Updated – Super Bowl XLVI and Mark Zuckerberg


For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi


Do You Have The Yen To Be a Billionaire?

Dear Readers:


Important Public Announcement 

After explaining science shortcomings, I will generate Mark Zuckerberg‘s UCI for my VIP’s and explain why the Cosmic Code made him so successful by creating Facebook. There are NO accident, Mark simply followed his natal Dragon’s Head… Humanity’s priorities to better the future and reaching cosmic consciousness is misplaced knowing that today 01/05/2012, 111 million U.S. viewers are expected to tune in Sunday for Super Bowl XLVI while billions more will attend and invest their spirit in a multitude of religious services. Only a very few highly spiritual human beings will instead practice the Super Bowl mental gymnastics needed to answer the questions of what it means to be human…

We are all so different and all of us have our own priorities, preferences, like and dislike because we are all designed to vibrate at a different “cosmic tune.” Science is far from uncovering and answering the complexity of what make us human and so different to each others. Digging into the physical conception of the human mind  through a microscope will never offer the answer why people like Steve Jobs The life and fate of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg made it so big in life. I wonder if I could see and compare the “muscles” mind of any Super Bowl players with Einstein or even my own how impressive this would be? I can’t help to be sarcastic sometimes and ask myself  questions that could measure certain people’s intellectual strengths against mere animal muscle sports power readers…

Mental gymnastics have consequences!

Science and Cosmology

Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi

Another Ridiculous Scientific Study!

Dementia, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Science

Annie Murphy Paul: A Writer Explores Fetal Origins

What is even more amazing to me is that some unsuccessful, modest people, 9 to 5 unassuming jobbers were given supreme celestial gifts  that could turn them into the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs and still they will not take the chance to find out what their  UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” has in store for them. They do go about their insignificant life sobering and depressed wondering how they will pay their credit cards or feed their families. But the same very people are a part of the 111 million U.S citizens and will not think twice to  spend the money to watch the Super Bowl XLVI.

Here you go readers, this is today’s investment to better your future and the one of your family just because you have been “trained” by the Illuminati to put sports and religions before your own future and your children’s education. Imagine one second if 111 million U.S citizens  decided to invest in their spirit, the Cosmic Code, God’ signs instead? What type of information, directions, advises would the Cosmic Code (God’s celestial will) offer them? What about if they were to find out through a consultation with me on Skype or through a 90 minutes taped full life reading that one of their child, or themselves inherited a similar UCI as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs?

While moronic fans met with an early death imposed by the planets Pluto flares in Egypt after 79 die in soccer riot  I understand that those are only uneducated victims (young souls) acting out the deadly pull of the planets above. And again born with a serious problem with stupidity, I apologize to the over sensitive readers who should not take my honest comments personally.

OK now the day after, once you know who won the Super Bowl and were an intrinsic part of the actions and emotions WHAT DO YOU HAVE you did not have before the game, more money, more directions, more happiness or yet another very educated topic to talk about at work in the morning? The players, the advertisers if they are lucky and the management are the ones that will make the millions and laugh all the way to the bank NOT you. Your physical investment has produced NOTHING of lasting value that could be used to better or benefit your life, your spirit or your family. You were trained with religions, sports and entertainments to forget the misery of life and STOPPED to ask the questions that could make you aware of the very words I wrote for you.

This type of BIG religious or sport businesses are for BIG smart people or the controlling Illuminati that handle the mass’ resources and by controlling how you should use your mind and spent your time, they are the ones that got pay the billions for it.  Will you ever figure it out readers and start investing in YOUR education for a change?

But the Illuminati knows well how lazy and easily manipulated the working “ants” are and will always find a way to control the information  through tons of legal / illegal drugs, alcohol, fatty food and dysfunctional televisions programs. As long as you do not try to think out of the box, ask questions or better your life you are not a threat to them and if you were trained to see your best football player or a certain celebrities, actors, singers as Jesus himself so be it…The wrong crowd is idolized because living someone’s else life to forget how insignificant yours is is NOT the way to go when God granted you with the power to turn things around and LIVE this type of life.  But without curiosity, critical thinking and education you will always be part of the watchers and not the action. But when I mention education I am talking about educating the self, the soul, the inner core and values of your spirit so you can get in the direction your “Dragon’s Head “blessings can be used to turn you straight into greatness.

Do you really think watching endless football games, entertainments programs or attending religious services will do the job? Then you need a few more miserable lives on this level of consciousness because you are not ready for my work and I. Give a good look to yourself and where you are at in your life…

Are you happy?

Do you like your job?

Do you feel you gave up already?

Are you healthy and strong enough?

Do you feel you help the world everyday?

Are you really proud of your accomplishments?

Do you make enough money to buy anything you want?

Do you feel loved and respected by your friends and your family?

Are you happy in general in all you are and do you want to live a long life?

Then if you said yes to all of the above then you must be a NFL football player or a famous artist!

The question is if you said no to all, then its time for you to take a chance on yourself because anyone successful in life was born like you. With gifts that have been used to the fullest and you do own hidden talents that could make you as good, as happy, as wealthy, as fulfilled  and as smart as any famous soul. They just happened to be  at the right time at the right place and did the right thing with the “dragon.” Note the dragon for the lack of words is a star constellation named “Draco” and must not be sought as evil but a liberating energy that will change your life if heeded accordingly… Do your home work, demand a better life, there is nothing you can not have or be all you have to do is to read the comments of those who dealt with me before because a true spiritual leader is also extremely rare…

Let me liberate your soul

Fly your Dragon’s Head to the gold mine

Master your subconscious

Let me lead you to the gold

While science is endlessly wasting our tax dollars dissecting Einstein’s brain to find why he was a genius and keep wasting more valuable resources uncovering the secret of consciousness a totally unconscious humanity goes about its daily business… The fact of how living organisms and human become conscious of what is happening to them and around them is a mystery only a few  smart human have acknowledged and far from what the scientific community logical aptitude can conceive.

Science is limited to the biological mechanisms and the physical components of the human mind and the spiritual values embodying the secrets behind the phenomena of consciousness still unclear and in no way will the “new educated kids on the block” can achieve any form of consciousness without basic Cosmic Consciousness.

Science perceive consciousness as a representations of objects (or religious/sports events) in the sensory modalities in which the brain is designed to assimilate through vision, hearing, touching, smelling, taste, sensing the state of our body’s interior/exterior and all is done with the five limited human senses. The human “robot” is mapping, navigating, palping, assuming its physical form, its physical world through its physical senses still totally unconscious of what make him/her conscious.

In fact you only become conscious of the things and actions that the sensory systems help you map but your mapping system or inherited spiritual tools I call the UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” is not identified by science. In some cases the unborn inherited/karmic UCI, especially the ones of highly intellectual, logical, earthy signs/souls is simply ill prepared or forbidden to enter the archetypal real of consciousness. These PhD’s are born eternal highly educated students of the mind doomed to start and finish their exploration by dissecting Einstein physical brain.

Logic and rational override the intuitional or the spiritual domain and the “young souls” will erroneous classify my work on Astropsychology solely as a “pseudo-science.”  But while mapped representations are a necessity for consciousness, the fact is they are not sufficient for consciousness to occur and still baffle neurology experts.

All I can do is to use an appropriate example such as a  the space shuttle made up of sophisticated computers components all dedicated to the good function and security of the man made machines. The technology while in charge of many moving parts, the wings, the wheels, the brakes, the undercarriage, the rudder and the computers themselves including the interior/exterior pressure, speed, oil, fuel, clocks etc. are totally unconscious of their own “mission” except in a metaphorical sense. A top of the line extremely complex  computer knows all about the shuttle’s expected behavior but has NO clue. In the sense that the reader know, at this very moment, that you are a breezing living entity and like the scientific community made up of 99.09% of an unconscious humanity puzzling over the mysteries of consciousness…

While they are similarities, Not a single human being UCI (the spiritual conception) is the same thus we are all “unique” and designed to perform like the shuttle (the human mind/body) and the difference and performances are endless. The only problem is like the shuttle, human think they are more conscious of the “self” because they have a memory and five limited senses when they are not… Because of time and feelings, human have consciousness of an autobiographical self, the shuttle does not or it is recorded by the hand of man. Human ONLY “feels” its living body to which experiences are happening in this particular world and wanders in it. But how can I approach the reality of paralleled worlds, extraterrestrials, immortality, the divine values of the Comic Code or  super-consciousness  when human are not able to integrate themselves in their own minuscule solar system?

Science believe we experience everything we map through our five limited human senses because we feel the body that is the core of all the mappings caused in our organism. The only way to become fully conscious of our perceptions and realize what a UNIQUE human is all about its to build solid Cosmic Consciousness. But each readers was born with its OWN UCI, its own “antennas” its own education, its own experiences, its own physical and spiritual “immaculate conception” and  perception of its own reality.

The scientific crowd is not objective or spiritual enough and keep looking  inside the box where they are all mentally prisoner of… Unraveling the biological mechanisms or the human brain or its physical conception through a microscope will not offer its psychical conscious secrets and trying to uncover our origins at the level of single neurons is a dead end.

Now on to explain in great details Mark Zuckerberg’s UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” and how the stars lead him to such wealth. I will also make specific predictions for Mark that may not necessarily please the sensitive readers but the stars do not lie and exposing his soul publicly means also the opportunity for him to read my warnings…

Become a VIP level 3 or upgrade right away. Do not miss this crucial information, knowledge is power!



Venus Governs the Beautiful and Financially Oriented Constellation Of Taurus

Luxurious and elegant
I have the memory of an elephant
Loving all of life’s finer pleasures
Gifted am I at acquiring more coffers and treasures
I am TAURUS, child of Venus.


Mark Zuckerberg Born May 14, 1984, 12:00 PM 


Sun 23Tau52               (1)  Self – The symbol of the bull (Taurus) has been subconsciously used by many financial corporations (Merryl Linch) as the Bull represent the stubborn, dedicated, fixed earthy, practical attitude needed to deal with money.  Mark soul’s purpose is to establish emotional, financial and spiritual stability during the course of this lifetime and the goal has been achieved early.


Moon 14Sco46           (7) Partners/fall – Where ever Scorpio resides death, drama, police will enter the subject’s life. Thus Mark is seriously prone to meet with his death at home (suicide) or through the 7th house affairs (contracts/partners/criminal element.) Yes when you are so wealthy and so popular the hyaenas will be lurking in the dark and no amount of security  will protect him. Only Cosmic Consciousness and serious planning can alter his fate.

Mercury 29Ari8        (12)  Subconscious – Mercury (The Messenger of the Gods) regulates Mark’s mental faculties and the Aries leadership spirit makes him very competitive. In the 12th house his subconscious drive to achieve lead him to reach his goals.Read more about the subconscious creative forces

Venus 15Tau08           (1) Self dignity – Venus the Goddess of love ruler of Taurus brought “savoir faire” and  the diplomatic aptitude needed to acquire friends to build wishes and wealth.

Mars 19Sco39             (7) dignity (traditional) – Mars (The Lord of War) dictate tremendous actions in the partnerships house but Mars means also how danger / arm /accident  will enter the subject’s life. In the deadly sign of Scorpio (death/drama/police/criminals) the ultimate price may be the outcome due to jealousy or ill fated Scorpius associations.


Jupiter 12Cap38         (9) fall – Jupiter protection and expansion may come from highly places where foreign  an incognito life and properties on foreign ground may be one serious option to escape his Scorpius fate.


Saturn 12Sco15          (7) – Saturn (The Great Malefic) is also plagues by the Scorpius dramatic energy right on his 7th house of partnerships. This position could mean a lonely life or an attraction to a much older manipulative (male.female) soul. Saturn rules structure and corporations  while Scorpio means total control and  supreme wealth. Mark was forced by the political, legal “hyaenas” into dealing and sharing supreme wealth against his will or pay the consequences.


Uranus 12Sag19         (8) – Uranus (The Lord of the Skys) rules technology ( Facebook) while Sagittarius rules higher education making him apt to learn, master and promote his creation thought the benefical Jupiterian foreign expensive energy. Thus Facebook became international in the process and Mark became  another unconscious “peon”of the Cosmic Code. Currently the Dragon Head resides in the sign of Sagittarius forcing  a  world wide form of Technological communion/communication. Indeed one of my prediction came to pass…


Memo from my prediction page: The new transiting Dragon (already in action) DEMANDS the world to cooperate and communicate in a Universal manner. This draconic energy will force a general restructure of ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATIONS; this includes the printed spoken words, magazines, newspapers, radios the wood/paper industry forcing a new “Universal” electronic means of communication. This “Act Of God” will allow the world to reach a “liberal” wider type of education preparing humankind for greater changes in communication/education as we approach the year 2012.

Dr. Turi

Uranus regulates also his 8th house of death where an aeronautical disaster could end his life if planning outside of the Moon Universal Law is omitted.

Neptune 00Cap59          (9) fall – Neptune regulates deception and in conventional Capricorn (politicians/religious authorities) afflict his 9th house. An army of deceptive manipulative Neptunian groups will benefit from the immense wealth after his death. The investments will promote more deceptive teachings and religious buildings on foreign grounds.


Pluto 00Sco05              (7) dignity – The planet of supreme power, supreme wealth, death and drama rules his 7th Scorpius house of partnerships. Mark’s attracted the attention of the Illuminati and bought out of power but many envious Plutonic souls will always lurk around him to suck away his financial and spiritual life. The seven house deals also with the open public and this karmic impact precede the next Scorpio Dragon karmic work, bringing a total lack of privacy and open the door to technologically control the mass at their ensue.  Read more of my 2012/2014 Universal Predictions at the bottom of my homepage.


Dragon’s Head  07Gem25              (2)   Money – With the protective expensive impact of  Mark’s natal Dragon’s Head  in Gemini (communication) blessing his second house of money and possessions he was set by the Cosmic Code (God’s will) to become a billionaire. Mark simply did the right thing by following his DUAL natal Dragon’s Head in the “chatter box” Gemini sign. Being a DUAL means endless opportunities to grow through various channels provided by communicative Gemini. While totally depraved of Cosmic Consciousness his powerful Taurus Sun and his ultra perceptive dedicated Scorpio moon  worked on his favor to created Facebook.  Mark was at the right time at the right place flying his Dragon’s Head  unconsciously fulfilling  a higher order imposed by the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius rules geniuses and technology forcing the truth and humanitarianism all over the world. The same type of energy that predated my “vision” of a US internal revolution birthing the “Occupy” movement and the Middle East slow implosion.


The fact that I am able to make immediate predictions Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions back in 1995 I foresaw everything that is involving the dying Age of Pisces and the “Universal religious War”  with all its control of information, deception and manipulations and the replacing Age of Aquarius forcing  a new “Universal” electronic means of communication.

Dragon’s Tail 07Sag25           (8)  With the Tail of the Dragon (negative) in the 8th house (corporate endeavors/death/metaphysics) his death will be as spectacular as his success. Sagittarius rules the codification of thoughts, higher education and religions. Mark found a way to “codified” the accepted technological rules and information creating Facebook and made it available to the world at large. Doing so the drastic opportunity to communicate valuable information do also affect  the Status Quo offering power to the mass or the otherwise uneducated powerless people. The Illuminati HAD to control this burgeoning new Universal brain and its potential to communicate conspiracies and highly guarded wisdom such as the Cosmic Code secrets I am sharing with you and the world at large.  And this is why it is crucial now the power falled in the wrong hands to make sure the information keep coming…For one day, if you are not heeding my warnings you will not be able to access my wisdom…


Sun disposited by Venus
Jupiter disposited by Saturn
Moon disposited by Pluto
Saturn disposited by Pluto
Mercury disposited by Mars
Uranus disposited by Jupiter
Venus disposited by Venus
Neptune disposited by Saturn
Mars disposited by Pluto
Pluto disposited by Pluto – Squeezing the lemon to its last drop Mark is a born Plutonic soul but totally unconscious of the repercussions he was forced to create through his own nerdy genius like UCI.


Arrow Yod Sun – focus
Mars – reaction
Neptune – Deception it the outcome for the karmic creator…


Planet Points Percent
Cardinal 2.5 21 % – Wanting to create.
Fixed 8.5 71 %  – Fixity of purpose
Mutable 1 8 % – Adaptability


Dragon’s Head – A Messenger of the God

Dragon’s Tail – Imposed Universal Education through the current Dragon’s Head in Sagittarius


Planet Points Percent
Fire 1.5 13 % – Ego
Earth 5.5 46 % – Practicality
Air 85 % – Gemini Head
Water 5 42 % – Intuition


(Mansions of the Moon):
Jupiter  – Luck growth
Neptune – Deception


Gibbous – Waning – Short dramatic life
MOON DISTANCE: 368993.1 km. Close Distance
MOON SPEED: 14.28931 deg/day Fast Speed
ODD LOWER-ORDER: 1 0.98380
5 0.98819

4 0.99394

ODD HIGHER-ORDER: 149 0.94127
47 0.97367

EVEN HIGHER-ORDER: 144 0.93425
94 0.96223



Important Public Announcement 

Are you the next Mark Zuckerberg


Lastly if you did not watch my latest video yet, or even if you did, return and let my powerful message bless your heart and give me your blessings right there, because staying alive and fulfill my mission can not fail…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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