Facing Your Mortality


For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi


All about death, rebirth, cancer, drama and how to deal with it! Soon now…

Dear readers:

As mentioned in the show with Linda, tomorrow is a big day for me, its that time again to check the status of the cancer that plagued my colon two years ago at the same time in January when I was operated on in Thailand. The moon in Scorpio is already coloring the news with death and drama all over and I picked this waning moon date to “test” the human will against this evil window…Last time I did this was during a Mercury retrograde, again during a waning moon and while everything as anticipated was messy, Terania and I had a great time with George Noory at the 11/11/11 event. If you are a newcomer  to the Cosmic Code you may catch up and read it all. The Genius Of Buseyism


While I am psychically stable and very strong facing mortality  was indeed the most difficult dramatic time in my life where the real fear of hurting my loved ones with an early departure and an unfinished mission with humanity is not allowed…I am also aware that there is no death per say but only a re-birthing process on a different plane. Since God spared my life and gave me another chance I really began to appreciate everything that meant something to me much more. I recall those awful nights where I could not find sleep crying for my salvation thousands of miles away from everyone I loved wondering how I would tell them I had an experation date and my time on earth was limited…


The depth of emotions I had to go through was pure hell where I was experiencing disbelief, pain, panic attacks slowly being engulfed by the curtain of death. I even came so low that I had accepted my own death and felt really alone and lost and cried many tears… The most difficult experience was waiting for the results that would determine if the armada of tests at the hospital would assure my demise in a few months or if the surgery got the evil away from my body once and for all. To make matter worse I caught a serious bug at the salad bar that nearly killed me before the cancer did. In fact I never told the public about this awful experience…

After the surgery, waiting for the final tests I was slowly recuperating  and forced to walk to bring life back to my intestines when disaster stroke. I was strong enough to go back to my hotel room after lunch and spent the day in and out of sleep watching television. I could only talk to Terania very early in the morning and I was anticipating the love and support she was providing me with. Around 7 PM I felt terribly hot and even with the full AC down I was still boiling. I vomited all I had in my stomach and I got scared looking at myself in the mirror. I had lost so much weight and my face was as red as a blood, I knew I had very serious fever…At this point I thought I had a bad reaction to the regiment of antibiotics I was ingesting but it made no sense to me because I was perfectly fine only a few hours ago…


I thought with what I went through already, I can tough this one out too but little did I know what would become the night…I tried all I could to stay cool but nothing worked, I finally decided to take a cold shower but Thailand is an exotic country where water really never gets cold. As soon as I was done and back in my bed I started boiling up again and it became clear to me that my weakened immune system was batting a serious infection. I could only stay cool when standing in front of the fan of the room AC but as soon as I was dry the fever eat intensified. The nightmare lasted well into the night where I knew I had to find a way to bring the fever down or dying in my bed.

My physician told me to reach him in any emergency and I was a second away to do so, but I also felt guilty to wake him up in the middle of the night. In no way could I also walk long enough to get a cab to the hospital located only a few blocks away.   I knew he was going to be there early in the morning if I could only wait that long…The fever intensified to a very dangerous level and I knew I had to think fast and right to bring it down, I could feel my noisy heart pumping in my chest and I could barely breeze. The only way for me to cool down was to take a bath in icy water but I had no enough ice in my small refrigerator to make it happen.


But I had plenty towels and after drenching two of them in the water I put them in the ice compartment and this did it for me…My fast thinking saved my sorry butt and all I did until the next day was to get up every few minutes and use those icy towers on my neck, head, chest and tummy until the Sun rose again.   I was shivering, sweating, trembling hot and cold at the same time but I managed to survive yet another battle against evil.

Exhausted, the taxi driver took me to the hospital where my doctor immediately knew something was very wrong with me. My temperature was still above 100 as he ordered the nurses to take my blood for testing. He kept me in the hospital room the entire day making sure my fever subsided and he gave me horse killer antibiotics to eliminate the nasty bug I caught eating unclean “fresh” vegetable the day before at the hotel buffet. He was not sure if it was the water or the salad hosted the bug but I did not need much sleeping tablets  and rested peacefully the entire day. Terania was not able to reach me this day using MSN or the hotel telephone and she had her own insomnia to deal with…


Valentine day came to pass I was very depressed, lonely thousands of miles away from everyone I love but I know next Valentine will be a very special day for me because all this is now behind me, at least I hope soon to give you more good news when the results of tomorrow’s colonoscopy and MRI comes back…THANK YOU GOD! – Growing up all I had was hardship, pain, suffering, drama and suffering the loss of my dad at 11 years old and my younger brother Vincent at 16 made me even tougher. Thus I am not used to complain and trained to deal with anything on my own because I was alone all the way…

In my book/bio the stories of my incredible life are barely possible to accept for some sensitive readers but still I did not divulge everything because this would be too much and impossible to accept for others. So these experiences will be for ever kept secrets…meantime unlike traditionally educated doctors formal educated beliefs, without those “accidents” I would not be Dr. Turi and would not be able to share my accumulated wisdom. Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi

In fact it is because of those dramatic experiences that I can offer you the chance to be prepared if, God forbid you have to undergo such dramatic events. Yes I went to hell and came back  safe and sound a few times and my luck has not run out yet. I have lost so many people in my 62 years of existence some accidentally, some to suicide, others to cancer and heart attacks, and I am still here…


Life is so precious and it is only when you realize it could be taken away from you in a second that you really start to live and enjoy every moment of it. Sad enough people live their lives endlessly worrying about the future missing the precious now. Others strive daily to feed evil by signing away their souls to negative unconscious religious or conspiracy “Talking Heads”feeding and living on their own fears of the future or power.

Its time for you to realize how precious life really is and to make the most of it while you can because anything, absolutely anything can happen to you or those you care. This is why you should tell them you love them, you care for them and stop living in your own dark world feeding evil at any given chance. The chance of you meeting with a violent death nowadays is so high, on the road or traveling by air or water. Cruise ship ran aground, kill 3

You could seriously  alter evil to enter your life with Cosmic Consciousnesses and this is too much work for you at least invest in my paperback 2012 Moon Power special edition or get the E book, its cheaper and you get it right away so you do not suffer the fate of so many people who died “accidentally.”

Millions of human suffered early demises just because they were never offered the option to read the signs written in light by God himself, and the fear to explore his celestial tools infringing those Universal laws brought the heavy penalty. Times have changed where curiosity becomes a blessing in disguise and where your perception of God’s divinity is not to be found in archaic beliefs and man made deceptive laws.


In a few days from now, God willing and with your prayers you will be allowed to continue  this journey with me and learn more about God’s divinity and your place in the Universe. A moon in Scorpio imposes a certain physical or hypothetical death for all of us, there is no way to escape the Cosmic Code rules for anyone, so why not playing in accordance to God rules for a change?

Why did I pick such deadly hospices readers you may ask…well I firmly believe the human will is stronger than the stars remember, this is what I teach yes? So like Marie Curie did, I have to test my theory on myself because I am the perfect candidate. Her dedication and courage cost her life because unlike today’s cowardly scientists, there is no room for guinea pigs to test dangerous medications when respect for others is an unborn talent.

The good news is that, under the “Scorpius” power nothing will escape the eye of the surgeon and if anything  it will be burned, killed on the spot before it kills me…Note also it is not the first time I undergo a check up this I trust my wisdom and your prayers will see me through…  While in this TV show I spoke of some of the drama I went through, a moon in Scorpio  divulge more dramatic “secrets” I just shared with you readers.


Lastly if you did not watch my latest video yet, or even if you did, return and let my powerful message bless your heart and give me your blessings right there, because staying alive and fulfill my mission can not fail…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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