Religious Conflicts Muslims and Christians



For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi


Conflict, theology and history make Muslims more religious than others, experts say

Indeed I have noticed the God’s “experts”are the least who knows about the Creator what ever name, philosophy or worshiping 99.09 % of the world’s residents were subjected “poisoned” with.  The fact is faith itself is coming from a deceptive planet called Neptune, “The Lord of the Seas.”  

But when both science and religion sees the planets as dead rocks hanging above their heads only, the very essence that rules humanity current spiritual entrapment will remain a mystery and propagates endless wars and more human misery. Being an entity from the future, all I can do is to offer the reader the opportunity to learn more about the Cosmic Code (God’s celestial will) and apply critical thinking when dealing with the proliferation of this deceptive mental cancer.

By Richard Allen Greene, CNN

(CNN) – Every religion has its true believers and its doubters, its pious and its pragmatists, but new evidence suggests that Muslims tend to be more committed to their faith than other believers. Muslims are much more likely than Christians and Hindus to say that their own faith is the only true path to paradise, according to a recent global survey, and they are more inclined to say their religion is an important part of their daily lives.

DT Rebuttal:  One must realize that; the three major deadliest youngest religions where all born in the Middle East and this is NOT an accident… Those doctrines then sprayed all over the world as any diseases would do in the human body. The Middle East is a  geographical “Neptune” ruled  area and all countries making up these zones solely under its deceptive rulership.

The Lord of the Oceans

Neptune like all other planets is both positive and negative in nature but without Cosmic Consciousness   the human will is powerless forcing them to act out the essence “energy” of  these planets.  To represents Neptune spiritual values the ancient Sumerian carved the sign of the fishes.  


Neptune rules Pisces and Pisces is the most imaginative, creative, artistic sign of the Zodiac, i.e. Michael Angelo *born 6 March 1475, (NO accidents!) who spent most of his life on his back painting incredible religious art works on the ceiling of many famous churches. He was a full speed positive Neptunian but there are also such a thing as negative Neptunian.  Using the symbol of the fishes, all the ancients were trying to do is to warn souls of Neptune’s unseen deceptive energy jailing the spirit into its own deceptive world of imagination.  Incidentally the fishes became the major symbol for Christianity (again NO accidents.)

However while extraordinary gifted, depraved of Cosmic Consciousness all  Michael Angelo could do is to reflect the incredible artistic grip Neptune had upon his life and he simply performed endlessly. The same thing is happening with me with my continuous writing and teaching, blame it on my hidden Dragon’s Head (growth) in Gemini  “The Messenger of the Gods” and my Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail (karma) challenging the codification of thoughts, religions, science and all that has been accepted erroneously as true by the norm.

During “the renaissance” astrologers were sought as witches and in the name of fears and ignorance, thousands of spiritual human beings blessed with an advanced UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” were burned to the stake.

Neptune rules the Middle East, imagination,  inner fear and attraction to the unknown making any human being overloaded with its power prime victims of religious dogmas, cults and fervent believer of anything they know nothing about. All geared by faith and a fertile imagination only.  Thus with such a grip upon the entire Middle East may be the “experts” reading my work are about to learn the real unseen manifesto to why Muslims’ religion is an important part of their daily lives.

Neptune rules also gas, drugs, chemicals, the oil and pharmaceutical deceptive corporations, all poisonous creatures such as snakes, spiders living in dark caves (convents?)  The fact is the Middle East which is the top producer of oil is poisoning the entire world physically and spiritually knowing the top three major religions were born there. Once you click on the banner you will learn much more about Neptune’s incredible grip upon humanity but be warned; I wrote this “essay” many years ago, I think around 1991 when I first joined the Internet with a website and it needs serious editing.  May be someone could copy/paste/edit and email it back to me to save me time so I can keep writing?


Incidentally being a water sign, the sound of Arabic sound very much like someone trying to speak “under the water” at least this is how it sound like to me and this is not an attack to Muslims or their religion, just my direct honest intuitive self at work!

Continued: Muslims also have a much greater tendency to say their religion motivates them to do good works, said the survey, released over the summer by Ipsos-Mori, a British research company that polls around the world.

DT Rebuttal:  The fact is religions and politics are an intrinsic part of the human experience and will always be there… In the absence of highly spiritual teachers, the real answers on how astrology who was a major part of all ancients disappeared cultures is simply missing. The early controlling political/religious rulers were also privileged select who had access to such a high wisdom but, in the absence of pen, paper and money, sharing such rare wisdom with such a vast illiteracy made it impossible. Thus Astrology was “removed” and replaced by something the “ants” could assimilate and religions were born.

Without any form of physical or spiritual structures, controlling the masses was simply impossible and inducing  mental disciplines  .i.e “You shall not kill” became the smarter way to build societies and direct them to act properly. Adding stories of heaven and an after life endless rewards supported by induced fears *hell is all those  uneducated God fearing mentally abused souls could relate too… Thus religion motivates them to do good works and give them spiritual grounding for good actions. Using the human instinct of preservation always works…

But because life is a constant process of changes it also forces adaptability. New generations inherited a very different UCI and with the help of technology (the Internet) the old must give in to the new or the decaying  Age of Pisces (deception/religions) is overtaken by the Age of Aquarius (the future / the truth / brotherhood.)

Continued: Islam is the world’s second-largest religion – behind Christianity and ahead of Hinduism, the third largest. With some 1.5 billion followers and rising, Islam’s influence may be growing even faster than its numbers as the Arab Spring topples long-reigning secular rulers and opens the way to religiously inspired political parties. The case against TLC’s “All-American Muslim”

But while there’s no doubt about the importance of Islam, experts have different theories about why Muslims appear to be more religious than members of other global faiths – and contrasting views on whether to fear the depth of Muslims’ commitment to their faith. One explanation lies in current affairs, says Azyumardi Azra, an expert on Islam in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim majority country.

DT Rebuttal: The current political affairs taking place in the Middle East is produced by the planetary “Change of Guards” or Pluto (power) in Capricorn (politics) challenging the Status Quo. But I doubt very much the unconscious “experts” can enter and deal with the arketypalm realm of consciousness only permissible to a highly spiritual UCI such as my students and I. Note also that back in 1995 my visions about  the Middle East implosion and a “religious war” was predicted well before  Osama Bin Laden come  into the picture and became America enemy #1.

Continued: Many Muslims increasingly define themselves in contrast with what they see as the Christian West, says Azra, the director of the graduate school at the State Islamic University in Jakarta. “When they confront the West that they perceive or misperceive as morally in decline, many Muslims feel that Islam is the best way of life. Islam for them is the only salvation,” he says. The case for TLC’s “All-American Muslim” That feeling has become stronger since the September 11 attacks, as many Muslims believe there is a “growing conflict between Islam and the so-called West,” he says.

DT Rebuttal: First Azra, director of the graduate school at the State Islamic University in Jakarta should revisit the past outside of the books (box?) that produces his mental blockage and accept the obvious hidden truth /symbolism making up the Muslim flag. It seem the Sun, the Moon and the Stars have a much deeper but real meanings of numerous long gone Astrological teachers. His books reflect the hands fueled by fears, imagination and deception of political men aiming for power and control, just because God never wrote any books but made the stars.

But the same masquerade took place with Christianity and those three kings “wise men” were Astrologers following the stars or reading Jesus *UCI. Unless two thousands years ago early Christians and Muslims were able to build “turbo charged camels” able to run at the speed of light,  they could not follow a star physically, it HAS to be  plotted in a map! Do you actually think “Christian Science” teach you about the Popes and  astrology on Sunday  schools? Time to accept the truth Christians, anytime you look at your watch you are looking at an astrological wheel…

                                                                      12 Apostles

                                                                12  members of a jury

                                                                           12 sins

                                                                 12 signs of the Zodiac

                                                                   12 hours of the day

                                                                12 months of the years

                                                                    12 Tribes of Isreal


Continued: “Unfortunately this growing attachment to Islam among Muslims in general has been used and abused by literal-minded Muslims and the jihadists for their own purposes,” he says. But other experts say that deep religious commitment doesn’t necessarily lead to violence. “Being more religious doesn’t necessarily mean that they will become suicide bombers,” says Ed Husain, a former radical Islamist who is now a Middle East expert at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. In fact, Husain argues that religious upbringing “could be an antidote” to radicalism. American Muslim women who cover explain their choice The people most likely to become Islamist radicals, he says, are those who were raised without a religious education and came to Islam later, as “born-agains.” Muslims raised with a grounding in their religion are better able to resist the distortions of Islam peddled by recruiters to radical causes, some experts like Husain argue, making them less likely to turn to violence.

DT Rebuttal: I am sure you heard of a “Born Again Christian” Neptune rules also confinement places, such a churches, synagogues, temples, hospital, jails, prisons, asylums where dementia, schizophrenia and drugs are infesting the psyches of so many lost souls. Thus finding God there is common especially when the ever moving Universal Dragon (Draco constellation) afflicts the 12th  house of any inmates. This house deals with all the subconscious affairs and induces serious psychological changes opening the door to Neptune and become a fanatical reborn or a terrorist. Teaching Kids How To Kill The President? The drastic changes from normal religious beliefs to turn into obnoxious radicalism are far from what the “educated experts” assumes because the teacher was never there to educate them otherwise…

Yet science has not figured this out but looking at my stats more and more psychologists / psychiatrists “college graduates”  interested in uncovering the keys of what it means to be human are reading, learning and building their own Cosmic Consciousness. The same apply for my special email list made up of regular cops , police Chiefs the FBI and CIA intelligence community  lurking the Internet looking for terrorists. I just wish they would stop fearing the “ridicule” and offer me a chance to upgrade their perception using my expertise in Astropsychology.

Until humanity raises to a higher level of perception and the educational system “approve” Astropsychology as a solid discipline, the continuous process involving religious poisoning will only produces misunderstandings, differences ignorance and wars.  A complete, total overhaul of a world wide spiritual education is taking place as imposed by the burgeoning Age of Aquarius via the Internet. Highly spirited teachers of light such as myself are working to better humanity hijacked religiously poisoned spirit and it is only a matter of time before the world wake up to God’s true celestial face and acknowledge the signs. The entrance of the new Dragon’s Head (growth) in Scorpio (wake up call) will stimulate more interest in Universal metaphysics (astrology) or what fearful Christians call falsely the “occult.”

Continued:  But he agrees that Muslims are strongly attached to their faith, and says the reason lies in the religion itself. “Muslims have this mindset that we alone possess the final truth,” Husain says. Muslims believe “Jews and Christians went before us and Mohammed was the last prophet,” says Husain, whose book “The Islamist” chronicles his experiences with radicals. “Our prophet aimed to nullify the message of the previous prophets.”

DT Rebuttal: With such a radical attitude many people responding the the movement of the stars afflicting their psyches will act out their ultimate beliefs that Islam is the only religion and many will happily die for the Prophet. All they are is unconscious peons of the stars and until the celestial impact releases the uneducated soul is will be a serious danger to himself and society at large.  There is NO way of rationalizing with faith because it is a deep encrusted emotions and in the battle between emotion and logic, emotion/faith will always dominate.  This is why there is no real end of religious battles because ignorance of their natal UCI depraves human (and 99.09% of the world) of correct auto analysis. Its the evil of ignorance, religious and uncontrolled imagination that consumes the  mind where accepted religious ultimacy has to reign.

Continued:  The depth of the Muslim commitment to Islam is not only a matter of theology and current events, but of education and history, as well, other experts say. “Where religion is linked into the state institutions, where religion is deeply ingrained from childhood, you are getting this feeling that ‘My way is the only way,'” says Fiyaz Mughal, the director of Faith Matters, a conflict-resolution organization in London. The Ipsos-Mori survey results included two countries with a strong link between religion and the state: Legally Muslim Saudi Arabia, which calls itself the guardian of Islam’s two holiest sites, Mecca and Medina; and Indonesia, home of the world’s largest Muslim population.

The third majority Muslim country in the study is Turkey, which has a very different relationship with religion. It was founded after World War I as a legally secular country. But despite generations of trying to separate mosque and state, Turkey is now governed by an Islam-inspired party, the AKP.

DT Rebuttal: The AKP is mostly a controlling political party very much concerned to keep the “ants” under control and reaffirm my assertions of what transpired in the Middle East for the last two thousand years. Segregation  or a fundamental element of internal control is in place and concentrated in Indonesia where auto teaching from parent to children, from generation to the next is a form of mental control. Neptune rules exotic places surrounded by oceans or remote island where Reverent Jones “Peoples Temple leader”is best known for the November 18, 1978 mass suicide of 909 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana along with the killings of five other people at a nearby airstrip.

Neptune MUST separate people from outside help or keep people inside its confinement in order to control the souls. Much like  a fish stuck in own limited tank seeing and dealing only with its own world. A world he can relate that may not necessarily be accessible to others…

Continued: Turkey’s experience shows how difficult it can be to untangle government and religion in Muslim majority countries and helps explain the Muslim commitment to their religion, says Azyumardi Azra, the Indonesia expert. He notes that there has been no “Enlightenment” in Islam as there was in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, weakening the link between church and state in many Christian countries. “Muslim communities have never experienced intense secularization that took place in Europe and the West in general,” says Azra. “So Islam is still adhered to very strongly.”

DT Rebuttal:  Religion and politics have always been ONE even with the separation of Church and State because power can only be established through a tedious, well planned control of information that helps the ruling party to induce an  automatic “family internal” teachings where disciplines and rules are the key to maintain order and their control over the uneducated masses.

Continued: But it’s not only the link between mosque and state in many Muslim majority countries that ties followers to their faith, says professor Akbar Ahmed, a former Pakistani diplomat who has written a book about Islam around the world. Like Christians who wear “What Would Jesus Do?” bracelets, many Muslims feel a deep personal connection to the founder of their faith, the prophet Muhammad, he says.

DT Rebuttal: The inquisition which was a politically  oriented Church created “La Guillotine” to kill pagans  wear the cross which is also a tool designed by the Romans to inflict death to the Christians. Does this suggest we should also wear a guillotine with the cross around our necks? Human associate items with their religious icons like native Indians use eagle feathers in their spiritual rituals. If the white man did not eradicate the Indians all over this world I wonder what religions would challenge Christianity or the Muslim faith? But normal people do not think outside of the *box the spirit is stuck in and the battle for supremacy will never end.

Continued: Muhammad isn’t simply a historical figure to them, but rather a personal inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around the world today. “When a Muslim is fasting or is asked to give charity or behave in a certain way, he is constantly reminded of the example set by the prophet many centuries ago,” argues Ahmed, the author of “Journey Into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization.” His book is based on interviews with Muslims around the world, and one thing he found wherever he traveled was admiration for Muhammad.

DT Rebuttal: It does not take a genius to make up stories designed for a moronic mass willing to follow the honorable footsteps of any religious figures. Jesus did exactly the same thing as all religions were born during the jurisdiction of Neptune and so are all teachings, way of life and doctrines. The same principle take place with a celebrity such as Micahel Jackson or Elvis but for some unknown reasons *sarcasm, human have accepted the fact that they are now really dead and will never comeback. Because of their natal *UCI people  do vibrates as a specific level, some are over loaded with Neptune and are stirred by the Cosmic Code  to become ministers, priests, Popes and very religious (especially Capricorns and Libra) take my next live course in Astropsychology to find out why next June in Arizona.

Now souls overloaded with logical Saturn  will turn out skeptics, atheists or look for science for the answers they will never uncover, yes as “young Souls” they are karmically forbidden  to enter the divine during this specific solid and dense physical world. The good news is they have eternity to reach a level where a balance between the  psychical and physical manifestation can be reached.

Continued: “One of the questions was, ‘Who is your role model?’ From Morocco to Indonesia, it was the prophet, the prophet, the prophet,” says Ahmed, the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington. But while Ahmed sees similar patterns across the Islamic world, Ed Husain, the former radical, said it was important to understand its diversity, as well. “There is no monolithic religiosity – Muslims in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are following different versions of Islam,” says Husain. “All we’re seeing (in the survey) is an adherence to a faith.”

DT Rebuttal:  Did Ed Husain, the former radical changed his views because of a stars pattern dictated him to grow wiser? But without Cosmic Consciousness he will never know why those changes took place, at least not in his lifetime. In all real of false wisdom, all roads leads to Rome! Only curiosity lead to a new marvelous spiritual voyages where God has enslaved all his children to RE-discover his true celestial identity and its warnings in the signs… For now as a reader of mine you made a quest to do so and this is not an accident.

Ask and you shall receive…” 

Continued:  Political scientist Farid Senzai, director of research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding in Washington, raised questions about the survey’s findings. “Look at the countries that are surveyed – Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Turkey,” he says. “There are about 300 million Muslims in those three countries, (who make up) about 20% of Muslims globally.” Islam is “incredibly important” in Saudi Arabia, he says. “But in Tunisia or Morocco you could have had a different result. It would have been nice if they had picked a few more Arab countries and had a bit more diversity,” says Senzai.

DT Rebuttal:  But  political scientist “educated” Monsieur Farid Senzaiif, if I recall history correctly  the impact of  a much more liberated freedom oriented country such as France could have altered the religious fanaticism encountered everywhere else yes?  France learned in “The Guerre de Cent Ans” (the one hundred religious war)  that;  allowing those cancerous religious cells to grow in the French spirit would, with time kill everyone and the French Kind would have no tax to collect from his subjects. Thus religions became second, we built more bars  than churches and sent our girls naked on the beach. The wars stopped soon after that!

Continued:The pollster, Ipsos-Mori, does monthly surveys in 24 countries, three of which are majority Muslim – Turkey, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. The other countries range from India to the United States, and Mexico to South Korea, and are the same each month, regardless of the subject the pollsters are investigating. In the survey released in July, about six in 10 Muslims in the survey said their religion was the only way to salvation, while only a quarter of Hindus and two out of 10 Christians made that claim about their own faiths. More than nine out of 10 Muslims said their faith was important in their lives, while the figure was 86% for Hindus and 66% for Christians.

DT Rebuttal: Not to forget that religious people from all around the world are not only cursed by an heavy Neptune in their charts but make up the majority of people who lives under the poverty line. Others are endorsing religions because it either benefit their political position or because it is accepted by the majority. But the fact remain that I, myself was born Christian and never asked for it, Christianity was born well before me and monopolized much of a world made of of 99.09% of unconscious God fearing morons.

Continued: Ipsos-Mori surveyed 18,473 adults via an online panel in April and released the findings in July. Results were weighted to make the results as representative as possible, but the pollster cautioned that because the survey was conducted online, it was harder to get representative results in poorer countries where internet access is not widespread.

DT Rebuttal: I guess I answered that one before reading it, this proves my point if you can think as clear as I do…

Continued: CNN polling director Keating Holland also warns that in an “opt-in” survey, where respondents actively choose to participate, results tend to come from “people who are confident in their opinions and express them openly… not good for intensely private matters like faith or income or sex.”

DT Rebuttal: If the world operated on my advanced UCI level, there would be no fears about the truth, faith, income and sex… AS a public person I even posted my DOB on “Project Camelot” public website and a moronic scared moderator young soul, in fear of identity thief, decided to remove the information. All I was doing is to prove to the world that unless you inherited a badly aspected Neptune in your chart, you will not attract the “deceptive” Neptunian elements (or become a priest.)

But there is so much those kids have to learn about “accidents” and fears  from Dr. Turi.  People attracts each others because they vibrates at the same “fear” principle and  some   unconscious  souls such as David Icke’s Lost Spirit operates on a fearful logical, rational level. Fear is the ugliest most conductive evil “energy” and dictate why religion and conspiracy rules the world and may never end. Gee do I have some work to do to free humanity from fears and ignorance readers?

Continued:  Online surveys in countries that are not entirely free are also open to the possibility that pollsters get “the approved response” in those nations, “where the people who are most likely to be willing to talk about such matters are the ones who hold, or at least verbalize, opinions that won’t get them in trouble if they are expressed,” Holland says. That may have been an issue in Saudi Arabia, where respondents were given the choice of not answering questions on religion due to their potential sensitivity in the kingdom. The Saudi sample was the smallest, with 354 participants, meaning “findings for Saudi Arabia must be treated with caution,” Ipsos-Mori said. About 1,000 people participated in most countries, but sample sizes were smaller in the three majority Muslim countries and in eight other countries.

The survey participants did not reflect the true percentage of Christians and Muslims in the world. Christians were over-represented – as were people who said they had no religion – and Muslims were under-represented. Nearly half the respondents identified themselves as Christian. Eleven percent were Muslim, 4% were Buddhist, 3% were Hindu and 3% were “other.” A quarter said they had no religion and 6% refused to say.

Fiyaz Mughal, the interfaith expert, argues that even though the countries surveyed might not be representative of the entire Muslim world, the findings about Muslims rang broadly true. Muslims in different countries were committed to their faith for different reasons, he says.

DT Rebuttal: While the “experts” are assuming the correct numbers of religious feedback in their ridiculous survey, the real number is 99.09% of the world population is under or follow a specific religious/cults/groups denomination. This is based upon the rarity of true genius found in the masses… Muslims in different countries are committed to their faith for different reasons the experts will never know, I am only offering you the truth as I perceive it through the Cosmic Code or Neptune’s impact cursing the ignorant, god fearing masses.

Continued: “Saudi Arabia is an institutionally religious state. Indonesia has religion tied into its culture,” says Mughal. But Muslim immigrants to Europe also show strong ties to their religion, either as a defense mechanism in the face of a perceived threat, or because of an effort to cling to identity, he contends.

DT Rebuttal: If the first emigrants teachers belong to a specific religious group the severed roots of their children will be kept alive though teachings offering them a sense of security and belonging.


                                                 But is this out completely of order?

Charles Martel stopped the Muslims invasion a Poitier “the Battle of Tours”  (October 732)  in France in which he defeated an invading MUslim army and halted northward Islamic expansion in western Europe. Is history repeating itself on a different level?

Indeed it is but could this scenery take place in the Muslim countries with another denomination or the Christian faith? How do you think the French feels looking at this unstoppable “cancer?” Who’s to blame, the Christians, the Muslims, the Governments? Nope all these pious people are human exactly like you, who have passions, feelings, families, responsibilities…But like 99.09% of the world’s population they are ROBOTS of their stars, acting neurotically, subconsciously, unconsciously their  Neptunian stars…

What’s next when this happen not only all over Europe but in the US? As we approach the year 2012 and with deadly Pluto (death/drama/police)  in charge until 2014 a serious wake up call will take place for “religions” at large.

But Human NEEDS religions to survive and regenerate their spirits  thus the changes I am seeing is a total implosion of the human spirit where out of the ashes a new burgeoning spirit will unify humanity  through a new Aquarius celestial “religion.” Yes as much as the Universal chosen physical lanage is English, the new spiritual language will liberate humanity from the cancerous religious diversities consuming its spirit.

Imagine if all the pilots in the world where to fly airplanes and communicate the FAA aeronautical regulations, laws and airports rules in THEIR chosen religious language only? Do you get it readers? The world runs safely because of its physical rules allowing everyone to understand each others for the safety of all. Hard science has reached and offered humanity an incredible level of technological advancements but spiritually human are still living two thousand years ago…The imbalance is extreme and something has to give and its coming real fast…Ignorance, stupidity, deception, manipulation or the Age of Pisces is DYING and so is the Middle East where it all started…This is the implosion, the melting universal religious war I foresaw back in 1995 on Coast To Coast.

Continued: He detects a link between insular communities and commitment to faith regardless of what religion is involved. It is prevalent in Muslim Saudi Arabia, but he has seen it among Israeli Jews as well, he says. “The Israeli Jewish perspective is that (the dispute with the Palestinians) is a conflict of land and religion which are integrally linked,” Mughal says. “What does play a role in that scenario is a sense of isolationism and seclusion in Israeli Jewish religious communities, a growing trend to say, ‘Our way is the only way,'” he says. Religious leaders of all faiths need to combat those kinds of attitudes because of the greater diversity people encounter in the world today, he argues.

DT Rebuttal:  ‘Our way is the only way” works for every religions created by man’s folly…The battles is already taking place in the heavens but who has the eyes to see God order for his children to grow smarter and closer to him?

Continued: They have a responsibility to teach their congregations “that if they are following a religion, it is not as brutal or exclusive as possible,” Mughal says. “Things are changing. The world is a different place from what it was even 20 years ago.” Politicians, too, “need to take these issues quite seriously,” he says.

Continued: “In the Middle East there are countries – the Saudi Arabias – where you need to be saying that diversity, while it may not be a part of the country, is something they have to deal with when moving in a globalized area,” he says. But Senzai, the political scientist, says that it’s also important for the West to take the Muslim world on its own terms. “Many Muslims want religion to play a role in politics,” he says. “To assume that everyone around the world wants to be like the West – that they want liberal secular democracy – is an absurd idea.”

– CNN’s Nima Elbagir and Atika Shubert contributed to this report.

DT Rebuttal: How can your political or religious leaders help you when they are themselves unconscious? “spiritualism” changes must take place at the highest level but the Age of Pisces will not  remove itself intelligently or without wars.

In a world where leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.

Dr. Turi

When the truth about the direct connection involving all religions and Astrology is reinstated and taught in ALL colleges and Universities in the entire world there will never be a chance for love, respect and peace on this world.

The good news is the “Aquarius” work is already started and the Universal teachings in place where you may be a silent “physical” participant but very active spiritually. The re-birthing of Humanity spiritual perception and aptitude  of  what God is all about and how HE communicate his will through he stars and the heavens will one day replace today’s deadliest religions. Then the essence of ALL the benefit of ALL religions will melt into a singular understanding of the Divine where education will remove fears and bring about acceptance of your fellow human beings regardless of its gender, race, color and beliefs.

In a world where God’s celestial spirit  is appreciated and wisely, widely used there will be NO room for fears any longer. When my time come to reach the masses I hope to bring about sanity and reason to a world aiming for a universal religious carnage. Then and only then will my mission will be accomplished and by the grace of God I have to find the strength to carry on…

If people could predict behavior within a celestial system or “UCI”, might they not also find a way to control it?

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

“Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share…”



                                                           YOU FOUND THE REAL THING!


~ by drturi on December 4, 2011.

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