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Dear Reader;

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Well I am still dumbfounded to what transpired to us last night to Terania and I and I let her give you her feedback on this incredible experience. I thought it would also be healing for her to talk about things that are well above the human understanding as to give her more grounding in preparation to what its coming next for us.

A message from Terania

The mass is always immediate to accuse any outsiders; yet we are all wanderers to our brothers and sisters. On the other hand, undoubtedly last night, Louis and I were absolutely no strangers to the foreign space beings. Now wait a minute, if Dr. Turi had ace for every time he blows his horn and unites much of the confused society, with our companions from our creation…Okay, we know he does. And this is one reason, why he is the only Astropsychologist, using experience and actuality to examine what’s down the line for the whole, which is willing and ready to put his valuable information to positive use while others can’t catch up with his genius.

Nonetheless, patting yourself on the back all the time isn’t an agreeable mannerism. But come on, you should know by now that when we unmask hidden advantages, we aren’t going to be stray cats on the back street about it. Please keep in mind, that there are continuous opposing views amid a swelled head and a belief in oneself and in something. Arrogance is constantly talking boastingly about oneself. Hence, he has enough spirit to trust that his undertaking, in our natal networks and cosmos ancestry, of over 35 years and counting, will before long, be on the grandstand for each ones blessing.

Switching gears now, to our seemingly dreamy and removed, smooth maneuvers of our familiar, ten-minute swing to our preferred but popular healthy farmers market in town. In the beginning, en route to the first shop located in our circle…Well, that whole caboodle was like an old hat. Notwithstanding, errand number two was the last minute trip, to hunt for our garden variety of healthy eats…But, let me tell you that whole enchilada was, with no ifs, ands or buts a hearty meat and potatoes…LOL.

Leaving the first chain and turning onto our common “Point A”, onto our simple cruise through our neighborhood lap which was easy without complexity. Next, to all appearances onto the typical “Point B” branch that regularly leads us to the stop sign, at the intersection we are to turn that steers us in line to the goodies emporium, just seconds before the park. Be that as it may, following the turn to “Point B”, and at some part unknown before the “Big Red” is when the scene went vague. Digging back into what gave the impression of a dozen winks, I can especially nail down on the time clock reading 7:00 PM and at that instant, the feature of Louis being wide eyed and at a distance aloft; almost childlike. Still driving like an arrow, he was…But here’s the catch “NONSTOP”…Where was the stop sign? Meaning, no square of recreation either or the dead end placed at the end of our usual road, had it been that we passed that picture anyway. Though, our activity and in the general area, existed as having a great weight, as if another presence took control of our vehicle and us. On the edge of losing control of my senses, I stiffened practically motionless and went into lala-land myself.

For what showed, nearly a hint, of Louis and I nearly being blue in the face…The flash was having the vibes of being held underwater that was wrapped up, with an abrupt halt at the red lights restless traffic stop, on the opposite end of our suburb. Felt like we were lifted out of the water and here is our “Message in a Bottle”…Or more of our own “SOS to our World”. We each looked at one another, noiseless at first though catching our breath and in shock of what just took place. For a minute, trying to piece together how we ended up on that off-center of our block. Or shall I say, dropped off. I guess Louis was back and forth in a zone and I already knew but was a bit startled, for all that, to say it upfront. Louis was quite thrown off guard and said, “How the hell did we end up here?” But this wasn’t the beginning for him, as we already know, and certainly not my Numero Uno adventure with the separate. A quick glance back at the tick-tock now showed ten minutes past 7 PM. Our thoughts at ponder, giving the attention to the piece of the action. Repeatedly affirming that…”There is no time in space…” and we are external from entirety. The brass tacks are we become “Alien”. You see, those 10 MN for us can be better explained in this way perhaps. Okay, a minute spent bringing us to standard is an hour or more of reward deserved by our brethren of the “Outer Limits” maybe together for our advantage. Allied with our interruption of activity to deliver more of Dr. Turi’s inarguable, valuable intelligence…As he puts it,” Incredible Experiences Breed Incredible People…” “Et Voila!” Downloading more communication to us for us to share, with all and in favor of health and prosperity, despite the constant headaches we have had since then and Louis’ weird motor noise running in his ear. Not to mention, my slight ear ringing and bells ringing at close range. Hey, it isn’t Christmas anymore… and didn’t know Jesus and Santa were friends? To the God-fearing, nut cases around.

For this was just a test visitation and the message is clear, that our universal kindred’s vision, is the device of flight that on the days and nights, can touch you, your windows, your transport or anything around you for that matter. They are creative, productive unsociable with psychological passage and a mechanism for travel too. So, now possibly you can appreciate this occurrence and the verity that it is sometimes troublesome to restrain someone or something or away from the notable or object. Here and there, even wild animals are like an extraterrestrial spacecraft with quadruple paws. So, there you have it and its made up neither science anymore; nor an unknown truth our bureaucracy and military are well aware of; but embarrassed and powerless of their disgrace; it’s rather a body of knowledge which has been already declared. Without a doubt, in this “Age of Aquarius” (Freedom, New Age, UFO’s), I can only suggest that we have a sharp eye for a myriad of the unexpected. “Be Watching For Them – They Are Watching Us.”

With Love and Light Terania Turi Star

Well now you got it reader, but I can tell you, I have had close encounters of the 5th kind, seen flying saucer less than 30 feet above my head, spoke to the *Nordics, end up inside one and be worked on psychically, I have had many occasions of missing time and even drove through phantom cities etc. but I will never ever be able to adapt to such drastic, unusual experiences… Yes ET have been with me since childhood and at the beginning of our relationship I told Terania to be prepared for this type of incredible experiences with me and 11 months later, or last night it happened. As always a form a legacy is induced and with the new rattling taking place occasionally in my left ear I feel like a bran new software was induced there while tripping in time and space and now and then, my brain feels like undergoing a programmed computer updating itself. Weird? You bet but its happening and Terania can testify when the noise and vibrations takes place when her ear is against mine or when she lodges her tiny pinky in my left ear. Note the drum of this ear is completely gone and I can barely ear any loud noise. There is absolutely no doubt, at least as far as I am concerned that “The Gardeners Of The World” are very real and quite busy nowadays fulfilling their own agenda with the depleting human race and Mother Earth. Meantime there are still morons all over the world that can only relate to deceptive religious doctrines and their icons.

http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/01/10/malaysia.church.bombings/index.html Two more churches in Malaysia were firebombed Sunday, bringing the total to six since a court ruled that non-Muslims can use the word “Allah” as a term for God. “Mythology is what grownups believe, folklore is what they tell their children and Religion is both”
– Cedric Whitman

It amazes me that some people are doomed to dumbness and so reluctant to grow up spiritually. The avalanche of incoming violent, bloody terrorist acts and the facts that religions kill will never pierce the thickness of a wall of ignorance. I wrote intensively about the extraterrestrial agenda so many times in my newsletters but again for the intellectually lazy newcomer I will have to sound redundant once more. Thus if you read this in the past, please forgive me as repetition seems to be my only alternative when the incredible task to educate one person at the time is concerned.

What are extraterrestrials? They are a multitude of incredibly advanced entities that unlike human beings have lost sensitivity, emotions and their spirit. They are true master of a technology you could never comprehend just yet, logical to the extreme, rational to the core, cold, calculated like a well-oiled solid gearbox and scientifically oriented. Their job is to plant, grow and collect the best of the human specimens. Their utmost mission is; bringing the best of the best of their crops or he most advanced souls to different inhabited planets and populates or re-populates them. They are mesmerized by our emotional responses in any and all situations, our destructive religious beliefs system and wonder how to better the human spirit to a decent level as to lead and enjoy a well-balanced, secure, respectful life on planet earth. Things that is foreign to this lost world I may add and one of the reason I work so hard everyday for.

We Are The Ants Workers! Meantime do not expect to meet the management or the President of the intergalactic society to meet with you soon. You may, if you fit the bill deal with their dignified robots instead, those who do the dirty work from cutting cows, abductions collections to flying saucers etc.

They are huge numbers of extraterrestrials from all corner of infinity, and some much too far away from our solar system to visit, yes even for an ET, space and time can be challenging. Thus those closer to us are harvesting us, much like humans trip to the moon and try to reach the next nearer planer Mars. This Interstellar society has its own regulations, limitations and purposes and learned billions years ago that religions kill and education is the key, thus wars are non-existent. Thus do not expect such advanced entities to invade earth by force and impose their will on humans, for they are much better equipped then we could ever be, or even imagine to eliminate us at will.

Meantime they are also aware that in time and space all is omnipresent and interconnected, thus helping us to grow is helping them too. But with such a self-destructive attitude, mankind does not need any outside force, or UFO’s to eradicate itself from this planet, agree? And this is where they must interfere and like scientists darting a dangerous bear, much of their precious chosen rare subjects are oblivious of the crucial work performed. ET’s do not think, behave or perceive reality as you do, thus someone in position of power, such as the President or a renowned religious figure such as the Pope won’t cut it. Terrestrial, logical, rational, archaic and mundane education molds our leaders and our infantile science elites mental process and this crowd is the first one to reject the incredible.


Thus I know this for a fact, ET are masters in handling the physical rules of the infinite Universes, for if they did not they would not be able to enter our dense physical world to deal with their protégées or travel incalculable distances. They are also master of the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and are fully aware of any soul born with an unusual or advanced UCI *Unique Celestial Identity. Such as soul is blessed at birth to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and such powerful objectivity promotes perception to the point where this person will naturally reject any form of archaic religious doctrines.
This type of well-earned karmic residue “born different” is key ingredient for ET’s choice and they seem to know magnetically speaking, where to look for us. It’s much like someone using a metal detector looking for gold in the desert because again, like attracts like or a magnet will not attract a piece of wood. Then the long, somehow dramatic unusual ET/human connections undergo regular upgrades. In my case it seems to be another reminder of the reality of ET’s and my karmic mission to free this world from fears and ignorance. Gee I have so much to tell you about extraterrestrials’ purpose and I may have to write another book on the subject.

Meantime the predictive legacy left by the ET’s is quite obvious when they abducted me back in 1991 above Los Angeles. They downloaded me with the secrets of the Cosmic Code and the reality of God himself, a God that as of yet is foreign to all the people walking this blessed earth.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

If you know someone or have a UFO website, magazine etc. email me at www.drturi.com and I will forward you my four incredible UFO experiences and some unique pictures. These pic used to be on Coast To Coast website but I not sure if they are still available to the public. Once more make sure to read * 2010/2012 Universal Predictions from http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/forum/topics/dr-turi-2010-universal

The $9.3 billion citrus industry in Florida is watching low temperatures closely tonight. A hard freeze could be a blow for the economy, says an industry spokeswoman. Prediction #13. Many large established food and farmers Corporations will be forced into a painful restructure. DID YOU MISS MY 2010/2012 UNIVERSAL PREDICTIONS? http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/forum/topics/dr-turi-2010-universal


Blessings to all Dr. Turi Sharing Emails:

Dr. Turi and the Dr. Turi Google group:

I have been following Dr. Turi’s work for quite some time, have listened to practically every broadcast, gosh it has probably been for a couple years at this point. I am an artist, and disabled with for the past couple years a limited income, not up to par in my work with all the health battles keeping me oppressed both physically and financially, so hopefully those are a good excuse and dr Turi and others can understand why I have not been able to afford his services as of yet and not for lack of desiring too, but hopefully, soon I will, and hopefully he doesn’t just consider people like me in the background who are interested and merely faithfully follow but aren’t at a point at this time to be able to actually afford stuff, as not worth or worthy of knowing of his great works or knowledge. I have often not commented on stuff because truly I felt I could not afford to buy services and stuff yet, so why comment or interact with anyone—so I’ll just listen in form the sideline.

I did want to say this, though, Dr. Turi, what an amazing inner light you have and energy! You remind me so much of myself, and I think that is part of what originally drew me to listening, as well as the fact of finding out you are in the Phoenix area where I grew up and often gave seminars in my favorite place on earth, Sedona, AZ, where I spent many a day of my childhood as my second home and stomping grounds, as I have an aunt that lives there and has for nearly 50 years, who is also both an artist herself, but also is quite an integral base member in that community there, and what a magical, special place Sedona, AZ is, right? The place just emanates. Plus, I got some French ancestry in me, was adopted, and just found half my biological family, my mother’s, (although she herself passed away 10 years ago, but I found five siblings and many others who began searching for me nearly 10 years ago), and I recently discovered my birth father was a French-speaking European Nationale, who at the time was living in Switzerland, where my birth mother met my father, rather wealthy and making my birth all the more incredibly scandalous at the time and so she came back to the state, where I was born in Phoenix-go figure, but my mother’s side also has a long line of French ancestry, so upon finding this out, wondered a bit, hey maybe we are cousins somewhere down the line (just kidding!). Yu never know, we could be 15th or 50th cousins down the line. LOL.

Anyway, I am but a student in this journey we call life but nothing Dr Turi speaks of is or has ever been “foreign” to me, in any way, and I have enjoyed being able to hear Dr. Turi speak, if anything, although finances, and disability, have not afforded me the ability to delve deeper and purchase materials. When I can though, I will. I have had some pretty unbelievable even to me experiences over the past year that I am still trying to figure out. I’ve often done my painting in my home art studio to the backdrop sounds of good ol’ Dr. Turi, and what an inspiration it has been, really and truly. Many blessings, to you Dr. Turi, as one of your silent listeners off in the background!

Mary Beth

DT – Thank you so much for your support Mary Beth, all I can do is to continue helping people to build more cosmic consciousness by offering more free material. Not sure if you got them but my 2010 Uversal Predictions are at http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/ and http://newsletter.drturi.com/ where I gave my vision of what 2012 will be for the world at large.

All I can ask readers in your position is to have faith and wait for the stars to smile on you, and in time they always do. I also ask all my readers to find the time to help me pass on my message to the world and become a silent but active participant. Thanks again for your support and I hope my work will help you to learn to use the signs at your advantage.


Hi Dr. Turi; I have a problem with anger reactions to certain individuals. Would one of the CDs or email books give me enough information to overcome this? Thank you

DT – You best shot is either a 90 mn taped full life reading or a VIP reading, this is not an easy fix my friend and I need to check your full UCI, fears, dragon etc.. Then will give you the right material on tape.



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