Voices In Your Head

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dear Readers:

Another free one for you, I could not resist the urge…Is this the last FREE Cosmic Code newsletter?

Unconscious scientists and “Talking Heads” depraved of Cosmic Consciousness speaks of the wonder of the  mind not knowing its direct relationship to the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and the subtle planetary phenomenon taking place.  To them the mind is yet another complex physical “computer” dedicated to all the good physical and spiritual functions it was designed to perform.


Without Cosmic Consciousness, the focus of understanding the human “computer”  is solely based on its many parts and physical aspects sought only as a biological computer which is a receiver-transmitter and decoder of information that constructs a perceived a unique reality. This reality changes with every human being UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” because what they perceive as facts is based upon their personal experiences, education and intelligence. Without an solid understanding of the Universal Mechanics and how certain planets induce fears (Saturn – The Great Malefic) and a fruitful imagination can only get wilder and the subtle external cosmic forces are sought as evil, demonic forces produced  by “reptilians.”

David Icke quote ” The global cabal of families that answer to their non-human masters know all this and can therefore manipulate almost at will those who don’t know all this – the mass of humanity.

In my latest video  titled “Dr. Turi Beyond 2012”  I approached the Supraconscious and explained in a very simplistic way how the combined psychical forces at work, representing 99.09 % of the world or the mass of humanity, including David Icke and his followers are totally unaware of.  Again I do not expect born morons, imbeciles and idiots to relate to my work but I refuse to believe all David Icke’s followers are classified as such! Many of them already turned around and finally got my spiritual message and regained control over their minds realizing what type intellectual junk food David is offering.


Now this does not mean conspiracies are not real readers, because they are! My problem with David is that he speaks of the stars, Saturn and the Moon when he has absolutely no clue about. A subject I am a master at and I offered him and the world at large all my pearls of wisdom in a golden plate since 1991.   All my work is posted on the Internet and in my public Dragon newsletter website. As long as he stays with conspiracy and educate the world without messing up unconscious people psyches with supreme negativity I am OK with that. But I can not stay silent because offering people real salvation and real wisdom is a part of my mission.

In fact David  motivation is steered by being consumed with fears of power or losing control, and this is why he is going insane with Pamela and refuses to let her go in peace! All the while trying to explain where those “reptilian forces” are coming from is a sure subconscious signs for David Icke to suffer dementia. You can not be endlessly negative and expect to be happy or have a healthy physical or spiritual life period! These are crucial laws I teach my students and if you were to weight both the positive and negative statements this “Talking Head” is generating the scale would tilt my way.  My forte is to read people psyches using the science of Astropsychology offering all my patients solid psychological diagnostics and prognostics. And I am seriously concerned for David’ sanity but with such a large following audience he will impregnate many more lost souls suffering the same disdain for power.

Knowing currently the Tail of the Dragon (negative) is located in the sign of Gemini (Talking Head) currently  in the 12th house regulating America’ subconscious, David Icke is behaving like Harold Camping Demented Spirit and David Darling and Megacatastrophes!

But worse America and its population is suffering a tremendous universal deep psychological changes that makes this country a perfect political scary ground and perfect financial place of operation for Mr. Icke.  But such a deep mystical information are not necessarily or easily assimilated by the common human being and this is my big dilemma…

David Icke quote:  The idea is to ‘hack’ into the receiver-transmitter processes of the human body-mind so that we decode (perceive) a sense of reality about self and the world that suits their agenda for mass human control. This is done through the reality-construct that I call the Saturn-Moon Matrix in the new book, Remember Who You Are.

Indeed the very word  Icke, sorry I meant HACK used “subconsciouly” by David enunciate its inner self to “steal” spiritual information from others, offer them to the “mass human” and benefit know he controls it all…Yes Bernie Madoff and Hitler were also born in April and supreme control and supreme fear of power is what motivated them…Can’t you see the stars at work?  But how much of Saturn or Moon Power does David really know? I could write a full book on Saturn itself, I already do with my 2012 Moon Power, do you think two words justify using planets names?

David Icke quote: This is mass human perception-control on a mega scale, but the same principle applies to the technology used on earth to implant fake perceptions individually and collectively. The common theme of all levels of technological mind manipulation is to use a form of ‘carrier-wave’ to deliver ‘information’ on the frequencies within which the human DNA, brain and genetic structure operate.


Psychically speaking the mass human perception-control on a mega scale is non existent because the mass is not yet Cosmic Conscious and David  can only attribute or blame “lizards” using technology to control humanity.  I am able to read between the lines and by mixing Astropsychology and hypnotherapy let me translate those sentences for you…The common theme of all levels of technological mind manipulation is to use a form of ‘carrier-wave’ to deliver ‘information’ on the frequencies within which the human DNA, brain and genetic structure operate.

1 – The common theme of all levels of technological mind manipulation is to use a form of ‘carrier-wave’ to deliver ‘information’ – This would be your computer being used by David to manipulate your own mind using your fears.

2 – on the frequencies within which the human DNA, brain and genetic structure operate. On the frequency or the embellished, exaggerated  fears your UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” operate, and respond to with the only problem that you have no clue of what your own UCI is all about. May be you could click on the link and challenge yourself to understand the difference between your DNA and your UCI?

David Icke quote: Radio transmitters broadcast information on carrier waves of particular frequencies and the radio decodes that information into the words that we hear when we tune to a station. In the same way, it is possible to transmit information on the frequency range of human DNA and brainwave activity which the body then decodes into words, thoughts or emotional states …


Again let me translate this phenomenon spiritually for you readers; I am sure David will read this and lean a few things he will later use to convince you to lose your soul into fear and negativity.

Radio transmitters broadcast information on carrier waves of particular frequencies and the radio decodes that information into the words that we hear when we tune to a station.

Thinks of all the planets being  powerful Radio transmitters. The Cosmic Code (the Universal Mind) is always transmitting words that you hear on your CHOSEN station. No one hears the same music because you interpret the melody with a specific transistor (your own UCI.)  This is why some people like rock and roll and other classical music yes? Thus you may also hear David Icke talking about the Martians invading the earth and panic or if you are like me, you will laugh your head of because you know better. David Icke’s personal radio station (his stars / natal UCI) may be similar to the depressive fearful music you want to hear, then you will tune in. Now my music (my karmic UCI/stars) are very different and thousands of people who share a similar UCI/radio station wants to hear the truth and good positive music and these will TUNE IN to me.


In the same way, it is possible to transmit information on the frequency range of human DNA and brainwave activity which the body then decodes into words, thoughts or emotional states …

In this case David is doing exactly this, he transmit on a frequency range you can hear, you endorse and you are unconsciously (like Hitler did) brainwashed! David is able to use words, thoughts and your emotional fearful state to believe he is the savior just because he is trying very hard to convince himself by convincing you. But without Cosmic Consciousness or any form of education of the subconscious and Supraconscious you become an easy target and unleash into the misuse of forces you and David  Icke can not comprehend. Once more if you did not do it just yet, sit back and watch this short video then ponder my friend because if I just entered your life you need to work harder to own your salvation and free yourself from the evil of fear and ignorance. Do not dismiss me just yet reader, there are NO accidents for you to read about my work…

And if science could / would acknowledge, use or predict behavior within the UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” software system I developed, might they (our politicians/the police and humanity at large) not also find a way to control their mental shortcoming?

Dr. Turi

David Icke quote:… I contend in Remember Who You Are that this is how the Saturn-Moon Matrix operates and the same is the case for earth-based technology like the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which bounces high-power radio waves off the ionosphere in the upper atmosphere and back to earth. For ‘radio waves’, read information carried in the form of waves that can be decoded by the human body into words, thoughts and emotions that people believe to be their own. This is happening, make no mistake, and HAARP is only one of many sources.

It is not with religious or this type of “scientific” explanation that you will find who you are but by investigating the Cosmic Code with in a different light and with a different more progressive, positive attitude.

The amount of celestial wisdom   David Icke display is non existent and start and finish with this three words Saturn-Moon Matrix – If you want to know about the real moon matrix  why not check the facts that will be aired on the Discovery channel in the fall? Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions


Man made radio wave weaponry or (HAARP) are nothing compare the incredible power coming from the family of planets making up our solar system but forbidden to the young soul looking unwilling to perform mental gymnastics for real answers. This is the perfect cocktail  needed to feed the imagination of yet another lost soul trying to make sense to something he will never assimilate unless he recognize the real teacher and learn from him.  Yes I use the moon power because I know and understand the Matrix fully and I also know and teach all about  The Power of The Mind

David like any unconscious scientists is oblivious to real celestial power and its inner wisdom and drunk his own self silly with words only a young soul can trust…


His disdain for powerful authorities and lure for control enunciate his egocentric Leo Dragon’s Tail because David is far from being stupid and realize my true potential and legitimate wisdom.  Like famous author John Grey “Men are from Mars Women from Venus” another of my students, David can not acknowledge that Dr. Turi good heart taught him a few things over the years and know much better than he does, at least in the stars field and the Cosmic Code secrets!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Join the Cosmic Code, don’t miss anything!

“if you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

Ask and you shall receive!

Body Soul and Spirit


Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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