2012 Water Dragon Predictions



The Chinese have lost so much wisdom of the real Power of the Dragon over the years. The equivalent of the Dragon in Oriental Astrology is the sign of Aries in the Occidental Astrology.  From supreme wisdom heed by the ancients to  the new lost generation enjoying a world wide entertainment folklore celebration…

Without Cosmic Consciousness or the full understanding of the “signs” by houses and signs, accurately explaining the “Power of the Dragon” is just an impossible task. Thus modern astrology methodology or Chinese mythology alone will never offer you the accurate translation. Meantime associating and primarily using Divine Astrology (Astropsychology) with the old Oriental disciplines will assure you the perfect translation.

The fact is both methodology uses the 12 simplified energies making up the 12 signs  of the Zodiac and mixed it with the 4 elements.  There are four elements, air, fire, water and earth that will stimulate positively or negatively anyone blessed by  the Power of the Dragon.  Depending on the mixture of elements the “dragon” will become either extraordinary competitive or much too cautious to succeed.

Over the centuries, occidental Astrology turned into a modern mathematical jargon where the scientific numbered approach took over the spiritual intuitiveness shutting down the archetypal realm of consciousness provided by the signs and the metaphoric accurate translation.   However, far from Europe, the Orient was much slower to develop and turn Astrology into a profitable financially oriented money making machine.  The uneducated mass on both end of the globe bought the masquerade and to this day, still read and follow their horoscopes.

This type of  “Astrology” is extraordinary simplified and has absolutely no values what so ever for the deceived consumers. You may as well trust the “fortune” cookie offered to you after enjoying a nice diner at a Chinese restaurant. But like the Occident, the Orient also suffered political and religious tumultuous wars and the power angry Illuminati made sure to keep this type of “Dragon” wisdom for themselves and like they did all over the world, controlled and altered the information. Remember all the dead and alive Popes the Vatican  where taught real Astrology and so were all the hierarchical ruling Kings of the Orient.

The rules is simple, when you control someone source of information you simply end controlling the entire life and resources of that person…Note also the “ants” there could never access or read my pearls of wisdom but this is not the case with anyone reading me and curious enough to master his/her natal Dragon.

The fact is while this “water dragon” is presumably sought as a very or if not the best Dragon power mixture it is entirely false and worse, the opposite. Without Cosmic Consciousness the unconscious elites in Asia dealing with the Dragon will make tons of money increasing drastically their business by offering only what they know or a serious dose of dangerous ignorance.

Year of Dragon brings romance and babies 

Hong Kong is bracing for a boost in the birth rate thanks to the new Chinese year. CNN’s Ramy Inocencio reports’

The counterpart or the fiery energy of Mars translate into the sign of Aries in the Occidental Astrology and the spitting fire Dragon in the Occidental mythology. Common sense dictate that FIRE and WATER do not mix well and tend to extinguish each others.  If you read the characteristics of Aries (fire) and Pisces (water) not only they are totally opposite in the Zodiacal housing system but do not mix at all.


But what do the unconscious greedy Chinese business experts know about Divine Astrology or offer the people when all they see is yen? This is absolutely disastrous to stimulate an upsurge of birth when the Tail of the Dragon (awful) will for the next two years resides in the sign of Taurus (money/security) and Scorpio (death/power.)  For your information readers, the celebration of the year of the Horse (Gemini) is a very different one where all women get aborted in China and while this fact is not always publicized it is true. Indeed Gemini (as a dual, masculine sign) is sought as over masculine, undisciplined, “ADHD” and the females are less domestic, challenging, argumentative, obnoxious, freedom oriented, independent, curious or simply behave like real Gemini.

Many times in my radio show I advised mothers to hold on to produce babies because such dramatic Dragon will have a serious impact on the fate of their children. Remember Bernie Madoff  was born with such a dragon and losing his own child is a serious sign to heed such powerful dragon. While the human will is stronger than the dragon with 99.09% of the world’s population totally unconscious I can only offer my warnings and strongly recommend any pregnant Mothers to check on the UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”  of their offspring and avoid tragedy.


Patti Stanger Millionaires Club 



Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

Not too long ego I dwelt with one of those Gemini idiots and the experience was simply horrific. – In fact both women while involved in the same “matching” endeavors are doing the least service for the people they attract. As always those who are sought as the elites in their field are the least knowledgeable and in both cases extraordinary detrimental to society. But without real wisdom the ignorant, God fearing, easily manipulated mass can only go along, trust those celebrities and with time pay the price.

It is important for the reader to acknowledge that regardless of the months of year you were born the 2012 water Dragon will affect you in a very specific house by sign. Note also your hidden Dragon will also play its inner part upon your psyche and I doubt Patti Stranger or the Chinese ill promoter have a single clue of the importance of my “vision.”   If for a second you believe those dealing with the Dragon, horoscopes, astrology, performing matching or  psychic work are cosmic conscious and fully aware of their natal UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” then you never learned anything from me yet reader.

In fact your own President is part of the 99.09% of unconscious human walking planet earth and his “unconscious” advisers never told him he was right into one of his unlucky window dates and paid the price for his Presidential ignorance.  How can you expect to lead others or make significant progress if you do not know about God’s universal rules or how the Cosmic Code will interact with you and others? No there are NO accidents  just humongous ignorance plaguing all our politicians and the disgusting results are plain to see American voters…

Shocking: Obama makes fun of Republicans At Immigration Speech: 

Governor Jan Brewer And Her Heated Argument With President Obama

I have compiled the worse of the negative Dragon Dates for 2012 but only if you become a Cosmic Code VIP will you have access to them to check my claims. 2012 Deadly Dragon Dates

Real Dragon Power Behind Mythology

The fact is you are made up and reflect all the sign of the zodiac and all the  natal and hidden Oriental and Occidental Dragons but it may take a bit more than modern Astrologer or some ignorant manipulating souls to educate and guide you. If you want to know about your Dragons or Dragon Dates, you know there is only one man who has the real answers and one man able to do the job…And this is me to know and you to find out of course…

I am now going to translate through all the sign of the Zodiac how the Dragon will affect and mold your fate in 2012. Get real guidance with my 2012 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast.



Aries Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only


Positive:  ////////////////////////

Negative: //////////////////


The Libra Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only


Positive: ///////////

Negative: ////////////////////


Taurus Dragons are ////////////// sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only

Positive: /////////////////////////////

Negative: //////////////////////////


Scorpio Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only

Positive: ///////////////////////////////

Negative: //////////////////////////////


These Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only


Positive: ////////////////////////////

Negative: /////////////////////////////


the Sagittarian Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only


Positive: ////////////////////////////////

Negative: //////////////////////////////////


Cancer Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only

Positive: //////////////////////////////

Negative: /////////////////////////////


These Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only

Positive: //////////////////////////////

Negative: //////////////////////////////


Leo Dragons Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only

Positive: //////////////////////////////////

Negative: /////////////////////////////////


This Dragons Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only


Positive: ///////////////////////////////

Negative: /////////////////////////////


 Virgo Dragon Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only


Positive: /////////////////////////////////

Negative:  /////////////// I am here for them all, knowing Virgo happens to be my top best students of Astropsychology.


This  Pisces Dragons are //////////////sorry this educational guiding material is for VIP level 3 only


Positive: ///////////////////////////////////

Negative:  /////////////guru endeavors.   /////////////Indeed back in 1995, my predictions of a “religious war” on national radio is factual before Pisces finally realize to swim upstream towards God’ s celestial divinity.




Important Note from Dr. Turi – Were you Born a Cosmic Coder?



1- Cosmic Journeys

2 – Nostradamus

3 – 2012


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