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Dear  readers:

ON THE AIR TONIGHT 12/16/2011 – http://www.starseedenergyradio.com/

In a few days 2011 will be gone in history and with it the pain, suffering and drama of yet another year of growing. It is amazing how much one can really learn or endure in one year isn’t it? Some of us suffered the loss of a family member a close or far away friend, a pet and with this terrible economy a house or a job. I myself lost a few friends from alcohol, diseases and road accidents and it is always painful to erase the memories…

Many souls were also victims of the Universal Dragon forcing them to “die and rebirth” under terrible circumstances and the drama is being play with people in power with What’s Next for Sheriff Joe Arpaio? or addicted celebrities i.e.  Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson  or political figures Herman Cain will not make it to the Presidency to name a few. Meantime thousands of unaware human also loses their precious lives omitting the Cosmic Code laws .i.e. 7 killed, 51 injured in UK traffic pileup and the list is simply endless.

Being a Cosmic Coder means also your opportunity to realize they are no accidents per say and by collecting, crystallizing the daily news the new  comer is given a chance to go back in time and rise to your level of perception. It may take you weeks, months but soon you will be able to decipher the pattern that creates the news as I divulge the secrets of the Cosmic Code to you. I am sure many of you will also feel I am repeating myself or even some material I generate is redundant but again with so many newcomers to our private world catching up with you is the key. Repetition is the key for some people that were born “audible” and not visual and the powerful returning quotes have a very specific subconscious purpose that can only help anyone rise to a higher level of consciousness.

Remember with nearly 5000 subscribers NONE of my readers shares the same UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” and in no way will I be able to “convince” anyone of the Universal truth some of my tutored students and I alone can perceive. In fact you are taking a course in Divinity each time you read a newsletter where I “force” you to think like we do, outside of the box, fears and unfounded imagination. In one year reading my work will challenge your perception of reality and force you think and perceive the news and those “accidents” like Dr. Turi does . Mostly because in order for me to raise your Cosmic Consciousness you must master the Dynamics of the Universal Mind and it is done daily upon reading my material.

Next June, God willing I will teach a live Astropsychology course in Phoenix AZ and digesting my life Cosmic experiences will demand you to listen to me for hours for a few days until graduation.  While I will start the tuition from the scratch the basics should be covered by taking the course by mail first so I can get into the advanced natural healing, Astro -Tarot sections speedily. I want to train you right away so you can make a very strong impact “reading” people and get a return from your investment right away.  Rest assured a single session with any of my students will amazed your future clientele right away.  A few days with us will change your entire conception and direction in life because in no way can I change the world by myself and I need many more “teachers of Light” to do so.

More and more curious people are joining my website everyday and my mission is to offer you all one of the greatest voyage you will ever undertake as I explain the mystery of God’ celestial divinity by offering you the option to build your own “3rd eye” to perceive the signs.

I am trying my best not to bother you in your private mailbox but as a Cosmic Coder now and then I have to make important announcements that I feel are important enough for you to know. Much of the new comers are lead here because of your referrals and  my highly spiritual family is literally from all corners of the globe. In one year alone many of you who knows me well covered quite a lot of intellectual new ground. Your efforts will add to your own repertoires of wisdom while understanding more of what it means to be human…

Remember we are living incredible times where karma must reach abusive Plutonic evil souls who raped America and stole many years of hard work. The value of our homes and the dollar declined drastically but all the unfolding drama has a purpose. Blaming your President, your local governmental officials, the greedy financial banking corporations translated in what I saw in 2009 “A US internal revolution” which is rapidly growing to a world  wide movement. You are simply witnessing the Cosmic Code or God’s will in action while 99.09% of the rest of the world are unconscious of this fact.

Only highly spirituality gifted advanced soul are allowed to perceive such phenomenon and foresee both its birthing and ending…But again if you are a new comer and did not hear my warnings on national radio or television you need to do your home work and research those facts because I speak the truth…More than ever humanity is forced to grow where the old must give room to the new, like 2011 must give way to 2012 or the Age of Pisces (religions/deception/illusion) move away for the New Age of Aquarius (technology/UFO/brotherhood/humanitarianism.)

Please remember you are not alone, the power above is much too complex to explain and accept and this is why God come in to play for the thing you can not comprehend. “Its an act of God” indeed it is and the plan is set for serious changes even a dramatic wake up call for humanity as we change the guards from Sagittarius (education/foreign affairs) to Scorpio (police/death/drama/terrorism.)

My work offers you a form of grounding to your spirit so you do not lose sense of reality through divine interaction and give in to evil as does the 99.09% of unconscious human beings. You have asked for some answers and you were guided to my work and only when the student is ready will the true teacher appear… I am so concerned for my fellow human being for depraved of those crucial spiritual information, your degenerating spirit can only subscribe to religion, imagination, fears, science and conspiracy “talking heads.”

I have offered VIP level 2 access for free to many of you until 01/01/2012 to test drive my work and in two weeks you will be offered the option to sign up to stay and pay $120 – If you are public level one and just joined you sad enough “missed the boat” but I also post all my FREE VIP Cosmic Code newsletter in my new website for you to “test drive” my work all the way up to 12/31/2011. This is just a reminder to take action before and let me take care of you Universally and Personally for the next 12 months once you become a  Top VIP level 3

My 2012/2014 Universal Predictions are visions that will also become a reality in the future but only if you become a top VIP level #3  you will be able to travel and get a glimpse of things to come in the future. Meantime check how many of my “predictions” came to pass because they are well documented for that purpose.  Here is the direct link for you to prove my claims and pass on to your friends.

The holidays are on the way and with it offering presents to those you care, why not offering the future and my precious real guidance to some of your spiritual friends? After all if you are a top VIP level 3  you benefit from discounts too…

Here is the specials for Christmas and the New Year:  

(Valid until 01/01/2012 Midnight)

1) – If you are public or VIP level 2 – Become a VIP level 3 and add anyone of your friends or family members for the next 12 months for a donation for the children of the future of  $50.  (save $70)  Order now –

2) – Then submit this link to your lucky friends – http://www.cosmiccode.drturi.com/?xgi=5CMupsaoiZxfho and ask then to SIGN IN

3) – Notify immediately Terania at teraniapromodir@cox.net and she will COMP the new Cosmic Coders.

4) – Simply confirm you are in the special group of top VIP level 3 readers.

Now if you are already a VIP level 3 and want to get into your personal future treat yourself with a seriously discounted Skype or telephone taped VIP consultation before the price goes back to $700 in 2012. 


ENJOY THIS VIDEO – http://www.elion.ee/docs/joulukaart/eng/

I added this important section to those who need more information on the Cosmic Code services.


Join The World! There Are NO Accidents

Dear Prospective Cosmic Coder:   

Some readers have asked me for more information about the Cosmic Code website and what they would expect to read with some of the price options. Why should you join the world? So here is the content difference that the new user will see:

Level 1 – Cosmic Code Website General Admission – Free

Level 2 – VIP for 2012 Basic Access $24.95 (12 months from the day you sign in.) 

Level 3  Full Access – $99.90  General Public – (12 months from the day you sign in.)  

 $120 AS OF 01/01/2012 MIDNIGHT.


Level 1:  For FREE: You will be allowed to go and see only the first page or the entrance. You will not be able to read anything but look at the titles and the pictures. Boring if you belong to the “Young Souls” Group – Are You Born A Cosmic Coder?

Level 2:  VIP level Two:  For $24.95 you will enjoy everything that I write in the Cosmic Code website as the news or events unfold. You will be able to read ALL that I post daily, cosmic tips, general news explanations, travel with us, see the pictures and learn a few things about the stars. You may now and then if I feel important enough or if I get a strong vision/warning such as SOS TO THE WORLD  get to read some of the material that belongs only to the level 3 – VIP READERS ONLY forum – Lastly as you know my old website prediction page will be no more and only my VIP’s level 3 get to read  the 2012/2014 Universal Predictions, my visions and warnings channeled from Nostradamus.

Watch the latest pilot video of  The Cosmic Code With Dr. Turi

Level 3 Full Public Access – $99.90:  Once you join the basic access for $24.95, you can become the Ultimate VIP Cosmic Coder by adding $74.95 = $99.00

If you are a newcomer and want the top level and top services from me you may  pay the $99.00 price directly via Paypal or call Terania at             602-265-7667       with your credit card and she will do the transaction for you.

This is the very “special Group where you get all the goodies and the special attention you deserve for trusting my God given gifts and expertise for the next 12 months. This means your monthly personal / updated horoscopes, your transits, discount on services, live / home Astropsychology deals and the so very important SOS Deadly Windows.” Level 3 Cosmic Coders will also be tutored all the secrets of the Supraconscious, the Cosmic Code and Nostradamus’ natural healing and enjoy (as time permit) Astro-Tarot and mini readings from  my chat room.

I also added TWO very important products that will be used daily /weekly or monthly for 2012, these are:

1 – My  “2012 Moon Power Daily Guidance and Predictions” (value $30)

2 – My “2012 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast” (value $15)

Note: These books were given for free to ALL my current VIP’s and the general public but these 2 books will NOT be offered for free before August 2012. I will  use them as I go along and offer my wisdom daily to my VIP Cosmic Coder level 3 only.  Join the world do not miss anything pertaining the year 2012 , and because Dr. Turi has proven repetitively that; he is indeed, CNN before CNN!

Please email us at dr.turi@cox.net if you need to discuss anything.


Welcome to this very special website, where I share with all of you, the greatest truths of our time.





Consultations are taped and performed through Skype or telephone.

We are here for you so call Terania to discuss your consultation options at             602-265-7667       or (teraniapromodir@cox.net) and remember we can only do so much to regenerate your spirit but if you feel down, depressed, lost, cursed by the Gemini Dragon’s Tail this will in time make your situation much worse. Then if you trust your doctors’ poisonous anti depressant prescriptions and nurture suicidal thoughts it will cost you much more in the long run. That is if you do not fall too deep into the Dragon and be consumed mentally alive.  If you think your traditionally “educated” psychologist can help you with drugs then you are not ready for me just yet. In any case remember the Dragon’s Tail may catch you by surprise and drag you down to despair, then it will cost you much more for me to “cleanse” you completely for the consuming evil forces (cancer) you allowed to poison you.


Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


Are you planning an event?

           Become a TOP VIP Cosmic Coder  for  $99.90 BEFORE THE YEAR 2011 IS OVER AND $120 AS OF 01/01/2012 MIDNIGHT.


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