Gary Busey Versus Ted Haggard on ABC

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

Dear Readers:

Indeed the show with the Busey’s versus the Haggard’s was nothing like the “morons” who assume anything would have expected, in fact this was probably the most educational show ever where intelligence and decency ruled the show. Anytime you mention Gary Busey , uniformed people have preconceived ideas of what they will see mostly because unconscious people can only assume the worst.

Indeed I saw the brilliant mind and spirit of the Steffanie I know in full action where intelligence, intuition and spirituality geared the energy to turn an anticipated fiasco show into a rare educational reality show.  Steffanie UCI is just phenomenal and reflect a very beautiful young woman stuck in a very old spirit…While Haggard could not help himself to sarcasms the love, respect and know how made him aware of how much, as a Gemini, he needs to listen to others, especially his kids.

Combining a full week into a 60 mn long TV show does not even come close to what has been said and felt by all parties but the enormous editing purpose projected at the end was very worth the time and efforts of the production.


As a Gemini, Gemini Dragon’s Tail Haggard is a master chameleon trying anything in his power to turn a bad situation into a good one with the use of words. His hidden Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Aries (self centered pioneer ) made him oblivious of the tremendous demands and sacrifice his four kids. Remember he is a dual, this mean  the number two, four, six etc. and sexuality confusion / attraction between the male/female will plagues him for ever. Of course his faith override true wisdom and he is convinced that God gave him a mission to teach others when the true reason for him and Gary Busey to “shine” is solely due to the passage of the Dragon’s Head in both the 7th house (the public.) But Haggard will gain more of the national exposure because his natal Dragon’s Head (luck) in Sagittarius conjunct the Universal Dragon also in Sagittarius.

Haggard, former head of the National Association of Evangelicals, said he chose to do the show because “I have to share the good news of what our church is doing.” Haggard could never miss the opportunity to benefit this type of free national advertisement because haggard is much more concerned with the financial aspect his SALES religious speeches will bring him while rebuilding his smashed ego in the process…

Haggard admitted that he had purchased methamphetamine and received a massage from Jones, but he denied using the drugs or having sex with Jones. “I called him to buy some meth, but I threw it away. I bought it for myself but never used it”, Haggard claimed in a television interview, and added, “I was tempted, but I never used it” In a July 2010 interview he gave to CNN, Haggard claimed that his feelings of sexual attraction to other men had miraculously disappeared.

Does all of this sound like another Gemini/Sagittarius Dragon named Clinton “Slicky Willy?, no he never inhaled and if you believe Rev. Haggard, O.J. SimpsonThe Stars and Fate of Casey Anthony  and Van Der Sloot “Natural Born Killer”   then readers there is no hope for humanity and its dysfunctional judicial and educational system.

But there are signs all over pointing out the religious rat poisoning cocktail of any Neptunian or Dual soul knowing Haggard was also born a liar and admitted he was a liar but forgiveness is the key and his strongest and only savior…Using a barn were animals used to live, eat and defecate tells me, at least at a subconscious level what is in there for me, NOTHING of any highly spiritual values. I hope you can handle the truth readers because this is why God lead you to me if you are fed up of all the bull going on in this world.

As always a magnet will not attract a piece of wood and the moronic gathering bunch get their low intelligent rations of nonsense and lies. Guess what you will never see me there and when Stephanie was on the pulpit trying to read the Bible, she was subconsciously stopped and could not enunciate the word “disciples.” Again remember and be aware of any “accident” because there are NO accident but a powerful subconscious message blurring her spiritual eye to see what she already know as being the wrong road to follow. But it takes a highly spiritual mind to decipher the phenomenon.

Back in 2007 Haggard was pursuing a degree in counseling while his wife Gayle was studying psychology, does this mean God and the Bible did not give them the educated answers they need to “manipulate” more unconscious morons to their barn church?

Indeed Haggard is right when he firmly believe God is helping him to get back on his feet but he is totally unconscious of his celestial will operating throughout the Cosmic Code regulations. While he will never  hear or see the Creator Universal spirit in action, or understand his own UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” or realize the Power of his natal/hidden and universal Dragons the fact is; the stars are on his side…This is why I “predicted” and told Gary to be ready for a new relationship, a child and a serious national exposure that would steer his career a couple of years ago. All transpired as predicted. Now had another Gemini or Rev. Haggard consulted me instead of God I would have made the same exact forecast than my friend Gary Busey.


But what about Haggard’s wife Gayle? who is that beautiful Lady and what does her UCI reveal about her real self? She was born April 8, 1957 with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Taurus (money) and like all Aries she is a born talking head writer. Sad enough this type of Dragon is also very karmic and forces its owner to lose everything in life .i.e. Bernie Madoff also born in April with the same Dragon.

Souls born in April:  Word of caution; dealing with any Aries soul demands anyone to be very aware of a natural drive to control all corporate financial areas due to a subconscious drive and fear of power 

With a moon (emotions) in Cancer (home/family) she is very dedicated to her kids and writing a book “Why I stayed, choices I made in my darkest hour” was an easy task to do. Again there are no accident for   Gayle to have experienced such a fate and I doubt very much without Cosmic Consciousness they will ever know what God had in store for both of them. I also doubt very much reading the Bible will offer them real answers. But this is where the Haggard are on their spiritual evolutionary process and indeed well behind Gary and his wife Steffanie.

Again my purpose is to educate the reader outside of conventional beliefs and school of thoughts and I have NOTHING against any of my “victims” I am just a human detector and like a black hole, no one will ever be able to get away from the truth. These people are all human, and all human have gifts and shortcomings and all I am doing is to expose their hidden psyches using Astropsychology, all to your benefit!

I am not a cold bastard depraved of feelings but the laws are the laws and like a cop stopping an unconscious, dangerous drunk driver it must be done. Knowledge is power ignorance is evil and even if the haggard’s were to read my material I know in the ultimate battle between emotion and logic, their emotions and reactions are very predictable, and for this I apologize to all the over sensitive readers…This is why many of these readers could never dare to operate on people and deal with bloody guts to save lives.  Enough excuses for the weak minded the truth never intended to please anyone, including myself readers…

Gayle was also born with Saturn (fears) in Sagittarius (codification of thoughts/bible) and as the 1st, younger  soul of the Zodiac (Aries) she is indeed at the early stage of reincarnation and understanding the meaning of the spirit. Born with a stubborn, earthy, fussy, controlling, earthy Tail of the Dragon (negative) in Taurus there is no much room for the spirit to free itself or any interest to dig into metaphysics, period.

Gary’s behavior was,  as I expected the one of a true child at heart and she managed to switch him (Gemini will do that!) into a more adult receptive mode. She then started to “discipline/ground” Gary with her “Gaelism” while being concerned with a big child looking after a vulnerable but very happy Luke.

The drive for solidity, conformity, discipline and organization is gold to any all over the place funny, child like, joking born Gemini and I am sure in some ways she saw parts of her husband with Gary… With Ted’s Dragon’s Tail (negative) right in her 3rd house of communication I can guarantee those two souls will never see eye to eye or agree on anything, but only those blessed with Cosmic Consciousness can appreciate the fact!

Steffanie Moon in Scorpio (don’t mess with me type, I can see through your soul) and her honest questions about Gays people and love did make Haggard feel uncomfortable and for for good reasons.

“Haggard claimed that his feelings of sexual attraction to other men had miraculously disappeared.”

Again the UCI is like a spring, the natural karmic inheritance never fed away but in his case, under a constant rigid control. Yes the stars do not lie but God miracles erased them all just for Ted Haggard?   There is no reason for Ted Haggard to be ashamed of being gay, he just chose the wrong job for it that’s all. But nowadays there are thousands of gays Bishops in the deception profession and many feels exactly like Ted…

Steffanie’s Dragon’s Head in  the very intuitive, emotional, truly concerned Pisces (universal love) also picked on his daughter in need of more love and attention from a very busy father. This supremely emotional Dragon showed up when she could not hold on to her tears and she meant every words she said about rebuilding love, faith and the family.

Haggard’s Gemini “talking head” nature must remain constantly active and he must use his natural adaptability   to regenerate with action. Thus he strive with people and a myriad of endless functions around him, something his younger son, erroneously perceived as total dedication form a hard working dad. Or the reason’s why he rebutted against his sister in need of more emotional attention.

Haggard Versus Busey’s Family on ABC

In fact Steffanie’s advanced UCI/stars colored the entire show and I personally think she would be a much better, efficient teacher than Haggard could ever be.  Gary and Steffanie are coming from the core essence of the old spirit while the Haggard’ young spirits are totally religiously poisoned. I wish Gary had though of me and make me a part of this show because expressing his Indian legacy,  its highly spiritual and healing values did not and could not appeal to the old stubborn Dragon’s Tail  in Taurus (traditional) plaguing Gayle’ spirit.

Again Haggard was pursuing a degree in counseling while his wife Gayle was studying psychology and using my expertise in Astropsychology I would have been able to reach them right through the core of their souls. In fact their natal and hidden UCI would reveal to me as much as their bible studies did to them with the only difference I own the immaculate golden key of the human spirit Universal conception… I leave the Virgin Mary’s immaculateness conception story  to them because this is all it is… a man made story fit to be accepted by those sharing the same perceptive spiritual level.

With so many various UCI’s at play in this show the challenges and differences were enormous but not with Gary and Haggard’s Gemini similar characteristics, fates and signs. Simply read Gemini characteristics and tell me if my finding fit those men.  I am so happy because watching the show gave me plenty options to apply my own wisdom from distance and realize how truly remarkable, indisputable  and indispensable Astropsychology truly is… The only problem is, Steffanie, Gary my students and I am the only ones who can really appreciate it. May be you should join us in June and master the code?

While Haggard is trying hard to move from a barn to churches where he used to “perform” he does not know or realized this form of monopolizing and hijacking the human spirit is on his way out as imposed by the dying Age of Pisces. As much as I made solid predictions pertaining to the dying post office, the economy, the implosion of the Middle East, US/ world  religious war   “revolutions” etc. I make yet another prediction. My international Internet stage is not limited by any religious building capacity and will grow eternally. People nowadays have the technology and can make the right choice to access my spiritually advanced education on line…And this is exactly what you are doing now, learning from me!

My Universal school is already operational and teachings the undiluted truth is not only unstoppable but growing drastically. Simply Google Dr. Turi  and you will get About 17,300,000 hits. Now (About 3,710,000.) No this is not an ego trip but the facts you can access and accept as true because like the stars, numbers do not lie.

While my Internet enemies are working overtime to stop my liberating messages to reach the world introducing God as he really is, above in the stars, they won’t succeed. My mission to help you decipher and use the signs is moving forward because the Cosmic Code (or God’s will) is finally on my side.

I am currently discussing the taping for my own upcoming television program to be aired on the Discovery/History channel and I will have to do all this on my own and I promise all my readers this is exactly what I intend to do…With the universal Sagittarius (teaching)  Dragon’s Head (luck) currently in my 10th house of career the Cosmic Code (god’s Universal will) is offering me the chance to finally explain his divinity and the spiritual values making up the essence of the stars and how they regiment and control humanity.

Where is your own Dragon and God’s green light in your life? Be curious and explore all possibilities, with me you are in serious good hands and spirit.

Its time for human to grow up and apply their will against the negative pull of their stars and understand the complex differences to what it means to be a unique human.   We certainly need more educational show as the one the Haggard’s and the Busey’s generated on ABC for a change. Indeed against all odds, Gary mentioned to be ready for “anything” and yet again he and his wife delivered great pearls of wisdom to America. Yes all the assuming morons who thought this show was going to be wild and crazy may now have a better understanding of both these men and families and become more compassionate in their tragedies. In my case all I can do is as always expose friends and foes with my own God given gift all the while asking you NOT to misjudge me because translating the Cosmic Code and dealing with the truth forces me to become the same very undiluted hard true.

One day in the future when humanity own its own Cosmic Consciousness and master the stars and signs,  there won’t be no room for deception and lies but there is still a long way to go to remove fears and change people’s perception…But in time it will be done! The new Scorpius Dragon is a sure promise of those changes where many will gain their own wake up call and become more curious about metaphysics and God himself, all outside of what Haggard and so many other religious lost souls forced you to accept as true…Life is changing fast and so is your perception of the spirit, especially as we approach the year 2012…

Keep reading my work and uplift your spirit with real and crude wisdom readers.  I will keep you all posted because unlike Haggard and the Neptunian crowd stuck into a illusive dance, I was born with the hidden Dragon’s Head (growth) in Gemini (duality) and not the deceptive Dragon’s Tail in this sign. And that is the difference between spreading an obsolete archaic religious junk, fueled by pure imagination and the divine wisdom I am imparting you with. Stay tuned for the next show readers, I promise it will be sensational, because its all about you, God and the Universe!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi

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