The Secret Life of Michael Jackson

Dear Reader:

In order for you to understand the importance of a “Supernova Window” I updated this page and will keep doing so each time the stars proves me right. Meantime I also teach the WILL or the part of God in each human beings is stronger than those stars. Many people emailed me with their concern cancelling plans or worrying because of my warnings and for good reasons, thus I have decided to TEST these dangerous stars personally. I am sure many of you heard of Mary Curi, a Polish-born physicist and chemist, who later received French citizenship and became famous for her pioneering research on radioactivity. This courageous scientist did not use other humans as guinea pigs like our current science do, she tested her work and died in the process.

Well this is what I have decided to do and test personally the dates of November 10/11 and 12



November  1/2/3 – 10/11/12  and  14/15/16 


Evil Eye Dark Energy Above and Below

Dark Wind Water Dirt Blood Mix

Satan Dance Children Lost Kill

Awake Surprised Must Life Go On


But why would I do so? Two reasons, the first one is many friends and clients living in LA wanted to see me lecturing at the 11/11/11 (I will attend) and I need to TEST the power of my hidden Lucky Dragon Windows dates

Being Supra-conscious means observing  the manifestation of the stars and omens and these are SIGNS my expectations and observations must be checked at all time because I am selling this as a very valuable, trusting informative service than can save your life. I was not going to attend the 11/11/11 conference in LA because I have to drive over 800 miles facing energies that could end my life. Better wise than sorry works for me but I never attended an event that would/did fall under a my Personal Gemini Hidden Dragon energy. Terania is scared to death and for her own security I will go by myself and test the Universal Code next week end.

Thus, with God’s will, upon my return I will have a lot to share with you and I will…For now read the latest news about man’s ignorance and drama endlessly taking place on CNN.

Murray found guilty in Jackson’s death

Yes I predicted that one too on the air a few weeks ago but the fact is as a  VirgoMicheal Jackson UCI ( and Charlie Sheen ) are prone to serious addictions and suffer a violent death. Micahel Jackson was born with the sane Gemini (dual) Hidden  Dragon than me and he was , like me an extreme case of ADHD trying very hard to get rid of a field of surplus nervous energy. He found a way through burning more calories than twenty human beings combined in only one of his public performances. In my case I do the same but intellectually by writing endlessly doing mental gymnastics everyday of my life. As a Dual Michael Jackson has two lives in one, from black to white and none of his doctors (or the world) could really understand how a black man turned so white. Yes the magic of the stars yet to be uncovered by our infantile science.

But Michael was only a human being and his tremendous nervous energy allowed him to dance like no one ever could but at time his batteries were low. He had to perform still or lose millions of dollars in production costs and at his age (or mine) the ADHD at least on a physical plane dissipates naturally. And Michael needed some help with the use of drugs. Realize I am not assuming reader, the stars do not lie…But how can you sleep after taking certain drugs to give you energy? And this is what happened, his insomnia came from a system that was totally messed up with years of ingesting drugs and his heart simply gave up after one too much.

Is the doctor to blame, you bet he is; but would you refuse anything Micahel Jackson were to ask you if you knew him well, had him as a friend and take $150.000 a month as a paycheck. Dr. Murray happened to be at the wrong time at the wrong place with the wrong celebrity and he knew the risks he took not to stand for himself and please Michael. Who’s fault it is, the patient or the Doctor? BOTH are in the crazy game of life but the moronic mass needs a victims and what they call justice to put an end and get a superficial closure to matters that are well above their uneducated heads…Who’s next now to succumb because of Neptune’s artistic glamorous public life made up of treacherousness and poisoning waters?

I say you better be born with the right stars if you want to survive the lifestyle of the rich and famous because some people like Patti Stanger Millionaires Club can not and become obnoxious with their own selves aiming fast for disasters

All I can hope for is for anyone smart enough to catch my message when reading  Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi.  and realize how far behind science has become omitting to investigate or teach more of the spirit and God’s celestial rules in their books…

Nicholson was among those on board a Bell 206 Jet Ranger that plunged into the water on October 4, moments after pilot Paul Dudley had radioed that his aircraft was experiencing problems, National Transportation Safety Board member Mark Rosekind said last month.

The sad reality is; the pilot like the FAA, the cops, the victims and 99.09% of the world is totally unaware of the meaning of a “Supernova Window” or a URANIC window and the series of  Technology type of “accidents” under such windows endlessly taking place. While modern Astrology dates for a “Mercury Retrograde” starts November  24th it is obvious that;  by looking at the news on CNN, this disturbing celestial Mercurial phenomenon is already in full motion.  Note also the current Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Gemini (communications /transportation) enunciate my accurate visions and predictions of what 2011 would bring the world.

All those “accidents” were anticipated and printed well over a year ago in my yearly 2011 Moon Power and  I understand well why so many wise people use it to plan for the future and want me to produce it again.

So many human lives have been wasted and so many more innocent human beings will meet with an early demise just because they ignore the signs. I have been following the moon’s fluctuations since I heeded my dear Grandma’s  wise words of wisdom. Unlike our infantile science, she knew back then, much more about the Moon and the stars than NASA and all the educated PhD’s new kids on the block.

The reluctance for the scientific community to accept my repetitive obvious factual predictions is simply ridiculous and I am so happy, through my writings,  more and more people are becoming “Cosmic Coders” and more Cosmic Conscious.

Expect mammals and birds soon to suffer the impact of a “Supernova Window” messing up their natural GPS aiming for the beaches instead of the open ocean and all the smart scientists scratching their un -evolved well read brains to wonder about it. All I can do is to sound redundant to my faithful readers and realize so many newcomers are joining everyday and they have no clue of what a “Supernova Window” is all about.

Following the latest super deal for my current VIP’s and the public at large, people from all ages are emailing us, calling us to make sure they are part of this new perception of  God, the signs and the divine and all they want to do is to  Join The World! There Are NO Accidents

Their words of support and blessings makes us work harder to lead you into a new light and God’s interstellar  manifestation. A “Supernova Window” does not have to be negative reader; it does offers some of you the option to think inwardly, to realize that you may have missed something that demands a deeper understanding and a new spiritual approach  to life in general. Mercury rules the thinking process too, not only anything and everything that move (transportation, train, planes, cars etc.) thus the option to think deeper is offered to you. The people and affairs of your past  will also comeback, yes you may have missed something very valuable and you are given another chance to check it up. You may have been assuming about someone or something and the opportunity to revise your actions, your thinking process can only bring more clarity to yourself, your own shortcomings and make significant progress when Mercury finally turns direct again.

Remember the Universal gearbox *Cosmic Code is God’s will, God’s subtle voice and all I am doing is to translate the music of the spheres for you readers. Working in harmony with any and all planets is a sure ticket to emotional, financial and spiritual stability but one must ask in order to receive and this Mercurial transit makes it easier for many scared human to do so…

Religion and science while total enemy simply reflect the inborn Neptunian (water/imagination) or Saturnine (earth/logic) eternal dances of  UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” conflicting with each others since the dawn of times.

As we move steadily towards the Age of Aquarius (technology/humanitarianism/UFO/the cosmos eternal power/freedom/God’s will)   the deceptive dying Age of Pisces (religions/deception/illusion/manipulation) is losing serious ground. Humanity is merging its spirit into a much higher, spiritual vibration where the difference between reality and the dream will come to the fore.  I am so glad so many of you finally realize my mission and knowing the importance of such an “awakening” you are helping me to pass on the crucial message to all the people you feel are ready for Dr. Turi.

The subtle forces of the Universe are well above the educated mind of a wondering, lost scientific crowd who one day will be able to join the rest of us by adopting a more curious and modest attitude to the incredible.  Once they realize there is a big difference between education and intelligence and accept the word curiosity as a new door to greatness, humanity at large will greatly benefit. But I am in the future remember? and I can see all this transpiring with time…


Please take the time to investigate  what a “Supernova Window” is all about, let others know and be safe…

Soon I will be back to prove my claim because yes, Dr. Turi is CNN before CNN!



 Tornadoes touch down in Oklahoma   Tornadoes touch down in Oklahoma

Alaska faces one of its worst storms

 There is a concentration of negative celestial energy approaching so be extremely prudent while driving and expect chain-reaction accidents. Be prepared for delays, strikes, and nature producing awful weather, including hurricanes and tornadoes. The same energy that produced the Titanic disaster, the Asia tsunami the Northridge Los Angeles and Kobe Japan earthquakes and major other calamities is approaching again. Remember the thwarted terrorist attack of August 2006 in the UK where the BA canceled thousands of flights just because all passengers did not check ALL handbags before boarding their planes. Those people did not have a copy of Moon Power and paid the price of ignorance and suffered serious delays and frustrations that could easily been avoided had they travel before or after those dates.

  Memo: 12/23/2009 – Blackberry customers throughout North America were without e-mail and Internet services for more than eight hours after a widespread outage that lasted until early Wednesday.

Double-check all your appointments, and if you can postpone traveling and flying during this Supernova “window”. If you must fly like I do very often simply make sure to purchase your ticket and make your reservation during a waxing moon and the stars will not bother you.

At least 16 killed in stampede at festival in India

Remember the Universal Laws do not care for birthday or religious holidays or else, simply think of crossing the street while the light is red or ignore a stop sign, and then see what will happen to you. Those laws are impartial and written by God not men and messing them up will bring about serious penalty. Note that; I flew only a few days before the Full Moon in August 2006 to Thailand during a “Supernova Window” to write this book and I traveled safely and avoided all trouble.  Remember knowledge is power ignorance is evil!

Communication and electricity will be cut off, and a general loss of power is to be expected. Appliances, computers, telephones, planes, trains, cars, all of these “tools” will be affected by this energy. They will be stopped in one way or another.

Murray found guilty in Jackson’s death

Lennon’s tooth sold for $31,200   Lennon's tooth sold for $31,200

The people and affairs of the past will make the news and will reenter your life. Expect trouble “or news” from the post office, education, students, strikes, prisoner’s escape, newspapers, broadcasting industries and computer viruses may bother us again. Many a failed mission and expensive electronic equipment (Mars probe etc.) and our tax dollars have been wasted because of the scientist’s lack of knowledge of the stars. As usual NASA, which is not aware of the science of astrology, will waste our tax money with failed missions due to bad weather and electronic malfunctions.

In the name of ignorance a few years ago, in the Challenger explosion seven astronauts lost their lives when NASA launched the shuttle under a “Supernova Window”.  Note: Regardless of Dr. Turi’s expectations posted on his website for the second time and his desperate attempts over the years to make NASA officials aware of dangerous Super Nova Windows, the Columbia was also launched during this window and re-entered the last night of it producing the death of all courageous astronauts.

 Marine life sharks, whales etc may also beach themselves due to Mercury retrograde affecting their natural inborn navigational systems. All these malevolent predictions and waste of lives and equipment do not have to occur. Those predictions do not have to affect you directly as they unfold. Instead, they are printed to prepare you for setbacks and frustrations, thus advising you to be patient and prudent during this trend. There is no room for ignorance, and those who are not aware of the celestial order, including the NASA space-program management team, will continue to pay a heavy price. In all mankind’s affairs, ignorance is true evil. Why any scientists who are against my research do not honor the word science, which is based upon solid investigation, is solid proof of mental snobbery. By omitting any physical or spiritual laws can only bring penalty; for science’s purpose is to explore all possibilities, even those laws written in light via the stars.




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