Predictions With George Noory

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

Predictions with George Noory

(full TV special from 2006)

Hello readers:

Here is your chance to once more appreciate the reality of my unarguable predictions in a television show produced by George Noory. First, a year earlier in 2005 on Coast to Coast I told George he would go on television and here we were… If you already watched my latest video, either watch it again of forward it with your cursor to 24 mn 40 seconds for my presentation.

 “Dr. Turi, your predictions on CTC have been remarkable! I get more response to you than any other guests I have ever had your accuracy so far has been 100%.”

While this is one of the best public endorsement George offered me the fact is; in no way would a man of such celebrity status would ever take a chance on me if he did not witness my gift first hand…The fact is I am real, my gift is real and my mission even more critical… As a Gemini George is a “Messenger of the Gods” put in a position where he has to deal with reality and fiction  and pass on the truth to the million of people listening to his national popular radio show. In this show I offered a set of dates and a very serious warning about nuclear power falling in the wrong hands. Take the time to watch all the “psychics” and be the judge of their talents, listen to their words and six years later compare their visions to what’s going on in the world nowadays…

What a great opportunity and what a great service  George Noory is doing and has done with this show! He somehow forced everyone of his guests to a crystallization of time in space in a well documented, dated set of predictions, allowing you to judge who is gifted or not. Just because, there is only a thin hair between divine information and pure imagination…

Back then in 2006 Iran was certainly not in the news or sought as a nuclear threat to the world and once again my prediction came to pass when George asked me to focus in one specific prediction for the years to come. It was all about NUKES and foreign powers trying to get nukes to destroy America because of religion…

Indeed a “religious war” prediction I made on CTC with Art Bell back March 26, 1995 or eleven years earlier and well before Osama Bin Laden came in the picture…

After the facts, George came back and once more endorsed my work! With the upcoming Scorpius Dragon, wake up calls, facts and secrets will come to the fore  where charlatans, so-called astrologer, deceptive psychics, false prophets, negative conspiracy and religious “Talking Heads” cheaters and liars will be exposed, eliminated and where the undiluted truth will reign…and so will Dr. Turi!

I am not in an ego trip here, just doing yet another prediction because this is what I do best! The option to wake up and see the gifted or deceptive spiritualists you trust with your life will be offered to you as the deadly, unforgiving Plutonic “psychic” cleansing is slowly taking place. I see an army of moronic uninformed, unconscious scientists and skeptics alike raging battles with me where the truly gifted will shine and convince many…I wold strongly recommend the reader to check on my predictions page to acknowledge what the future has in store for humanity because in time, you will face the future…

More dramatic news are to expected soon with Iran President Ahmadinejad about to make an announcement  to the world. In all I am asking for your trust and positive thoughts because with time, your thoughts will turn into solid things.  Once more a warm thank you to George Noory for endorsing and confirming all my predictions to the world.

 “A Middle East implosion is written in the stars, says popular astrologer Louis Turi, who sees a fall in organized religion”

A show and predictions you do not want to miss…

God, Cosmic Consciousness and Civil Rights

by God Discussion

Dr. Louis Turi, World-Famous Astrologer.

In a pre-recorded segment bridging the live segments, we’ll hear from Dr. Louis Turi about what he believes the year 2012 will bring … and it’s not the end of the world.  With his sense of humor and enthusiastic call for people to tap into universal consciousness, Turi  enjoys an international following of the “spiritual but not religious” who are seeking answers beyond the confines of religious dogma.   Soon to be featured on The Discovery Channel, Dr. Turi is well known for his appearances on Coast To Coast AM, the BBC in London and other radio and television outlets.  His clients include celebrities such as Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others.

A Workshop that will change your entire conception of life at the
Body Soul Spirit Expo 

The fact is reading people UCI/stars and fate accurately or making accurate prediction is something ANYONE can do!  All you need is building a full Cosmic Consciousness reflex… No I am not special, I may be gifted because no one taught me the Cosmic Code secrets and how to use the “signs” accordingly, but with me as your teacher, you can’t go wrong, period! I will be doing a lecture presentation in Canada next May and I can guarantee you that , after the workshop many people will   become my new Astropsychology students.

With the new Scorpius Dragon two years reign, expect a serious surge and need to master real metaphysical secrets and as Scorpio means dying and re-birthing, the imposed universal psychological transformation will benefit many. The world is in serious need of real spiritually advanced souls which will in time become the new Leaders of the New Age of Aquarius when the Age of Pisces give way to the Aquarius celestial “energy.”

Many of my future students’ children will embark in their own mission to change this world and re-introduce God’s celestial will to humanity. The decision you are about to make to join my new age movement has much more in store than what you will ever be able to conceive readers, and in accordance to the Universal rules its all unfolding as imposed by the creator himself…you may only be unconscious of it, that’s all and you are actually already doing it by reading my work…. Take chance with me today or in May and be a part of an unseen force you can feel deeply into your soul, because you are doing the right think for you, your children and humanity at large!

 Read more and let me teach you how to use this power at the Body Souls and Spirit Expo in Canada.

Please pass it on and see you there!


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