David Icke’s Lost Spirit Conspiracy

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi

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Dear Readers:

All I can hope is to bring some sense by explaining how the Cosmic Code ( the stars/God’s will) afflict people and the public at large. Human are nothing more than unconscious peons where now and then a “Talking Head” lead them into the deep and deceptive Neptunian waters. All I can do is to watch the eternal dance of those stars interacting with the human psyche and try my best to repair the psychological damage inflicted to all the victims aiming for their own mental salvavtion.  I received the following from the “Sun” in Britain and I decided to let my readers know what’s going on with David Icke psyche and how truly unconscious he really is. Remember also that David Icke, his ex-wife Pamela and I were very close friends and for years I performed many readings for them by phone and through the Internet.  David was also one of the first friend to receive all my Moon Power Books as soon as they were published, something I should never have done, keep reading it will get better…

Sun Newspaper Article

Get on yer bike, David Icke

Sun sees British oddball make mint on sell-out U.S. tour

DAVID ICKE was forced to flee the spotlight 20 years ago after declaring he was the son of God on Terry Wogan’s primetime BBC chat show.

The former sports presenter’s oddball views, including that the world was to be destroyed by devastating tidal waves and earthquakes, saw him ridiculed up and down the country. But over the last two decades, Icke has not regained his grip on reality. In fact, he has developed his crazy theories and turned them into a lucrative international business.

DT Rebuttal: The fact is; a few years ago when David told me he was going to spend some time away from people and write yet another book I warned him about the entrance of the Dragon’s Tail (negative) on his 12th house (subconscious) and the impact it could have upon his reasoning, fears and creativity. During the two years elapsed under this nefarious energy he started to write/see people turning into lizards. Obviously Davis was and still unable or unwilling to auto analyze himself and heed my warnings. My last reading to him was in October, 10, 2010 where I told him to be ready for an explosion of his career where he will be traveling like he never did before and also warned him for a possible heart attack….

“Cheers Louis…when you have a moment I wouldn’t mind hearing your headlines times and changes for me over the next two to three years. I am in Sweden now. Bloody cold.

All the best


I was as usual right on the dot, then we discussed some private matters involving his split up with Pamela and I will not share those emails by respect for his “privacy.” Meantime he did not hesitate to expose his own messed up divorce to the public requesting “donations” for you to pay for the legal cost!

But before going forward I have to make sure the reader realize that: while I have some serious reasons to “eliminate” David from my circle of friends I trust karma will take care of our differences with time. My main focus here is to use my “Astropsychology” expertise and explain the phenomenon taking place with the stars endorsing his career and endeavors and how a robotic public respond to his work. I am sure that those consumed by David Icke mental control simply reflects the same fears and like him may never be able to accept or auto analyzes themselves accordingly. It is just a matter of perception dictated by your own stars (UCI.) My Astropsychological work may open a new door to think outside of your own fears and accept your own shortcoming.

If you make people think they will love you, but if you really make them THINK they will hate you…

Dr. Turi

For now, call it being at the right time at the right place (America) with the right current “dragon.”

The Dragon 

But David Icke is not the only one suffering this type of  “Dragon” – Note for a lack of better words the Dragon is an unseen energy coming from the constellation of Draco or Ophiuchus Mystery Divulged

I used and created a bigger mass hysteria in America

UPDATED – David Icke – THE WORLD IS MAD … or Harold Camping Demented Spirit

The fact remain there is NO difference between selling religious fears of fear of institutionalized governmental  power. An unconscious David Icke is being helped by the same very Dragon’s Tail (negative) that messed up his psyche a few years ago. Currently the very same Dragon is afflicting the US and endorsing his demented imaginative work. And the good news is…I saw it all and predicted it all!

From my prediction page. America, born July 4th 1776, will receive the Dragon’s Tail on her 12th house as of March 2011 forcing a total re-structure of the working force and its basic physical organizations. On a spiritual US / world meaning this dragon will induce a serious increase in mental problems (dementia / depressions / schizophrenia etc.) where medications will make the situation worse. Expect dramatic news and a serious increase involving suicides.  Many victims will be a portion of the religious poisoned mass awaiting the “end of times.”  David Darling and Megacatastrophes!

But the problem is still there reader knowing 99.09% of the world do not possess Cosmic Consciousness to evaluate my “visions” and obvious predictions because…

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

Continued: This weekend he received a standing ovation from the sell-out crowd at the 2,100-seater Best Buy Theater in New York’s Times Square as he continued his odd “resurrection”.

DT Rebuttal:  Again if the Dragon’s Tail was not afflicting the US population’ subconscious this resurection would never take place… yes at the right time at the right place in the USA! What David did was to “feed all his victims with evil” because all the elements produced by this deplorable economy are there and David became the guru of frustration for an unconscious voiceless mass.

Continued: In a nonsensical EIGHT-HOUR lecture, Icke spouted his ramblings that are now key ideas in the booming conspiracy theories market.

DT Rebuttal: David was born in April 29th 1952 thus if you go to  “souls born in April”  you will read their characteristics “Both male and females born in April tend to talk too much and must learn to listen to others and control impatience.”

Continued: Apparently the planet is being run by reptile-like aliens and our world leaders — including Tony Blair and the Queen — are the result of human and reptile cross-breeding. In addition, Princess Diana was assassinated, we are all merely holograms, vampires are living among us, reptiles can “shapeshift” into humans, the moon is hollow and 9/11 was an inside job.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed Princess Diana was assassinated but it is after checking both the stars and UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” of Prince Charles and his victim that I know this to be true. Thus conspiracies are an intrinsic and real part of the human experience.  911 WTC destruction happens to be one of my utmost accurate predictions and not an inside job. The destruction was produced by the Pluto impact  (death/terrorism/drama) in Capricorn or America 7th house of open enemies and the dying Age of Pisces (Middle East/religions.)  Again I am speaking Chinese to many people who do not speak the  language of the stars or God’s celestial will.

As far as the moon is concerned this happens to be the main reason for me to have eliminated David from my friends, because after reading my books  “Moon Power” for years and realizing through my teachings how the moon conduct humanity’s emotional response to life, he simply RE-invented himself with my information by adding UFO bases on a “hollow” moon.  David is very smart and becomes a Gemini (talking machine) in his 3rd house of general communication (writing/speaking) and this sign is also well know in Astrology as “The Lord of the Thieves.” Thus talking endlessly and stealing people intellectual properties and re-inventing himself is what he did with me.

David you make our heads spin with your ridiculous UFO/Moon theories

David also knows all about my legitimate UFO experiences and the downloading of the Cosmic Code  during one of my abductions that took place August 11, 1991 in California. Thus why not adding some salt to something everyone is curious about? With the only difference of course my UFO experiences and spiritual legacy/downloading are VERY real. It seems that those who speaks the most about UFO or Moon / Astrology topics are the least knowledgeable on the matter.

Continued: And now President Barack Obama (a reptile) and the global financial crisis (caused by reptiles) have joined Icke’s repertoire too. The 59-year-old said: “Barack Obama is not the most powerful man in the world. He is just the point of interaction between the shadow networks that are deciding events and those that are making things happen.

“There are underground bases all over the place that Presidents and Prime Ministers aren’t allowed to know what is happening inside.

“We are not alone. The idea that humans are the only two-legged, two-armed intelligent lifeform is ridiculous. These reptilian entities exist and they are influencing our world from beyond human sight.

“They have manipulated human genetics by tuning us into particular frequencies.

“And interbreeding between human and non-humans has created a new form. This hybrid was created to have no empathy. That is why there is no limit on their actions.

“This hybrid race are the Royal Family, the politicians, those running the banking system, the media.

Slur … Queen is ‘reptilian’

“Nothing for me sums up the scale to which we have conceded our power to control our own lives than the world financial system. “The financial district in London is controlled by its own secret society. “And the symbol on the City Of London flag shows flying reptiles on each side of a shield.”

DT Rebuttal: Indeed David is using the perfect arsenal currently available to him stirring more fears into a distrusted population and this is very dangerous ground for him because Pluto rules also the CIA and he is being watched very closely. Again replacing evil with reptiles or associating both helps David to tap subconsciously on a largely untrusting, religiously poisoned nation and his “ministry” is as good as the one regimented by televangelist Joel Osteen.  Yes the mass is made of moronic followers victimized by those manipulating their mind using fears and imagination. Why do you think the Church Inc. and its religiously poisoned “Talking Heads” have been so successful last two thousands years to amass such fortunes?

The uneducated, God fearing unconscious population was molded by previous religious systems (this is true conspiracy though) making David readily accepted and honored as a new world “savior.” Little do they know of the serious subconscious damage inflicted by misusing the Supraconscious responsible for humanity’s destiny as a whole…

 Icke was in New York during the Occupy Wall Street protest and went on a walkabout of the anti-capitalist demonstration site in the days before his show to round up supporters. But the financial collapse was just a small slice of Icke’s crazy Big Apple pie — and it’s one fans everywhere are gobbling up.

Mad … leaders ‘reptiles too’

DT Rebuttal: Rest assured that all David was doing is to “advertise” himself for free and could not care less about Occupy Wall Street protest. Before stealing my and other intellectual properties; all I did for years was to endorse David at any given chances and even had him on my show and heavily advertised him prior to his  appearance in Phoenix for months.   Incidentally I get endorsements from many celebrities  such as George Noory, Gary Busey and many others but souls born in April are extremely competitive and will never reward a good gesture unless they somehow benefit from them.

“souls born in April”– Some young April souls are totally consumed with themselves and will not share possessions or the light of the stage with others supporters.

Continued: Because even more unbelievable than Icke’s conspiracy theories is the fact he has turned them into a huge money-spinner around the globe. The Isle of Wight resident has written 18 books and has another out next year. His current world tour is supporting his latest release, Human Race Get Off Your Knees.

He arrived in New York from Cleveland, Ohio, and the tour takes him to Croatia and Amsterdam next month before two dates in Hawaii next year — and a homecoming gig at Wembley Arena in October.

“Unconscious” Fans … queue in New York

Tickets for his New York show sold out at £45 a pop and his new books retail at £20. Some have been translated into eight languages. At its peak his website was getting 600,000 hits a week. Take That star Robbie Williams, 37, is among the celebs said to have taken an interest in his work and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, 33, shares Icke’s view that world leaders have reptilian blood. America is among his biggest markets and at his New York show fans wore Icke’s branded clothing and clutched his books.

DT Rebuttal: Again with the Dragon’s Tail (negative) blurring the nation’ subconscious fueled by fears of the future this is perfect most profitable ground for David and, depraved of Cosmic Consciousness (understanding the Cosmic Code regulations)  I doubt very much he is aware of it. If it works for Joel Osteen it works for anyone else steering fear or evil or power.

Continued:  His supporters are of all ages, sexes and backgrounds. Most seem like pretty normal folk… until you ask them about reptiles. Sylvia Prester, 51, had travelled from Washington DC to see her second Icke show. Wearing her souvenir T-shirt, she said: “He’s telling the truth — I believe every word of it.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed the majority of people are not directly related to Einstein and will have no problem believing in the devil too. Incidentally I removed Sylvia Prester, 51 from 2012 and got 1960 or her natal Dragon’s Tail. Sylvia was born with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Pisces (religion/imagination/subconscious) and this position makes her very vulnerable to religious addictions, uncontrolled imagination and fear of the unknown.  Souls born with such Dragon do not possess any form of critical thinking and react through faith, imagination and fears.  But this vital information will only benefit my Astropsychology students because I am speaking Chinese for the 99.09% of unconscious human walking this earth and those following David Icke demented speeches.

Controversial … David Icke views of power.

Continued: “My husband introduced me to David in 1995. We both believe there are reptilian forces controlling us through family bloodlines. “The man is incredible. He might be selling books and tickets but he is not forcing you to buy them — he is doing it to spread the truth.”

DT Rebuttal: People can only relate to each others because of their education, experiences, intelligence or their natal UCI. Like attracts like, the fact is David’s fearful perception of his own reality “vibrates” at the same speed than his lost scared followers. Another word you will never see me there listening to him or Joel Osteen or demented Camping who finally stopped predicting the end of the world.

Continued: The internet is swamped with Icke fan sites that arrange meetings in every corner of the globe — with his followers desperate for the next book or show to splash their cash on. If value for money was measured in words to the Pound then Icke’s stage show would be a bargain. For £45, fans are subjected to anincredible eight hours of his conspiracy theories and views of the world.

The fact it is all senseless ramblings seems to matter not to his followers.

Before his life took a turn for the eccentric, Icke was a goalkeeper for Coventry City before arthritis cut short his career aged just 21. Crazy … David Icke talks to Terry Wogan

He went on to become a sports presenter for the BBC where he hosted Grandstand, snooker tournaments and the sports news on morning show Breakfast Time. Icke worked for the Beeb for eight years before his outspoken views on the poll tax — and initial refusal to pay it — cost him his job.

DT Rebuttal: Like some young souls born in April David is a TAKER  not a giver, this is the essence of Mars’ selfishness ready to war anyone to establish oneself as the ultimate ruler.

“souls born in April” – Word of caution; dealing with any Aries soul demands anyone to be very aware of a natural drive to control all corporate financial areas due to a subconscious drive and fear of power.

Continued:   He then became a national speaker for the Green Party before his famous Wogan outburst in 1991.

“souls born in April” – Inadvertently the “red” uncontrolled Martian personality will hurt sensitive souls; thus damaging the chances for respect and promotion. Your explosive temper is generated by an inborn fear of rejection and an inner inferiority complex.

Continued: By this time Icke would only wear turquoise clothes because he believed it was a conduit for positive energy. He explained to his New York fans: “Twenty years ago I talked about what was coming — now it’s here. It’s happening. People are finally awakening.

“I used to be a goalkeeper. They called me Cinderella because I kept missing the ball. That football period — playing with arthritis for four years — triggered a will to not give up.

“souls born in April” –  Martian souls possess strong leadership and engineering abilities and April men are attracted to dangerous sports, speed, engineering, and the military.

“Then I worked for the BBC, then I became a spokesman for the Green Party.

“souls born in April” – You were born a leader however, because your inborn impatience you may also learn by making a few mistakes.

Then came my turquoise period. That’s when I realised I was not alone in the room and there was someone talking to me. “I went to Peru purely on intuition and amazing things happened. I heard a hill say: ‘Come to me’. I thought, ‘I can’t believe a hill is talking to me’. “I felt a drill in the top of my head and my feet were burning and pulling me to the ground. “My arms went out at 45° and were there for an hour — I was shaking with this energy. At this time I went through my turquoise period, went on primetime telly and became a figure of ridicule for years.” And speaking of his new self-appointed role in life, he added: “It was much easier reading the news.”

DT Rebuttal:  Yes the Tail of the Dragon will make you see and feel anything “abnormal” and firmly believe you have a big mission to save the world. With the only difference that there is a very fine line between Divine information and pure imagination, I let you the reader  be the judge.

Continued: As he arrived in New York he posted a message on his website again claiming 9/11 was an inside job. He wrote: “Just over there is the emerging Freedom Tower on the site of the World Trade Center. “Those two were brought down in an engineered, fake terrorist attack. “That event has been used to dramatically reduce freedom in the country. It was engineered by the very sources who now say we have to invade this country and that.”

DT Rebuttal:  No one can really blame David for all this nonsense because this is HIS own manifesting FEARS, his own reality and all he is capable of intellectually acknowledging.  Meantime one must remember another  evil soul also born in April (Hitler) and like David Icke he was allowed to “hypnotize” people the same way using a mixture of passion and fears, all designed to OWN people and power.     The stars do not lie and there is a serious warning there I hope you will grasp.

The fact is David natal UCI involve the utmost planet of the Zodiac or Pluto regulating his 8th house (Raw power/corporate money/secrets societies)  where he is cursed to regenerate. Furthermore Bernie Madoff and  David Icke were born on the same day or April 29th not to forget Dominique Strauss-Kahn also born in April and this simply prove my claim of his obsession with money and power. All souls born in April have a deep rooted fear of being controlled and money equals power, thus an unconscious David Icke is simply regurgitating his own fears of the power structure and will use all in his own demented power to reach his goal to reign supreme and WEALTHY above you all… exactly what Hitler and Madoff did but who’s listening to true wisdom?

I teach my students that where ever Pluto resides death and drama will enter the subject’s his life and those born in April are prone to die violently through head injury. The “stars” created history and the stars do NOT lie!

Was Hitler shot in the head?

Continued: But despite his controversial statement in the city devastated by the al-Qaeda attack that killed nearly 3,000 people, he walked off stage this weekend with the crowd on their feet — and his wallet bulging.

On his 1991 Wogan appearance, the audience howled in derision and the veteran TV host told Icke: “They’re laughing at you, not with you.”

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ You can’t help but think Icke is having the last laugh after all.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

DT Rebuttal: Indeed and this is what is dangerous because currently Pluto (power) in Capricorn (governments) works in his favor but when the Tail of the Dragon will move in the sign of Aries or on David Icke 1st house (self) on February 19th, 2014 the heavy wrist of karma will either eliminate him (suicide/heart attack/plane crash/CIA secret interaction?) or elevate him even higher to teach the world a bigger spiritual lesson? I am sure David’ supporters will forward him this crucial newsletter knowing (and for good reasons) he does not ask me for personal readings no more. I hope his new psychics friends can measure up to my “visions” and advise him adequately.  Meantime as a human being I am asking everyone to pray for his safety then  because he has absolutely NO clue of what the Cosmic Code is all about…

Because by then the world will be at war… and not with fictional reptilians coming from a messed up mind but from the result of mishandling both an unconscious population and the Supraconscious in time and space responsible for our common destiny. Thank you David Icke for the very destructive seed you planted upon an unconscious world to satisfy your natal Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Leo (UN-famous.)

Note also that Leo rules love, fame, the stage, children, ego and the Tail of the Dragon in this sign means the soul has a lot of karmic residue to pay off and learn about all the mentioned above. Imagine the blow on his ego when Wogan siad… “They’re laughing at you, not with you.” 

Leo rules France and Italy. Indeed France and Italy are romantic and very artistic nations and those are on Mr. Icke’s tail meaning not only we are spared from his deceptive political/financial masquerades but smart enough not to endorse it. Being from a French/Sicilian background my own Dragon’s Tail in Libra resides on David’s 7th house of OPEN enemies. If David had Cosmic Consciousness my rigid astrological theories would make perfect sense to why the Cosmic Code made us ancient and current “enemies.”

President Obama was born with the Sun (soul’s purpose) and his natal Dragon’s Head (positive) in Leo (true fame) and was propelled by the stars to become the 44 US President because of God’s will and not because “reptilians” took over he and other leaders’ lives readers.  Yes David Icke Dragon’s Tail in Leo is right on the President’s first house (soul’s purpose) and David is dealing with yet another ancient powerful enemy… This is  only the dance of the stars, a subtle, hidden manifestation only visible for people born with supreme consciousness like all my students and myself…

I have exposed the truth through my own perceptive UCI and God given gift asking you to battle the current deceptive Dragon offering a platform for dementia, uncontrolled imagination and fears. You do not have to give in and feed evil readers, David Icke is nothing else than an unconscious peon of the stars manipulating your psyches and the current deplorable situation to gain power, a power he is so afraid to share or lose.

Only last night on“The Whole Agenda Radio Show” like I told George Noory and and other hosts “when the Freedom Towers becomes operational America will be born again and go back as the true leader country of the world.” My “vision” of pain, drama and future warscan be altered if YOU work with me and reverse the damage inflicted regularly by the forces of evil and so many unconscious religious or conspiracy “Talking Heads.”

“Your future is the reincarnation of your thoughts”

Dr. Turi

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

– Albert Einstein

Mysticism is part of Life’s equation

Dr. Turi

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God’s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world. 

The positive Dragon  is on its way to support a new movement of light, a new conception of God and the way he speaks his celestial will through the stars and my career in the process; all dedicated to free humanity from fears and ignorance. As we near the year 2012 deceptive, unconscious apocalyptic and conspiracy  “Talking Heads” will find no more support as humanity awaken to true wisdom living behind deception and misinformation.

You can help bringing back hopes and trust in our current and future government officials by passing on this newsletters to the world. And until the old science of Astrology or Astropsychology becomes accepted as a solid discipline and reinstated in all our colleges and Universities, accepted as a solid discipline, the chances for peace, love, respect  and harmony may very well escape humanity.

“When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God’s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world.”

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

JOIN US THE DAY AFTER – 12/22/2012 

Dr. Turi Humankind Universal Prayer Day

“The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts” humankind, as of yet does not understand its serious implications and its accumulated applications.  Thus I choose the “DAY AFTER” or December 22nd, 2012 as the Universal day of prayer marking the awakening of the power of enlightenment, common sense and the liberation of the human spirit from fear. On this day NOTHING dramatic will take placeinstead  a very constructive  celestial energy will bless humanity. The Universal gates will open  offering humanity  a  push a rare chance to finally connect with the Divine marking the END of the Age of Pisces (religions/deception/misinformation) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (UFO/humanitarian/the truth/the Cosmic Code.) Then, slowly but surely, Jesus’ true spiritual celestial Ministry will be reinstated. Humankind’s cosmic awareness of “Our Father In The Heavens” and God’ signs will be taught and used by all his children of the world promising the long awaited Universal spiritual rebirth of Humanity.


Help me  bring light to the children, beat the EVIL of ignorance and fear and save this world from total spiritual collapse …


Revelations of David Icke by Ivan Fraser.
I believed that he was educated and insightful when I read his first book and had no idea that the information that grabbed me had been taken lock stock and barrel from others. I thought David was special because he was ‘in tune’ and because he reprinted his own and others’ psychic messages about him and what is going on in the world.
When he released his second book, I accepted his word when he said he was in almost daily communication with ascended masters, Jesus Christ, Rkaorski, Saint Germain etc. But I know better now.

Jesus Christ, Rkaorski, Saint Germain etc.????

RED LIGHT READERS – http://www.drturi.com/daily.php

I accepted that his – what I would have judged otherwise – intolerable behaviour of flaunting his pregnant girl fiend in the face of his wife and
expecting her to accept it because if she didn’t she didn’t understand unconditional love. I know better now. 
I accepted and was stunned by the conspiracy material in Robot’s Rebellion. I thought his observations and witticisms were profound. That is, until I readBehold a Pale Horse by William Cooper which was where most of what I considered astute observations had been taken from, despite
David saying directly that he had come up with, for example renaming the Protocols of the Elders of Zion the Illuminati Protocols  to get away from the anti-Semitic tag. I know better now. I also know that half of Robot’s is erroneous, even Cooper himself stated that the alien agenda was a fake and he had been used as an unwitting dupe to perpetuate it.
And …and the truth was – and still is in my opinion – one of the best conspiracy books ever written. But I know better now to understand that the alien links are erroneous, and that it is merely a collation of other people’s work, some of whom were not credited. I know now that when David makes a profound statement, or a good witicism, it is most probably directly from someone else, who deserves the praise for it – and the dollars.
I accepted that he published a book called Lifting The Veil, shortly after I gave him a copy of my own book called Lifting the Veil.
And on up to 1996, even when I was beginning to hear from various people who were consistently telling me that they had provided information for David, but were surprised at his lack of gratitude, I thought ‘ah well he’s a busy man and at the forefront of waking people up’. And when people started telling me that Icke was brash and rude when not in the public eye, that he was egocentric and behaved like he really expected people to see him as a very important person, I thought they were just misreading a very talented and intelligent man whose spirituality was deep, and that he needed his style and ego to enable him to carry on and get into the limelight, and into the faces of those who needed to know such important truth.
But in September 1996, I was with a number of friends of David and Linda Icke – who had been involved in helping him with his work. Even they didn’t like him personally, found him rude, but believed the ‘work’ transcended any personal feelings.
They introduced me to Linda. The very first thing she said to me was ‘David isn’t the man you see on stage. He doesn’t walk his talk.’ During the day she told me that  she believed he was mixing with a crowd that were planting disinformation, and he was vulnerable to it because they were sycophantic type women.
She told me that David had admitted having ego problems but felt he was over them, and asked Linda to tell him if she saw him going down the ‘ego road again’.
She said she tried, but he wasn’t receptive – he was too concerned with breaking America and his ego had been boosted by the success of …and the truth.
I STILL saw David as ‘the man’ for the job, but by then I had a very different view of him personally. I felt sorry for Linda being treated like a
doormat. I realised that Icke had a very distorted opinion of himself, and that this delusion made him vulnerable to his naive view of the material he was writing. I began to agree qwith those people i now knew, who had been involved with David from the early days, who almost to a person said they couldn’t stand the man personally, did not like his company, but believed he was the best person for the job.
But then, at that time, we all thought he was a very clever man with amazing powers of observation, and that the material he was writing was essentially the truth.
So I started to help him out by sending information. I introduced him to the topic of satanic organizations, I introduced him to the first satanic cult mind control victim, I provided the first health-related material for his then David Icke/Bridge of Love newsltter – 2 of which he put his own name to! I felt confident he would do the research and wasn’t afraid of breaking it into wider consciousness. I had no idea he would make such a pig’s ear of the occult-related information and end up being the instigator of one of the biggest mythologies of our age – the reptilian aliens – and that he would demonise so much that provides the very keys of understanding Creation and the way things are created by the astral level of consciousness, which is controlled by the very forces operating through satanists and Illuminists, religions etc.
I didn’t expect him to become the vehicle by which they could introduce a mass psychomemetic virus into the consciousness of those beginning to wake up. And they achieved this quite easily because David Icke was seen by so many as an intelligent, astute, spiritual, nice, trustworthy, discerning and scholarly and special kind of person.
When he came up to meet Patti – the cult victim – I was really beginning to lose the veil I had with David. But the work was important. I saw first hand what those people meant by him being rude. The way he blanked Shona trying to tell him some important information about the occult (she knew a lot about it – Icke didn’t, but he just talked her down). And when he waltzed into my house and sat down without invitation then swiped my cat off the arm of the chair without a blink, I realised that he wasn’t spiritual at all.
All that unconditional love stuff is a front. He knows how to sell himself and make people fawn for his material, but when his act ends, the guy is in my view just a rude, arrogant, egomaniac who is struggling with
his own masks and trying to convince himself that he’s very special.

That cat had more true spirituality in its paw than Icke has in his entire body.

So I stopped defending Icke, but I still promoted his work. Until The Biggest Secret, that is, when I had really started investigating the references, and the subjects in earnest, and found so many errors, and so much ignorance of the subjects on his part that I could no longer ignore it. But having tried to inform him and getting no feedback, but genuinely fearing for his welfare at the hands of organised disinformationists, I posted my concerns on his forum. The rest is history – I became unceremonially ‘dumped’ in public for saying things on an uncensored forum of ‘the most controversial ayhtor and speaker in the world’. And never once did he address any of my concerns or correct errors in his research. 

Yes, he corrected a typo. is taht a major point you are making? Please consider it in context. 

From ‘buy the Truth Campaign, the magazine that tells it like it is’. Suddenly it was nothing, and I was a disinformationist attacking Icke and his work for no discernible reason. He plastered every page of his forum with his total disassociation with me and his site still bears The Truth About The Truth Campaign. Despite informing him that he had misunderstood certain comments that I had made, and had been listening to people who were clearly part of an agenda to create turmoil on the board, discredit me and cause friction between the 2 of us (even the forum moderator told me that because she had access to the board data and knew that people were using multiple handles and playing games), he chose to take the position of self-righteous indignation and personal offence. 

Hypocrite! How can a man who discredits individuals at the drop of a hat, says he speaks for truth, encourages people to ‘just say it’ when they feel they have important things to say, tells everyone to listen to contrasting opinions, and who openly writes frankly about his personal life choose to be offended by and refuse to listen to conflicting opinions and actively censor an uncensored platform?
But when I saw his words about me and The Truth Campaign, I saw just how manipulative and calculated a disinformationist he was. And how cruel – cold and heartless. And I have seen much more of that since.
Additionally, I was now getting masses of mail and calls about reptilians. I was witnessing the unfolding of the damage his half-researched and erroneous material was having on people. People were one step from the mental hospital – they were in fear, depressed, feeling helpless, and some had started hallucinating, hearing hissing voices and being convinced the reps were everywhere, from their friends and family to hiding in the house. I had to spend quite a bit of time with some to help them through their delusions and happily, it was successful. But I can’t be there for everyone.
At that time I was quite saddened but very very angry. Angry that I had laboured under an illusion for so long, and furious that he would behave so dishonestly and against everything he publicly projects onto others. I’d needed to experience it first hand to break the last of the spell.
But over the years I have heard from numerous sources how this kind of behaviour is nothing new. It’s a common theme that i hear – such as the opinions of Jordan Maxwell and others who claim he has taken and given nothing and unceremonially dumped them when they were no longer useful.
But I still sent him free copies of my magazine. And I saw his style shift slightly towards that in my own work and in the magazine. Our articles about the illusory nature of reality, the non-physical nature of the ‘reptilians’ and their illusory nature started creeping into his work.
He started contradicting himself and seemed to be finding it difficult to correlate a cogent definition of what the reptilians were. After exposing the fake et agenda in my magazine, I noticed he wasn’t giving space to ET reptiles anymore. But never once did he ever say he was mistaken. He just steamrolls ahead, changing his mind about things and gradually moving from one interpretation to another via a process of contradictions. Things he used to mock others for, he later accepts.
Now he is grossly misrepresenting quantum physics (what the bleep style) and

USING FICTION SUCH AS THE MATRIX to try and convince people that everything is an illusion and that our beliefs create reality. I see people really starting to dissociate into way out cult consciousness with this new approach. And getting people to dissociate from reality is EXACTLY what the Illuminists are trying to achive

There ARE rules and laws of physics that exist with or without our observations. To tell you that science has proved otherwise is nonsense. Again, he clearly has a very shallow understanding of that material if he believs that science is proving these things. 

To create a current dissociated religious cultic mindset, you have to keep it up to date, so you create modern interpretations, exciting sounding quantum theories, tales of spaceships and ETs etc. to do it.

In ancient times it was the same – they created Christianity by simply rewriting it according to modern references. If they’d had technology then, Jesus would have been brought into Jerusalem in a car or even ascended in a spaceship, rather than on a donkey and in a supernatural format. 

Mitch, you remind me of me when I didn’t know most of the above, before I heard of the low esteem that others in the ‘circuit’ have for him, his research and his integrity. The biggest fans of Icke are those who read his books and attend his lectures, who usually have less than the requisite information to judge his material and who don’t realise that most of the material was researched by others and collated by David.
But those who do that research tend not to agree with his interpretations of their work. They enjoy the new found attention for a while and say nothing about it, but in my experiences, those who communicate with me personally do not speak out about their concerns for fear of causing a distraction to ‘the cause’.
Oh you can’t criticise the man as he’s on our side – an ally. I have seen that position change a number of times once they get the inevitable Icke brush off.
To me, Icke bears all of the main attributes of a cult leader. I am of the opinion that ALL who open themselves to guidance from external forces are being manipulated by the unseen archons that influence religion, control the illuiminists, Masons, cults, New age channellers, prophets etc. they are astral souls who did not ascend to Source and are stuck int he astral heavens that they themselves created by their misperceptions whilst alive.
They see themselves as ascended masters and guides and are trying to programme humanity via their influence through the auric field, by
preprogramming souls to reincarnate into new born souls, all with the intention of creating their heaven on earth. They create gurus and messiahs and prophets – and these people then programme others by dint of their cult of personality. many are absolutely genuine and don’t realise that spirituality comes from within, even though they continually tell people it does.
They lose self-awareness and become convinced they are on a mission to save others, or they cannot ignore the drive to preach to others what is being fed to them from ‘beyond’. The more they heed the voices and the more mytical experiences they have, the more they open up. And their drive is male intellectual energy. It isn’t felt within, it doesn’t come from their spirit, it is downloaded and repeated.
Their veil of perception makes them see only what the controllers want them to see. They filter what goes in and then spew it out as a distortion of reality. They don’t sympathise or empathise with others, they intellectualise and create rules and regulations and interpretations to explain things to others.
They believe they have a gift and become impermeable to criticism, finding reinforcement of their opinions by others who parrot back the same misperceptions to them, and they couldn’t care about those who disagree.
The effect that has on followers is submission, and they too get infected by the same consciousness. Cult members are usually replications of characteristics of their idols. But you disrespect their guru and often you see a radical shift, from parroting the usual ‘love’ to venemous attacks on the critic. They become less penetrable to reason and more faithful to the idol, as they see the criticism as proof that the idol is right, and need to protect them from the heretical critic.
They look down on the critic, sometimes hate the critic, and ignore however much reasonable information the critic provides in his case. They invent and assume things about the critic, because they are not ready to accept that perhaps the critic is honestly reasonable.
And having communicated with hundreds and hundreds of Icke fans over the last 15 years, as well as cult followers of many variations, I
personally see the same psychic traits in many of them. The same denials, and the same patterns developing.
This is why i have been outspoken about Icke. I think people need to know that there are forces at work that control the minds of people on this planet that are largely unrecognised. They play sides against each other, create distractions, and even create belief systems that address their very existence, but divert and distort it so much that they have a net for virtually everyone to fall into.
They set patterns of thinking in your mind via key personalities, and this creates a veil that filters perception. By the end of your life you end up in a loop of recycling your soul between their ‘heaven’ and this planet. They want your soul, that’s all.
When Icke hears voices, when he accepts that ‘they’ have chosen him for a special task – it cannot be coming from within – from Source. That
experience is different – no voices, no face to face with God, or masters, no alien experiences or ‘trips’ or angelic encounters. That is ALL coming from the astral sphere in which previous PEOPLE have chosen to become guides, angels, ets, teachers, to guide people through life and into what they on earth viewed was the TRUTH. But if they knew the truth, they would never have ended up in that state.
Icke’s Matrix is real. But Icke’s portrayal of it and understanding of it is like a naive child’s. He has no depth of understanding and insufficient
experience in the field. His veil is strong, and his influence great – because he connects his ignorant level of energy with others of ignorance and the energy is transferred, auric field breached, and controllers plugged in.
You yourself spoke of feeling the flow at his meetings. Me too – I had to leave the room at one of his lectures because something was desperately trying to force its way into me. But because I know what is going on, I defend myself – whereas 99.99% of people on this planet have no idea what is going on.
Icke is one of them – he gets flashes of it but they always steer those into their own propaganda. They get in first with people like Icke, so that anyone revealing the truth of it will fall on deaf ears, on those that have already believed they have the answer and have already plugged into their astral reality, and have already reinforced the Veil of perception.
Mitch, you appear to be suggesting an ulterior motive for my posting at this time. It is synchronicity that things have become heated here against Icke. I came to network a new health article. 2 days later I read of the issue occurring with Icke removing his association with this forum. I saw a lot of anger and criticism – and I saw a few minds starting to realise that there is a different side to icke that they hadn’t appreciated.
Then I got an email advertising the latest newsletter and I decided to post my views on his incessant references to Semiramis. Following that, I did start adding my experiences with Icke to the thread, because I believe people deserve to know and it helps give context and perspective.
I am not here to tell anyone to believe me, I am exercising my right to have my say. I am doing what I believe is right, because I am passionately concerned that in general icke readers tend to get a distorted picture of life through the Icke lens, and they deserve to know that there are other interpretations, as well as errors in his material.
Fortunately, I have studied many of these topics and can hopefully shed a bit more light. It is up to people to interpret what I say in whatever way they wish.
From the feedback here, it would appear that many people are glad to have some of the information because it makes sense to them. Others will undoubtedly question my motivation – that always happens, as does the conspiracy theories and the trolling and flaming, wherever I post, it follows.
All I have to say is that everything I have posted is done with the best of intentions and is true to the best of my knowledge.
I am not trying to stop people reading Icke, liking Icke, or anything else. I just believe that the more information we have, the more reasonably we can make our choices in life.
I call a spade a spade – Icke calls hundreds of people publicly and makes money out of it. Icke exposes what he considers to be charlatans, and so do I – and I think Icke is one, and I presented my case.
You don’t have to accept it. And naturally, you probably are thinking the same or similar about me. And although such things sadden me, I understand and accept the consequences. All I can do is tell it the way I see it – and have the courtesy to put a lot of time and effort into it, rather than a few loaded one liners.
If you would have the courtesy to provide me with further references for the Australian Annannu, I will check it out. But as I alluded to earlier, I’m finding it tough going at the moment, so would like to have some time away from the forum.


Dear Reader;
I think it is now time for me to also expose my good “friend” David Icke, something I battled for months in order to keep what ever is left of our relationship intact but being a man of integrity dealing with the truth after reading  David latest newsletter, THEN my famous “DT Rebuttal” upcoming VIP Cosmic Code newsletter , the “Truth Indeed Shall Set You Free.” My personal experience with David is LESS than honorable dealing with one of the most selfish, self centered, egotistic and thief I ever came across. David is totally depraved of Cosmic Consciousness, never had anything related to UFO or the Moon yet he speaks and “teaches” about both topics with material stolen from many people including mine.  I did many readings for him over the years, got him on my radio show, endorsed him all over , reach my own city of Phoenix to bring him an even larger audience and I tested his friendship with a simple request…what a waste of time. Much more to say reader…
From one of his confused followers

David what is the point in all this shit?? i started researching things about 2012 10 months ago and like the white rabbit the further you dig , blah blah, i get it. but one thing i cant handle is when i try to tell my nearest and dearest they just look at me like ive done something wrong, i try to spread the word but knowbody is listening, maybe we are the ones that are brainwashed?? i just really dont know anymore?? DAVID ICKE ARE YOU HERE TO POISEN OUR BRAINS EVEN MORE?? please somebody explain!!


~ by drturi on December 3, 2011.

One Response to “David Icke’s Lost Spirit Conspiracy”

  1. Hi There Drturi,
    Thanks for the info, David Icke calls them Reptillian Shape-shifters, which is in agreement with the concept of the Jinn in Islam. Jinn have been recorded in many ancient faiths, such as those of the tribes of Africa, to the Chinese, and even in Hindu Scriptures.

    Why are so many muslims denying the other kind, the Jinn, I have read on some websites claiming it is ‘bacteria’ or some other ridiculous justification to ignore this.

    Why do we muslims know almost nothing about the Jinn? Are they even still amongst us on Earth, and/or travelled to distant planets? Since they also possess intelligence, and some say pre-date the advent of man by 2000 years, so it is probable that they are far more scientifically/technologically advanced compared to man.

    We are all assigned a Jinn from birth, do they follow us around literally, or influence our subconcious mind remotely?
    In the Hadith it says they eat bones, surely we could see if a left out bone(s) go missing?

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