The Epidemic Of Miramonte Elementary School!

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

(CNN) — Students at Miramonte Elementary School will return to class later this week to a new staff because administrators do not want any more “surprises” at the Los Angeles school that is at the center of two child abuse cases.

Dear Readers:

Yes I said this was my last FREE public Cosmic Code sample newsletter but the gravity of the current situation has forced me to add this one to the public too. Yes children’ education and safety is my utmost drive because I am also a concerned documented French Alien citizen working overtime to protect any and all children… Again if you think my work is worth to read please join the Cosmic Code private website, become a VIP level 3 and get much more of my highly spiritual, educational work.

Two child abuse cases at Miramonte Elementary School? Do you have a remote idea of how many children were abused physically, mentally or sexually not only by such bastards but by Clergy men over the centuries? With the only difference of course that NONE of the highly placed clergy men were ever prosecuted of course! I can only hope exposing the universal ignorance will help the tax payers, responsible parents and teachers alike to help me fix a dismantlement educational system.  When you think the Law Enforcement Agency, the secret services, FBI/CIA down to the public servants or the cops themselves omit the Universal Laws it is not a surprise to experience such a chaotic unruly world…

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Changing Education Paradigms

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Continued: The school will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday to “take a break,” the Los Angeles Unified School system said. When classes resume Thursday, a new staff and social workers will be at hand to receive them, said Los Angeles School District Superintendent John Deasy. “I can’t have anymore surprises at Miramonte,” Deasy told an auditorium packed with parents Monday night. “And if there are more, then we’ll have to deal with that.”

DT Rebuttal: But Mr. Deasy how can you and all the other School District Superintendents, the teachers, the staff, social workers and the parents of all the innocent children at Miramonte (and all others public schools, colleges and Universities in the US) can not have anymore surprises  when all of you are part of the 99.09% of unconscious human beings unaware or unwilling to use Astropsychology?

The fact is when the born Plutonic teachers or priests are allowed to get close to your children you can be sure more of such disgusting surprises are on the way…The current educational system is totally unfitted to investigate and hire only committed souls willing to educate your children. Instead your colossal ignorance is opening the door to  sick individuals overwhelmed with predatory sexual urge Plutonic UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”

Super Bowl is Now Over… 

Updated – Super Bowl XLVI and Mark Zuckerberg

Once more, how in the name of God can you and all the other School District Superintendents, the teachers, the staff, social workers and the parents of all the innocent children at Miramonte (and all others public schools, colleges and Universities in the US) expect no more surprises  when all of you are part of the 99.09% of unconscious human beings unaware or unwilling to use Astropsychology?

Continued: Everyone from current custodians to teachers at Miramonte will be removed, he said. Those staffers who are not being fired are expected, after undergoing special training, to resume work at another location, he said. Staffers and students will be questioned as part of the ongoing criminal investigation. Parents will also be given the option of transferring their children to one of four elementary schools in the area.

DT Rebuttal: How smart of a decision this is for Mr. John Deasy? Totally insane, ridiculous reflecting the inefficiency of the School Districts he and so many “educated” morons supervise. Indeed so many good teachers were “removed” because that is all the excuses and the only way all Superintendent responsible for education had to do to keep their position and paychecks coming.  Again your tax dollars at work America and you wonder why 85% of the kids drop out and end up criminals or drug/alcohol users?

And what type of training  is he talking about? counseling the teachers? This is pure insanity at work knowing  how difficult it is to get rid of the wrong grass messing up your beautiful yard. And if you think questioning teachers will stop anyone of them born with the wrong stars to control the Plutonic pull? Now changing schools if the worse thing any uneducated parents can do because Miramonte will become the safest place for any kids to be, at least for a while. Do you actually think a different school will not host any sexual predators? The beasts are everywhere and no schools is safe until Astropsychology become part of the curriculum period!  This tells you when an unconscious Superintendent is himself powerless to a  situation the solutions are not only ridiculous but laughable for someone who thinks the way I do.

Continued: “The actions we are taking are not a condemnation of the entire staff,” he said. But it wasn’t enough to appease outraged parents, who are demanding additional safeguards for the students. “We’re saying enough is enough,” community leader Morris Grifton said at a demonstration Monday. “We want cameras in the classrooms, in the hallways and around the school.”

Did you see this Mom?

DT Rebuttal: No turning schools into jails where every kids and teachers’ moves are supervised is for criminals and not the children Mr. Grifton. Meantime what other options such another unconscious man has?  This will cost the tax payers billions of dollars and infringe “privacy” some people will say and I do agree with this. However  the money should be used to fix the problem at the core and not superficially because a sexual predator  or a Plutonic soul is very smart. If the crooks can deal drugs, kill each others and control the outside from a jail loaded with cameras the predators will find a way to get your kids too.  Education and recognition of what a Plutonic soul is all about through his/her natal  UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” is the cheapest, safest and utmost accurate way to deal with this problem. Traditionally educated PhD’s will never detect the predatory hidden instinct in any human because all human are adaptable. The entire educational system is faulty and as we move into the new Scorpius Dragon, criminals, cops and security system alike are battling each others physically and not spiritually which is the only way to recognize the born beasts.

Continued: Monday night, about 100 parents fumed outside the South Region High School No. 2 auditorium, unable to get in to the superintendent’s meeting because it was over capacity. “The school authorities should have planned this meeting correctly to allow everyone in,” said one parent, Gustavo Morales. “If there’s not enough room in the auditorium, then they should have at least had it in the football field.” The arrests of both teachers, accused of lewd acts with children in their classrooms, came last week.

I graduated from Miramonte Elementary School!

DT Rebuttal: How can the School authorities responsible for your kids’ education make such a judgmental error? and you expect them to do a better job with the brain of your children?  This tells you how empty the mind of those trusted educators really are…I just can not wait to have my own Astropsychology so you can trust my students and I to teach the teachers of the future on the reality of the Cosmic Code to keep the sexual predators away from your children.

In a world where leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions, or prioritize entertainments ,sports  and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.

Dr. Turi

Continued: The arrests of both teachers, accused of lewd acts with children in their classrooms, came last week. Mark Berndt, 61, was arrested and accused of taking bondage photos of more than two dozen students in his classroom, including some with suspected semen-filled spoons at their mouths. On Friday, a second teacher — 49-year-old Martin Bernard Springer — was arrested for allegedly fondling two young girls in the classroom. Parent Bessy Garcia, the mother of two children who were among Berndt’s alleged victims, spoke of betrayal. “He wasn’t only a teacher. He was our personal friend,” she said. “He tricked us. We thought he was the best person in the world.”

DT Rebuttal: The fact is those two beasts, like any convicted sexual predators currently rotting in jail knew exactly what type of job offers such an easy option to get close to children. And if a damned priest, a man of God can mess with your child imagine a school teacher?   These people have only one goal in mind and that is your child and if the perpetrator UCI is DUAL then you will be easily fooled. Blame it all on the humongous ignorance and on the religious induced fears stopping human to heed God’ signs. Blame it all on fears of the ridicule, blame it all on the “educated” scientific egotistical crowd unwilling to take a chance and honor the word science outside of the box. Meantime your children are at risk each time you send them to institutions run by well read academics morons trying to educate your children.

And if science could / would acknowledge, use or predict behavior within the UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” software system I developed, might they (our politicians, the police, education authorities and humanity at large) not also find a way to control their mental shortcoming?

Dr. Turi

Continued:  She described how she and her two children were having trouble sleeping, eating and functioning as they wrestled with last week’s disclosures. “It’s been like hell,” said another parent, Claudia Rivera. “We’re just trying to get some answers.” The investigation into Berndt began in October 2010, when a drugstore photo technician told police he found images of blindfolded children in a processing order.

After an initial investigation, investigators notified school authorities, who removed Berndt from his classroom in January 2011. On Tuesday, the school board will meet to determine the fate of the second teacher, Springer. The developments come as the school district is dealing with a third case of alleged lewd behavior — this time involving a janitor at another school.

DT Rebuttal: Well Mrs Bessy Garcia the reality is you will keep trying for the answers educators does not have and will never uncover and if you are a church goer do not expect any priests to offer you the answers either.  God has enslaved human to uncover the reasons that offers answers to the questions on how evil can control each one of his children. And it is only by building Cosmic Consciousness that those answers will become as clear as holly water, the question is are you ready to acknowledge if you child is prone to attract a sexual predators or will he become a sexual predator himself? Armed with those celestial answers God which is also evil in disguise will allow you and your child to control the horrific pull of his natal stars and control, refute, eliminate the potential evil lurking in his/her spirit.

Continued: On Sunday, the mother of a student at Germain Elementary School reported “inappropriate contact” between the custodian and her child, a Los Angeles Police Department statement said. The man, Paul Adame, was arrested and charged with a felony. He has been released on $100,000 bail.

Where are the kids?

DT Rebuttal: Yes and many more priests will also be caught messing up with your kids but if they are important enough the Diocese will pull some strings and the sexual predator will escape justice…

Continued: Back at Miramonte, officials hope the steps they are taking will go some ways to assure parents they’re serious about “a thorough, vigorous and fair investigation of all allegations” “The safety, welfare and education of students is our number one priority,” the United Teachers Los Angeles said in a statement Monday night. “We know that the public understands that the vast majority of teachers are doing remarkable work every day to motivate and educate the children of Los Angeles.” The replacements at Miramonte will come from a pool of applicants, including former employees, said district spokesman Tom Waldman. “We have had a lot of layoffs and budget cuts here and will also look at recent retirees,” he said.

*The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

 ~Albert Einstein*

DT Rebuttal: “The safety, welfare and education of students may be the number one priority of the United Teachers Los Angeles and every states in the US but be assured concerned parents and teachers alike, this will never happen.  Beautiful flowers (your children) do not mix with invading grass and the attitude of all School District Superintendents and  the United Teachers in Los Angeles is to use pesticide. By this I mean get rid of all the grass (all the teachers) removing in the process a multitude of innocent, dedicated, moralistic teachers born to help your children.

All I can is to despair watching not only valuable resources going to trash but wait for the bad grass to once more invade the beautiful garden and suffocate the pretty flowers. The answer is simple, check the seeds before planting them or allowing them to mix and hurt your children. In the upcoming pool of  applicants designed to replace the teachers at Miramonte is absolutely ridiculous and serve no purpose and add to the tax payers wasted money. This is only a repetition and a repecussion of ignorance that does not serve the good teachers which are the target of  any moronic unconscious School District Superintendents all over the US.

All I can hope for is one day someone in power, someone wealthy and smart enough to perceive my wisdom will help me to educated the teachers, the parents and the children on the marvels of Astropsychology. As mentioned in  Updated – Super Bowl XLVI and Mark Zuckerberg unless your tax dollars is used in the right direction, in the right education there is no hope to free your children from any sexual predators.

If you feel I can help any victimized teachers or offer answers to the parents and the young victims please pass on this newsletter to all the people you feel need to grow up and learn to respect God’ signs and how he designed some of his Plutonic children. Once more do not expect your political, religious and scientific leaders to offer you answers they can never have, instead help me to help them to think outside of the “educated” traditional box because at the end everyone loses, not only your children.

Billions of dollars are exchanged, donated everyday for the children education and you may know a non profit organization willing to take a chance in my 45 years of independent research rekindling a rare wisdom that must be shared to all and for all the well being and safety of all the children of the future… Your help is desperately needed…

“if you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

Ask and you shall receive!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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