Its Now or Never!

A message from Dr. Turi

Hello readers:

I have good news for you and a supreme deal you will not refuse. Last month I authorized Mike to randomly pick 500 level 1 subscribers and offer them level 2 and level 3 access to the Cosmic Code to test my goodies. Since then many more curious people joined and I want to offer them too the same deal they missed. Sad enough on March 1st you will not be able to sign in this website anymore and miss the March universal, personal forecast, transits, elaborated horoscopes, SOS to the world windows and all the educational work I produce endlessly.
I will soon write about the US Presidential candidates, teach more of the Cosmic Code secrets and teach you much more of the Universal Mind’ secrets…If you took the time to follow and read my work and predictions chances are you realized you landed on a material that speaks of CNN well before CNN and explain why there are NO accidents. For my BD I offered a super deal to the public who wished me good on many public websites such as twitter, FacebookMyspace and many others but you went a step further and signed to join this website. Thus I do not want you to miss anything, especially with such volatile time ahead of us making this world so unstable and scary.
Meantime the deplorable current  economy makes it so hard and sometime impossible to spend the $50 dollars needed to be with me for the next 12 months, thus I have decided to give you an offer you can not refuse…


However my credit card and Ning system are not set to do this, thus upon my request my webmaster updated the order page. It is very important for you to go to ASAP and join NOW, do not postpone 24 hours goes really fast and you do not want to miss this boat.  Why only 24 hours? because chances are many people who knows me and my valuable work will email the link to their friends and family members to jump on this unique birthday type of deal before the price goes back to $99.00. Yes you may have to wait another year to get such a deal readers.
Why should you join? 

You need to be prepared for the future

you need to know who you are about to elect as the new President

You need to work in harmony with the Cosmic Code and respect God‘ celestial signs

You need to learn and master the Cosmic Code rules so you do not end up a victim of the stars

You need to know ahead of time what the signs means and use them to build your life and not suffer ignorance
In fact if you take the time to read what I wrote during your 30 days trial and you want only the TRUTH and undeniable accuracy you do not need to visit a psychic or any other astrologer anymore because with Dr. Turi; and without spiritual pride, you found the best on the Internet. And this is NOT an accident because you made a wish to understand what life is all about , you are in your own journey and you are READY to uncover more of God’s will and his divinity!
Yes you are in good hands with Dr. Turi, do not exit this golden door, it may never open again…
May God bless and protect all my readers…
Dr. Turi
Visit The Cosmic Code With Dr. Turi at:

~ by drturi on February 29, 2012.

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