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Dear Readers;


Back on February 12, or  11 days ago I copied a copy of my best seller book 2012 Moon Power and posted it for my VIP on the Cosmic Code website. There I guide my readers to what the future has in store for them all personally and universally. Thus what you are about to read is “old news” but confirm undoubtedly all the news posted on CNN well before they transpire. There I also offer New Moon, Full Moon predictions, transits and teach the Cosmic Code secrets.  The purpose is to offer the readers  the option to be warned and live their lives in accordance to God‘ signs I translate daily for my Cosmic Coders.  All you have to do is to read and acknowledge that I am indeed CNN before CNN and make a good use of my work.

The part of God in each human being is much stronger than the stars but without Cosmic Consciousness you are seriously prone to infringe the Universal Laws or the Cosmic Code and pay the ultimate price as did so many unconscious human beings.

Remember being a Cosmic Coder means being guided every month personally by Dr. Turi and mastering the Cosmic Code secrets will help you to understand and guide the very “psychics” you rely on for directions. This website is REAL and very affordable, become a Cosmic Coder level 3 and pay only ONCE  for the next 12 months to read your monthly personal guidance and predictions while mastering the Cosmic Code.  I am about to post the forecast from February 25th through March 4th and a lot of incredible news are ahead of you.

“The stars are the elixir of life” “All great spirits have encountered opposition from mediocre minds”
A. Einstein

Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”



Important Public Announcement

Now on to your personal horoscopes and all the goodies I have for you…

Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance 

While many of you did order the new special edition of my 2012 Moon Power some people do not have the money or the option to download it, thus I have to include this material for them.


ELABORATED HOROSCOPE FOR EACH SIGN: I have decided to elaborate each months of the year on all my VIP personal forecast and will do so to help each and every one of you to be prepared of what the “Universal Code” may throw at you. This newsletter will also add more information of what the Cosmic Code’s energy is all about. Note also your rising or your natal / hidden dragon can also seriously affect this general forecast. Very personal forecast with exact timing can only be generated with your precise time of and birth location, thus if you undergo serious challenges you will need a 90 MN taped Full Life or live Skype VIP telephone Reading.

Note as a VIP you get this $700 consultation for $450 –  My prices for consultations are still slashed in two make the most, this can change any day. Call Terania at             602-265-7667       to set up your appointment or order directly from my webpage.

 Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom

–   Paracelsus



How to Join Dr.Turi on the Cosmic Code  Important Public Announcement

February 14, 2012 — Mercury enters Pisces: Souls born with this celestial position will be gifted in the arts, spiritual endeavors, and medical pursuits and will use their incredible imagination in exotic places.  Their sensitive natures combined with strong religious intonations could lead many young March souls towards the ministry pulpit.  The advanced ones will swim upstream and turn into great light workers, while others less advanced type will develop into (religious terrorists or ministers). On a negative note this Mercurial position produces mental ailments such as phobias, fears, drug and alcohol addictions, confinement, depressions and religious fanaticism.  This planetary position will lead the soul towards creative imagination; true spiritual values, the performing arts and great success can be achieved if the intellectual energy of Mercury in Pisces is applied positively.


MON., TUE., WED., THU., FRI. — FEBRUARY 13, 14, 15, 16, 17:

RULERS — Pluto (Death/trauma) Jupiter (Foreigners):

 Note: Pluto is back with us; be VERY careful of what you say, where you go and what you do! Unaware police officers and/or criminals will meet with their death. Many other unprepared souls will pay the ultimate price by losing their precious lives and this could be you too. Please DO take my heed VERY seriously! Plutonic windows dates depict EXTREME criminal activity and police VULNERABILITY. No one is safe when EVIL reign on earth! The full year of Plutonic, Uranic and Moonic window dates are available to my VIP’s Cosmic Code subscribers only. Is your life worth this VIP subscription? Call us anytime for information at (602) 265-7667 Join us ASAP. Sign up NOW!



The Garden Of Eden

DON’T BE A VICTIM OF THE COSMIC CODE, RESPECT GOD’ SIGNS! This is a very important newsletter published 12/12/2009 offering very important information on Pluto deadly powers


Pass it on please!



Ugly Hidden Face Of Death

Evil Spirits A Mad Dance
Innocent Children Mother Cry Police Drama
Reality Strike A Famous One To Die

Famous Death/Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Crime / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / WAKE UP CALL.

Nearly 300 dead in Honduras prison fire  Death News?

Obama wants cheaper pennies, nickels – Finances ?

Note on George Noory Show told him “predicted” the way money  and the dollar look like today  would change…

German leader resigns amid scandal – Scandals?

Randy Travis arrest video released – Secret/wake up call?

Santorum earned $3.6 million in 4 years – Finances?

Ticker: Trump’s big fundraising  Finances?

Houston death certificate released  Houston death certificate released  Death News?

“Houston seen drinking considerably two mornings last week” – Secret?

Hoarder found dead under trash pile  Hoarder found dead under trash pile  – Death News?

Taliban denies secret Afghan meetings – Secret?

Serial killer draws map to bodies  Serial killer draws map to bodies  Serial Killer?

Iran says it has mastered nukes  Iran says it has mastered nukes wake up call

Tunisia breaks up Islamist terrorist cell – Terrorism?

Bin Laden’s advice to his children  Bin Laden's advice to his children – Terrorism?

Radical cleric released from UK jail – Terrorism?

An icon’s final days – Famous Death?

Same-sex marriage boosted in 2 states  Sex?

Stocks gain after Greece OKs austerity – Finances?

Dem claims payroll tax ‘breakthrough’  Finances?

Official: Syria ‘crimes against humanity’ – Death?

 He who reigns himself and rules his passion, desire and fears is more than a king.

— Goethe

 Work, Career and Business: Don’t take chances, be cool, be smart, pull in a safe place and be quiet for a while; that is the best advice I can give you now.  You are at the time of the month when you must wait for the green light; keep a low profile and all will be fine.  Watch the dramatic news during this trend and realize the importance of having your Moon Power close by.  As always, if Starguide works for you, it also works for others, so don’t be afraid to tell others to “cool” down.  We are all under the incredible will of the cosmos, and Pluto will punish some unlucky souls for their ignorance of God’s universal rules.

 Partnerships: Be courteous with everyone as your true motives feelings and desires are sure to be heard and felt. This is the time to use your will and apply your knowledge of the stars.  Avoid outbursts of emotion, even if your partner gets completely out of hand with jealousy or bad temper. With Jupiter and Venus’ protective presence these days, some of the upcoming dramatic news and predictions might pass by without harming your relationships.

 Family and Friends: After a full Moon, Pluto will enjoy himself and will become destructive; use Moon Power’s wisdom or you may be very sorry you didn’t. Many of us will undergo some form of metamorphosis as Pluto gives serious wake-up calls.  If friends and family members need help or guidance, share your knowledge for the common good.  Not a time to plan a visit or get away from home; wait for better stars. Many disturbances are reported during this trend, especially the ones with domestic violence, and the police will have their hands full.  Keep a low profile with all, you have the right to be scared and Pluto means business and will hurt you if he has to.

 Love Affairs: These days could bring an element of drama, and you are advised to stay clear of other people’s problems.  Be ready for some secrets to surface.  Some people for whom you care may become very uncooperative or decide to fight with you, and could lead you to depression.  Better enjoy your own home and cooking on the weekend nights.  Social life can only bring unwanted situations as Pluto may send one of his awful children to teach you a lesson.  Don’t take chances with sex and stay clear of strangers.  In the game of love, protect yourself.  If you were born in September, a Taurus or a Capricorn could be difficult to deal with. If you are having trouble with a person whom is a water sign having problems with alcohol, move on and look for a better soul.

 Travel and Communication: Do not travel unless you absolutely have to.  Your car may decide to let you down, so take care of the wheels before taking a risky journey.  Double-check all plans and arrangements to avoid further hazards.  Now is the time to speak clearly and concisely, as you’re prone to miscommunication.  Do not broach subjects that are controversial these days, with emotions running high and logic out the window.  For those who find themselves in a difficult spot communicating, it may be better to save the subject for later and excuse yourself before it’s too late. You will usually find that the argument occurred as a result of what might happen rather than what will.  Lots of secrets will come to light and money will be a disturbing topic for some.

Environment: Remember Pluto. Under this planet’s immense destructive power, chemical plants explode airliners crash, nature goes crazy, products are tampered with, and potentially dangerous technology is sold to hostile powers. It’s now time to get close to God in your local church and pray for the unaware victims of deadly Pluto. Be particularly aware of terrorist activity.

 Famous Personalities: The world will lose a famous personality under Pluto’s command. He may also decide to do it dramatically (assassination). Pluto will not stop with famous people, so watch yourself and choose your environment carefully. There is a very important newsletter I wrote offering very important information on Pluto titled “The Garden Of Eden” published 12/12/2009 where I elaborate on the “DO and DON’T” from  read it ASAP.

Events: This disreputable planet has always promoted dramatic news involving the police, sex, drama, terrorism and death. Be ready for a bumpy ride. Pluto is also a factor that stimulates and dramatizes ethics issues and makes them even more complexes. On the window posted for April 23rd 1997, I also mentioned on the Internet to watch for surprises with the police and explosions.  April 23, 1997 — MOSCOW — A bomb ripped through a railway station in southern Russia on the night of Wednesday April 23rd, killing two people and wounding some 20 others.  All these dramatic news happened under the destructive power of Pluto, the Lord of death and drama so be aware and do not be one of its victims.

Iranian warships sail into Mediterranean – Dramatic News?

Woman called witch, burned alive – Death News?

Execution in Iran may be imminent – Death News?

More remains found on Long Island – Death News?

Tunisia breaks up Islamist terrorist cell – Terrorism?


Tunisia has broken up a “terrorist organization” and arrested 12 members who had received military training in Libya and were seeking to set up an Islamic state, Interior Minister Ali Larayed said Monday.

 Shopping: Buy now anything related to the unknown, magic, candles, and incense.  Some old souls will be busy writing their wills.  Visit your favorite psychic or astrologer and deal with the unknown.  Invest in anything that will bring death to pests but stay clear of weaponry, it could be used against you or a family member.



Pass it on please!


Entrails Upset Spit Above

Red Fire Wind To Dance

Stars Command Shock Science

Calm Deception To Strike

Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / lightning / Humanitarianism / Discovery / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / UFO.

Do you remember? 

01/20/2012 –  Aeronautics?  Shocking?

“Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Allied forces suffered a day of heavy losses in Afghanistan Friday after a helicopter crash killed six U.S. Marines and an attack killed four French soldiers, prompting Paris to consider an early troop withdrawal.”

7 Marines killed in copter collision – Aeronautics?

May God bless the souls of yet another predicted aeronautic “accident.”  Incidentally the same “accident” took place under the same Uranic circumstances in the set of dates I gave a week earlier to the producers of a TV show that will air on the Discovery channel in the fall. Please check the rest of the predictions and my unarguable accuracy in predictive astrology… Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions 

(CNN) — Seven U.S. Marines have been killed in the midair collision of two U.S. military helicopters in southern Arizona, officials said Thursday.

France, Britain to Syria: Cease attacks – Humanitarianism?

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE., WED, THU., FRI. — FEBRUARY 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24:

RULERS — Saturn (Dominion) Uranus (Detonation) Neptune (Trickery):

Work, Career and Business: We are on the waning time (negative) and faith could be quite low for many. Hold on a little longer for the upcoming New Moon and life will improve for us all.  Use patience with everyone around, and wait before launching important business or signing documents.  Don’t trust any business propositions now and don’t take any chances with your finances.  The worse is now over, just be patient.

Partnerships: Don’t let Saturn’s gloomy nature affect your psyche and try smiling if you can.  Moon Power mentioned a concentration of negative influences with this last Pluto impact and some of us had to experience a rebirth in partnerships.  Again do not to fall prey to depression or self-destruction.  Use all your abilities to deal with your new life and help the ones you care about. Enjoy a good movie and a good bottle of wine at home in the evening hours.

 Family and Friends: You may not like it but a friend or a family member’s surprising visit has you scrambling to make your home presentable in advance of the arrival.  This person may bring a lot of excitement but also some unhealthy news.  If you decide to socialize, keep an eye on your possessions and lock your car.  During a waning Moon and under Uranus’ grip expect bad surprises, as crooks become active. Get rid of unwanted things: have a garage sale or give it away to the Salvation Army to the unfortunate. Now is a good time to clean, take care of your gardens or even your houseplants.  Don’t fall for guilt; avoid depressing thoughts of your past.  Look for happy people and try to enjoy what life has to offer for now.  Keep an eye on the kids especially if there is water around, as Neptune may play tricks on them. An introduction to harmful drugs is always a possibility with them now.

 Love Affairs: Stay clear of strangers, especially if alcohol is offered.  Not a good time get involved sexually; take precautions.  Bad aspects to Neptune in your horoscope will promote even induce sexually transmitted diseases and narcotic abuse.  Secret love affairs may start now, but if you are in one, make sure you are not taken for a ride, as all those promises may be too good to be true!  Be practical and review any promises with common sense.  If you were born in October, an Aries or an Aquarius will find you quite attractive and may bring more trouble than love into your life.

 Travel and Communication: Traveling now may be too risky for comfort; be sure you’re prepared for any road emergency or difficult weather.  If you must take longs journey be very careful on the road and if possible avoid flying.  With the waning Moon your energy level won’t be that high and if you must drive, take plenty of rest before hitting the road.  Keep to the speed limit, the police will be out there ready to penalize you. Avoid drinking at all costs during the evening hours and keep a positive attitude in all you say.  Your imagination will be high and must be kept in control.

 Environment: Uranus (surprising disruptions) Neptune and Saturn (karma) are not a good combination under a waning Moon and will upset the poor unaware human on earth below.  Many eruptions have taken place under this energy and the weather won’t cooperate.


Calm Deception To Strike ‘NUKE?

 Israel making clear it is pondering an attack on Tehran’s nuclear infrastructure, while Iran warned it could cut off the narrow strait through which oil tankers sail in and out of the Persian Gulf.

U.N. nuclear watchdog agency in Iran for more talks – Nukes?

Tasered woman now brain dead  Tasered woman now brain dead   Shocking News?

 A slap, spit, brawl before the fight  – Shocking 

One-on-one with an icon — Aeronautics?

Lucky to be alive: 2 survive midair crash – Aeronautics?

Finding peace at the airport  Finding peace at the airport  – Aeronautics?

3 killed in Washington avalanche –  Shocking News?

The fact is those skiers were very experienced on the physical plane but totally oblivious of the laws of the Universe interacting with the Laws of Nature. Indeed why would anyone take a chance with his/her life, get married, travel, promote their lives when the light is red? Now those souls are loss and had they read my book  2012 Moon Power  and become aware of my warnings about nature would they still be alive? May be not because skepticism, the ridicule, scientific  or religious convictions is what stops 99.09% of the world getting access to supreme wisdom… Is a  $25 investment worth your life when my work teaches you to plan in accordance to God’s celestial rules or the Cosmic Code? At least all my VIP’s  are well forewarned reading my daily guidance and predictions! Be smart do not become the next statistic because ignorance is evil and knowledge is power…

38 killed in Mexican prison riot – Shocking News?

Bomber hits Baghdad police academy – Explosion?

2 killed by roadside bomb in Pakistan  – Explosion?

Missing teen mom, child found dead   – Shocking News?

Boxers brawl after Klitschko defeat – Shocking News?

Wife dies in honeymoon crash  Wife dies in honeymoon crash – Shocking News?


Sorry, America: Your wireless airwaves are full!

Apple offers $15 to iPhone 4 buyers -Technology?

Intel’s (latest) mobile comeback -Technology?

Shazam moves from music app to TV ads  -Technology?



Memo of a quatrain posted on my website….


Results – Four earthquakes hit Mexico’s Gulf of California

 Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / lightning / Humanitarianism / Discovery / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / UFO.

*Technology? We may be coming upon a new era for the Internet search.

*Aeronautics? A wheel from the main landing gear of a Colgan Airlines plane fell off

*Nuke? Clinton: Imperative to Stop Iranian Nuke Program.

*Aeronautics? -Video seen world wide of Florida pilots defying death.

*Aeronautics? – Data on new U.S. fighter jet hacked, officials say

* UFO? NASA? -NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell,, says “there really is no doubt we are being visited.”

*Earthquakes? -Two Afghan Earthquakes Kill at Least 22 – Destroys Homes

*Aeronautics? -MIAMI, Fl one person dead, plane that slammed into a house on Friday.

*Shocking News? Dad’s troubles emerge as family slaying probed.

Famous Personalities: Sad news will be coming from famous people and their involvement with deceiving activities.  Some will exit this world and others could be incarcerated or receive emergency care.

 Events: On a large scale disturbing news is to be expected and may disturb the population.  The government may be forced to make very important decisions that could affect us. Be ready to hear about disasters such as the following.



“Uranus, the Lord of explosions and surprises will show his power. While none suspect the “surprising lightning will strike” and the results  WILL BE POSTED HERE AS THEY HAPPEN!

4.0 quake jolts Missouri

Residents across 13 states reported feeling a 4.0-magnitude earthquake that struck southeastern Missouri early Tuesday.

(CNN) — Iran warned Tuesday it would strike against an “enemy” threatening it if needed to protect its national interests — even if the enemy didn’t attack first.


Important Public Announcement


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