US. 


Storm that killed 9 in Midwest moves east

‘Horrifying massacre’ in Syria

Girl, 10, dies hours after fight at school

Official: 18 dead after buses ambushed in Pakistan

Tanker truck explodes in fiery crash  

Cops: Husband shot wife with AK-47  



Filmmaker James Cameron aims to explore ocean’s deepest parts

Pisces means water, water means ocean and WATER NEWS!

Shopping: Now is the perfect time to purchase sharp tools, a camera or get a good deal on any form of chemicals or paint.  A new car can also be bought now, but with its Martian nature, controlling speed will be difficult.  With Neptune on those wheels, you may be asking for trouble later, if you drink and drive fast.

Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance For March 2012

  March 2, 2012 — Mercury enter Aries:  With the planet of communication cruising through the aggressive sign of Aries, be aware of your speech and your speed.  On a more positive side, your intellectual potential will regenerate with new studies. This is a perfect time to launch a magazine or any form of study involving the mind or new topics. Souls born with this celestial signature will be extremely competitive, intelligent, curious and great communicators.  They will need to discipline their minds and learn to listen to others.  An opportunity to make an impact in the world of speed and communication is offered to the soul.  Dr. Turi needs your help to pass on his very important star message to the world. See to help us to set a crash course in your area on Astropsychology, Kabalistic Healing or the Astro-Tarot.

THU., FRI., SAT., SUN. — MARCH 1, 2, 3, 4:

RULERS — Mercury (Conversation) Moon (Changing life):

 Work, Career and Business: The blessings of a waxing moon are with us make the most of her white and protective blanket. This long trend lunation will be progressive and may force you into many changes; no matter how painful they may seem to be, those changes are for the best in the long run. Be confident, as much needed change is ahead. You may also consider using Mercury’s mental agility to pass on new ideas to improve your business. You still have time to write or invest in advertisements or publicity. The telephone will be particularly busy. Don’t leave the office without your answering machine on; you could miss a great opportunity.  Stay active and be mentally alert.

 Partnerships: Dealing with others has and will always be a challenge for us all. Some of you have learnt hard lessons and the scars takes time to heal; don’t re-open them again. Move on to better ground, the future has always better to offer.  Keep a positive attitude in your conversations and promote only the great times of your past. Some karmic souls will have to experience a rebirth of their relationships. Whatever unfolds, accept the changes with confidence; the truth is that, life is a constant process of change and it always seems to be for the better.

Family and Friends: Mercury is fast and rules communication, so expect family members to get in touch with you via mail or telephone.  With Venus around, some will be invited to enjoy great cooking at their friend’s homes. “The messenger of the Gods” loves to talk and throw jokes all over.  Control Mercury’s desire to exaggerate or make things up, and do not fall for the negative things you may hear now. Keep in mind that your friends have the potential to fulfill all your wishes; get active in the social arena and make good use of what is left of this positive Moon. As always, you might have a karmic debt with a long-standing friend; if so, you may have to experience annoyance. Try to clear it all up and you’ll win. Brothers and sister could experience rivalry.

 Love Affairs: Venus may want you to experience the beginning or ending of important love phases in your life. Keep your eyes and ears open on the people you know as the Moon affects everybody, especially family members.  If you were born in July, someone much older or younger than you born in March, November or January will be attracted to you.  A Pisces friend may bring you good news soon.

 Travel and Communication: Use Mercury’s mental powers accordingly. Time to write those letters, as Mercury improves your mental faculties.  He will reward you favorably if you decide to invest in your education or start a book. Control his strong desire to be a “chatterbox,” and save money on your telephone bill.  Mercury rules transportation and general motion; he also makes people restless on the road. Under his command, be a defensive driver. It’s time to plan for your future travels, or visit parts of the world via great books.  Wait for the next New Moon to launch the trip.  You’ll be glad to know and respect God’s Universal Laws.

 Environment: We still are a few days away from a Full Moon period and you must be ready for nature’s power to show off soon. If you are into wild weather be ready for those soon. Some will see the beginning or ending of dramatic times. Be ready for this type of news soon where thousands of people will be forced to flee nature’s destructive forces.


 Famous Personalities: Some famous artist or important political figure will experience changes with their children and you will be directly affected too. Updated! This Moonic lunation dictates the beginning or ending of parts of life for some! 

Davy Jones: Loss of an idol – May God Bless Your Soul


Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart dead at 43  – May God Bless Your Soul

The beginning or ending of parts of life for some! 

Iranians vote for first time since 2009

Justin Bieber turns 18 today

Ohio suspect may face charges today

Analysis: N. Korea deal is promising

Rare peek inside Iran campaign rally  

Syrian army moves into Baba Amr

Romney wins Wyoming caucuses

March 5, 2012 — Venus enters Taurus: Souls born with this celestial gift will need emotional security at all times. Unless the partner is solid and strong insecurity will bring about a swift break. Great ability is often found in moneymaking schemes, the arts, poetry, writing, photography and drawing. A natural zest for diplomacy and diplomacy is often found with this position. The soul could also marry wealthy and operate in an artistic environment during the course of this reincarnation. Expect presents, love and general uplifting news where your Venus transits your housing system. This is a perfect time to concentrate on improving your wardrobe and shape the body, invest in your desire for beauty and perfection.  Souls born now will be possessive in matters related to love, and lucky with money.

 As the Bull is stubborn, many of them will have to detect wrong relationships and learn to let go and trust again.  This is the ideal celestial position to invest in an artistic study. Empower yourself with spirituality and display your creativity to the world. Souls born now will inherit natural gifts in music and the arts.  This is a top position to become a leader in the artistic fields for some. When well assisted by other celestial bodies, this is a perfect position for total commitment and endless love. This position makes for one of the most beautiful woman of the Zodiac.  A sincere gift in loving, creating and a distinguished magnetism will lead her to a successful career. These souls were born to reach emotional, financial and spiritual security, teach genuine love and be loved back.  A top position involving financial security, communication, writing, and success in any artistic fields is offered to these lucky souls.

“if you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

Ask and you shall receive!


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