The Evil Of David Icke

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

Dear Readers;

First let me thank you the thousands of people thinking and wishing me the best for my birthday yesterday on February 26th where I turned 62 years old. And the only way to reach such a large crowd of supporters is by making this Cosmic Code newsletter written for my VIP level 3  public and post it on all major networking websites. But why would I taint my special day with David Icke latest ugly legal move against his ex-wife and fear friend of us Pamela you may ask?

I am sure many of you heard of David and Goliath, in this particular case, David turned into Goliath and against such a public person Pamela is no way able to defend herself against a prolific “Talking Head” ex-husband  writing books like I do for a living. Rule number one, if you try to sell anything to the world do not piss off anyone but as a truth seeker and a truth promoter I have to live by my high standards. I can not watch this terrible injustice tearing her apart everyday and David Icke’ deceived supporters will turn against me. Indeed, depraved of vital information people can only assume and all I am trying to do is to fill the gap by exposing his true personality to the public.

I saved a few emails exchanges between Pamela, Paul  (another of his victims) and myself that will shock many of you and those who do not know who David Icke is all about, but first lets return to my birthday experience. As you know, if you are or become a VIP level 2 or 3, through my writings and camera, you will share Terania and I lives because we have nothing to hide to the world but offer you the true light of wisdom.

Currently the Tail of the Dragon is in my 4th Pisces house in the sign of Gemini and forced a “restructure” of my base of operation. This mean spending money in the house by decorating and improving our living quarters with a new bigger bathroom but this means also noise, dust and discomfort for a few days. First I had to relocate the dogs and confine them to the back of the house and they did not like that at all.

I had to take them out for a walk more often as Dobermans and Rottweilers needs tons of action or they become bored and aggressive. The problem was Terania was reluctant to come with me because they were  all covered in red Arizona dust… Yes Terania is a clean freak, blame it on her Saturn (fears) in Virgo (perfection) this means even when all is fine in the house she spend the day using her vacuum cleaner…

I joined the crew to learn more about building a new pool deck and why not lose some fat too?

After a few days and a few thousands of dollar here is the bran new result!

We have a lot of friends and we are planning on celebrating every New Moon in my house and everyone is invited in a free lecture on what will happen for the month to come while enjoying each others company. Now we need new patio furniture to replace the ones Macho destroyed while growing up…

A few days earlier returning from a road trip in the desert we landed at “Le Sans Souci” for a drink at a  beautiful secluded French restaurant. The owner was also French and we spoke about France, the food and how we both ended up in the US. In the discussion Terania mentioned my upcoming birthday then the owner told us his son was also born on February the 26th… When came the time to live and pay the bill he refused and we told him we would be back for his famous champagne brunch, and we did!

The restaurant was packed and we decided to eat outside, the waiter gave us some shadow and took this picture for us. The food was delicious, the atmosphere light and warm reflecting the positive energy of  the New Moon.


Brick chocolate cake anyone? 

When Terania took the picture above she noticed the “cake” and I took it as a serious positive omen for things to come for us this year. Remember becoming a VIP level 2 or 3 Cosmic Coder means also mastering the Cosmic Code secrets and learning all about omens… The main course, creme brulee and Napoleon deserts were delicious and two very happy and full birds left the  building…  On the way we saw the sign for lake Bartlett and we decided to go there and may be do some future boating there. Then I decided to climb a big rock not knowing how difficult this could be for a 62 years old man…


But I will not get discouraged or scared by a few rattle snake sleeping in the cracks or warming up in the sun especially when my young and beautiful wife is encouraging me to climb and be careful…


If you are a VIP and read my latest Cosmic Code newsletter, you all know how we feel about guns and on the way back, it was time for Terania to get more training and more confidence handling guns…

Terania is all about love and light but…don’t mess with her!


And if a A 78-year-old man can shoot a teenager trying to break into his Cleveland, OH home so can she!


We then drove to Cave Creek town and enjoyed a cool drink, Terania loves horses and she wanted me to snap one with them.


We then drove back to Phoenix and spent sometime with our friends waiting for us, we planned a fishing trip for next Saturday so expect me to share more pictures with all of you. Note 500 lucky people 30 days trial will be over tomorrow and much of my work is now for my VIP’s only.  As I do every month and for the next 12 months from the day you join, I am about to do the month of March personal and Universal guidance and predictions, generate your March transits and point out March SOS windows to the world. Thus if you like my work you have some serious reading catch up to do and much more ahead of you.


Sharing my 62 years of unique expereinces decoding the Cosmic Code is simply priceless, especially in these days and age readers. My information can and will advance you and even save your life.  If you want a glimpse of who and what I do watch my latest video then join the world, you can not afford to miss anything.

But before going back to David Icke injustice to his ex-wife Pamela I am offering a SUPREME deal to all the people that wished me a wonderful birthday. This is my way of saying thank you for your good wishes, so read carefully because this offer may not come back until my next birthday.

This supreme deal starts today at 12 o’clock (AZ time)  and end March 1st 12 o’clock (AZ time.)

You only have a few hours!

I am offering you a 90 mn taped Full Life Reading for $110 (regularly $350)

I am offering you a Skype live consultation for $210 (regularly $700.)

But you must place your order with Terania directly by calling her at 602-265-7667. You must also be willing to wait as I am expecting tons of requests. IF you need more info on those readings go to

The Evil of David Icke

It is crucial for the newcomers to catch up and read previous newsletters about this heartless man first…


Dr. Turi Versus David Icke – Help Pamela Please!

Note David Icke first brought his personal life to the public asking for donations to pay for his legal battles… All I can do is to offer the readers truthful emails that could never be read by the public otherwise involving a selfish manipulator born in April slowly becoming insane. He is also dragging thousands of people into deception and misusing the Supraconscious forces in charge of humanity’s future. Please watch this video to understand and my mission better. While conspiracies are an intrinsic part of life and real, David Icke is really gifted and well read but something is missing…For you to read my work is not an accident and David karmic work has a strong purpose too. My forte is to expose people idiosyncratic behavior, fate, career, gifts and shortcomings using the science of Astropsychology. But without the right information or Cosmic Consciousness one can only assume.

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

Like 99.09% of the world’s population an unconscious David Icke, psychic friends and his clan are all depraved of Cosmic Consciousness. This is a formidable evil force directed also at my dear friend loving heart and vulnerable Pamela who actually and innocently spent (wasted) $230,000  to save his butt. I wonder how anyone can be irresponsible or awake enough to deal with such a monster? This is NOT the way to reward someone that has dedicated her life and savings to build a man that turned into a demented monster that still refuses to be fair and let her live in peace. In my last email to “ex-friend” David Icke I told him the facts as they are and to reward or be decent with the people that built him and his career.

Once more before going further please read Dr. Turi Versus David Icke – Help Pamela Please! and realize that David’ smart mouth brought him all the money, first class British Air ticket, rental cars, housing, hundreds of thousands of “FREE” advertisements from the Truth Seeker company in San Diego CA , all the support and security he needed to become who he is today!

This fund was supposed to be used for anyone and everyone challenging religion matters ONLY but mishandled by the President herself! David Icke and Pamela I was there with Jordan Maxwell, Jon Rapporport and David Icke when we all started our career in 1991. All I got from the Truth Seeker was a few books they still sale and never paid me a penny for! The hundreds of thousands went to the wrong people who wasted the will and the financial legacy left by his founder.

The essence of the funds left by James Hervey Johnson  were to be spent against religion and not political conspiracies to benefit Mr. Icke in the long run…In fact my work qualify well above Mr. Icke conspiracy material and I got absolutely no help right from the get-go. All that I did and my nororiety came from my own work, my own sweat my own will and not the Truth Seeker. In fact without those hundreds of thousands of dollars David Icke would NEVER in a million years come to America like I did back in 1984 or in the UK in 1973 with $50 to start a new life! Read all about my incredible journey reader…and see if you have what it takes to make the American dream without help or a few buks in your pocket like I did!

“In 1940, Charles Smith became the fifth Editor and incorporated the Truth Seeker Company. For the next 24 years used The Truth Seeker to promote his ideology of  militant atheism.  In 1964, James Hervey Johnson moved the Truth Seeker Co. from New York to San Diego, California where he continued to publish  The TruthSeeker until his death in 1988. The Bennetts wished to promote reason over superstition. They wanted people to believe in themselves, to be free from the concept of a vengeful god who punishes “sinners” in a burning hell. They wanted people to throw off the yoke of the clergy who view themselves as the “god-anointed” moralrulers of mankind.”

I refuse to stay silent and let such an injustice against a woman and a man I know personally, guided and dealt with for years unfolding the wrong way. The public MUST know who the real David Icke is…Pamela is all alone in this battle and knowing the facts I decided to join forces with Paul to bring her justice. Doing so will turn many people against me and even hurt my own career in the process but the same people that have now turned against me, refusing to perceive and accept the truth have also a conscience they have to deal with. Now on to the emails…Note following her asking, I strongly recommended Pamela to go to the UK and face David and the judge…

Paul Darrow []


Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2012 11:14 AM
To: Dr. Turi


 Hello sir.  Perhaps when you judge the time is right you could give Pamela the heads up on something important.  Team Icke are already in the process of making a campaign against her that will be based on the allegation that the information she is to release about her experience with David is all a symptom of brain damage.

They are also going to say that because of her injury she is “a different person” and that what she is saying ONLY started AFTER the injury and is delusional (how ironic!).

 In preparation for this they are scouring the forums and internet (they have lots of “identities” on forums and youtube) and removing all questions and comments people have that show a growing concern with Icke and his work.  One of the moderators of the official forum has been dismissed because they created a thread that Heller was a fraud Psychic along with all who have been asking what is happening to the money they donated to his “legal fund”.  All such comments are being systematically removed and the people making them are being banned from these sites – even as we speak.  She has friends out here maybe more than she knows.

 Much gratitude.


Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2012 12:51 AM

To: Dr. Turi
Cc: Paul Darrow
Subject: From Pamela


Hi Paul and Louis,

I just returned from London. It is almost 1am now. I am shocked and speechless with what Icke and Co are doing, if what you say below Paul is true? Where did you get your info from that they are starting a campaign about these things?  Patience my friends. Patience.

I can assure you I take no medications now and never take steroids, nor have I ever done. Was off the morphine and sleeping pills as soon as I left hospital. While at home I did take pain pills for the ribs at times but not often and then stopped.  Thank you very much for caring. Will be in touch.

much love to you both, Pamela

From Paul; Louis,

Dr. Turi now that I am getting a grasp on what is unfolding more and more … David is completely mad, sick minded and playing unfairly.  Operating at a level that is so low it is taking my breath away. What a hypocrite and martyr to the extreme.  He is willing to spend all this money on lawyers when everything so far expended could have settled a fair and honest departure four years ago to get on with our respective lives. This man is beyond unconscious and I secured $230,000 to save his business! Bloody bastard.   If this man can’t bring a simple departure with his own Wife to Peace, does he or anyone else think he is capable of  bringing Peace in the World?  You would think David Icke would be an example of how to do it. Far from it.  He has a big mess within to clean up before he has any chance of cleaning anything up in the collective external environment.

David and Co, and his sycophants are vicious, like monsters in sheep’s clothing.  Just had to vent.

 Thank you.

Much love, Pamela

DT – Hey Paul, can I use your name and emails to inform the public?

Yes that’s fine sir, please feel free to use anything you wish and I don’t mind being named.  Funny you should use the Goliath analogy as what I have been thinking in my own spirit is that their attempt to intimidate me has only served to wake a sleeping giant (Theokoles in my case as opposed to Goliath lol).

What I can’t promise to do is reveal any names of people whom I have had private conversation with without permission.  In my time I have had my own ego problems and had my butt kicked for it so what I do now is wait for confirmation to come to me before jumping in.  Once or Twice may be coincidence but Three or Four times is when I start to take notice, it’s just the way I do things now.

Before I came to your initial writings on this subject Two months ago what kept coming to me time and time again is people experiencing how hostile David would be when they asked him any questions about his work that didn’t make sense to them.  Along with this was also a significant number of people who found that David would stop talking to them because the disagreed with him, in fact last year on a radio broadcast Delores Cannon was interviewing Bob Dean and they were discussing how David has gone off the rails.  I understand he nearly had a baby when THAT one came back to him LOL.

Inside my own selfish desires are still that I wish to see David come to his senses rather than be destroyed because I am convinced that he is in part being manipulated by his fellow scam artists….erm…..I mean…. Business Associates……and I really do think he is exhibiting all the signs of early dementia.

To: Dr. Turi

Subject: Re: pamela artical

 Please do use it with my blessings and don’t worry about my privacy, I don’t mind being named in this, chances are he probably won’t remember me anyway as he does tend to brush people aside when he’s finished with them and Heller, well, I must confess a certain perverse satisfaction if she were to know it was me who exposed her.  I usually have a great deal of patients with people but that stops at bullying which is clearly the case now with Icke and Heller.  I try not to blow my own trumpet because I can get ahead of myself and get trapped in ego (compensating for deep insecurities perhaps?) but I will say that I have always had strong feeling about people which I try to ignore but usually turn out to be correct.

My feeling with Icke is that he may yet be saved if he can just put his own pride aside and take time out from public life.  These days I tell people who have a problem with me to look me up in the Akasic records then pay me a visit in the astral, they never seem to come back after that lol.

Now I think of it quite a lot of thinks fell apart for me when I was charmed by Icke which culminated in having my beloved Diana taken from me.

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 1:50 AM, Dr. Turi <> wrote:

DT – Well, Paul the stars do not lie and his stars are the same than Hitler and Madoff and I hope you read my “essay” on his psyche. He has absolutely no cosmic consciousness and I trust you are right about his cult attitude…If you were to check I am sure you would find you observations to be correct. May I use your work and keep your privacy if I decided to write more about David?


From: Paul Darrow []

Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2012 12:44 PM
To: Dr. Turi
Subject: Re: pamela artical


 Sure no problem, Im turning 39 Tuesday so I need a good rant lol.  I will try to curb my Aquarian diva side and confine myself to the facts of events although some of this may be hard for you to accept. My direct involvement on a personal level came as a result of an open appeal Icke made to victims of abuse and the families involved on the premise of exposing these families and abuse circles.

I myself was sold into an abusive situation by my mother to people who are genetically related to the British Royal Family (the Windsors not the farmers in Australia) and I recognized a great deal of what he was talking about at the time (although I now appreciate that he may have just been gauging how successful his book sales were going to be).  Nevertheless he was accurate about the details and reasons for this kind of abuse which confirmed what I had suspected myself for many years.

In good faith I responded to his appeal and I confided in him some of my most painful memories as I believed this was a worthy project and a discourse started.  This contact also put me in touch with Meria Heller who was to take the role of intermediary for most of the correspondence.  Throughout this time I enjoyed the conversations and I was comforted that something was being done in which I could at least contribute in small part.

Over time I started to become – uneasy – with some of Ickes actions and his affect on other people.  Also Meria started to push me heavily for money to have a psychic reading from her which I really could not afford, then or now, and I became uncomfortable with the way she seemed to be obsessed with money.

 My concerns with Icke were as follows –

 (I should mention here that I have a background in archaeology so I have a working knowledge of languages – Latin/Greek etc.)

 As you know much of Icke’s talks revolve around an alternative history which Icke presents a “Fact” when it was only ever a theory – and a dubious one at best.  He also presents as “fact” certain interpretations of Hebrew/Greek words etc which he uses back up his claims – except that he is completely wrong!  It’s bad research, highly irresponsible, and brings his message into ridicule which by association means he is damaging the cause of abuse victims.

 Secondly.  Icke showed a disturbing disinterest in whom his “guides” actually are which I likened to messing with a Ouija Board and accepting as truth ANYTHING that comes through. Again this is highly reckless in my opinion and shows extreme gullibility on his part, indeed, I often get the feeling that I could anonymously send him a well crafted story and it would appear in his next book lol.

 He did later state that one of his “guides” was called MAGNU which again rang alarm bells as MAGNU is actually a fictional character from scifi writer Michael Moorcock.

 Thirdly the most disturbing is the effect that he has on his followers – because that is what they are followers.  I started to notice the whenever anyone like myself raises a point about his work that doesn’t quite make sense or asks questions for a better understanding – however polite and reasonable – the reaction from his followers is like a pack of wolves attacking their prey.  Icke claims to be promoting “Love” yet those who hear it are full of abuse and venom towards anyone who DARES to question their leader.   Indeed reading his official forums their is a policy to abuse, vilify and eventually ban anyone who even slightly questions whether Icke is wrong about anything.   That isn’t a “Truth” site it’s a Cult!

 Anyway back to my story.

As mentioned I started to make him aware of his historical errors stating my motivating being concern for the victims of abuse and a genuine concern for his own credibility.  It is sadly human nature that to reject the speaker is to reject ALL of the message including the reality of abuse victims.

 In response I received a scathing and abusive email from Heller who rather than offering a rebuttal to what I was saying simply made disparaging remarks about my character, indeed, her personality changed completely in an instant, the same reaction I have observed so many times in Ickes devotees.  I admit I could scarcely believe what I was reading, It was truly shocking.

Nevertheless I explained myself and managed to calm her down somewhat and things seemed to get back to normal.  Shortly after this incident I started getting mysterious emails from a number of people that were incredibly abusive but not directly relating to my concerns about Icke.  I didn’t recognize who these people were but they seemed to know a great deal about me and where to hit for maximum effect.

 The problem got so bad that I closed that account down but not before I searched for the IP origin of where these emails were coming from – the origin I was to discover that they were generated directly from Heller’s own computer!

 This revelation hit me like a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick!!  These people aren’t spiritual at all – how could they be?  I have since come across people with strikingly similar experiences of these two and it seems to be gaining momentum.

Presently I am UK based so If I can be of assistance to Pamela – however small – then please let me know.  It would be an honor.

 Thank you for your kind attention.

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 6:05 PM, Dr. Turi <> wrote:

Hi Paul: Tell me more about how you got to know and work with him please?


 From: Paul Darrow []

Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2012 9:07 AM
Subject: pamela artical


 Iv just come across the recent appeal from yourself and would like information.  It occurred to me that this is the same person Iv spoken to briefly before, by another coincidence I have been contacted by a guy called Ivan Fraiser who echos some of my own experiences.  I am fast losing patience with Icke and am starting to believe I have maybe been scammed all along.  What can I do help Please?




 “if you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

Ask and you shall receive!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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