For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…


Dr. Turi

A Scientific Writer Explores Fetal Origins

“A soul can only dies if he was ever born…a soul can only be born if he dies first…At the very moment in time and space the doctor cut the umbilical cord, life consciousness (UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” ) and  a   life impulse impregnates the soul…At the very moment the umbilical cord is severed the soul dies to the warm uterine life and becomes free from the Mother ‘s life and operates as an independent entity fully aware of the cold environment produced by the first physiological  response produced by a TAP on the bottom. This stimulate the “connection” to the inherited UCI, consciousness  and life on earth. Before then its all about the pregnant mother’s emotions, imagination and her bodily functions. ”

Dr. Turi

Dear VIP Readers:

As always educated “experts” who pretend to know the most about a specific topic are the least knowledgeable on the topic they are dealing with… Yes UFO experts never dealt with the extraordinary and religiously poisoned souls endlessly teach God’s divinity and benefiting from a national stage many attract and deceive large unaware audiences.  Are you still wondering why articles of science and religion flock CNN? Yes there are NO accidents and  secret financial rewards is always a part of the endless pharmaceutical masquerades.

But an “accredited” education is usually what is needed for the unaware, unconscious mass to accept scientific theories because there is nothing else available (but Dr. Turi) to challenge their assumptions. As a new kid on the block or a young soul traditionally well read, armed with Annie Murphy Paul’s UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” , I would be undeniably accurate in depicting her own perception to what, when and where life is all about or where it really begins.

I may be twice her age and my own independent researches would indeed bring her and science the answers they are all so desperately looking for… When or if someone offers me Annie Murphy Paul’s birthday data, using Astropsychology, I will expose her logical psyche to the world and translate the Cosmic Code jurisdictions making up her UCI, her fate and reasoning.

Remember depraved of Cosmic Consciousness (or the 3rd eye) any born scientists can only use their five rational senses to analyze anything, this mean thinking, talking, writing within the confinement of the traditional medical/psychological acceptance of  usual “the box.”

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

Editor’s note: Annie Murphy Paul is the author of “Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives.” She’s now working on a book about learning, and writes a weekly column at Time.com called “Brilliant: The Science of Smart.” TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “Ideas worth spreading,” which it distributes through talks posted on its website.


Beautiful kids, Annie could be my daughter twice…



(CNN) — When does learning begin? As I explain in the talk I gave at TED, learning starts much earlier than many of us would have imagined: in the womb. I was surprised as anyone when I first encountered this notion. I’m a science writer, and my job is to trawl the murky depths of the academic journals, looking for something shiny and new — a sparkling idea that catches my eye in the gloom.


DT Rebuttal: Well I sincerely hope Annie will get to read this “essay” and get blinded by the truth.  What will make you tick readers, a well read kid fresh from college or an old weird man’s wisdom like me? By the time “my daughter” graduated I lived and experienced twice her life on earth. Again, incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to offer… Its either a scientist mandatory seven years in college or 62 years of hand on astonishing experiences… The sad fact is our current society is set to give “my educated daughter” a voice and bury my genuine wisdom…

First, wrong readers, one cannot be re-born unless he/she dies first… But presented with the reincarnation principle what do you think any science writer would think? “I need solid PROOFS that reincarnation exist Dr. Turi…” she would say, fearing the educated crowd would ridicule her for allying with such an impossibility! Well from his watery “grave” a worm do “transform” into a butterfly and changes from the water to the air element, this metamorphosis is as real as can be but, in their educated mind, it does not apply to human beings…

Ann ie Murphy Paul: Learning before birth

Continued: Starting a few years ago, I began noticing a dazzling array of findings clustered around the prenatal period. These discoveries were generating considerable excitement among scientists, even as they overturned settled beliefs about when we start absorbing and responding to information from our environment. As a science reporter — and as a mother — I had to find out more.

 DT Rebuttal: And the tools she has in hand to do so are from conventional science while the UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”  depict a very curious Gemini. Mercury Dragon souls are born writers and consumed with children)  I am totally convinced she and other mothers would learn much more about their children characters by reading my book “I Know All About You”

The only limited “environment” she is referring to is HER womb… Thus common sense dictate the child is quite limited because the human senses are not yet fully developed and even near conception all there is to see and hear is the MOTHER loud bodily functions.


Did you ever put your ear on your partner’s tummy after dinner? Imagine if you were stuck completely inside? It would sound like the loudest rock and roll band you ever heard with no way for you to escape to save your ears.

Continued:  This research, I discovered, is part of a burgeoning field known as “fetal origins,” and it’s turning pregnancy into something it has never been before: a scientific frontier. Obstetrics was once a sleepy medical specialty, and research on pregnancy a scientific backwater. Now the nine months of gestation are the focus of intense interest and excitement, the subject of an exploding number of journal articles, books, and conferences.

DT Rebuttal: This is where I wish I could be invited but without a collection of PhD’s my wisdom belongs only to an advanced crowd of spiritual human willing to learn outside of the “box.” Thank you VIP’s…

 Continued:   What it all adds up to is this: much of what a pregnant woman encounters in her daily life — the air she breathes, the food and drink she consumes, the chemicals she’s exposed to, even the emotions she feels — are shared in some fashion with her fetus. They make up a mix of influences as individual and idiosyncratic as the woman herself. The fetus treats these maternal contributions as information, as what I like to call biological postcards from the world outside.

DT Rebuttal: Gee imagine for a second what type of noise and chemicals unborn babies are subjected / swimming in? But the ears and eyes are still shut or undeveloped and complaining or “kicking” can only happen much later.  OK let’s be serious…While all those emotions are felt by the Mother ALONE those biological postcards do affects the fetus physically only as the spirit (UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” is “missing.”

Indeed ingesting drugs, alcohol will have a serious repercussion on the good function of the “computerized” physical brain as the human body exit the warm uterine physical life nine months later. What Annie Murphy Paul and scientists do not know is; it is ONLY when the doctor KILLS the human body from his/her uterine watery/bloody jail, by severing / cutting the umbilical cord that the spirit enters the human body. By “spirit” I mean also to say the natal UCI reflecting the accumulated karma that will translate into inherited gifts or shortcomings. Shortcomings means also the Mother’ stupidity or lack of will power to ingest drugs, afflicting all the physical and spiritual “parts” and values delivered with the human body at birth.

Much of scientific information is offered to understand the working of the birth cord or the funiculus umbilicalis. It is the connecting cord from the developing embryo (or fetus) to the placenta.  During prenatal development the umbilical cord is physiologically and genetically part of the fetus and (in humans) normally contains two arteries (umbilical arteries and one vein, the umbilical vein is buried within Wharton’s jelly. The umbilical vein supplies the fetus with oxygen, nutrient, rich blood from the placenta. Conversely, the fetal heart pumps deoxygenated, nutrient-depleted blood through the umbilical arteries back to the placenta.

With such amount of PHYSICAL information how can any “educated” new kid on the block or Annie Murphy Paul deal with the spirit? Where are the “accredited” teachers of the spirit in all our schools and Universities? Human were fashioned to think and explore the secret of life ONLY through the physical, scientific eyes all the while missing the humongous spiritual forest for the tree…But this is the result of so many years of classic scientific and religious conditionnment where humanity finally lost its touch with the divine.

Continued:   By attending to such messages, the fetus learns the answers to questions critical to its survival: Will it be born into a world of abundance, or scarcity? Will it be safe and protected, or will it face constant dangers and threats? Will it live a long, fruitful life, or a short, harried one?

DT Rebuttal: First, using logic as any scientist would do, how can a fetus depraved (or with underdeveloped ) physical senses either hear/see those messages?  Does the scientists finally realize there is also a subtle spiritual manifesto in action? This sound contradictory but I can not alienate the female intuition, meantime let me explain a few things to science. The soul “forcefully” choses the parents, the geographical location determining the abundant or limited conditions. This indicate why ALL human “sinners” without exception regardless where they land on this big work will cry loudly upon RE-entering this cold, cruel physical world!

Indeed the soul reincarnated on HELL where fears, uncontrolled imagination, pain and suffering is the karmic heavy load of many where the direct connection to God and its spiritual divinity is NON existent. Annie Murphy Paul and all the new educated kids on the block just arriving on earth should listen to a 62 year old man who was gifted /cursed by God to help them breach the limitation of a physical world jailing their spirits.

There are NO accidents for a soul to arrive on earth with dozens of golden spoons in his mouth where all doors for fame and riches are already open for them. There are NO accidents for a destitute child to be born in a 3rd world country and experience true hell on earth since day one. It is obvious that Annie Murphy Paul and the scientific crowd are totally depraved of spiritual values and rely only upon their 5 limited human senses to explain or comprehend the complexity of what it means to be human.  The stage is set for them to reach more unconscious souls unwilling to take a chance on curiosity or thinking outside of the box they all sank in. Gee do I have some work on my plate readers…

Continued:   The pregnant woman’s diet and stress level, in particular, provide important clues to prevailing conditions, a finger lifted to the wind. The resulting tuning and tweaking of the fetus’s brain and other organs are part of what give humans their enormous flexibility, their ability to thrive in environments as varied as the snow-swept tundra in Siberia and the golden-grassed savanna in Africa.

DT Rebuttal: Again another false assumption because a total lack of Cosmic Consciousness and the understanding of what a (UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” is all about. I wonder, as their teacher,  if I could have ever upgraded the spiritless values of this born scientists “Baby Busters” generation?

The flexibility and adaptation is already programmed in certain souls, some were born mutable  “adaptable” other will be born fixed or cardinal offering them a unique way of perceiving and dealing with their lives on “hell” in the snow-swept tundra in Siberia or the golden-grassed savanna in Africa. Some souls will like mathematics and were born scientists, others inherited a much more refined or spiritual UCI and will be lead by the Comic Code to perform in the arts or challenge accepted disciplines as I do…The Mother’ stress is HER OWN and has absolutely no repercussion on the spiritual unborn soul just yet.

What Mother Annie Murphy Paul and educated parents do know is that she is 100% connected to her children DNA wise and her children will even look like her. What she and other good mothers do not know is that; ALL mothers are the biggest STRANGER to their children’ spiritual inherited make up and values and NONE of these children will ever think, talk, assimilate, behave, feel or lead the same exact fate as their mothers. Those souls are independent entities and will lead very different lives regardless if the mother are clam or stressed during the 9 months of conception.

Again without Cosmic Consciousness only the physical manifestations are approached and dwelt with all at the expense of the spirit. Meantime more and more “science writer” are given a national stage and a big voice leading mothers into deceptive information where the spirit of God’s celestial creation has NO place what’s so ever. At the end the pharmaceutical greedy, unconcerned corporations who financially endorse all science writers will suggest armful “anti depressants” products to the young concerned but unconscious mothers. Indeed Dr. Turi FREE wisdom cannot compete with science writers such as Annie Murphy Paul because the voice of true wisdom is not allowed to warn unaware souls at a national level. (YET!)

  Continued:   The recognition that learning actually begins before birth leads us to a striking new conception of the fetus, the pregnant woman and the relationship between them.

The fetus, we now know, is not an inert blob, but an active and dynamic creature, responding and adapting as it readies itself for life in the particular world it will soon enter. The pregnant woman is neither a passive incubator nor a source of always-imminent harm to her fetus, but a powerful and often positive influence on her child even before it’s born.

 DT Rebuttal: The fetus is nothing else than a physical living “blob” depraved of its karmic inherited psychical aptitudes. Many women do carry serious guilt because they “terminated/killed” an unborn child. Well I have good news for you Ladies if you happen to have committed such a “deadly” SIN or (Self Imposed Nonsense.)  The unborn heart beating is YOURS, the unborn building nervous system is YOURS, the feelings and discomforts are YOURS, the blood pressure is YOURS because there is NO spirit yet but YOURS alone in the fetus.  Only when the doctor cut the cord and KILL the fetus from his/YOUR physical jail will be become an independent entity. In fact your only responsibility is to eat properly, exercise regularly avoid any form of chemicals and be positive so the physical envelop you are building for your child is free of malfunctions. Think of a car and how it is engineered, built and delivered but the last and first thing you have to do is to get the “engine” started. This beautiful car will never work unless you fill it up with “Essence” or gas in French and this element is far from the heavy steel /chassis most of the car is built upon.

Continued:   And pregnancy is not a nine-month wait for the big event of birth, but a crucial period unto itself — “a staging period for well-being and disease in later life,” as one scientist puts it. This crucial period has become a promising new target for prevention, raising hopes of conquering public health scourges like obesity and heart disease by intervening before birth. By “teaching” fetuses the appropriate lessons while they’re still in utero, we could potentially end vicious cycles of poverty, infirmity and illness and initiate virtuous cycles of health, strength and stability.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed this is the lowest utmost erroneous and disturbing information any scientists can come up with and enunciate the huge gap between spiritual reality and psychical limitation and fiction. Obesity, heart diseases, cancer and all ailments are PRE-set, pre-programmed either genetically or through the UCI or come from “blockage” or energy. The level of accomplishments that can be reached depends on unseen Universal forces at work and has nothing to do with the mother or the human body gestation.  Without any other form of education all science can do is speculate and produce dangerous chemicals that will alter any and all good functions of the physical or spiritual human envelop.

Continued:    So how can pregnant women communicate to their fetuses what they need to know? Eat fish, scientists suggest, but make sure it’s the low-mercury kind — the omega-three fatty acids in seafood are associated with higher verbal intelligence and better social skills in school-age children. Exercise: research suggests that fetuses benefit from their mothers’ physical activity. Protect yourself from toxins and pollutants, which are linked to birth defects and lowered IQ.

DT Rebuttal: I guess I already answer the above but these suggestions are logical and apply for the physical body only. Common sense dictate if you ingest any form of poison the computerized “transmission” from the Universal Mind to the human brain making up the UCI will be afflicted negatively. Nine months before I came into this harsh world my mother worked a butt off all the way to 2 AM on February 26, 1950.  We were very poor and dad was to die  10 years later of tuberculosis in a local hospital, my mother never had extra food and took care of four other kids on her own. She did not had the time to go to the hospital, no vitamins or supplements existed then and with the help of our neighbor she had me in front of a big fire place. The good news is Mom never drank, never took any medicines or drugs and all she could do was to stress and work endlessly but she had no time for depression. All the clothes washing  were done by hand and I recall seeing her many times being pregnant again with my brother Yves, my sister Florence and the latest boy Daniel, pushing a wheel barrow to the river with a huge container full of boiling water and clothes. So much for being positive and avoid stress…meantime all her children are as healthy as can be and all of us are very successful. Read more of my incredible life…

Continued:    Don’t worry too much about stress: research shows that moderate stress during pregnancy is associated with accelerated infant brain development. Seek help if you think you might be suffering from depression: the babies of depressed women are more likely to be born early and at low birth weight, and may be more irritable and have more trouble sleeping. And — my favorite advice — eat chocolate: it’s associated with a lower risk of the high blood pressure condition known as preeclampsia. When we hold our babies for the first time, we imagine them clean and new, unmarked by life, when in fact they have already been shaped by the world, and by us. It’s my privilege to share with the TED audience the good news about how we can teach our children well from the very beginning.

 The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Annie Murphy Paul.

DT Rebuttal: Again wild animals’ lives are loaded with drama, death and incredible challenges and all are set by nature to take on the challenges right away. Human are much more complex and much slower to deal with life in general. Imagine what type of stress level a human Mother would have to endure if she was remotely experiencing any animal ‘challenges? It seem the more stress the Mother experiences the more power to the baby if I use nature as an example yes? I wish my Mom could have afforded chocolate in 1950 and all the extreme attention and modern facilities available to any mother today. Nope, just the opposite, stress, pain, extreme hardship, no hospital where the word survival and suffering was her only load. She had eight healthy children all breast feed and all very successful. If I had to measure my health and success to the endless HELL my valiant courageous pregnant mother went trough I would never be Dr. Turi today… Furthermore that cold Sunday morning my Dad and Gran Pa Louis were so happy to have a boy that they celebrated my arrival by filling up a big pot with champagne and dunked my tiny body a few times in it. And you wonder why I am so special? Read all about my crazy life’s adventure, UFO etc.

So Mothers of the 21st century please realize how lucky you really are because back in the fifties becoming or being a mother was truly a painful challenge. Science and chemicals did not play an important part in those moms’ lives then, instead hard work and tremendous challenges filled their days were depressions had no  room. Back up a few more centuries and then realize that humanity, against all odds made it with so many courageous mothers endlessly given birth in incredible deplorable situations. Diseases, wars, poverty had made the human spirit much stronger and not today’s educated new kids on the block assumptions.

The valiant immortal human spirit owns its essence in the stars and all human beings were enslaved by God himself to uncover the secrets of life in the spirit print and not in the physical laboratory. All affairs of the human Mind starts in the Universal Mind and not in the Mother’s womb, something humanity will one day accept as undeniable fact…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Dr. Turi.

All Truths evolve through 3 Stages of Consciousness…
First, they are Ridiculed,
Next, they are Violently Opposed, and
Then, they are Accepted as Self-Evident!


*The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”


~Albert Einstein*


/////// has sent you a message on The Cosmic Code With Dr. Turi


Subject: Thank you both.

Thank you both Dr. and Mrs. Turi for your time with me today and helping me to further  my journey into your teachings and insight. I look forward to learning everything I can from you and perhaps take it to others too so that more hurting souls can become aware of the power of the Universe and experience healing clarity as well as the truth of God’s purpose for us in life.I have always had a interest in the stars and the Universe but grew up in a conventional belief system where my curiosity and deeper thoughts weren’t considered logical so I pushed aside my insights and inner voice until now. . I no longer can ignore what’s inside going on with my spirit any longer. God is calling me to do more. and He’s led me to you……I just don’t know what quite yet…but I do no its a change.




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