Mystery Illness and the Dragon

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

Mystery illness strikes 12 teens  Mystery illness strikes 12 teens  

Dear Readers:

Science has no clue the human mind is directly related/connected to the Universal Mind  (Cosmic Code) and depraved of Cosmic Consciousness the scientists can only speculate and are totally baffled to the reasons creating the new mystery illness currently plaguing twelve teens.

There are many reasons to take in consideration and my “visions” of things to come add to the rest of the story.

From my prediction page: America, born July 4th 1776, will receive the Dragon’s Tail on her 12th house as of March 2011 until August 2012 forcing a total re-structure of the working force and its basic physical organizations. On a spiritual US / world meaning this dragon will induce a serious increase in mental problems (dementia/depressions/schizophrenia etc.) where medications will make the situation worse. Expect dramatic news and a serious increase involving suicides.To make the situation worse, the prescribed medications will be channeled by the nefarious Mercurial dragon into the human respiratory system producing numerous fatalities. Much of the investigations and scientific findings will be kept secret but in time will come to light. 

The symptoms resemble those of  GTS or La Tourette syndrome characterized by multiple physical (motor/speaking) tics.  While my French countryman was well read, educated and describe the symptoms logically the real spiritual reasons and cure has never been found. It will remain a mystery that will be defiantly explored and understood but a more spiritually inclined generation willing to bypass the spiritual limitation of today’s moronic scientific community.

What science do not know is all communications, mental disorders and all moving parts of the human body are attributed to a planet called Mercury. Currently the Tail of the Dragon is afflicting the sign of Gemini and make those kids prone to suffer the Cosmic Code jurisdictions making them very vulnerable. In certain UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” combined with an exposure or lack of Mercury will produce those ailments. Disorders such as ADD, ADHD are directly related to the planet Mercury but once again without proper spiritual education speech Pathologists who specializes in communication disorders will never really grasp the reasons behind those ailments.

Constant worries (feeding evil), trivial, unproductive talks, depressions added with prescriptions will stop the human body, mind and soul’s recharging its own batteries opening all doors to a myriad of Mercury aliments ( tics.) Without proper psychical education, creativity, positiveness, faith, hopes spiritual regeneration becomes impossible (STOP FEEDING EVIL!)

But as always Astropsychology formidable affordable and assured therapeutic priorities are dismissed and classified as a ridiculous “pseudo-science” with no scientific values…All is left is dangerous prescriptions that will with time make the situation worse. As much as birds and mammals natural GPS get obstructed during a Mercury retrograde period, the situation get much worse when the human UCI is already sensitive to those celestial changes or when the Dragon Tail (negative) comes back to its initial position at birth. This phenomenon not only produces serious psychological changes and depressions but induces also suicidal tendencies following a prolonged drugs prescribed regiment. Birds falling from the sky, fishes dying by the thousands still baffled an infantile science who lost its objectivity into a microscopic perception of a cosmic infinite.

Dead Birds Don’t Talk!

ET’s Birds and Human

Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi

Science and Cosmology

Dementia, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Science

Annie Murphy Paul: A Writer Explores Fetal Origins

Yes a bunch of educated morons keep dissicating  Einstein brain looking for the secret of his genius, indeed this is indeed  science mixture of grotesqueness and imbecility combined and we all pay for it. I truly believe our tax dollars should be invested in a different direction because since his death the genius secret is still a mystery to all those educated PhD’s collectors morons. Why are the new kids on the block incapable of following his very words is still a mystery to me…

OMG! In what a young world did I land on? 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

 ~Albert Einstein*

The fact is, your scientific community has lost its perception of the divine and lost so much in the process and  could gain so much more if their accredited ego would honor the word science and turn around, away from the mental blockage, from the box their tiny unconscious brain is jailed and instead look above for the answers they are all so desperately looking for… But the well read human ego not only challenges geniuses but God’s divine creation, and you wonder why this world and humanity is so messed up?

“In a world where leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.”

Dr. Turi

But when I wrote last year,  “On a more personal note Gemini all souls born in June and December (Check What’s Next for Sheriff Joe Arpaio? also born inJune) or those born with a natal/hidden Dragon’s Head/Tail a rising in any of these signs will undergo a full restructure of their lives until August 2012. Then souls born in May and November will be next targeted by the Dragon.”

But how can science prove me wrong or allow me to prove my claims when they know nothing of my work on Astropsychology and lump my work and I with Mrs. Cleo?   Did they check on the DOB of these teens? but if they do and none of them was born in either signs they would immediately dismiss my findings because they have no clue of the natal or hidden dragon producing the phenomenon… All they have to do is to take my course and all the pieces of the puzzle would come in place, but for now its me to know and them to find out I guess…The only good news I have to offer my curious readers is that; life is a constant process of changes where humanity can only grow out of its own blindness and finally realize its direct relationship with the Cosmic Code.

All Truths evolve through 3 Stages of Consciousness…
First, they are Ridiculed,
Next, they are Violently Opposed, and
Then, they are Accepted as Self-Evident!

Common Disorders and Astrology


This mental disorder usually depicts a reclusive, socially awkward, indisposed character with poor or inappropriate feelings and an inability to perform or function well in our society. The inward world of hallucinations is too much for the subject, who falls victim to these make-believe, destructive and grandiose thought processes. This type of hallucinatory person, over a period of time, will need assistance, will become dependent on other family members, and will require supervision. Neptune (confusion), the planet of deception, plays an important part in all mental disorders, and when badly aspected by Pluto (destruction) or Mercury (mental processes), the worst is to be expected. Hard aspects by disturbing planets like Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, or Mars to the Dragon?s Tail (past lives) are also a strong possibility to induce mental disorders. In many cases, the amount of past-life residue is much too strong to be controlled by the soul due to his speedy reincarnation to the earth. An obvious example is seen with the life and fate of Paul Jennings Hill (anti-abortion activist/murderer), falling victim to the residue of his past life as a woman (Dragon?s Tail in Cancer ? protective mother), bringing children into this world.


This mental disorder is characterized by a strong desire for excitement, drama, attention, and constant reassurance. The hysterical personality will do all that he can to attract attention and exaggerate the situation. This type of endeavor is seen within the melodramatic performance of an actor in a televised soap opera or on the big screen. A hard aspect to a Dragon?s Tail, the moon (emotions) or/and Mercury (communication) in Leo (love) combined with other nefarious planets such as Neptune (acting) Pluto (drama) can very well produce hysteria. The desire for attention, drama and respect from others is quite strong and produce exhibitionists, ready to shock others to gain the desperate attention their crave for.

Dissociative States:

Dissociative states occur when a person is under great stress from external influences, other people?s cruelty or deeply felt previous internal conflicts with a disturbing immediate situation. The moon (emotion) in Pisces (sensitivity) on the Dragon?s Tail (karma) is a major contribution to the dilemma. This affliction brings dissociation with others, especially to the family. The upbringing is usually very dramatic and the subject learns early in childhood to cope with traumatic sexual or emotional abuse. If the Dragon?s Tail (negative) affects the 4th house (home/family) in the sign of Scorpio (sex) or if there is any hard aspects to the Moon (home) and Pluto (death) drama will occur. Often they are forced to learn to disconnect from their feelings to avoid emotional or physical pain. By adulthood, their emotions are locked behind protective walls and can be accessed as needed. A strong Pluto (power) aspect to Mercury (the mind), and the Moon (emotions) gives the subject a powerful will to dissociate himself from whatever is going on around him so that emotional or physical pain can be avoided. The strength of Pluto, aspects to Mercury and the Moon give this person a form of subconscious (protection) self-hypnotic trance. In extreme cases, therefore, these individuals do experience periods of ?missing time,? confusion and disorientation. Sad enough, ?The Little Queen? Jon Benett, was murdered at home. The police suspect the parents for good reasons. She was a Leo (fame/stage) and at an early age displayed her gift as an entertainer. The 4th house (home/family members) happens to be in the dramatic sign of Scorpio (death/sex) and clearly indicates where death and drama did enter the life of the subject.

Sociopathic Personality:

This disorder commonly called Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD is usually found with people born with a strong negative affliction to Mercury (the mind) and hard aspects to the Dragon?s Tail in Gemini. They do learn at an early age to lie to avoid trouble, and they are also somehow superficial and have problems with established rules and authority. The past-life residue in Gemini (double personality) is not yet eliminated or understood by the subject and is used in the form of manipulation and deceit. Reluctant to obtain education due to a poor memory, or a lack of attention, many of them end up as a ?Jack of all trades,? unable to focus and crystallize the thought processes. Afflicted by negative Mercury (Lord of the Thieves), they appear to be charming and smooth in their dealings, but they can be manipulative and insensitive. In order to stay alive, in previous past lives, the soul mastered the art of stealing and lying to survive. Many of them were involved in metaphysical work and had to perform their second occupation at night. Their endeavors involved witchcraft, healing with herbs, plants, using the Cabala and astrology. To avoid serious repercussion from the church authority of their time, they developed a gift of disguise, were lying and adapting fast to any situation meant saving their precious life.

Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.):

This has nothing to do with MPD and should be considered a gift from God. Curious by nature and intellectually challenging, an ADD person is, by nature (and purposely) ill equipped to accept all forms of codification of thoughts. Thus, avoiding traditional education, an A.D.D. (Einstein/Clinton/myself) will sidestep the barrier of educational dogma and breach the barrier of what was previously thought of as impossible. Nevertheless, discipline and basic education should be encouraged to promote the inborn genius quality of the A.D.D. subject so that he can be prosperous later in life.

A strong negative aspect to the moon (feelings) Mercury (the mind) and the Dragon?s Tail (past lives) in Pisces (deception) is predisposing the soul for a network for distorted ideas, fears, and uncontrolled imagination. Self-analysis is very difficult, if not impossible, with this individual who has serious trouble accepting his own intensely emotional and destructive imagination. An attraction to chemicals, drugs, and alcohol is also very common and act as a shield against the harsh reality of the physical world. Lacking objectivity, this individual rejects the reality of his own feelings and directs them toward other people, believing that they are the ones with the offensive intent. Although very attracted to the intangible, this soul is a terminal one and should not participate in hypnotic regression sessions or psychic seances. Due to his deceiving interstellar conception, this soul is a prime target for possession or invasion by low astral entities. The tremendous amount of dramatic subconscious memories from the past-life residue makes it very difficult to distinguish fiction from reality.

To protect society from all of the dangerous neurotics, all psychiatry, psychology and neuroscientists can do is, with the use of powerful drugs, control the expression of fear rather than erase it completely from the memory bank. However the use of chemicals can only further the degradation of the fragile psyche of the individual and should be avoided at all cost. Those souls have a natural negative reaction to all chemicals and could induce more stress, confusion and paralysis to the subject. Scientists must do a very different type of research in order to evaluate the real subtle astrological forces producing the mental sickness of an individual. Accurately diagnosing a mentally sick patient is winning more than half of the battle. Only then, with the help of these drugs, a preventive therapeutic mental regeneration will take place, allowing the patient to avoid further mental deterioration. Nothing is to be found in the complexity of the brain?s (computer) physical, supratomic structure. The answer is not within, but outside of the human brain, well above our scientific heads, and in the stars. Understanding and using the work of the ancients can only stop a waste of time in absurd speculation and our vital financial resources. This capital should be used to revive and further the much older, deeper and more reliable forfeited knowledge that resides within the stars. Doing so will re-establish the direct relationship with man?s psyche direct relationship with the universal mind.

EMF or Electro-Magnetic Field Frequency

Our bodies are vulnerable to EMFs (from AC wiring) because the AC frequencies (Harmonics of 60Hz) are so close to the frequency nerve cells use to communicate with each other. This frequency is also similar to the frequency (10Hz) that emanates from the earth herself. This frequency ?celestial energy? changes in intensity from distant stars? (sun) planets and our very close satellite, the moon (gravity/magnetism). The earth is a spinning magnetic field with a core of iron, and our bodies and earth herself have evolved in relationship to that ?subtle but real? outside stimulus or harmonic.

We are synchronized in uncountable ways not only to the mother earth and all her movements and life forms but also to the undeniable EMFs coming from our solar system (and other body/stars). This ?energy? is constantly bombarding our body and mind in ways appropriate for each cell to receive information, thus stimulating a specific timetable reaction from all minerals (earth/faults), plants and animals. The radiation emanating from our bodies (and the earth) picks up on this ?universal EMF? on its wavelength information mostly from the moon (magnetic field/metaphysics) of gravity (science) and also from all those stars. We are (the earth, too) in effect enclosed in a prison of electromagnetic forces that work in harmony with God?s Divine Scheme. Our minds (computers) are simply cyclonic resonance. One vector is the DC frequency coming from the earth and the other ?AC vector? from our solar system (including the Moon). Thus, our bodies, brains, earth are literally electromagnetic fields that vibrate within these two vectors. The same principles apply for migrating birds, whales and fish. Their inner sense of direction is programmed at birth and their automated computerized brains react to the Moon for reproduction and Mercury for direction.

Every day that God has created sees the procession of stars across the vault of the sky; they have followed the same regular path through the heavens, tracing the immutability of the cosmos and its constellations, which have spoken to the wise since the beginning of time. This work will explain in detail the subtle energy produced by the Moon?s passage through the 12 houses and signs of the Zodiac. These houses govern the 12 facets of our lives and the rhythms of our life?s cycle, our emotions, finances, consciousness, home, children, career, friends, wishes, fears, love, personality and all that goes to make up our sorrows and joys. Depending on the mystical rhythm of the Moon and her relationship ? harmonious or discordant ? to the constellations and houses of the sky over which they rule she will govern our human activity and give birth to our vices and virtues. The infinite and concealed dance of the Moon through the Zodiac is far from affecting only you, but affects all of us. You are a ?microcosm? or a child of the Universe and there is reason for you to be. You are a part of this incredible physical and spiritual structure called a ?macrocosm.?

To Those Searching For the truth:

Not the Truth of Darkness but the Truth brought by reason, where search, reason, investigation, and discipline is required. For faith, as well intentioned as it may be must be built on facts, not fiction – Faith in fiction is a damnable false hope. 

Thomas A. Edison-

OK now as promised check the collection of the news, my quatrains, keywords and read the facts…Then show your support please…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi



Note: Those Predictions were posted November 15, 2011 to the public

From prediction page:   #21. On a positive side, governmental waste and its special interest group of lobbyists and political abuses will seriously decrease watched by a new created internal financial police. On a negative note I see Mexico becoming a war zone because a total pollution of police power where drug Lords will order more police death. America will have to help and interfere as its borders will become more secure.

01/15/2012  –  CNN – If cartel violence is not contained in Mexico, the drug war could threaten U.S. national security and even survival of the Mexican state.

Microsoft probes mass suicide threat at China Plant

Dear Readers;

Today on my live Skype show on Remic TV I gave the host Jasmine a couple of dates to check on the values of my work on predictive astrology. Email her at to find out when the show will be aired. I gave her the dates of January 16, 17, 18 for news involving death, drama, police and to expect large quakes , shocking news and explosions for January 22, 23, 24  and this show will soon be available as to once again assure you I am CNN before CNN.  But for now I’d like to bring all my readers back to my prediction page and refresh your memory with one of my difficult vision.

Predictions page memo:

2011/2012 Jupiter / Mercury Impact

America, born July 4th 1776, will receive the Dragon’s Tail on her 12th house as of March 2011 until August 2012 forcing a total re-structure of the working force and its basic physical organizations. On a spiritual US / world meaning this dragon will induce a serious increase in mental problems (dementia/depressions/schizophrenia etc.) where medications will make the situation worse. Expect dramatic news and a serious increase involving suicides.





Hidden secrets sex, money come to light

Raw power challenges police deadly villains

Ugly face of death drama horror surface

(*) Nature, man’s religion bloody folly reign


Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News / Drug Lords / Karma / Gory.
01/18/2012 – Perry ‘terrorists’ remark angers Turkey – Terrorism? 

01/18/2012 – World Bank warns of global recession – Finances?

01/18/2012 – Bank of America earnings spike  – Finances?

01/18/2012 – Greek leaders meet over debt, bonds – Finances?

01/18/2012 – Head found near Hollywood sign – Gory news?

01/18/2012 – Bruce Jenner has cancer surgery – Dramatic news?

01/17/2012 – Police hunt Az. shooting suspect  – Police?

01/17/2012 – Ex-Marine charged in homeless killings – Karma?

01/17/2012 –  Pinkberry founder accused in beating  – Karma?

01/17/2012 – Transcript sheds light on cruise disaster – Secret? 

01/16/2012 – 25 dead in Beirut building collapse – Death News?

01/16/2012 – What did MLK think about gays? – Sex?

01/16/2012 – FBI seeks help finding teacher’s body – FBI?

01/16/2012 –  Day of service honors MLK Jr.  – Famous Death?

01/15/2012 – Gingrich to release tax return this week – Finances

01/15/2012 – Man tied to Calif. homeless killings – Death News?

01/15/2012 – Former CBS newsman killed in crash – Famous Death?

01/15/2012 – Bicycling Gene Hackman hit by car – Dramatic News?

01/15/2012 – Bodies of elderly couple found aboard grounded ship – Death News?

01/15/2012 – U.N. to al-Assad: ‘Stop killing your people’ – Death News?

01/15/2012 – Iraqi police: 15 killed in attacks on stations – Police?

01/15/2012 – The Mexico drug war: Bodies for billions – Drug Lords?

01/15/2012 – Iran threatens Israel, U.S. over scientist killing – Dramatic News?

01/15/2012 – Earthquake hits off Antarctica’s coast

01/15/2012 – (*) 2 powerful quakes 6.2 and 6.6 SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS

01/15/2012 – Explosion kills many Shiites in Pakistan, police say

01/15/2012 –  Olivia Munn poses nude for PETA ad – Sex?

01/15/2012 –  Married gay man faces deportation  Married gay man faces deportation – Sex?



Entrails Upset Spit Above

Red Fire Wind To Dance

Stars Command Shock Science

Calm Deception To Strike



Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / lightning / Humanitarianism / Discovery / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / UFO.

This page will be updated as the predictions unfold.

Stay safe on those days please.




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