Astrology: Fraud or Superstition?

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

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Yes I said this was my last FREE public Cosmic Code sample newsletter but misinformation about Astrology is serious enough for me and has forced me to add this one to the public too.


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The “essay” written by Mr. Bufe on the old science of Astrology is a perfect example enunciating the missing perceptive values imposed by an inferior UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”. This type of logical celestial make up produces hard core scientists, engineers often over “educated” logistic souls that are forbidden to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness or deal with basic intuition. However asking anyone of them to accurately auto analyze their idiosyncratic mind is simply impossible because basic Cosmic Consciousness is missing. All they have is their five limited human sense and sound like a little kid holding mom’s hand, standing by the ocean swearing they are no fishes in the vast body of water because they simply can not see them. As always this type of refulgent material enunciate not only true ignorance but also a subconscious search for the soul trapped on this dense physical world.

Astrology: Fraud or Superstition?

For tens of thousands of years human beings have looked up at the night sky and asked themselves, “What does it all mean?” Many answers have been suggested. One of the oldest is provided by astrology: the belief that the stars and planets are controlling influences on our lives.
DT rebuttal: The fact is we are all children of the universe made up of stars matter and all matters are coming from the stars. We are microcosm living in a macrocosm where time and space do not apply and it takes a little more than a born skeptical or a scientists to understand the basic mechanics involving the subtle manifestation of the Cosmic Code.  Macrocosm and microcosm is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of thecosmos, from the largest scale (macrocosm or universe-level) all the way down to the smallest scale (microcosm or sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical-level). In the system the mid-point is Man, who summarizes the cosmos.


“The stars are the elixir of life” “All great spirits have encountered opposition from mediocre minds”
– A. Einstein


Continued: Astrology, as even most astrologers will admit, did not arise until the advent of civilization and the concomitant religious/ magical view of the world. (Religion and magic were a natural outgrowth of wonder and ignorance; they likely survived, at least in part, because they were useful to the priests and royalty as a means of frightening their subjects into line.)

DT rebuttal: Astrology has been around since for ever and created all current and disappeared civilizations  and this is where the main problem is; Chaz speaks and thinks logically and on a timely manner when there is no time in space. He is trying to assimilate logically the birth and development of astrology and how it became what it is today. I can detect in his sentences a deep fear of losing control to the human or the stars and all could be the result of an early conditioning by controlling, strict or/and over logical parents.
Continued: Thus, astrology was the result of combining the ancient practice of observing the night sky with a magical view of the world, specifically what Lawrence Jerome, in the September/October 1975 Humanist, calls the “principle of correspondences.” He explains this principle as follows: The omen or magic object has certain physical properties that are related to the external world by analogy. For instance, the reddish color of the planet Mars means to the astrologer that it is magically related with blood, war and metal iron. . . .
DT rebuttal: While quite obvious for any spiritually advanced soul Chaz’s undeveloped UCI has difficulty associating energy and matter .i.e. Mars/blood. His highly logical reasoning can not integrate, nor accept such possibilities. Little does he know that Mars rules the sign of Aries (Hitler),  Germany, construction, fire, the color red (blood) the human animal instinct and how wild animals treat themselves with their natural weaponry fangs and claws. Mars rule steel and the best steel used to make the Benz automobiles are to be found in the Bavaria mountains mines in Germany. Mars represents also how a Man will show his masculinity and in a woman UCI what she expect from a man and how she will respond to his masculinity. Indeed Chaz is the only one to blame for his ignorance of real Astrology but at least he is trying to make sense of it. If Chaz was to really make progress for himself I can totally guarantee a consultation or a 90 mn taped Full Life Reading with me would change his entire perception of the old science.
Continued: After its invention by the Babylonians (whose priests used astrology and the equally sensible practice of reading the entrails of animals to “foretell” the futures of kings and nations), astrology was further developed by the ancient Greeks, who named the planets after their deities and ascribed the qualities of those deities to the planets. (Those qualities are still the ones ascribed to the planets in “modern” astrology.) Finally, in the second century c.e., Ptolemy wrote his Tetrabiblos, the astrological bible, in the city of Alexandria and brought astrology into its “modern” form.
DT rebuttal: Astrology was never “invented” because it has always been there as an intrinsic part of the human physical and spiritual conception. Its like Christopher Columbus discovering an America that has always been there but was not seen or known by people like Chaz living in Europe during the Dark Ages. Meantime souls born with an advanced UCI were able to perceive its subtle manifestation and over the centuries mastered and translated the cosmic rays (dark matter) or God’s will through the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Being so advanced myself I was probably part of those highly respected wise men. But if Chaz has a problem assimilating the obvious cosmic manifestations I think I have a much bigger problem educating him on the reality of reincarnation… This will be for another day I guess!
Continued: During the Middle Ages, astrology was banned by the church, and it wasn’t resurrected until the Renaissance, along with the writings of the Greeks. The rise of science sent astrology into eclipse once again, and it didn’t resurface as a widely held belief until the turbulent years of the early twentieth century.
DT rebuttal: First  I strongly recommend Chaz to look at some pictures depicting all Popes being taught Astrology by the Vatican council (and some) on my website. The CHurch authorities removed it from the people and classified it as “the work of the devil” because they felt this type of supreme wisdom should not be available and could be used to control their God fearing, ignorant subjects. Note also that Astronomy is a by product of a much older science called Astrology where early scientists used/stole the Sumerian clay tablets to accurately predict the time of an eclipse.  Gee it looks like Chaz’s is in serious need of accurate information and I am here to provide it all.
Continued: Since its resurrection, belief in astrology has touched all segments of the population, not only in the U.S., but in Europe as well. Most of the top Nazis believed in astrology. Himmler’s astrologer, Wilhelm Wulff, even wrote a book on the subject, Zodiac and Swastika. Hitler himself, however, apparently did not believe in astrology and viewed it as merely a convenient means of manipulation. In the U.S., a number of years ago Time magazine identified Ronald Reagan as a client of astrologer Carroll Righter, and a recent survey revealed that 15% of college undergraduates believe in astrology. Among the general population, the percentage is far higher. Jon D. Miller of Northern Illinois University reports that 39% of adult Americans, some 66 million persons, believe that astrology is “scientific.” These figures seem reasonable in light of astrology’s popularity.

DT rebuttal: Astrology never died thus there is no need for “resurrection.” Note also Astrology is a science thus there is nothing to believe in it and if Chaz or any other skeptics were to exit the box of accepted disciplines and study or investigate it correctly you may find much of the reason for your being.   It looks like we are agreeing on one point “manipulation” and if it worked for the Church Inc. deceptive maneuvers by controlling the information for centuries, Hitler and whom ever made history, (and you have to be smart to make history) used Astrology. The fact is Astrology is on its way back to be accepted as a solid discipline in all our colleges and Universities because generations of the past, present and future will finally realize its potential. And with me as the Leader in this field its a done things. May I suggest the newcomer and Chaz to “investigate” the obvious predictions I made prior to my “Discovery Channel” taping? If you need solid proofs and undeniable accuracy  you just found me.  Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions
“Millionaires do not use Astrology, billionaires do!”
JP Morgan.
Continued: At present, two-thirds of U.S. daily newspapers carry horoscopes. There are at least 10,000 full-time and 175,000 part-time astrologers in the country. And astrologically related books and magazines are a glut on the market. A few sample titles: “The Astrology Way to Stock Market Profits,” “Birth Control by Astrology,” “Astrology: Judging Compatibility,” and “Choosing by the Stars: Appropriate Perfumes.”
DT rebuttal: But if Chaz and the skeptics base their wisdom of Astrology on the type of magazines, newspaper horoscopes junk entertaining the moronic media then I have to aggree with them all. There is absolutely no values, neither  right applications, direction or the possibility of accuracy in today’s modern Astrology practices.  Its all about entertainment and financial rewards, period. And if this type of “predictive Astrology” or financially oriented modern endeavors is what young souls like Chaz or scientists and skeptical alike base their “awareness”  and disdain who’s to blame them? It is an obvious disgusting masquerade designed to keep Astrology  underground by the Illuminati still refusing to share its legitimate powers with you readers. Any so-called astrologer, medium or psychic MUST offer society a solid, well documented, dated record of his predictions to be taken seriously. So far I am the only one offering and posting to the public such an elaborated predictive work.
Continued: (A number of years ago I wrote a “horrorscope” for a humor magazine in which I listed among my credits an article in Motor Trend titled, “Astrology and MPGs: Tune Your Car by the Stars.” After reviewing the available writings by astrologers, my only question is when Motor Trend will get around to publishing such an article.)
DT rebuttal: I could use Chaz “subconscious” awareness of the stars by saying a car will never work properly unless it is tuned accurately. If this physical law do apply for a car, the spiritual laws Chaz is unaware of can also be used to “tune” his spirit and work in harmony to what the Cosmic Code designed him to perform. With the only difference that the car would become his body, mind and soul or a representation of a perfect attunement to the Cosmic rules and design.  But again when is the last time Chaz tuned himself to the divine or stand UNDER his karmic stars to realize how he STAND below the cosmic canopy? Once he does this maybe he will UNDERSTAND more about astrology, especially if he chose me to translate his natal UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”
ContinuedIn addition to its being based on the magical “principle of correspondences,” there are many other reasons to regard astrology as a system of magic rather than as a science. First of all, astrologers have never attempted to explain how astrology supposedly works–that is, why the apparent positions of different astronomical bodies supposedly have different effects upon different people. As Bart Bok, former president of the American Astronomical Society, put it:
DT rebuttal: How can you teach a blind soul to see * perceive if he has no eyes or did not develop the 3rd eye? How can you explain to Chaz how the Sun’s ray can go through a window glass without breaking it or why do we feel the warmth behind it? Its a matter of perception where one MUST raise its consciousness to a higher perceptive level and with the type of Astrology going on nowadays the true teacher is very rare. But I have it all ready for anyone ready to master the Cosmic Code, all 7 days, 7 hours per day in my crash course by mail. But will Chaz assume I am just trying to sell a course or will he take the time to honor the word science and perform the mental gymnastics needed to raise his own Cosmic Consciousness. It is easier to stay in denial than to own one’s true salvation with real wisdom…I have offered more than needed unarguable proofs that my methodology and my software works all you have to do is be curious and take on the re-birthing cosmic journey under my supervision.
ContinuedMany believers in astrology have suggested that each planet issues a different variety of special as-yet-undetected radiations or “vibrations” . . . [but] there is apparently conclusive evidence that the sun, moon, planets, and stars are all made of the same stuff, varieties and combinations of atomic particles and molecules, all governed by uniform laws of physics. It does not make sense to suppose that the various planets and the moon, all with rather similar physical properties, could manage to affect human affairs in totally dissimilar fashion.

DT rebuttal: The fact is I wish I had the time to educate people one at the time but this is impossible, meantime I strongly recommend any skeptics and Chaz to read Astrology, Science and the Facts! I wrote for years on the subject of Astrology, the Moon, the Dragon and all planets  in my books and only if you ask you shall receive. Remember there are no accidents and this chain of actions and reactions is what Chaz needed (Dr. Turi real wisdom) to “upgrade” to a higher level of perception…
Continued: Second, astrology does not even take into account all of the major bodies in our solar system, let alone all those in our galaxy or the hundreds of billions of other galaxies in the universe. Most astrologers make their planetary computations using only the planets known to the ancients; they don’t take into account those discovered by modern science (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto); and no astrologers take into account the nearest stars, which are far nearer to us than those in the zodiac constellations, which themselves are at wildly varying distances.
DT rebuttal: I agree with Chaz in a way that astrologers did not mention these facts:  First there are billions of planets and stars in the infinitude of the cosmos and each one of those stars (Solar systems) supports life, but not life as a little unconscious human being stuck in this solar system could conceive or perceive. Ask a fish to conceive, perceive our psychical and physical world is the only plausible explanation I can offer any young souls. The fish is not designed to comprehend pass his limited vibrational watery system and has no clue of the moon creating the tides needed for his survival.  Secondly human are only affected by their local solar  vibrational system while the entire solar systems are part of a single unit working in harmony with them all.
Continued: Third, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that the mysterious, undetectable, astrological forces supposedly emanating from the planets would be any stronger than the gravitational forces of the planets. And those forces are weak indeed. At its nearest conjunction, Mars exerts far less gravitational force upon a newborn infant than the midwife or doctor who delivers the child.
DT rebuttal: Gee I heard this a million times readers, again this is the “astronomer” the scientists, the logical mathematical mind at work; totally oblivious of the forbidden archetypal realm of consciousness he can not access just yet. Right there the wall becomes wider, larger, thicker, impenetrable because logic and science meet with intuition and metaphysics. Its like taking a fish out of its watery element and force him to undertake an accelerated evolution process where he can finally conceive and walk on earth instead of swimming…Got me readers? I hope because this is what the problem is with young souls. Incidentally morons are not set to deal with my work but only smart people can assimilate my work (and God thanks I have a lot of you  in the Cosmic Code reading me.)

ContinuedFourth, astrologers, in their computations, do not take into account the inverse square law, which is a fundamental law of physics. It says that the amount of radiation received by a body varies as the inverse square of its distance from the source of the radiation. For example, the amount of light reaching a ship four miles from a lighthouse will be only one-quarter (per unit of surface area) of that reaching a ship two miles from the lighthouse, and one-sixteenth of that reaching a ship one mile from the lighthouse. But laws of physics do not matter to astrologers, and they don’t care whether Mars is 40 million or 100 million miles away. They only concern themselves with the apparent position–to a viewer on Earth–of Mars in relation to the backdrop of the zodiac constellations and the other planets. So, if the astrological “radiation” (“vibration”–choose your own nebulous term) of the planets does influence human beings as astrologers claim, it would have to be a most peculiar type of radiation, one which disobeys a fundamental, well-established law of physics.
DT rebuttal: Bla-bla-bla… I think I made my point where science and metaphysics clash yes? All I can suggest the young soul is to read the facts that Astrology undoubtedly works if practiced professionally even if they can not understand the inner subtle principle involved just yet.   Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

“There are other universes of multiple dimensions unidentified to our earthly senses, but affluent with superior forces. Behind the cosmic curtain God hides all the answers of all pre-existing things only a few will be allowed to access.”

Dr. Turi

Continued: Fifth, many astrologers ignore precession. The Earth’s ro-tational axis is not stable, and the Earth wobbles like a top–but much more slowly. So slowly, in fact, that it takes approximately 26,000 years for the Earth’s axis to complete one rotation around the 47-degree-diameter circle it describes. This slow wobbling is called precession. It means, among other things, that the stars we now see in summer will be seen in winter (and vice versa) 13,000 years from now. It also means that the sun has receded almost a full sign along the zodiac since the Tetrabiblos was written nearly two millennia ago. So, the calculations of astrologers who rely on that hoary source are now off almost a full sign.

DT rebuttal: Bla-bla-bla… I think I made my point where science and metaphysics clash yes? All I can suggest the young soul is to read the facts that Astrology undoubtedly works if practiced professionally even if they can not understand the inner subtle principle involved just yet.   Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

Continued: Sixth, the most popular type of astrology is natal astrology, in which astrological forces supposedly leap into action at the moment of an individual’s birth, imprinting her or him with certain characteristics. But the choice of the time of birth as the moment of supposed astrological imprinting makes no sense at all. Astrologers choose the time of birth purely because it’s convenient. They might object that a mother’s body shields her baby from astrological “radiation” until birth, but that argument ignores the fact that almost all babies are born indoors, and it would be illogical to think that this “radiation” could penetrate wood, concrete and steel, but not a few centimeters of human flesh.
DT rebuttal: There is no time in space and my consultation demand NO time at all, because there is much more power in the Dragon (Draco constellation)  himself than the entire complexity of a modern astrologer chart. Time is used for Astro-Carto-Graphy relocation chart where longitude and latitude apply.  By judging of the endless positive feedback received I must be doing something right for people.  But how can Chaz or any skeptics stop assuming if they never deal with me? Its like judging the performance of a car by looking at it, where is common sense with some lost souls is a wonder to me!
Continued: Some astrologers, especially the “humanistic” variety, attempt to discount criticisms such as these by claiming that the planets and stars do not produce astrological effects, but, rather, that the positions of astronomical bodies only serve as “indications” of astrological forces. This is a transparent attempt to evade questioning of astrology’s supposed causal mechanism by retreating into a fog of ever-vaguer claims. By taking such a position, astrologers are saying in effect that for unknown reasons the positions of some of the stars and planets are indications of the undetectable effects of unknown types of undetectable forces emanating from unknown, undetectable sources. Such a proposition is even more ludicrous than the traditional astrological view that the stars and planets–never mind how–influence our daily lives. Finally, there is absolutely no empirical evidence, absolutely none, that astrology has any value whatsoever as a means of prediction.
DT rebuttal: The word “lunatic” influencing human lives could apply there but again I some ways I have to agree with Chaz…put the green where the mouth is like I do and offer solid proofs that offer real answers and real dated predictions. Once more all I can do is to suggest reading more of my previous televised work. In fact repetitions seems to be the only way to make a point with anyone including Chaz – Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions The main lesson here is; what can not be seen or touched does not mean it does not exist or work! Go figure it out because my students and I did!
Continued: What scientific testing has been done indicates that there are no astrological “effects.” For instance, former Michigan State University psychologist Bernie Silberman asked astrologers to list compatible and incompatible signs. Silberman then inspected the records of 478 couples who divorced and 2978 who married in 1967 and 1968 in Michigan. He found no correspondence beyond that of random chance between the astrological signs predicted to be compatible or incompatible by astrologers and the signs of those getting married or divorced. French statistician Michel Gauquelin has conducted far more detailed tests which also have discovered no astrological effects. (Gauquelin’s early, highly publicized report of a “Mars effect” on professional athletes was the result of an error in his calculations, and similar studies conducted by others showed no such effect.) In one test he examined the signs (moon, zodiacal, planetary, ascendant, and mid-heaven) for 15,560 professionals from five European nations in 10 different occupations. He found no evidence of any astrological effects. His calculations showed that the correlation between astrological signs and occupations to be that of random chance.
DT rebuttal: But celebrity status or traditional education does not mean happiness or real wisdom Chaz, especially if Bernie Silberman and Michel Gauquelin are themselves depraved of Cosmic Consciousness and use modern astrology terminology. There is a big difference between education and intelligence and only those born with the tools (advanced UCI) will own the right answers and will confidently offer it to the public. It seem I am the only one yes? Astrology, Science and the Facts! but how can I appear non judgmental or not perceived as an egocentric if I do not prove my claim verbally?  There are NO accidents and there are NO chances at play here Chaz! You have been like 99.09% of human enslaved to uncover the keys of what it means to be human and make sense to your existence, you are now finally on the right track if you happen to read my work!
“In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”
Dr. Turi
ContinuedThe fact that millions of astrological believers claim that they “feel” astrological influences in their own lives and “see” astrological influences at work in the lives of others is a prime example of wishful thinking, and nothing more. Believers in astrology, like other religionists, want so badly to believe in their preordination system that they “feel” and “see” effects where none exist. Similarly, a great many born-again christians claim to “feel” the presence of Jesus or the “holy spirit” and to “see” the hand of Satan at work in astrology and other occult beliefs. (Most born-again christians really do believe that Satan exists.) And if believers in astrology want us to accept their feelings as evidence supporting their beliefs, they must, to be consistent, grant the same evidentiary value to the feelings of born-again christians, which in some ways directly contradict the feelings of astrological believers–all of which demonstrates the unreliability of personal feelings as “evidence” in matters of this sort.
DT rebuttal: Once more Chaz natal UCI enunciate a strong reluctance and a serious fear of an unseen power  controlling his existence. If he was a fish in the ocean he would never know that the daily gravitational forces of the moon producing the tides are in fact affecting him too! But his lack of objectivity and right education does not mean he can not bypass his fears of power and accept the fact that he is  an insignificant part of a much larger manifesto he is so struggling to understand. As always those who denies the most, scream the most, enlarge themselves the most, make more noise than the most are in desperation crying for plausible answers. Little does Chaz know of those 3 wise men following the stars to Jesus’ birth place and little does he know of his lost celestial ministry, trying so hard to introduce humanity to “Our Father in the Heavens.” Yes you are a victim of controlled information, a victim of fears and ignorance tailored by the Illuminati forcing you Chaz to be part of the 111 millions of viewers watching the Super Bowl! Updated – Super Bowl XLVI and Mark Zuckerberg
ContinuedWhy would anyone believe in anything as patently absurd as astrology? Probably for reasons similar to those of persons who believe in such patent absurdities as transubstantiation or their own “personal savior.” One particularly disturbing aspect of this belief in the absurd is that many astrological believers not only do not use logical (scientific) reasoning, but they do not want to use it. Their “reasoning” is that of a stubborn child: “If I want it to be true, it must be true!” So, they adopt (probably unconsciously) a completely dishonest intellectual attitude, clinging obstinately to anything which seems to confirm their their belief, while ignoring the plethora of inconvenient facts which call it into doubt. The pathetic clamoring about Gauquelin’s since-disproven “Mars effect”–while other similar studies indicated that no such effect existed, and the above-listed objections to astrology went unanswered–is a case in point.
DT rebuttal: Once more there is nothing based upon faith or belief pertaining to the science of astrology. Once must study the right material generated by the real gifted rare experts such as myself.   Chaz is the perfect example of an over critical logical spirit stuck in a physical body in a physical plane in need for solid proofs of God’s divine celestial manifestations.  I doubt his own self discovery will come easily but I am confident assuring him cosmic consciousness will come after a few more reincarnations on this dense physical plane I call hell where like million of other lost skeptical scared souls he is forced to learn about his own divinity and Unique Celestial Identity. Chaz must realize he is part of a magnificent eternal cosmic scheme of things he is not yet allowed or able to conceive, that’s all and no one should blame it for trying so hard.
ContinuedThe standard reply of astrologers to this is the childish, “You’re one too,” which evades the question of their own dishonesty by implying that skeptics also ignore inconvenient facts. Unfortunately for the astrologers, that does not appear to be the case. A study of information evaluation by psychologists Peter Glick of Lawrence University and Mark Snyder of the University of Minnesota, published in the May/June 1986 Humanist, concluded that skeptics are “fact-oriented,” while astrological believers are “theory-driven”:
DT rebuttal: I enjoy the honor of having taught so many doctors but their conventional education and PhD’s did not offer them the answers of what it means to be human. In fact one psychiatrist student of mine said “Dr. Turi I have learned more in one week creash course with you than seven years in college.”   and this is what confirm my theory that there are no schools that can produce an Einstein or a Mozart  / Beethoven and  there is such a gap between education and intelligence that translate into marvelous karmic gifts such as mine or yours readers. If Chaz was to read more about my essay on UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” or Why Are You Gay? there is still no guarantee he would fully comprehend the universal mechanics at work. Yes we were all born so different, so unique and each one of us perceive his/her own reality through a celestial composition 99.09% of the world, including the scientific community are totally unconscious of!  As I said readers, liberating humanity from fears and ignorance is a serious demanding task, would you agree?
Continued: [S]keptics paid close attention to the information they gathered . . . while believers largely ignored what targets told them when it came to pass judgment on how well the astrological horoscope had predicted the targets’ personalities.

DT rebuttal: The question is what type of information have been gathered, horoscopes junk designed to deal with the moronic, uneducated mass or religious junk jailing the human spirit for centuries? I think Chaz could learn much more about my philosophy if he was to read and assimilate those old newsletters. The question is did Chaz wrote more than I did so far? and if reading my material is hard imagine what it took for me to generate years of writing investigating the Cosmic Code? Yes I was born with an advanced UCI and all you have to do is the easy part or the mental gymnastics!
Continued: A study of credence in another occult belief, ESP, published in the March 1980 Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, tends to confirm that occult believers ignore contradictory evidence much more often than skeptics. In that study, skeptics and ESP believers read articles with which they agreed and with which they disagreed, and then answered questions about the articles. Approximately 90% of the skeptics correctly remembered the conclusions of articles regardless of whether the articles were pro- or anti-ESP, while fewer than 40% of the ESP believers correctly recalled the conclusion of the article which debunked ESP; a large majority of the believers “remembered” that the article concluded that ESP exists.
Another of Gauquelin’s experiments provides a more amusing example of the self-deception of occult believers. He took out a newspaper advertisement in which he promised free personalized horoscopes to all who answered the ad. One hundred fifty persons responded. Gauquelin then sent out the same horoscope to all 150 and asked them how well it fit them. Ninety-four percent replied that they recognized themselves in it. The horoscope was that of Dr. Michel Petiot, a mass murderer.
DT rebuttal: Who’s to blame here, the unconscious modern astrologer or the unconscious horoscope readers?  “A magnet will not attract a piece of wood” and Gauquelin FREE  junk offer  justify the mass ignorance and readiness to jump at any well publicized sales. The lesson here is nothing beats free and you get what you paid for. When a client pays me $700 or $350 for a consultation be assured he get much more than the initial investment. By this I mean the medical aspect of Astropsychology is not only safe but very accurate and my perception of the cosmic body will save not only thousands of dollars but also lead the person towards emotional, financial and spiritual stability.  And $700 is a very little price to pay for your health   or true love. Many of you wasted fortunes on doctors and false spiritual leaders or your church and got nothing but deception in return. With me as your guide you just can not lose but how would you or Chaz know about it if you don’t take a chance on me? Your excuses are not valid until you put the green in your mouth like I do! Then live it all to me because I am real…
Continued: Why do occult believers have such a reluctance to face facts? Glick and Snyder concluded that, “in order to maintain the sense of being able to predict events, the believer makes the facts ‘fit’ the theory whether or not these events are consistent with the theory’s predictions.” The reason for this blindness is obvious.
DT rebuttal: Why do scientists have such a reluctance to face astrological facts? To conclude that, “in order to maintain the sense of being able to predict events, the scientists ignore the facts even when  they ‘fit’ the repetitive theory especially  when the predicted events are consistent with the theory’s predictions.” The reason for this blindness is obvious and called  an obnoxious educated “spiritual pride.” In fact the obvious emails exchanges predicting two consecutive earthquakes above 7.0 between USGS and I are simply unarguable and prove my many dated, printed claims. Check the  fact here!
Continued: It’s an unfortunate fact that a great many people do not want to go to the work of making their own decisions. They want someone or something to tell them how to act, how to think, and how to feel. Astrology, like other religious beliefs, fills the bill. As a system of preordination (“Oh! You’re a Scorpio! You must . . .”), it gives believers a nice, neat means of interpreting reality and of tailoring their behavior and expectations to fit the prescriptions of their belief system. Astrologers themselves admit this, with some of them maintaining that astrology “controls,” “influences,” or “can serve as a road guide.” (The difference between these descriptions is one of degree, not substance.)

DT rebuttal: I am sure if anyone reading this material take the time to check their unique astrological characteristics they will find the truth in my printed words and poetry. So what months were your born, in November? Now lets be fair if you really want to Know ALL about You, you will have to read a bit more. This book is written for Mothers and their children and do not require to become a brain surgeon to assimilate the content. A book that would offer Chaz some real answers…Note again the subconscious fear of being under any form of control or power resemble conspiracy “Talking Head ” David Icke’s idiosyncratic work. Dr. Turi Versus David Icke – Help Pamela Please!

Continued: Still, why do so many choose astrology as a belief system rather than Mormonism, Catholicism, Islam, etc.? A probable reason is that astrology meets the desire of many people for a preordination system, yet it does not contain the most unpleasant aspects of conventional religions. It is silly and utterly irrational, and almost certainly influences some to make unfortunate personal decisions. (Consider the effect of articles such as “Birth Control by Astrology” upon those who take them seriously.) In extreme cases, astrological belief may incline individuals toward passivity–after all, if everything is written in the stars, why not just go with the flow? But unlike such religions as Judaism, Christianity, Mormonism, and Islam, astrology is not based upon guilt, misogyny, and sexual repression. It is simply based upon credulousness, ignorance, irrationality, and the eagerness of human sheep to be led.
DT rebuttal: Once more the disdain of being under any form of control become more obvious after each of Chaz’ sentences. His fears of the unknown and power seems overwhelming. Meantime mingling Astrology  and religions is like eating a combo of onions and ice cream readers. Religions imposes a code of conduct based upon faith where the born Neptunian will sink naturally into. The same people are also highly prone to any form of addictions as Neptune rules this deceptive element. Read the rules and assimilate Neptune’s power  Chaz! On the contrary Astropsychology (no astrology) offer the subject full awareness of his mental conception with all his sins and virtues, strengths and weaknesses.
Cosmic Consciousness allow the soul to apply the will and control the stars (or the inherited UCI) because the human will, or the part of God in each human being is much stronger than the pull of the stars. But in the case of Chaz, he, like 99.09% of the world’s population simply act out, unconsciously, neurotically, psychically the best or worse of their natal stars. In fact developing and  owning Cosmic Consciousness is the purest form of freedom any human being can ever accomplish and enjoy.  I am indeed a real example of this phenomenon knowing all I have in my pocket, when I first arrived in the US was $50, a head full of dreams and real moon wisdom.
Continued: Astrology is a handy crutch for those who are repelled by the more overtly reactionary, inhumane aspects of conventional religions, but are not yet ready to free themselves from supernatural preordination systems. In itself, this turn from organized religion is mildly encouraging. But it would be far more encouraging to see believers in astrology rise from the Procrustean bed of their irrational beliefs and begin to think for themselves.

DT rebuttal: Incidentally this entire essay started by Chaz is a subconscious reflection of his fears totally dedicated by his natal stars (UCI) and what is even more amusing Chaz is totally unable to think for himself but acted out, unconsciously, neurotically, psychically and innocently the true values of his karmic stars. Chaz does not possess Cosmic Consciousness and judge the world around him through his own experiences, his own education, his own logical intelligence and most of all his own UCI, something he has absolutely NO clue about! Let’s now ask Chaz  to move to France, learn French, write endlessly in a foreign language, in a foreign country the secrets of the Comic Code and offer French people the real option to auto analyze themselves correctly. But with so much fears plaguing such a young soul.  I wonder if the thought of taking an airplane to any foreign countries and start a new life would be too much and ground him for ever into his own earthy ignorance…  It take a hell of a lot of courage to reach and enjoy the American dream, I am blessed with a supreme UCI and with my guidanceyou can reach and enjoy it too!

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”


Lastly there are no accidents not only Chaz but many people on Craiglist need to read about my work…I hope someone will post it for me and pass it on to the world.
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A show and predictions you do not want to miss…


God, Cosmic Consciousness and Civil Rights

by God Discussion

Dr. Louis Turi, World-Famous Astrologer.

Dr. Turi

In a pre-recorded segment bridging the live segments, we’ll hear from Dr. Louis Turi about what he believes the year 2012 will bring … and it’s not the end of the world.  With his sense of humor and enthusiastic call for people to tap into universal consciousness, Turi  enjoys an international following of the “spiritual but not religious” who are seeking answers beyond the confines of religious dogma.   Soon to be featured on The Discovery Channel, Dr. Turi is well known for his appearances on Coast To Coast AM, the BBC in London and other radio and television outlets.  His clients include celebrities such as Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others.

Check future radio shows from

Yes I said this was my last FREE public Cosmic Code sample newsletter but misinformation about Astrology is serious enough for me and has forced me to add this one to the public too.


Important Public Announcement


Lastly if you did not watch my latest video yet, or even if you did, return and let my powerful message bless your heart and give me your blessings right there, because staying alive and fulfill my mission can not fail…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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