David Icke and Pamela

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

He once claimed he’s the Son of God and the world is run by alien lizards, but the story of David Icke’s marriage breakdown is almost as weird

Dear Readers;

As you all know Pamela and the Turi’s are very close friends, she sent me the story below and I decided to clear up a few things about Pamela UCI. Let’s start right from the scratch so there is no confusion…

Hi Louis,

This information below (a cut and paste for ease) was sent to me and sharing about the business location of David Icke Books Ltd on the Isle of Wight. The island holds the most Freemasonic lodges per square capita in the world. I called one of the lodges when I lived there and found this out while researching it. Playing the dumb blonde! ahahhahahaa Don’t know if you saw the interview I just did with the Daily Mail?

David Icke’s marriage breakdown: He once claimed he’s the Son of God and the world is run by alien lizards, but the story of his marriage breakdown is almost as weird | Mail Online

This is what was said: Hi Pamela – everyone I spoke to said it was the best thing in the paper.

Of course they sensationalized it and not all is true but it opened the door and sent a wave for me to come out with what I know to be true in an extremely unbalanced situation, now unafraid to speak. I am sick of it.

I am beginning to think that maybe David was in my life trying to control me as some sort of handler? He flipped when I left. Just flipped. What he is doing now is not the man I once knew. I remember walking into the office one day, looking right up at him saying “You have me in a box in your mind and I will not stay there”. So much more to know Louis, and soon will be coming out with it. Been asked onto another radio show that thinks David is not who he professes to be. I mean, peace is not difficult?  The cut and paste below is what I posted on my Facebook page under comments with the Daily Mail article.

love, Pamela

Yes I know a lot of my readers referred to your remark Hun…yes you made a serious error here Pam  one of the reasons they split up, according to Pamela, is that he became suspicious that she is a shape-shifting alien. “ Now the media sees you like him – Knowing your UCI and your Pisces Dragon’s Tail I will offer my rebuttals to the world and expose the truth. Confirm your DOB for me please…



Pamela wrote: Thank you Louis, but I did not make any mistakes. I never said this Louis  one of the reasons they split up, according to Pamela, is that he became suspicious that she is a shape-shifting alien.” 

What the media says, or David, will never disrupt my knowing and I will clear it all when I come out and do the talk. This is merely a step on the path. I care not that they reported a false statement. It holds no water in the wisdom of the Ocean of my being.

I laugh and unattached for words are just that. Words. They hold no water in my knowing.  What others cling to in reading that will be their journey not mine. The truth of my knowing can never be destroyed nor changed. It stands strong on the strengths of love, with passion as my might. Again, there are many paths to where we are going and no one has ‘the answer’ in my view. Everyone has ‘an answer’ for themselves.  For Peace has no enemy and love knows nothing else.  This is why I do not seek outside. I live ‘within’.

No one can save my day m’luv but me. Here is my DOB anyway dear friend. /////

Appreciate your being.  much love, pamela

DT wrote: What did you say exactly Pam? IMPORTANT that you answer this because I can only read  your “supposed” to be words….I know exactly what your philosophy of life is trust me this is why I am on your side…and I am not a shaped shifting Alien lolol…or maybe I am?

Pamela wrote: I just never said what split us up. I said it was a multitude of reasons and they know I intend to come out and share it all. That the answer to this needs to be met with taking a walk in my shoes for a wee bit. It was not easy to answer. Hope this helps? I will share the whole truth soon. It is all building for this release. Many, many are coming forward in support of what they are seeing. That David is not walking his talk.

much love, pamela – sound up!  Touched by a mountain gorilla

Now Pamela like David and I are public people and this mean also privacy will be infringed willingly or not. Again my purpose as a light teacher is to use my expertise to help the reader to understand how the Cosmic Code  works and mold people’s feelings, beliefs, fears and general fate. I expose friends and foes but in this case knowing Pamela is a true walking angel made of pure light and love I took it personally. And as much as I exposed her husband I will also expose her UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” .

12/1/2011 – David Icke’s Lost Spirit

03/16/2011 David Icke Lion Sleeps No More 

04/6/2011 Caution, False Prophets 

First when I wrote, one can only perceive you through his/her experiences, education, intelligence and natal UCI Pamela confirmed my claim and I assure you that only the people that vibrates at your spiritual speed will really understand you.  The fact is 99.09% of the people walking this earth, including her and her ex husband David Icke do not possess Cosmic Consciousness. Consequently they can only judge the people and the world around them  using their own natal UCI and logical senses. This in no way mean Pamela, David, you and the rest of the 99.09% of the world are stupid morons but simply unconscious of the dynamics making up their personal spiritual envelop or what I refer to UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”

The question is; without the intense study involving the mechanics of the Universe which took me a lifetime to acknowledge, Pamela, David, you my dear readers and the rest of the 99.09% of the world can only see, feel and respond to others through your own senses or your own UCI. In many cases, students of the mind, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychics, hypnotherapists and astrologers alike will use their education  to make sense to the world and the people around them.

But their PhD’s achievements can not and will never replace Cosmic Consciousness or the true handling of the archetypal realm of consciousness offered only by mastering the dynamics of the Universal Mind. And this is the biggest dilemma they all have to deal with hiding behind ego, fear or know better “educated” attitude, spiritual pride assuming that; Dr. Turi is the biggest egocentric obnoxious man walking the planet. But who’s to blame anyone when none of them took the time or made the effort like my students did to speak the undiluted language of the stars or how God speaks to his children?

Furthermore how many of my readers knows took the time to click on the provided link to investigate the meaning of the  UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”? You would be amazed how many never did because mental gymnastics is too hard to do for the majority of human…Then of course knowing ignorance is evil and knowledge is power these people will never be able to perceive my pearls of wisdom and miss the boat in life. Taking a chance UNDER their own stars and learning all about their UCI will allow you to STAND strong well prepared for the game of life and UNDERSTAND all the blessings God karmically offered them with!


The audience at the theatre in Times Square, New York, sat in reverential silence as David Icke took the stage and made his great revelation. Our planet, he declared, is secretly ruled by a race of reptile-like aliens. These reptiles, malevolent in nature, sometimes ‘shape-shift’ into human form. The Queen, for example, is a reptilian, President Barack Obama another.

DT Rebuttal:  As explained in previous newsletters referring to David’s idiosyncratic Aries UCI, he is only part of the 99.09% of unconscious human reflecting his fear of control and drive for fame and power. I associated him with other infamous Martian souls such as Hitler and Bernie Maddof just because like him they share the same drive, fate and UCI. Exposing the depth of anyone’s soul shortcomings and strengths feels like a knife going through your heart because it expose the plain naked truth.

I know all my “friends and foes” read my work and many wishes me death for being so blunt and so real assessing their hidden personalities…But as mentioned so many times this is my forte and this is what I do best because unlike David Icke and other negative “Talking Heads” I am not a “Son of Darkness” but a “Son of Light.”  While they certainly referred to me as a “son of a bitch” they are getting FREE Astropsychological profile and  many will learn about themselves…

Continued: Bonkers, yes. But Icke’s show in November, with tickets costing $50 (£32) a head, was a sell-out, as have been most of the other dates on his world tour, which ends in Britain later this year.

DT Rebuttal: And this is perfect because David deserves full remuneration for his efforts to educate the mass on the reality of conspiracy because there is such a thing as fraudulent power angry people…And “unconsciously may be” he is one of them. Remember there are no accidents and for David to be so informed, so eloquent, so aware and so gifted in communication indicate many of his past-lives acting as ONE!  The same apply for  Bernie Maddof spending many lives mastering, understanding and abusing the banking financial / investment system because of his need for control and and power. Greedy David, like Maddof are convinced that only money brings power and this is why Pamela hit him where it hurt most, in the wallet…

But conscious or not David is endlessly feeding evil to his unconscious scared followers born with the same psychic energy that made her Davic Icke Queen of love…Then she woke up! Remember a magnet will not attract a piece of wood and the Law of Attraction is irrefutable especially if you own Cosmic Consciousness and know all about what’s “Behind The Secret.”


One of the reasons Pamela Leigh Richards split up with David Icke, according to her, is that he became suspicious that she is a shape-shifting alien.

DT Rebuttal: The same  “mishap” happened to Stefanie and  my good friend celebrity actor Gary Busey’s because reporters and people looking for sensationalism will make up stories Heart Breaking Busey News – Gary Busey Versus Ted Haggard on ABC . They have the last word with the editing and there is nothing that can be done once the story reach the media. This is why I strongly advise anyone to NEVER ever assume anything about anyone unless your own Cosmic Consciousness to bypass deception and lies.

One of the reasons Pamela Leigh Richards split up with David Icke, according to her, is that he became suspicious that she is a shape-shifting alien

Wherever he goes, thousands flock to see him. Twenty years after the famous TV interview on Wogan, when the once-respected sports commentator became a national laughing stock for saying he was the Son of God, Icke’s brand of loopiness has proved more resilient and lucrative than anyone could have guessed.

Continued: But there is one thing Icke has not yet talked about on his tour — and he does go on rather, sometimes for eight hours at a time — and that is the increasingly bitter divorce battle he is embroiled in with his second wife, Pamela Leigh Richards. Or that one of the reasons they split up, according to Pamela, is that he became suspicious that she is a shape-shifting alien. 

 ‘He can’t figure me out — he thinks I might be a reptilian,’ says Pamela. 

‘Of course, I’m not. David and I had a deep connection, we were meant to be together, but he turned against me. I’ve been through utter bewilderment, pain, sorrow and heartbreak.’

DT Rebuttal: Indeed I witness Pamela and David relationship deteriorating and provided all the mental support both needed. But as a Capricorn Pamela’s UCI, unlike fiery, extrovert David is very private and shy. Her extraordinary sensitive all loving unworldly, unselfish, imaginative Pisces Moon (emotions)   sits right on her natal Pisces Dragon’s Tail. Indeed the Pisces “Neptunian” energy overrides her UCI she is one of the utmost vulnerable, easily manipulated, all trusting over imaginative sign…Is that why Pamela is 100% consumed in helping/preserving dolphins? As a matter of fact she told me and the world, swimming with those magnificent sea creatures changed her life and all this happened to her when the Universal Dragon’s was in Pisces…

This was the same time this nefarious Dragon was cruising David’s 12th house forcing him into devastating psychological changes making him totally consumed with Pamela…I know how it feels, and its simply terrible, indeed I when through the same maddening experience while separating from my ex-wife Brigitte. How do you think I know about it all? NO I did not read about it anywhere, I had my own hand on very dramatic, painful experience and sharing the results with both victims and perpetrators because we are all only humans victimized by the stars.  The passage of the Dragon’s Tail in the 12th house is incredibly difficult and many people get either killer, commit suicide or end up schizophrenics.

Again if you read my previous newsletters David went through this many years ago, before meeting and marrying Pamela and soon afterwards saw and wrote about reptilians…Yes indeed there are NO accidents for people to attune themselves subconsciously to any negative Dragon but Pisces is indeed the worse one to deal with because imagination explode and reality disappear.

Indeed David saw these outwardly entities with his 3rd eye much like a drug addict would see evil faces. This dragon also produces serious depressions and God knows what legal or illegal drugs David used because I know he does and the stars do not lie…I lived in the UK for over 10 years and the Capricorn (depressions) ruled country  enforces last order at 10 PM as a way to control public drunkenness.  Saturn, ruler of Capricorn  is cold, wet and depressive and the Sun never or rarely shine in the UK. I never experienced so many drunks and pot heads than in England and that is again a hard fact and one of the reasons why I left the country for hot, sunny California in 1984. Yes reader a person that appears to be totally sane may very well suffer dementia and you will never know it until it become too much to bare…

Continued: So presumably Pamela thinks her husband is crazy, a fraud or is enjoying a great joke at the expense of gullible conspiracy theorists? Well, actually no. Pamela — in all other respects an intelligent and articulate woman — also believes sinister forces lurk in dark corners.  So much so, that during the 11 years they spent together, she devotedly accompanied Icke on his travels, spreading the word.


DT Rebuttal: Indeed no one would “think” anyone is crazy or a fraud just because to a certain extend we are all crazy and frauds. Its just a matter of perception and respect for someone we once loved…But again if you read my previous newsletters the people endorsing and following David inherited the SAME Pisces  dragon’s Tail than Pamela, is this yet another accident?

Memo from David Icke’s Lost Spirit – His supporters are of all ages, sexes and backgrounds. Most seem like pretty normal folk… until you ask them about reptiles. Sylvia Prester, 51, had travelled from Washington DC to see her second Icke show. Wearing her souvenir T-shirt, she said: “He’s telling the truth — I believe every word of it.”

DT Rebuttal: Indeed the majority of people are not directly related to Einstein and will have no problem believing in the devil too. Incidentally I removed Sylvia Prester, 51 from 2012 and got 1960 (and so was Pamela born 01/03/1960) or her natal Dragon’s Tail. Sylvia was born with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Pisces (religion/imagination/subconscious) and this position makes her very vulnerable to religious addictions, uncontrolled imagination and fear of the unknown.  Souls born with such Dragon do not possess any form of critical thinking and react through faith, imagination and fears.  But this vital information will only benefit my Astropsychology students because I am speaking Chinese for the 99.09% of unconscious human walking this earth and those following David Icke demented speeches.

Thus the “attraction” or the UCI’s were at that time compatible and attracted to each others like any Christian, Jews, Muslims or ethnicity group would only mingle with their kind.  But the beauty of being human is that; with the correct or painful education (or in the case of Pamela pain being endlessly abused mentally) anyone can “upgrade” through those dramatic “educational” experiences.  And this is where I am coming from, taking my friends and I sad experiences to educate the reader on checking their or others’  UCI.

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” And if science could / would acknowledge, use or predict behavior within the UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” software system I developed, might they (our politicians/the police and humanity at large) not also find a way to control their mental shortcoming?

Dr. Turi

“if you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

Ask and you shall receive!

Continued:  ‘David and I had a deep connection, we were meant to be together, but he turned against me,’ said Pamela. 

DT Rebuttal: Indeed Pamela, you needed someone like David to grow and he needed you to do the same and sad enough it seems only feasible through pain and suffering because this is the only way to learn right here on hell. Being a Aries/Taurus Cuspy you were dealing in your marriage house with a loving balanced Libra during the waxing positive moon and a deadly, abusive, sarcastic over controlling jealous Scorpio.


This is how I learned my own dramatic painful lessons to better my own self and work so hard to bring love and keep peace and harmony to my beautiful wife Terania born with the same over sensitive Pisces Dragon than Pamela. All I am doing is to bring sense to a world gone mad trusting its infantile science and deceptive religions…

Is God going to hook me up online? – Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi

Continued: Every marriage is unique, but surely there is none to match the barminess of the union between David Icke and Pamela Leigh Richards.

DT Rebuttal: And if you think reporter NATALIE CLARKE is exempted of “barminess” or troubles in her own life then you did not learn anything yet with me today! She is like the rest of the 99.09% of unconscious human victim of her own UCI and stars…

Continued:  Pamela, 52, and the mother of a 24-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, met Icke in Jamaica in August 1997. It was six years after the interview on Wogan and Icke was still a national joke in Britain. Pamela, the daughter of an American fighter pilot, worked in financial services and was attending a conference on the island. Icke was giving one of his talks at the same hotel and Pamela was intrigued enough to attend — and was mesmerised by what she heard.

DT Rebuttal: Subconsciously Natalie Clarke use of the word “mesmerised” enunciate what transpire with any Neptunian or any Pisces soul. Knowing Pisces rules the subconscious (I have my Sun in Pisces) it is the best way to reach them “subconsciously” because without Cosmic Consciousness or any education on Hypnotherapy, they become the perfect target for conspiracy or religious “talking Heads.” All Capricorn souls are born natural psychologist and Pamela was curious about David’s personality and his message. Furthermore, as a young man, David was quite attractive and a good catch for any women…Pamela could not resist his magnetism and fine intellectual nature.

But Pamela (like Dr. Turi) also inherited a DUAL UCI forcing her to experience duality in all area of her life, including marriages but again without an understanding of the Universal mechanics Pamela can only use her fine intuition, logic and intelligence to make sense to all that happened to her…

Continued: ‘You could have heard a pin drop when David spoke. I came away with the knowledge that the world is not what I thought it was and I learned about its reptilian aspect. ‘I went up to David afterwards to thank him, but at that time I was not romantically attracted to him.’ Three months later, they met on the Caribbean island of Aruba, where Icke was giving another talk at a conference and Pamela was on another business trip. This encounter was, apparently, even more auspicious. Before his trip, Icke had visited a psychic who told him he was going to meet a lady from America who would ask him out to dinner and with whom he would be joined at the hip. She would be wearing a mauve gown. 

Destined to be together (initially): soon after they met, Pamela and David were joint at the hip


DT Rebuttal: Born a DUAL Pamela HAD to meet David again and through the Super-conscious in time and space the wish to “meet again” came to pass…Not sure about the psychic, unless like me she can offer real proof of her predictions and “gift.” I am sure you all know how I feel about psychics unless like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Madame Vladasky they were born with the right UCI and the Dragon’s Head (luck) in Pisces (the subconscious affairs.) I wonder if she predicted this one? 7 killed, 51 injured in UK traffic pileup

Continued: Destined to be together (initially): soon after they met, Pamela and David were joint at the hip Pamela says she was that person (and never mind that the dress she was wearing was yellow). ‘The day before the talk, we passed each other by the pool of the hotel where he was speaking and we were both staying. He stopped and said hello,’ says Pamela.  ‘We talked for a while and I could feel a strong connection beginning. ‘Later, when we got together, he told me he stopped because he thought: “Oh My God, this could be The One.” ‘The following day I saw him again and invited him to dinner with a few friends. Afterwards we walked along the pier and sat at the end of the walkway. ‘It was there that being joined at the hip and inseparable became as real as it gets.’

DT Rebuttal: Indeed the same love story for millions of souls walking this earth and gorgeous Pamela was also a hit for David…Any man dealing with the public tend to be choosy with his partner and if she makes him look good even better! I know my wives are all gorgeous and Pam knows both of them too…

Continued:  Icke had once predicted that the world would end in 1997, and was no doubt mightily relieved that his prediction did not come true, allowing him to pursue Pamela. It was not imminent Armageddon but his own unusual domestic arrangements that provided the backdrop to his new romance.  For Icke was still married and living with his first wife, Linda, and their three children at the family home in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. 
DT Rebuttal: yes and so did so many other deceptive unconscious soul .i.e. Harold Camping Demented Spirit but I must emphasize that without understanding, mastering and using the Cosmic Code there is no way for anyone else to predict anything period! This is why this rare wisdom makes me CNN before CNN.
Continued: To make matters trickier, another woman, Deborah Shaw, had moved into the marital home in 1990.

It was reported that David, Linda and Deborah had a menage a trois for a while, but that Linda kicked out Deborah when she became pregnant with a daughter, Rebecca, by Icke. Yet none of this seemingly troubled his new American girlfriend.

DT Rebuttal: The disdain of Natalie Clarke is obvious and reflect her own  puritanical Virgoan UCI but this “accident” is not only normal but also acceptable for any born dual. Note also Pamela Pisces Tail is not only totally dedicated but extremely forgiving and this explain why so many dual/Pisces/Neptunian women became Mormon or joined cults where the male ego rules, use and abuse all the women sexually. Everyone of those pure at heart dedicated, self effacing Ladies, like Pamela knows about UNCONDITIONAL love and only Pisces’ energy  is so forgiving and understanding.    I wonder how Natalie Clarke perceive gay people? Why Are You Gay?  I see the battle of conflicting UCI and ignorance right here in this article where the journalist is lost and can not relate to Pamela psyche…Indeed 99.09% of the world in action, gee do I need to get my schools operational readers...I need your help!



Continued:  ‘David told me all about Linda  and said that though he still lived at the family home, it was all over between them.’ Complicated relationship from the start: When Pamela met David he was already living with two other women. So for two years, Pamela ‘commuted’ from her home in Phoenix, Arizona, to the Isle of Wight to be with Icke before moving permanently to the island.

 DT Rebuttal: Yes a dual means 2 of everything, remember O.J. Simpson, 6 police cars after him, 4 attorneys,  2 dead, 2 judgement etc.

Continued: You might imagine Icke’s wife might have harboured some, er, ‘negative thought patterns’ towards the attractive new blonde in her husband’s life, but Pamela says that was not the case. At least, not initially.  ‘She was very kind to me at the beginning and even helped David and I find a flat.’

 DT Rebuttal: Again you can see through the written words Natalie Clarke’s critical, logical psyche criticizing Pamela for what she perceive as guilt instead of her unconditional love and non judgmental forgiving UCI. I imagine the pain Pamela must have endured reading all this moronic judgmental material  without being able to explain her Pisces nature. But I am here to protect the friends I love and respect and turn the blade to the opposite direction towards ignorant people that take pleasure hurting those born with a true heart full of love.

Continued:  When Linda and David finally divorced, it wasn’t long before a new Mrs Icke had filled the vacancy. On September 20, 2001, nine days after 9/11 — the lizards blew up the Twin Towers, according to Icke — Pamela and Icke were married in a simple ceremony at Newport county court on the Isle of Wight. The wedding was attended by Icke’s three children from his marriage to Linda — his daughter Kerry and sons Jaymie and Gareth — and the wedding reception was in a local pub. The pair settled happily enough into married life in Ryde, with Pamela remaining ever supportive of Icke’s increasingly bizarre theories — among them that Princess Diana was assassinated by a New World Order and that the Moon was constructed by aliens.

 DT Rebuttal: If by any chance  or karma Natalie Clarke read this essay may be she could refer to my well documented, dated, printed prediction of the 911 terrorist attacks (and so many others) on my prediction page and realize that while David suffer dementia with his lizards and act like Mrs. Cleo trying predictions or writing about the Moon and UFO, there are real people like me out there offering true valuable trusted predictions.

Continued:  Yet when Icke wasn’t working on his conspiracy theories, he and Pamela led rather a conventional life, weirdly at odds with his dramatic pronouncements. Often, they would stay in and watch TV — her husband’s favourite programmes were The Vicar of Dibley and Only Fools And Horses. Icke’s other great passion, apart from saving mankind, is steam trains, and together the couple visited steam railways across Britain. Oh, and they also went hiking with his first wife, who remained his business manager.

 DT Rebuttal: There are valuable explanations using the science of Astropsychology and Hypnotherapy to understand others Natalie…First in his 10th house of career David become a Capricorn (engineering) and he was born a builder with a knack for the old and details. The rails simply enunciate his drive, his dedicated 2 track minds representing his wish to travel the world and reach his destination regardless of the weather or the obstructions all along the way. Indeed without Cosmic Consciousness all Natalie can do is assume and express her own views through her own limited imperceptive UCI. Pamela like my sweet wife Terania is so innocent and tend to talk to much because emotions still run deep in her heart and memories. Your words were not only misinterpreted but used as a weapon against her. Indeed Natalie, to Pamela your critical wit and printed words feels like David’s endless sarcastic remarks wounding her deeply.  I wonder how lonely you are with such a mind and unless you change your attitude and perception of other human being you may find yourself in the same painful situation…But rest assured, in time  karma will always take care of anyone and everyone…


Continued:  Wherever Mr Icke goes, thousands flock to see him. His brand of loopiness has proved more resilient and lucrative than anyone could have guessed. ‘The three of us got along very well,’ says Pamela. ‘David has a connection with Linda through his children. He is great company and has a really good sense of humour. I used to tell him he should become a stand-up comedian.’

 DT Rebuttal:  There is no room for guessing with the “stars” his Dragon’s Head in Aquarius (genius/original) rules television, UFO and is very fixed. This is  where David’s resilience and lucrativeness comes from. I saw it all coming when I did his first readings years ago. Note also like all Aries they are born “jokers” and natural comedians. I think if Natalie Clarke was  to take my course it would certainly clarify what it means to be human and would help her understand herself, Pamela and David too.

Continued: Things started to go wrong in 2006 when Icke decided to restructure his expanding business ventures. ‘I had set up David’s website and got the whole thing going, but it was agreed I’d transfer my duties to his daughter Kerry,’ says Pamela.  ‘We had a meeting with Linda and we agreed how money made from the business would be split.  ‘I could tell Linda was getting upset about what was being discussed. The thing was, she had always been responsible for the business side of things and I don’t think she liked the new set-up.’ Tensions increased, she says, when a psychic whom Icke had consulted for advice began influencing him against Pamela. ‘She was crucial to what has happened. She told David I was out to take his business and separate him from his children. Everyone was against me — I was the target.’

DT Rebuttal:  I guess I kept the best of my wisdom for last readers… Well back in 2006 the Universal Dragon was in Aries and the nasty tail in David’s 7th house of marriage. Then the dragon changed signs in June 2006 from Aries to Pisces or Pamela Dragon’s Tail. While all the human excuses and experiences are endless above their unconscious heads the Dragon already dictated the painful changes.   But how can David, Pamela, Linda, the journalist and the rest of the 99.09% of the world understand me and my findings when NONE of them built the Cosmic Consciousness needed to see and predict the future the way I do?

With the Dragon head and tail afflicting Pamela 3rd house (thinking) and the returning  Pisces dragon’s tail in her subconscious, she experienced a “mutual reception” or the worse possible mental scenario. This made her a million time more vulnerable where the Cosmic Code order was for her Dual UCI, to die to her FIRST life and get on with the next one…All transpired as intended by God’s will or the Cosmic Code jurisdictional impartial rules, the same rules that afflicted my own marriage and millions of other unconscious souls walking the planet.  So much evil, so much pain, so much drama just because of so much ignorance readers…

Continued: To make matters worse, Pamela says Icke became suspicious that she was showing reptilian tendencies. ‘He’d say accusingly: “Your face has changed, you look different.”  Pamela says the fact that her father was a fighter pilot and she had grown up on air bases — Icke suspects the military to be under the control of reptilian forces — will have fuelled her husband’s fears. Yet despite their deteriorating relationship, Pamela says she was still shocked when she learned, in typically unconventional style, that Icke wanted her out of his life.

 DT Rebuttal: Indeed  the seat of attraction was intellectual and not physical and the lure do not last…Then in 2006 David experienced yet another remission when the devastating Pisces Tail crucified his subconscious intensifying his fears and opening the door to more dementia. Thoughts of being watched or remotely associated with what he perceived as the government, Pamela had to go. In fact both experienced the same awfullest of the 2006 Dragon’s Tail in Pisces afflicting simultaneously the 7th house of marriage and the 12 th subconscious house. A celestial poisoning recipe impossible to deal with, especially if Cosmic Consciousness is missing and this was the case.


Mr Icke has rejected the allegations made against him by Pamela

Mr Icke has rejected the allegations made against him by Pamela

Continued: ‘We were on tour — in Vancouver, I think — when the driver said to me out of the blue: “David wants you to go.” I was so shocked I felt as though I was having heart palpitations. There was no reason for it. ‘When we got to our hotel, my bag was chucked into the car — David had thrown my clothes into the bag. ‘The driver took me to the airport and I flew to Phoenix, where I stayed in the apartment I’d kept on, until David came some days later to get me. It happened several times — David just could not make up his mind.’

 DT Rebuttal: David 3rd house (the mind)  is in dual Gemini and while it gives super turbo charged power to talk endlessly this sign is very confusing for his owner. Making mind is not something that comes easy for any Gemini and this is why they are prone to ADHD, which happens to be a gift and not a disorder in my work.

Continued:  With the marriage under increasing strain, Pamela took off to Egypt for six months in 2007. ‘I was being hit by what I would call aggressive and attacking “thought forms,”’ she says. ‘There was fear all around. My heart and energy field was being crushed.’When she returned to Icke in Ryde, they hoped they could work things out, but the rows became worse. After a final argument in February 2008, she fled the marital home and moved back to Arizona.‘Before I left, I was on my knees, crying, so exhausted from it all I couldn’t move. I said: “It’s over, I’ve got to go.” ‘When I walked out of the door I turned round and he was at the window, watching me.  ‘He didn’t want me to go. Even then, he thought it could work between us. How could  something so powerful end?’  That year, Icke filed for divorce, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.

 DT Rebuttal: First the Dragon stayed in Pisces until December 2007 and gave plenty time for Pamela to experience the re-birthing  process enforcing traumatic psychic energy. With a “mutual reception” of her natal Dragon she became psychologically extraordinary vulnerable and she is lucky she made it alive. Traveling far away to a Pisces country to “change her mind” was a must to keep her sanity or what she refer logically as attacks by “thought forms.” Imagination can get very wild with Pisces tail born and the subject feels he/she is attacked by the spirit or the evil of endless thoughts produced by all parties involved reaching her, regardless the distance. “After a final argument in February 2008, she fled the marital home and moved back to Arizona.” By then the Dragon had moved into David’s own natal Dragon axis Leo/Aquarius forcing the final changes and the break up.  But how can you tell your friends what’s going on with the stars when they became emotionally and spiritually  exhausted? I did my best to help David for a while when he came to talk in Phoenix but after talking to Pamela and checked their stars (UCI) and realized what has really transpired in their lives.

Continued: For the past three years, he and Pamela have been battling over the financial details of their divorce. They have spoken only once, in January 2010, after Pamela suffered a fall and sustained a serious brain injury. ‘I was being hit by what I would call aggressive and attacking “thought forms…There was fear all around. My heart and energy field was being crushed’

 DT Rebuttal: I recall this “accident” and in 2010 the Dragon had moved in Capricorn, right on her but the passage of the Dragon’s Tail in Pisces (dementia) in her subconscious left her a terrible legacy of  fear and she truly believe she was attacked by yet again evil or “though forms.” In fact the accident happened in a waning moon and in one of her unlucky dragon window dates but her overwhelming “psychic” experiences will not be erased that easily. It may take years and serious study to alienate herself from this dramatic experiences. The many years spent with David “poisoned” psyche add to her belief of lizards, bad spirit and thought forms attacking her endlessly. Both are victims of the Dragon consecutive passages in their subconscious and marriage houses but all they have is their five logical human sense to comprehend what happened to them. In Pamela case her Pisces moon located on her Dragon Tail also in Pisces made things much worse than David, but both are seriously suffering what a call a “psychic accident.”

Pisces rules deception, imagination, religion, poisoning, confinement , drug addiction and all the affairs involving the subconscious creative and destructive forces.  This Neptunian energy when reaching this critical house produces crimes, killers, imprisonment and suicides. And 99.09% of the world is totaly oblivious of this phenomenon, at least until I can be given a stage like David and repair the damage he inflicted himself, his ex wife   Pamela and all his unconscious following audience.

Continued:  She says her lawyer has instructed her not to disclose the size of the settlement she is seeking, but it is likely that Icke is a rich man. His tour is a success, he has written 18 books, published in 20 countries and sells DVDs of his performances. ‘David is drawing this out, we can’t agree over the finances. He is controlling and angry — he has issues.’ David Icke did not respond to requests for a comment, but in an online blog one of his friends has written about the divorce battle between him and Pamela.  She says Pamela is demanding ‘immense amounts of money’ from her husband and that his first wife, Linda, and his children have been supportive of him.

Pamela, meanwhile, says she just wants to get on with her life. ‘I have learned that no matter how kind you can be to someone, or how loving you are to someone, if they choose to remain holding on to their own emotional stuff, you must love them and leave them.  ‘I am unattached emotionally, though I care for him. I have always been an extreme optimist and peace is my desire. I just want the divorce settled so I can move on.’ Last night, Mr Icke rejected the allegations made against him by Pamela and refuted her version of events.  He pointed out that she had not made any allegations until it seemed money had become an issue for her.

 DT Rebuttal: In the crazy experiences, karma and lessons the Cosmic Code (god’s  celestial will) is forcing human to endure, if they could only read the signs they would be less judgmental and understand both themselves and others. The fact is David becomes a Scorpio or the most fixed, vindictive sign of the Zodiac in his 8th house of corporate money or Pamela’s pay check.  Indeed Aries are master in making money and very secretive in the process. Many die millionaires many times over with the money buried in some places to never be found or invested in foreign ground where it can/t be taxed, supervised or even reached. Again there are NO accidents for David Icke to be born like Bernie Madoff in April. the 29th, just because the stars do not lie!

Souls born in the month of April must assume a diplomatic attitude when dealing with others and when dealing with corporate money reward those who helped them. Word of caution; dealing with any Aries soul demands anyone to be very aware of a natural drive to control all corporate financial areas due to a subconscious drive and fear of power. 

All I can hope is for David and Pamela to come to a common understanding and realize that money does not buy happiness or mental health and the quicker they find peace the better for their wounded spirits.

Remember readers, knowledge is power, ignorance is evil and this is why with Cosmic Consciousnesses I am  a true Son Of Light.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi



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