Hello 2012/2014 Deadly Scorpius Dragon Predictions!

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

Dear Readers;

The merging New Scorpio Dragon’s Head rules power, sex, drama, serial killers, serial rapists, the cops, the FBI, the CIA, secrets information, terrorism etc. Indeed privacy will soon become a story of the past! My visions of such an occurrence, posted last year in my prediction page  is becoming  a solid reality.



DHS reading your tweets and Facebook posts? Paul Callan calls it ‘very, very frightening’

“An electronic privacy group has a word of warning: watch what you tweet. Oh, and keep a close eye on your Facebook wall. Why? Well, the Department of Homeland Security might soon be watching–monitoring social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. What are they looking for? Not necessarily signs that you might be involved in terrorism.”

Where ever Pluto or Scorpio is located in your chart anything dramatic and deadly including the police WILL enter and happen to you! The stars do not lie and my predictions are real! Becoming a Cosmic Coder level 3 will prepare you through my 2012 Moon Power book daily guidance and predictions to deal with it, if you can not afford a consultation and avoid the penalty produced by ignorance.  Where is Scorpio and where is Pluto in your chart? Remember knowledge is power ignorance is evil!

Be safe, be aware, be prepared do not become a victim of Pluto!

Prediction  #6. Many large financial Corporations will be forced to reevaluate their deceptive maneuvers and methodology. Expect a merging of old and new banks to survive their own financial implosions. New banks, new names, new opportunities and new credit cards technology will flourish after the collapse. A new ID system and secrettechnology produced and sold to unaware consumers will make privacy totally impossible.

I want everyone of you to watch this video and then be sure to share it with all your family and friends. It’s REALLY important info, about what your posting things on your cell phones can do to you and your kids! Too much technology out there for the criminals to abuse these days so be aware… Find out where you or your children are prone to attract evil  because with or without cellphone Pluto will make sure you are at the wrong place at the wrong time to get to you or to your kids…Be smart, be prepared let me tell you where you or your kids are prone to get hurt, raped, abused or killed. Your investment is well worth your life and those of your loved ones…Prayers are never enough and wisdom is your real and only option…




 Personal Horoscope and Predictions For All Signs


Dear VIP Readers;

Welcome to your 2012 Personal Horoscope and Predictions For All Signs”and thank you so much for your patronage, Terania and I keep working hard to offer you the best guidance available on the net throughout the current year. While I am offering you supplemental information with transits and horoscopes make sure to regularly read your 2012 special edition Moon Power book (available now) as the transits, personal and your Personal Nostradamus Universal horoscopes works all in harmony. I thank you warmly for supporting my mission to free humanity from fear and ignorance and my godly imposed mission on earth’s because this colossal task can be sometimes quite distressful.

While many of you followed my teachings for years, new “Cosmic Coders” join everyday and I will offer you and them MUCH more from the new cosmic code website – While I used to post cosmic codes samples regularly on www.tellmygov.com website this is now over. Rest assured the real goodies, personal horoscope and transits will never be shared with the public for FREE. 

I am glad you made the right choice with me and you will be rewarded in the long road ahead of us because I am prepared to work even harder to build your own Cosmic Consciousness in 2012.  My reputation all over the world, via the Internet has exploded with millions of hits looking for Dr. Turi  www.drturi.com on Google due to my endless radio/TV exposures and many groups reading/discussing my unarguable work. As we move further into the year 2012 my position as the true New Age Leader is recognized, appreciated and honored.

Only a fraction of my material is available to the educational field, the Law Enforcement Agencies, politicians, science anyone willing to learn all about the reality and influence produced by the Cosmic Code. This is a revelation my students, clients, close friends and VIP’s perceived well before the rest of the world.

Congratulation, for I am with you into the future. To all of you I say, welcome to the Cosmic Code secrets and your opportunity to see and hear God at work through the stars.

Remember being a Cosmic Coder means being guided every month personally by Dr. Turi and mastering the Cosmic Code secrets will help you to understand and guide the very “psychics” you rely on for directions. This website is REAL and very affordable, become a Cosmic Coder level 3 and pay only ONCE  for the next 12 months to read your monthly personal guidance and predictions while mastering the Cosmic Code.

Now on to your personal horoscopes and all the goodies I have for you…

Welcome to Your Day – to – Day Guidance 

While many of you did order the new special edition of my 2012 Moon Power some people do not have the money or the option to download it, thus I have to include this material for them.


ELABORATED HOROSCOPE FOR EACH SIGN: I have decided to elaborate each months of the year on all my VIP personal forecast and will do so to help each and every one of you to be prepared of what the “Universal Code” may throw at you. This newsletter will also add more information of what the Cosmic Code’s energy is all about. Note also your rising or your natal / hidden dragon can also seriously affect this general forecast. Very personal forecast with exact timing can only be generated with your precise time of and birth location, thus if you undergo serious challenges you will need a 90 MN taped Full Life or live Skype VIP telephone Reading.

Note as a VIP you get this $700 consultation for $450 –  My prices for consultations are still slashed in two make the most, this can change any day. Call Terania at             602-265-7667       to set up your appointment or order directly from my webpage.

 Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom

–   Paracelsus


How to Join Dr.Turi on the Cosmic Code

Important Public Announcement

Full Moon — February 7, 2012 in Leo: Be gentle with affairs of love and watch over the children.  Keep Mrs. Pride and Mr. Ego in control if you intend to sustain your loving partner’s relationship!  Disturbing and surprising news with children are ahead be ready for agonizing happenings but learn not to dwell on them.  Life is a constant process of change; the future has better to offer.  Expect earthquakes above 6.0, and avoid flying.  Be patient, take chances and as a rule promote your life only after the next New Moon. Expect the incredible soon, EXPLOSIONS AND NUCLEAR NEWS!

“Disturbing and surprising news with children are ahead be ready for agonizing happenings but learn not to dwell on them.”

Authorities: Powell kids hit with hatchet before blaze 

“Dear God, how accurate this prediction turned out to be!  It takes my breath every time I think of those two poor children that were murdered by their father.”


 Lunation impact on all signs: Note only if you become a VIP Cosmic Coder will you read supplemental horoscope information / monthly transits.  http://www.cosmiccode.drturi.com/

Aries – A rebirth///////////////////////

Taurus – An important /////////////////////

Gemini – Your ///////////////////////

Cancer – Serious financial ///////////////////////////

Leo – Let go //////////////////////

Virgo – A secret ///////////////////////

Libra – Some ///////////////////////////////

Scorpio – A  /////////////////////////

Sagittarius – A ///////////////

Capricorn – News ///////////////////////

Aquarius – An //////////////////

Pisces – A ///////////////////////////

SUN., MON., TUE. WED.  — FEBRUARY 5, 6, 7, 8:

RULERS — The Moon (Changing cycles/Growth of soul) and the Sun (Higher self):

Work, Career and Business: Some people will see the end and the beginning of a business situation. New people will move in to replace others. The Moon is still waxing (positive); make the most out of these days ahead and have faith in your ability to deal with any changes.  Hope and faith will take you places.

Superintendent: All of L.A. school’s teachers to be replaced –– beginning? ending? 

Please read – The Epidemic Of Miramonte Elementary School! 


Good luck to you Gary the stars don’t lie!

Gary Busey files for bankruptcy – beginning? ending?

Gary Busey has filed for bankruptcy, a move his rep calls a strategy to help the actor and reality star gain a fresh start. According to documents filed in California on Tuesday, Busey, 67, has less than $50,000 in assets while owing creditors anywhere between $500,000 and $1 million in debts. The decision to file Chapter 7 is part of a larger strategy, Busey’s rep said. “As with many great American institutions, i.e., General Motors, American Airlines, and others who have utilized the strategic business plan of bankruptcy, Gary’s filing is the final chapter in a process that began a few years ago of jettisoning the litter of past unfortunate choices, associations, circumstances, and events.”

Such a move would enable the actor to head down “a new and clear path toward peace, happiness, and success with his career and his wonderful new soulmate, Steffanie, and their son, Luke.”

Obama announces compromise on birth control – ending?

Fox’s ‘House’ will end this season EW ending?

Washington Legislature approves same-sex marriage  

Is Santorum’s surge for real?

Ticker: Romney’s new plan — beginning? ending?

U.S. set to OK new nuclear plants  beginning?

U.S. military begins review of options – beginning?

Calif. same-sex marriage ban rejected –  the end?

Komen exec quits over Parenthood flap – the end?

Josh Powell’s final voicemail  Josh Powell's final voicemail – the end?

Greece unions to strike – beginning?

L.A. school replaces staff after abuse – beginning?

School vending machine sells Plan B School vending machine sells Plan B – beginning?

 Partnerships: This lunation means a great new start, relocation, and a promotion, even the start of a brand new life. Those changing stars do not care about your sadness, guilt or anything else; don’t turn back, move on to your future. Your situation or feelings do not match your wishes; changes must take place. You’ll be glad you did it.  Remember life is a constant process of change, so go for it.

 Family and Friends: Mom may get in touch with you, and your past is calling you back. The moon will make the children quite emotional; they will need your attention and will be demanding. With the Sun’s vitality invest some time with them and do something special; they will cherish these days in their heart forever. A surprising new involvement with a child or love is ahead of you.  A friend surprises you with an invitation; restaurants will be busy, so you’d better make a reservation if you do not want to stand in line for a table.

 Love Affairs: Control your feelings about the past and let them lead you towards your future. Some relationship might end with sorrow, but the stars are on your side. Promote your next section of life without delay.  Expect some surprises too and go full speed after your desires; anything incredible can happen especially during the weekend and you shouldn’t stay home. These surprises should be positive and unexpected and there is much to gain if you interact with others.  Visit friends, socialize or throw a party to celebrate this great solar and lunar energy. It’s time to do your Cabalistic candles ritual, white for the purification of the spirit, green for the purification of the physical, and blue to pray and ask favors of your guardian Angel.  Don’t forget to burn some sage and the use of the circle of salt. This lunation has the potential to bring about one of your greatest wishes. Again, don’t waste it, go out there now, push and have faith. If you were born in July, a younger or older person born in January, November or March won’t be able to resist your magnetism.

 Travel and Communication: Expect news from brothers and sisters; be part of the action and communicate with those you love. Use plenty words of love and care for others; somehow you’ll be rewarded. Bring your camera; great things and great surprises are imminent.

 Environment: Many people are forced to relocate during this celestial energy, sometimes due to nature’s destructive forces. Typhoons and other water disasters are to be expected. Let’s hope the new moon will alleviate drama and make the transition safe for many souls.

Why is Europe buried in snow?

Storm shuts chunk of Colo. interstate

 Famous Personalities: Famous and powerful personalities will be ending or starting a very important part of their love lives. Some will have finished their work on this physical plane, and will work as guides for whom they cared on earth.

Whitney Houston dead at 48 – PREDICTED! Suicide and Drugs! Http://www.drturi.com/newsletters/

Civil rights leader Due dies at 72

Randy Travis arrested for intoxication

Micron CEO dies in Idaho plane crash

Events: Foreign governments will have to make important decisions soon. This type of energy was present on October 20, 1997- Typhoon Winnie killed 140 people in east China and forced relocation for many. Under the same star pattern, in June 1995, worried about its capital’s growing population, the North Korean government reportedly began moving hundreds of thousands of people out of the city of Pyongyang.  DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) – June 2003 – Monsoon floods battering parts of Bangladesh have claimed 45 lives in the past four days, washed away many houses and displaced thousands of villagers. Thus, as predicted in Moon Power for these dates, thousands have and will have to be forced into a new part of their lives due to forced relocation.

Iran’s leader warns U.S. on war

Why China, Russia won’t condemn Syria

Obama: Israel undecided on Iran attack

 Shopping: Only real estate endeavors from your past are protected; a new house bought now could bring much trouble to the new owners.  If you do so, make sure to do a candle ritual.  Burn white, green and blue candles, and mix them with incense to clean up some psychic residues left behind by disturbed souls.  Some of your local stores may also be affected and may rebuild or close down completely.

THU., FRI., SAT., SUN. — FEBRUARY 9, 10, 11, 12:

RULERS —Mercury (Gift of gab/siblings) and Venus (Good taste/sweetheart):

 Work, Career and Business: The Moon is now waning (negative), and opportunities to further your position in life will depend on your interaction with others. Social contacts will pay off at a later date if you use Venus’ gentle touch in all you do. Remember the power of your own thoughts; don’t be crippled by your own fears and anxieties, or you may attract setbacks to your life. Go after what you really want and don’t be afraid to communicate your feelings.  Expect some deceiving developments soon. Contracts will be signed and will bring great financial rewards if you decide clean up and start again.

 Partnerships: Do not assume the worst without first finding all the facts, nor break your spirit by suppressing all faith in your abilities. Mercury could make you talkative; listen to your partner a little more. Keep an open mind and be receptive when direction is being offered, especially if the person in question is older than you. Being patient and working harder to attain your goals is the key. If you are inquisitive enough, secrets of a financial nature may be revealed to you.  Important legal paper work to clean up your past may be on the way for you to sign; be confident in doing so as the future has better to offer.

 Family and Friends: Use your exceptional insight into the secret motives of a friend close to you and avoid all unnecessary gossip. Be patient and practice diplomacy with loved ones.  During a waning moon, Mercury may promote intellectual challenges, even confrontations.  Use plenty of words of love to those for whom you care, and keep your eyes on the children.  Friends may ask for financial favors; provide help, but watch your own security.

 Love Affairs: Those stars above your head are tough, but your knowledge is well placed; use your will in all occasions.  The kind-hearted touch of Venus can only alter those nasty stars if you have faith in the right people and yourself.  Avoid being too critical about someone you value; no one is perfect, not even you. Learn to love yourself and concentrate on the qualities you and others possess.  If you were born in August, an Aries will help you but a Scorpio could be giving you trouble.

 Travel and Communication: Venus’ diplomatic powers will be felt in your words and will further many of your requests. Just remember that no one attracts bees with vinegar. Invest in your own thought power and do not expect too much from others.  Many souls will be forced to deal with the past and some will have take a long and difficult journey.  You will learn about people getting in trouble with the law or getting a divorce soon.

 Environment: As usual with the waning Moon expect dramatic news soon with Mother Nature.  Let’s hope that with the gentle touch of Venus, nature will be quiet.  Many environmentalist groups will be active; some may get out of hand while trying to get their message out.

Volcano erupts in Indonesia, hurling ash cloud into the sky

 Famous Personalities: A prominent person will promote a new diet or a specific product. It will use only natural goods and be very eastern in conception. Some will announce health problems.

 Events: Some disturbing, even shocking news will arrive soon pertaining to unhappy people willing to start trouble.  College students or the post office may make the news.

Authorities: Powell kids hit with hatchet before blaze 

 Shopping: Now is the perfect time to invest in a diet or a health program to lose those unwanted pounds. You may also find great deals with children’s second hand products.

February 14, 2012 — Mercury enters Pisces: Souls born with this celestial position will /////////////////////////




War on Religion: Romney Edition  – Even Romney has taken to calling the contraception rule Obama’s “War on Religion.”  Rivals Suggest Romney is a Johnny-Come-Lately on that particular issue. He enforced a contraception mandate on the Catholic Church in Massachusetts – http://abcn.ws/zLnZKi

Santorum – Romney “Trounced” on Religion as Guv – http://abcn.ws/yDS91b


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