Before owning the title and becoming a “Cosmic Coder” the reader must undergo a form of spiritual awakening, a form of mental uplifting where the curiosity to find more about life and God become a very strong drive. First the soul must experience deception and in some case many abuses questioning God and the reasons for so much injustice. Then the need to know more about the Creator, the stars and the Universe overide any religious induced fears the reader is ready to learn more about the 3 wise men lead by a star to the birth of Jesus. The reader is lead to accept the facts that all Popes of the past were taught Astrology by the Vatican council (read more) and become more suspiscious of what he was forced to accept as reality. Then the progressive psychological changes are slowly taking place and fears slowly subsise…

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Once you SIGN IN to become a VIP level 1/2 or 3 you are on your way to be tutored how God speaks to his children, this process won’t take long for you to “wake up” to the extraordinary power hidden in the stars. Once the celestial tools have been acknowledged, heeded and used on a daily base to better your and others lives you will finally realize why the Illuminati do NOT want to share such rare wisdom an d kept it underground for centuries. It’s like becoming the latest shuttle’s pilot and be educated enough to fly the complex spacecraft (your life) safely from the orbit of the earth back down to where it was previously launched and get the3 biggest kick ever looking at Mother Earth from the above. Just like any astronaut experienced…

But instead of using complex technology and sensitive machinery plagued with earthy limitations, the omnipresent immortal God’ spirit and its hidden marvels take over and becomes the spaceship or the safe mean of transportation in time and space. Again all to be used appropriately to better the future by humanity. yes unlike NASA scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists the stars are much more than dead rocks hanging up there for the sake of beauty… Yes I am just a bit ahead of science reader…

Stars Are Spiritual Entities

 Again remember NASA, astronomers, astrophysicists and most human see the stars only as dead rocks and all are obliterate to the spiritual values emanating from all celestial bodies.  This is what and where the real difference comes to play when the soul become cosmic conscious or is stuck on earth victim of ignorance.

Souls born/blessed with an advanced UCI *Unique Celestial Identity are set to naturally fly the universe with the spirit and in some case will be able to perform astral travel, remote viewing and tap on the archetypal realm of consciousness easily. Those are the artists, the spirituals, the psychics, the mediums, the spiritualists and all those interested in the psychic phenomenon,  the indigo children etc. Karmic work lead prophets and natural healers like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Madame Vladasky to inherit a very advanced UCI and, throughout their lives, those souls offered others their incredible spiritual gifts.

Now “young souls” do not have the inborn spiritual engine needed to rise naturally to God and become very vulnerable to religious poisoning and find themselves; attracted to the deceptive energy of cults leaders .i.e. David Koresh/Rev Jones and polygamist Jeff Warren – They are only following man made laws…

With no real advanced UCI grounding (lack or logic)  those people cannot use critical thinking, they use faith or the codification of thoughts (the book says) and they are perfect ground for a multitude of established religious organizations (Church Inc.) This lack of logic strengthen their natural puritanical outlook of life and can be devastating for their curious children, especially those born with a smarter UCI. Yes indeed some kids are smarter than their parents and many are born Cosmic Coders, I can only hope for them to land on my work and start the cosmic journeys with me.

OMG! I read Dr. Turi’s work, I am going straight to hell now…

Those religious, God fearing parents are young souls and nothing else than spiritual victims oblivious of the facts  that; their own children do suffer physical or spiritual abuses from their Neptunian Leader. What is a Neptunian? and what is the spirit of Neptune? This planet rules drugs, alcohol, deception, illusion, asylums, hospitals, imagination, churches, synagogues, including jails and  in time this Neptunian “energy” will bring them to where they belong in CONFINEMENT drugged, mentally insane or dead.

Indeed so many famous lost young souls perished in Neptune’s quick sands i.e. David Koresh, Rev Jones but no one was there to teach them about the power of the stars upon their particular fate and doomed psyches.

Since Jesus’ initial Ministry to introduce humanity to “Our Father In The Heavens” was altered y the Illuminati (Church Inc.) humanity felt victims of  those early greedy, manipulative Plutonic born souls. Their aim was to control it all using any possible means, good or bad as long as they could hold on to power and live with your donations.

LOL Dr. Turi ‘s Astro – Pseudo-science stuff

But depraved of Cosmic Consciousness “normal folks” including TOP scientists  from all walks of life do not have the inborn intellectual/celestial “ingredients” (or the UCI ) to comprehend such high but hidden spiritual manifesto and all they can do is to keep advancing humanity on its physical plane at the expenses of the spirit.

By this I mean the extraordinary scientific technological accomplishments and still 99.09% of the world is still stuck into Neptune deceptive religious maneuvers and incapable of getting out of the trap. If the millions of dollars of wasted religious donations were to be used to master the Cosmic Code secrets and invested in my Astropsychology schools instead, humanity would speed up to a very different level of perception.

But this means also the “death” of many Neptunian Religious Empires that took two thousand years to build. And those guys won’t let go of the power they exert on your life and your poisoned spirit that easily,  because they cannot survive without your “donations.”

Thus do not expect any normal human being to soon swim out of Neptune’s treacherous waters and be BORN AGAIN a Cosmic Coder, reader…


My mission is simply extraordinary complex and difficult because I am ONE against a massive blind and unconscious opposition that makes 99.09% of the world. All I have is my incredible drive, my passion, my honesty, my integrity and the guts to EXPOSE everything and everyone using my Astropsychology methodology and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions.  In the process I may become an outcast and make enemies with the very people that could help me drastically to get my name and work in the media out there. But it all seem much too real for me that I will have to do it all alone because I AM ALONE.

The only people I have is YOU! and while my name and this website is all over the Internet with over 2 millions hits per month, where is the financial support? Was it on purpose that God did not give it to me when I had easy access to it?


Fact reader; Like David Icke, Jon Rappoport, and Jordan maxwell I was created and born from the oldest publishing company in the US called “The Truth Seeker” based in San Diego California many years ago.

Bonnie Lange is the Director Publisher / Editor and still a good friend of mine. But what I am going to say/write next may put an end to our relationship but as a TRUE Truth Seeker I have to mention this to her and to the world…” I wish Bonnie back then; instead on investing on conspiracy “Talking Heads” who have never dealt with religion or understood God’ signs, the cosmic Code and the supra conscious, she had invested in my mission instead.

She had the means, she had the power and a good and trusting heart but then karma came along making her a victim. My mission then depended only on my own resources and I did quite well so far, did I?   Did Bonnie “invest” in the wrong people that had nothing to do with religion? Is she the victim of other people manipulating her to invest in the wrong road and upset the spirit of James Hervey Johnson? After all there are NO accidents and there are true reasons for me and Bonnie to suffer those errors…

Again I teach my students to never ever assume anything about anyone but my words are from the spirit today…

In honor to a man that “vibrates” like me in regards to religions and natural health, in honor to a man I wish I had known when he was alive I decided to post an email I received from Bonnie. It does reflect the rest of the sad story about the Truth Seeker and how easy it is to fall for manipulators to use and abuse people. I wish a fraction of the money used to make David Icke who he became today was used on my mission to build my schools, exactly as James Hervey Johnson would have hoped and wished …Meantime Bonnie endless hard work and commitment for her own mission did work magic by making also great decisions with the right authors, my situation is unique in the vast spectrum of what we both are doing. And my time is next for the real truth shall set you free…


A Tribute to James Hervey Johnson who would be 100 years old today if he was still with us. But the Truth Seeker which he bought in 1964 is still with us and has been a benefit to all of us in some way.  Mr. Johnson died on August 6, 1988 and left a sizable estate to the Truth Seeker.

His very words in his Testamentary Trust are:  “Said income from this Trust shall be used to show religion as against reason continue the TRUTH SEEKER and publicizes my views on religion and health.”

As we well know this was not how Mr. True, the Trustee, handled Mr. Johnson’s Trust.  In fact the Truth Seeke became the last entity to receive any money.  Every month I would submit a very frugal budge to True and he then wrote us a check.  Then in 1999 Judge Mitchell agreed with the Trust Attorney, Roy Withers, that the Trust didn’t have to pay us anything….so from that day on it didn’t.

Meanwhile I was building the new company with the help of ALL of you.  And if Mr. Johnson were alive today he would be very pleased with the good work we have all done.  After all the  Truth Seeker and Company will be 137 years old on September 10, 2011.  Since its beginning it has changed with the times and we hold the proud title of being the first nontechnical journal to be on the Internet in 1991 with the beginning company called AOL. Thanks to Ian Hutton, our Editor at that time for his foresight in to the future.   Little did we know where that would lead us.

And today we have a large presence in Cyberspace and that is about to take another turn and become a major presence for the 20/40 year olds.  Without the professional help of Nancy Melton thru all these years as our Computer Editor,  and the detailed and artistic ability of Marti Kranzberg as our Editor for many years and Bill Lindley, our Associate Editor, who is the top of the line proofreader and writer, and our outstanding Authors.


I would not have been able to build the Company that it is today.   And add to that Tim Leedom who brought us our first book, The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Read, which he turned in to a best seller and also a major researcher for several of the Journals especially the Millennium issue, One Thousand Years of Freethought.  I have loved working with ALL of you.
I knew Mr. Johnson from 1969 and in time became like a daughter to him.  And knowing him as I did I feel he would look at me with his slight smile and say “GOOD JOB WELL DONE BY ALL”.
Back to the crime committed about our money.  Without the generous support of Bill and Nancythrough these years that started in 2000, I would not have been able to keep the Truth Seeker alive.  For that I owe them a great debt of gratitude.  And to Mr. Johnson for trusting me with the care and  growth of the Truth Seeker there are no words that truly do justice to this opportunity.  Truth Seeker is the most unusual company in all the world.  We should all be proud to be part of it.
In remembrance of Mr. Johnson and the legacy he left us, I remain your friend, Bonnie
Bonnie Lange
Truth Seeker
Oldest Freethought Publication since 1873






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  1. Dr Tori I don’t know my time of birth as it wast never recorded. What now ?

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