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I have been very busy generating work for my VIP‘s and I decided to offer you another FREE sample of my Cosmic Code newsletter. Realize that my work can not only save you time but money even your health and this is priceless. In any case if you feel a connection with my work do not hesitate to contact Terania at             602-265-7667       or email her teraniapromodir@cox.net for help because I can guarantee you that I will take good care of your body, mind and spirit.





Born September 4, 1958 Dr. Drew is a Virgo a sign extremely inquisitive, details oriented and well know in Astropsychology to “miss the forest for the tree.” While my best students were all born in September it shows the undeniable power of my expertise totally unknown to the traditionally educated famous doctor. I sincerely hope he or one of his fan will lead him to my work and investigate it thoughtfully. The only way for me to convince him is by exposing one of his biggest health secrets unknown to the world. Indeed, Dr. Drew suffers serious migraine headaches and /or sinuses problem. He is also accident prone to  the head and did suffer “accident” he kept in total secrecy. He respond to his own natal UCI especially through his Scorpius (direct/sarcastic) speech and his Geminus (communication/radio.)  May be its time for Dr. Drew to realize without Cosmic Consciousness he can not uncover the real secrets of the human mind and its inner complex relationship to the Universal Mind. An interview with Dr. Turi would be so challenging and so educational for him.



While he and the medical field assures the legaly of physical abuses will negatively alter children‘s future lives I can assure you, at least in my case it is not the case, in fact just the opposite. From 1961 to 1964 I suffered the worse physical and spiritual abuses any child could be subjected to. Being an extreme case ADD it was impossible for me to stay still for long and the same “disease” still plagues me at 62.

I had to find any possible way to get rid of the surplus of mental and physical energy and the abuses were both at home and in school. Often I thought how all my school mates could stay still for so long and why I had no memory for anything my teacher was telling me? He was exasperated with me and the battle to break my will with verbal and bodily and abuses started. He used to bring me in front of the entire class and say…”Class Louis is never listening to me and he will never ever become anything but a slave to others in his life.”

Right in the middle of winter he ordered the class to wear their thick coats, and then opened the windows where I was standing by,  letting me freeze for hours.   But first he used a steal ruler and hit the tips of my fingers till they bleed making it impossible for me to hold a pencil for days at time. When he and the entire class finally could not take the cold anymore he “ tucked” me under his desk in front of his legs. I had no room at all to move and this horrid position cut the blood circulation to my legs, I had to move then he backed up a bit, and simply kicked me as hard as he could.

In the sixties there were no laws against child abuses and no Prozac or Retaline available to “numb” me and the “teachers” were brutes with no brains. In the small school and to share the load, I was sent from one abuser to another and the punishments was performed differently. This teacher used to lift me from the ground by my chicks as soon as I entered his class saying “Louis you again?” then he would place me right in front of him and let his four feet long heavy wood ruler simply drop on my head, yes I saw the stars well before I could understand how they were afflicting the psyches of human. Then I was ordered to seat on the last raw to copy by hand the French dictionary on a stuck of paper.

Being an ADD or worse ADHD made it impossible for me to stay still, regardless of any form of punishment period. I could not help (still) fidgeting all day long, talk and amuse everyone around me. But the worst part was when I was ordered out of the class and forced to stand up between two trees for hours with snow all the way up to my waist without proper winter clothing. Jumping endlessly was the only way for me not to die of exposure. The abusers knew the school Master would see me then as usual call me in his office. Once there he would shut the door and close the curtains then smack me as hard as he could. Very often the blows were inflicted on my ears plagued with dolorous otitis chronic infections.

Regardless of a regiment of powerful I developed and maintained the painful otitis disease because of malnutrition and most of all a constant “subconscious”  wish not to hear my parents endless fights and my teachers verbal abuses. Note the infection “magically” stopped once I left home at the age of 14 years old and moved to live with my peaceful, loving Gran ma’s house.

I never told anything to my mother or my rough stepfather for fear of reprisals until the physical abuses were too much to hide, then my violent step dad would try to confront the abuser who never dare to come to the front door to explain himself. The abuses stopped when I was finally  thrown out of school in 1964.

Following my “teachers” advises, the school master refused to present me for my CEP or the equivalent of the US GED, to their astonishment, my Mother insisted and I passed well above many other kids.

Those days were very hard for all families and this early treatment “trained” me to deal with bullies who learned real fast to stay away from my punishing writs. The same terrible treatments prepared me to a life overloaded with endless pain and challenges that brought me International recognition in the New Age field.  My book “Beyond The Secret” is a recollection of all those extraordinary dramatic experiences where I raised from pure hell to heaven later on in my life.  In no way will the reader accept many of the factual stories I went through but I truly believe all those early adventures drastically helped me building character made of steal and a powerful drive to prove them all wrong, especially when an English teacher once told me I would never ever speak or write English! I guess he was seriously wrong on that one…

Without those dramatic episodes I would not understand the true meaning of what it means to be an ADD or ADHD or the reasons why God did not allowed me to be able to listen to my first “teachers” or remember their teachings. I was set by the Cosmic Code to be born a turbo charged spirit because I had to own the key of what it means to be human outside of the conventional, traditional educational system.  Hands on experiences made me aware of the huge difference between education and intelligence and the fact that incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share.

The main reasons why some children will develop negatively following any abuses is set by their natal UCI * Unique Celestial Identity , not a single human will react the same way facing or dealing with a multitude of situations but without Cosmic Consciousness there is no option for the traditionally educated doctor to deferanciate.Call it a glitch in the current failing educational system.

As soon as the soul incarnate on this dense physical world, he/she karmically inherited a *UCI, this karmic celestial print encompass all sins and virtues, strengths and weaknesses of any and all human beings. But science is yet unaware of this fact and keep erroneously assume all starts and finish in the human brain, omitting its subtle relationship to the Universal Mind and the Cosmic Code.

Thus a child overloaded with feminine earthy planets i.e. Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn will be docile, sensitive and born a professional student. The strengths are showed intellectually and not physically.  Another child born with a masculine fiery planets i.e. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius will be more combative, aggressive and left uncontrolled translate into bullying. Another child such as in my case, overloaded with air sign and fire signs will add air in the fire and produce what traditionally educated psychologists refer as as ADD or ADHD. The perfect medical terms with an imperfect understanding of the phenomenon is what I am exposing to a perplexed scientific community.

Mommy please don’t turn me into a zombie with those pills

In the absence of highly spiritually advanced teachers serious problems as ADD, ADHD, bullying and a myriad of other mental problems can only elute the professionals and benefit the pharmaceutical, insurances corporations and their accomplices doctors.

Science has  yet to acknowledge that people can only relate to each others and develop productively or destructively within our society because of their education, intelligence, experiences and most of all their natal karmic imposed  UCI

Specific mental cases demand the use of powerful medications but I am also convinced some of these problems could be dealt without the use of dangerous drugs. It is a known fact that a constant flow of poisonous thoughts (guilt/fear/anger etc.) can only lead to deep depressions and if left unchecked with time opens the door to a multitude of serious mental problems. As much as we are all vulnerable at any given time to experience an accident an “educated” person may be reluctant to accept that, we are all also subject to suffer “spiritual attacks” “psychic Accidents” and/or induced vicious curses. These occurrences are usually sent subconsciously by resentful enemies feeding an army of unseen but very real low entities from the astral planes.

But depraved of Cosmic Consciousness the scientific community can only excuse themselves and ridicule such variations just because their inherited logical UCI do not allow them to perceive the  archetypal realm of supra consciousness and its inner “occult” manifestations. This should explain why some people are more spiritual, creative, artistic and religious or logical, rational and develop an affinity to mathematics, engineering and science.

But often with science the obvious become unperceptive because the UCI  lacks the intuitiveness needed to research or comprehend this type of  “manifesto.”    Meantime studies on the “libido” has proven more on the intangible.  The concept of libido was first introduced by Sigmund Freud as the instinct energy or force, contained in what Freud called the id. Carl Jung defined libido as the free creative or psychic  energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation.

All these spiritual men were simply reflecting on what I perceive as a manifestation of the Cosmic Code interaction with the UCI or the human psyche. Yes I am just a little ahead of time of science on this one and if it was not for me to be an ADD or a serious case of ADHD I could not offer the scientific community with a new more accurate perspective. The only problem is : since 1991 no a single scientific group ever answered my requests to conduct experimentation on my expertise…


Anyone could be suffering such “evil”  influences and karmically attract the  “psychic / occultism”phenomenon in their existences. Especially if you created the messy situation making impossible for you to enjoy life, be productive, sleep or relax mentally. While we are all vulnerable to such dark experiences the evil destructive “psychic” energy process is very real and very active. Induced willingly, by accident or karmically one can only feed evil with a steady flow of fearful thoughts seeking poisonous medical attention that will make the situation worse with time.This vicious energy immediately poison your auric personality and weaken the body mind and spirit at speed record. Depressions, panic attacks, leads to schizophrenia or worse suicidal thoughts, you are slowly losing the battle for sanity.  We are all susceptible to such “psychic” accidents making you especially vulnerable if you suffered a very dramatic or shocking experience or if you have been religiously poisoned since childhood.


Regardless how the “psychic” energy was induced, being abused over the years or suddenly through a chock; the poisonous thoughts process is in place and the flux must be eliminated as soon as possible to avoid further physical or spiritual degradation. This can only weaken the immune system and open door to infectious organism or worse stimulate cancer cells growth.

Once more reader, each human being is unique and depending on your natal UCI, early abuses, chocking experiences and trauma or endless drama will make you become a victim making it very hard to integrate as a productive element of society.


The fact is all humans are very different both physically and spiritually to each others. Our physical conception while identical genetically speaking (DNA) it is totally different on the spiritual plane.

Science has not yet disassociated the physical DNA and its psychical *UCI counterpart, to them the mind is only perceive at a logical level and its many complex functions solely physical coming from certain area of the brain.  While this is an obvious proven scientific fact, their lack of objectivity and spiritual information stop them exploring the brain outside of their own five limited human senses. Thus missing the forest for the tree…

All affairs of the human mind starts in the Universal Mind and ramifies its power in this dense physical world through the UCI.  

Dr. Turi

The proof is seen with the tremendous religious choices offered to humans and their choices of faith while others are born to become scientists or atheists. Some cultures honor rats and cows while others will do all they can to destroy animals for consumption. Again the human UCI is predisposing the soul to the like, dislike, religious (or not) intonations, health, fate, strengths and an incalculable amount of spiritual variations that make us so different to each others.

And that is the beauty of being human being so different to each others as a race. Again do not expect science to buy into my very advanced spiritual material just yet but with time when both the physical and spiritual information/education balance is established discussions and researches on the subject will prove Dr. Turi was right all along. The science of Astropsychology will one day be taught and accepted as a solid discipline in all colleges and Universities.

All Truths evolve through 3 Stages of Consciousness…

First, they are Ridiculed,
Next, they are Violently Opposed, and
Then, they are Accepted as Self-Evident!

I treat these disorders my own safe way in my healing room and got fabulous results using both Hypnotherapy and Astropsychology or Cabalistic Natural Healing. If you know someone or if yourself suffer heavy depressions let me help you regenerate your spirit before its becomes too late. Call Terania at             602-265-7667       or email her at teraniapromodir@cox.net to set up a live Skype consultation VIP or a 90 mn taped Full Life reading, because my services are real and much cheaper and will eliminate the chances for you to become a statistics of the mentioned diseases.


This mental disorder usually depicts a reclusive, socially awkward, indisposed character with poor or inappropriate feelings and an inability to perform or function well in our society. The inward world of hallucinations is too much for the subject who is victimized by these make-believe, destructive and grandiose thought processes. This type of hallucinatory person, over a period of time, will need assistance and become dependent on other family members that will demand constant supervision. Neptune (confusion), the planet of deception, plays an important part in all mental disorders, and when badly aspected by Pluto (destruction) or Mercury (mental processes), the worst is to be expected. My 525 page book “The Power of the Dragon”offers tremendous information on the UCI of famous and infamous people, serial killers, Presidents etc.

Hard aspects by disturbing planets like Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, or Mars to the Dragon’s Tail (past lives) are also a strong possibility to induce mental disorders. In some cases, the amount of past-lives residue is still much too strong to be controlled by the soul due to a speedy karmic reincarnation on earth. An obvious example is seen with the life and fate of Paul Jennings Hill (anti-abortion activist/murderer), falling victim to the residue of his past life as a woman (Dragon’s Tail in Cancer — protective of the womb/mother), bringing children into this world. There are countless of other aspects to take in consideration using Astropsychology disciplines.


This mental disorder is characterized by a strong desire for excitement, drama, attention, and constant reassurance. The hysterical personality will do all that he can to attract attention and exaggerate the situation. This type of endeavor is seen within the melodramatic performance of an actor in a televised soap opera or on the big screen. A hard aspect to a Dragon’s Tail, the moon (emotions) or/and Mercury (communication) in Leo (love) combined with other nefarious planets such as Neptune (acting) Pluto (drama) when exaggerated can very well produce hysteria.

The desire for attention, drama and respect from others is quite strong and produce also exhibitionists, ready to shock others to gain the desperate attention there are craving for. There are countless of other aspects to take in consideration using Astropsychology disciplines. My new book “Beyond The Secret” offers a unique understanding on how the creative/destructive forces of the subconscious could be harvested to reach emotional, financial and spiritual stability.


Dissociative States:

Dissociate states occur when a person is under great stress from external influences, other people’s cruelty or deeply felt previous internal conflicts with a disturbing immediate situation. The moon (emotion) in Pisces (sensitivity) on the Dragon’s Tail (karma) in this sign becomes a major contribution to the dilemma. This affliction brings dissociation with others, especially to the family. The upbringing is usually very dramatic and the subject learns early in childhood to cope with traumatic sexual or emotional abuse. If the Dragon’s Tail (negative) affects the 4th house (home/family) in the sign of Scorpio (sex) or if there is any hard aspects to the Moon (home) and Pluto (death) drama suicide will occur.

Often they are forced to learn to disconnect from their feelings to avoid emotional or physical pain. By adulthood, their emotions are locked behind protective walls and can be accessed as needed. A strong Pluto (power) aspect to Mercury (the mind), and the Moon (emotions) gives the subject a powerful will to dissociate himself from whatever is going on around him so that emotional or physical pain can be avoided. The strength of Pluto, aspects to Mercury and the

In extreme cases these individuals do experience periods of “missing time,” confusion and disorientation. Sad enough, “The Little Queen” Jon Benett, was murdered at home. The police suspect the parents for good reasons. She was a Leo (fame/stage) and at an early age displayed her gift as an entertainer. The 4th house (home/family members) happens to be in the dramatic sign of Scorpio (death/sex) and clearly indicates where death and drama did enter the life of the subject.


Sociopathic Personality:

This disorder commonly called Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD is usually found with people born with a strong negative affliction to Mercury (the mind) and hard aspects to the Dragon’s Tail in Gemini. They do learn at an early age to lie to avoid trouble, and they are also somehow superficial and have problems with established rules and authority. The past-life residue in Gemini (double personality) is not yet eliminated or understood by the subject and is used in the form of manipulation and deceit. Reluctant to obtain education due to a poor memory, or a lack of attention, many of them end up as a “Jack of all trades,” unable to focus and crystallize the thought processes.

Afflicted by negative Mercury (Lord of the Thieves), they appear to be charming and smooth in their dealings, but they can be manipulative and insensitive. In order to stay alive, in previous past lives, the soul mastered the art of stealing and lying to survive. Many of them were involved in metaphysical work and had to perform their second occupation at night. Their endeavors involved witchcraft, healing with herbs, plants, using the Cabala and astrology. To avoid serious repercussion from the church authority of their time, they developed a gift of disguise, were lying and adapting fast to any situation meant saving their precious life.


Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.):

This has nothing to do with MPD and should be considered a serious gift from God. Curious by nature and intellectually challenging, an ADD ADHD person is, by nature (and purposely) ill equipped to accept all forms of codification of thoughts. Thus, avoiding traditional education, an A.D.D. (Einstein/Clinton/myself) will sidestep the barrier of traditional education and breach the barrier of what was previously thought of as impossible. Nevertheless, discipline and basic education should be encouraged to promote the inborn genius quality of the A.D.D. ADHD subject so that he can be prosperous later in life. Knowing how your child’ UCI was “programmed” at birth becomes a serious contribution for his/her greatness and a life of incredible achievements .

Paranoid Personality:

A strong negative aspect to the moon (feelings) Mercury (the mind) and the Dragon’s Tail (past lives) in Pisces (deception) is predisposing the soul for a network for distorted ideas, fears, and uncontrolled imagination. Self-analysis is very difficult, if not impossible, with this individual who has serious trouble accepting his own intensely emotional and destructive imagination. An attraction to chemicals, drugs, and alcohol is also very common and act as a shield against the harsh reality of the physical world. Lacking objectivity, this individual rejects the reality of his own feelings and directs them toward other people, believing that they are the ones with the offensive intent.

Although very attracted to the intangible, this soul is a terminal one and should not participate in hypnotic regression sessions or psychic séances. Due to his deceiving Neptunial interstellar conception, this soul is a prime target for possession or invasion by low astral entities. The tremendous amount of dramatic subconscious memories from the past-life residue makes it very difficult to distinguish fiction from reality. Mother Teresa is a perfect example suffering daily paranoiac attacks where she had to receive regular “cleansing” from a Vatican “exorcist” following her every steps until she died.

To protect society from all of the dangerous neurotics, all psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience can do is, with the use of powerful drugs, control the expression of the fear rather than erase it completely from the memory bank. However the use of chemicals can only further the degradation of the fragile psyche of the individual and should be avoided at all cost. Those souls inherited a very fragile UCI and are prone to very negative reaction to all chemicals that could induce more stress, confusion and paralysis to the subject.

Scientists must do a very different type of research in order to evaluate the real subtle Cosmic Code interactive forces producing the mental sickness of an individual. Accurately diagnosing a mentally sick patient is winning more than half of the battle. Only then, with the help of these drugs, a preventive therapeutic mental regeneration will take place, allowing the patient to avoid further mental deterioration. Nothing physical of any value, (unless diseased) is to be found in the complexity of the brain’s (computer) physical, subatomic structure. The answer is not within, but outside of the human brain, well above our scientists’ heads, in the Universal Mind or in the stars.

Understanding and using the work of the ancients can only stop a waste of time in absurd dangerous, costly speculations depleting our financial resources. This capital should be used to revive and further the much older, deeper and more reliable forfeited knowledge that resides within the Cosmic Code jurisdictions. Doing so will re-establish the direct relationship with man’s psyche direct relationship with the universal mind and God celestial creation. But who is to invest in my work at this stage when our political, religious and scientific leaders are not willing to upgrade their own spiritual limitation?

In any case be sure that following abuse, a shock such as loss of a dear one, a pet, a lover even a job could lead to chronic depressions and if left unchecked this continuous negative thoughts process feed the evil of sickness making you very vulnerable in the long run. I am here to help you before it becomes too late. You can count on me to take good care of you.



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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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