David Icke Exposed!

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

Dear Readers:

Yes I have to respond publicly to an attack and I decided to make this VIP Cosmic Code newsletter available to the world!

Join the Cosmic Code, don’t miss anything!

If you read Updated – The Evil of David Icke where I exposed David Icke’s deplorable attitude with his ex-wife Pamela, in no way will he challenge me directly. The focus is not the fact that a crazy young soul read David Icke conspiratorial material but how he abused his ex. Meantime I still believe an unaware evil David Icke is unconsciously manipulating the Supraconscious in time and space which is responsible for people and humanity’s fate as a whole.  Check what I mean, watch Dr Turi Beyond 2012 on U tube.

I have been dealing with David since 1991 when I first met him at the Truth Seeker Company in San Diego, then Pamela later on. I guided them for years and offered David all my books and his reply is totally false.

P.S. Turi has apparently been on the warpath with me since I said that the Moon is not natural because it would appear that much of his astrology is based on the fact that it is. No, don’t laugh. Oh, go on then.”  The excuse is valuable but I will explain further as you read more of the truth between us and other people…

As a close friend and counselor for years, Pamela stories of David’s harassment and imperialistic, childish behavior would  would send chills in your spine.

Thus in his latest newsletter titles Henry Makow embarks on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense  David indirectly used Jay Weidner to respond and attack my integrity. This was expected and laughable because my many endorsements from George Noory, Jeff Rense and so many other radio hosts. All you have to do is to click on the link and read the formidable support I get on a daily base.

In fact my undeniable well documented, printed, dated, published predictions and spotless integrity makes me the leader in my field of predictive astrology trusted by million all over the world… If you do not know me simply read endorsement 1endorsement 2 and endorsement 3 then judge for yourself.

Meantime if you do not take the time to do your own investigation and read all the details you can only assume that I am the villain here and you would make a serious error. To make things easier for you I compiled  them in a Facebook page. Join us this is a really good case against women abuses… http://www.facebook.com/DrLouisTuri?sk=wall 

As mentioned in my latest newsletter David Icke’s friends are closing their eyes on the real emotional problems  and abuses Pamela endured for the last four years. And she is not out of the loop hole yet. Did I reach a soft spot to create such a reaction with them all? Is the battle between money, interest, publicity and their conscience exist in those people’s mind?

Here is a memo I wrote about David’s Friends and of course I was right knowing the article was written by Jay Weidner (Incidentally a Project Camelot guest/host) Yes not only do I have balls but the integrity and the French Grace (lovely eyes/such warmth) to help a woman in need and if every women were in Pamela’ shoes or experiencing the hell David Icke is putting her through, maybe they would join us!

I dare you to listen to someone promising “non-violence and to love each other” and does the opposite with his own ex-wife! Memo – “The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy – you know the one that talks about the need for non-violence and to love each other.”

Integrity is missing it seem when money come to play yes? Instead lies are thrown at me but I am untouchable, clean and clear as a diamond just because I know, breeze, feel and own the truth!

Memo: “Many vile people are on his side because the MONEY and traffic he brings to their websites and do not care a bit about Pamela going through hell emotionally or the truth! Yes it takes a dignified man like Dr. Turi (and friends) to speak the truth! 

What can they say about a man like me doing his best to defend an helpless and a good woman like Pamela? Those people have NO clue who David truly is and how a manipulator he became even when Pamela’s friend invested financially (over 230K) of his savings to save him and his career!

What about the many years of her life and sacrifices to build his name and popularity? Yes never forget, like my great wife Terania, there is a very strong woman behind any successful man… I was there from the getgo with both of them, I saw it all unfolding over the years and I will not stay silent and will help my friend in trouble.  

There is such a thing of karma and I know too much about the Cosmic Code to fear anyone or wonder about the now informed cowards who need David Icke to make more money and keep their business alive! Shame on you all I say because now you have to deal with your conscience and the karma it will in time bring into your life! Too many women are suffering mental and physical abuses and this is exactly what’s going on in this case. How the HELL can you not see nor feel anything about Pamela’s life forced to deal with such a selfish abusive monster? Using her brain injury accident to dismiss her dues is as low as a human can become and David Icke did not hesitate to do just that… Hitting her as hard as he can, where it hurts more saying to his attorneys paid with your donations and his friends that she is insane when he is the one showing serious signs of dementia in his public appearances breeding fears of power and pure evil to the world. School shooter was a David Icke follower!

My message to the world is very much different and very true too!


A self-styled ‘astrologer’ or modern-day ‘Nostradamus’ (if he says so) in Arizona called Louis Turi is circulating the story below under the heading – FACT! DAVID ICKE IS AN EVIL PROMOTER

Such lovely eyes. Such warmth.

DT Rebuttal: Correction I am an Astropsychologist and a hypnotherapist. The Modern Day Nostradamus,  The New Nostradamus or even CNN before CNN are titles my readers gave me. Those titles sound much more reliable than the one you use ‘modern-day Indiana Jones’ Mr. Weidner!  I do not know you, I never heard of you and I am not a psychic, thus I hope I have the right guy.

The only connection I have with the great Prophet  is that I was born like him in Provence France, under the same local stars and spent 35 years rekindling his rare Divine Astrology methodology. I use a software on the Dragon I designed and I am the only living “Astrophile” practicing his work as he used to do today!  I am sure you remember me, we were both featured in the History Channel’s documentary, The Lost Book of Nostradamus but as always those considered as the Nostradamus’ “experts” are the least to know about the Prophet, his quatrains, the tools and the Divine Astrology methodology he used. All you could talk about in this show was based upon pure imagination with absolutely no real values…

“There is only a very thin hair between divine information and pure imagination”

Dr. Turi

Thus a “reading” with me can only be something very special and my endorsements speaks for me and the thousands of people I helped since 1991. Note I started my astrological career back in Eastbourne, Sussex back in 1980 and the British could not get enough of my wisdom.

By the way thank you for watching my U tube video Jay, I am sorry you never caught my spiritual message. Living in fear, promoting distrust and mishandling the Supraconscious in time and space is well above your and David un-evolved UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” – David’s logical, rational, mondaine conspiratorial evil material is all you can conceive for the time being, another word you are  not ready for Dr. Turi spiritually  highly advanced material that’s all. But as I wrote so many times, you have eternity to grow up my friend…

His justification for this attempted smear (the latest of many from this strange character and his friend in Sedona) is that a youngster who went on a shooting spree this week apparently said that his favourite book was The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy – you know the one that talks about the need for non-violence and to love each other.

DT Rebuttal: Well I already approached the loving, caring, forgiving attitude of David Icke and how in reality he displayed its evil to his ex-wife because of the need for non violence and love for each others yes? That is INDEED Pamela’s quality at heart, a woman that spend her waking life to save God’s creatures and knows the true meaning of love, forgiveness and  the spirit. Gee you guys have some serious catching up and growing up to  do! By the way, my friend in Sedona is Pamela Leigh Richards AKA ex – Pamela Icke.  Trying to lead the readers away from the real topic of Ike’s abuses is deplorable Mr. Jay Weidner but I am sure many of your own readers are not that stupid and will see your deceptive maneuver.

To seek to exploit the tragic death of three students, the wounding of others and a young man with what appear to be serious mental problems – from whatever source – to attack someone that you and your friend are so desperate to discredit at any price is beyond my comprehension. Beyond disgusting.

DT Rebuttal: The fact is the killer read ALL of David Icke’s conspiratorial material and not only The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy – you know the one that talks about the need for non-violence and to love each other. In fact this is the very result of feeding evil to an already unstable spirit…By the way was Jared Lee Loughner Tucson Evil reading David’s work too? and if he did would this type of detrimental conspiracy material stimulate him to kill those representing authority?

Memo: Jan 10, 2011 – Many have questioned whether Jared Loughner’s apparent choice of target—a …. an idea particularly perpetrated by a British writer David Icke.

Even if the lost souls read only The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy  I don’t think David’s book did much to change his killer instinct yes? Had he investigated his UCI he may have been given the option to apply his will and control his karmic deadly stars. But how much do you know about the subconscious, the Supraconscious, hypnotherapy and Astropsychology Mr. Jay Weidner? To me you are nothing more than yet another unconscious “Talking Head.”

Do people really want ‘astrological readings’ from someone who would do that?

DT Rebuttal: Do what, stand against Goliath for Pamela and help her to deal with a man showing early sign of dementia?  Again I do not do  ‘astrological readings’ but Astropsychology or Hypnotherapy consultations. If my work is good for David its good for any of his followers yes?


“Cheers Louis … when you have a moment I wouldn’t mind hearing your headline times and changes for me over the next two to three years. I am in Sweden now. Bloody cold. 
All the best,”



Read more …

P.S. Turi has apparently been on the warpath with me since I said that the Moon is not natural because it would appear that much of his astrology is based on the fact that it is. No, don’t laugh. Oh, go on then.

2012 Moon Power

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Beside his reluctance to honor, pay and respect Pamela, David is a master in stealing people’s intellectual properties. The fact is David is not an “astrologer” and depraved of Cosmic Consciousness all the vital information he has on the “Moon Power” comes from all the books I emailed him over the years. David knows also my connection with the incredible UFO phenomenon and simply RE -invented himself with “Moon Matrix.” But if you read David Icke Lion Sleeps No More newsletter I am not the only one affirming this fact! I have been on the warpath with David since then and Pamela’s abuses made me aware how tricky and deceptive David can be.

All I did for  him over the years was to offer my friendship, my guidance, my books, I even promoted him on my radio show when he lectured in Phoenix and this is what I get? A French proverb says ” Make demand on your friends to see who is a true friend..” One day, after so many years of giving,  I asked David if he could mention my name and my work in one of his newsletters and he failed miserably. Being born in April we all know the super competitive, selfish Arian energy he was born with and my unique Divine Astrology software speak of  The Power of the Dragon and the Secret and I am not using Jay Weidner “Quantum Astrology” or any other type of modern astrology for if I did I would not be Dr. Turi and at the top of my field because of my accuracy!

Losing a friend means also losing many wishes and should be avoided at all cost. Nurture, respect and return any favor done to you because this is what makes a real friend!  I can not blame Mr.Jay Weidner  to take on David’ side, at least I respect its guts but let me warn anyone trying to tarnish my name and my work! Not only you will never succeed but you are dancing on dangerous psychic grounds! Nostradamus’ acquired supreme wisdom means also supreme powers you may decide to ignore or laugh at, let’s dance my friend, you have been seriously warned!

Nostradamus And Dr. Turi 

Only those inspired by the divine can use the spirit of prophecy to predict precise occurrences, for it does not befit ignorant man to know the times and moments of the universe.


To those of whom, and there will be many throughout the centuries, who want to translate my verses, I offer this warning. That, when they read them, they reflect on them profoundly, so that, in their great understanding, they will find words to keep the profane and the ignorant far away. Likewise, popular Astrologers, deceiving writers, fools and charlatans.

“Let him who ignores this warning be cursed, according to the rites and ceremonies.”

Time does not exist.

To love, to want, infinitely,

that is all, and all is that.


Le 27 Juin 1566

Michel De Notre Dame

Body Soul and Spirit


Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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