Terrorist Born Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab


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Before using Astropsychology to expose Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s vulnerable UCI *Unique Celestial Identity I’d like to offer you with yet another solid proof of my ability in predictive astrology. I posted my SOS To The World many weeks ago in all major websites and finally posted all the details at http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/events/sos-to-the-world for the world to read.

Note if I have time I will continue doing so bookmark it and comeback for more predictions. While this Plutonic window is still active you may go to this site and read all for yourself and realize why my gift *or curse, should indeed be trusted. Remember my Internet *guru lol, popularity is literally exploding thus I must, when I feel appropriate, repeat myself for the newcomers who landed on my work for the first time. Again if you have been reading my work for years, and they are millions of you in this big world who do so, then there is no much I have to say to you than to thank you for your constant flow of supporting emails and to bear with me if I sound redundant.

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The life and fate of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

He is also referred to as Umar Abdul Mutallab and Omar Farooq al-Nigeri; this lost soul was born December 22, 1986, in Lagos, Nigeria). Remember Nostradamus 16th Divine Astrology method is totally unique and do not resemble the modern jargonized mathematically oriented type of astrology you may read, use or practice.

Thus to those reader who do not know about the dynamics of astrology I will use very simple terms to explain how and why the Cosmic Code molded his destiny and his deplorable actions. But rest assured I can tell you upfront that; this kid is only the victim of serious mental manipulations and behaved as such. I.e. Hitler youth were also mentally manipulated by the Nazi regime.

But what elements *stars, in his UCI trigger the long process of turning any innocent child into a killer? Again if you read some of my previous newsletters, I clearly mentioned that you can only build a terrorist, an artist, a politician, a mathematician, a doctor, a swimmer etc. only if the soul inherited at birth all the right/wrong “ingredients” that endorse, promote, stimulate any endeavor.

For example, a soul born with Saturn “the fear principle” in Virgo, the sign of health will develop such a fear of diseases that he/she will dedicate her entire existence to health and become a physician.

Or someone born with Saturn “the Great Malefic” in Leo/Aries, the signs that rules fires, this person will develop a serious interest or fears of fire and will either turn into a helpful fireman or a destructive arsonist.

Need more examples? OK usually someone who fear or heard/suffered crimes as a child may work as a cop and because there are no accident someone who vibrates as a cop inside will become a cop on the outside. It’s all about handling power for good or for worse and karma. If a soul reincarnate after spending his entire life in jail, chance is when back on earth he will make sure not to go back to jail. So his / her own very fears molded his/her karma.

Someone for example killing a politician, after reincarnating on this dense physical world, this person must now experience the opposite and learn what it means to handle or fear power. This soul karmically will aim towards politics and the list is endless. Careers are stimulated by experiences first; the early upbringing and first teachers *parents, play of course a huge part but fear is a big stimulant, finally education mold the soul towards action. But primly the natal inherited UCI / astrological chart add the most important kick to the recipe and bring the final outcome.

Thus if you read my book/ biography “Beyond The Secret” you know I was raised in total poverty where I had to do absolutely anything to survive once I found myself alone in the dangerous streets at the tender age of 14-years old. But I can guarantee you that any religious lunatic would never had a chance to drag me into Mormonism, join a cult or become a criminal because my natal advanced UCI always knew right from wrong. My Mother could never ever afford any type of education for me and at a very early age my guitar and I were inseparable. This tells you as a Pisces/Aquarius my inherited UCI is overloaded with artistic talent but I could only afford music lessons when I was able to pay for them at the age of 26 –years old. While my piano teachers told me I was much too old to master piano playing I prove them wrong two years later by winning the distinction cup in front of 400 students at the Royal School of Music in London.

<img src="http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:3i4wQ7zXY6kwEM:“/>

Everyone of us is karmically gifted or cursed at birth with a tremendous amount of “*star energy*” for lack of words, that will manifest themselves with time for good or for worse in your life if that makes sense to you.

I.e. someone born with an overwhelming Neptune will display tremendous imagination that can be used to create arts such as paintings, photography, writing fictitious material where reality seems to be of their own making. In extreme cases where Neptune is preeminent in the UCI the soul loses total common sense and lives in a world of his own. These souls are seriously prone to mental *religions and physical *legal/illegal drugs poisoning and this happen to be the case with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Now I suggested thousands of times in previous newsletter for my reader to take the time to learn all about the most illusive planet of all; Neptune *the Lord of Deception, confinement, religions, addictions, drugs and general deception. But did you go there yet? May be you should… http://www.drturi.com/commandments.php


The most significant manifestation of Neptune, ruler of Pisces, a water sign, is found with Gold medallist winner “Phelps”. Nothing surprising when this soul was born with a Dragon’s Head *luck/protection in Pisces *water/swimming, ET VOILA!

But do you think he knows about his *attraction to drugs?

While we are talking about Dragons in Pisces let me clarify something else with this case.

May God bless Her Neptunian lost soul!

Sad enough we heard of the latest death of yet another celebrity. Her name is Casey Johnson, she was born September 24, 1979. She was a popular Hollywood socialite known for making outrageous headlines and she was friends with other socialites such as Paris & Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, and several others.

Rest assured that her death is signed by Neptune or drugs and why am I so sure? Just because unlike Phelps who can get away with murder with his drug habits, she was born with the Dragon’s Tail in Pisces, not the head. Thus she is indeed very unlucky when it comes to get poisoned with any form of legal or illegal drugs.

<img src="http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:bVxc658Fmu01XM:

Its starts above and ends above!

Note that my hero, Einstein was born with a Dragon’s Head *positive, in Aquarius *the Universe/geniuses. And you wonder about his advanced findings of the Law of Relativity? Again my book “The Power of The Dragon” has all you need to know about the how and why famous and infamous people made history. But the sad reality I don’t think the moronic mass of today would have Einstein as their chosen hero. I think the minority of smart people may read Einstein’s work or enjoy realistic science or my work but Harry Potter and/or the bible apocalyptic junk seems to be the top choice for 99.09 % of the rest of the world. This factual assumption enunciates the deceiving gabbing power of Neptune upon our world. Right now the population is awaiting the total destruction of humankind if you buy into the year 2012 lunacy. But again, imagination and religious fears truly reflect *Neptune obvious misleading power upon humankind’s psyche.

Lord of the Seas

So now that I made the reader aware of where he/she may be with Neptune, let’s check Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s UCI. Again exposing his full celestial identity is something I reserve for the students of Astropsychology joining us in Phoenix next July 2010 but for now I will do as much as my precious time allows me.

First the planet of fear or Saturn is located on his first house, making him shy and retired. This structuring planet is in the sign of philosophical/religious Sagittarius. Thus his inner fears and back luck is with foreigners, their beliefs and foreign lands in general, the US?

Souls born with Saturn *terror in Sagittarius *codification of thoughts/books are professional students and sink into the book. To make the situation worse, his natal Mercury, the mind is also conjuncting Saturn in the eating religious philosophy books attitude. This position indeed produces ministers, priests, and attorneys, teachers where history, logic produces a blind acceptance of the printed word. Or “the bible say…”

Worse in his UCI is the location of deceptive Neptune* religions, in Capricorn, *the career builder and this denote his hidden drive to own a name by becoming a martyr. For without the right education and Cosmic Consciousness his (and the will of all the past, present and future terrorists) becomes useless.

These are the born preachers, the wanna be prophets and teachers born without critical thinking and are indeed very dangerous to society as experienced with this new breed of terrorist. Furthermore the sudden release, shocking planet Uranus *eccentric also resides in his first house and this *energy attracts explosion and explosive devices hidden in his underwear? But there is more, his Mars *danger, war or his drive to act is in the religious, easily deceived, manipulated sign of Pisces and so is Jupiter *the books. His moon is highly placed in his 10th house of career in the over critical, puritanical sign of Virgo and his emotional response to life is to cleanse the world and make a career of killing dirty Americans.

Most importantly the current Dragon’s Tail * testing, is right in his 8th house of death and you wonder why life means nothing to him or others?

Once more the two main reasons people did not die on December 25th is because passenger flew during a waxing moon *protected and most of all because Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was blessed, Thanks for all of us, with a natal Dragon’s Head *luck/protection in Aries. Again just like mine and this position protect the soul against violent death and explosions…

Gee and I wonder if, the Law Enforcement Agency and the Homeland security moronic executives had such wisdom available to them, teach it and used it appropriately? Did you yet, read what your cops are saying Mister executives? http://www.drturi.com/monthly.php

May be if the CIA/FBI received the right education on how to detect a true born terrorist on paper, we, the people may not have to go naked through new electronic devices that will arm some of us in the long run. But what do they know really when for years I have tried to offer them my expertise for free and all in vain. Yes “don’t give pearl to swine” is all I have to show my disgust of a group of people that failed miserably on December 25, 2009. And that is what it all comes down to at the end, they don’t seem to really care about improving their standards outside of accepted conventionality and this is really depressing. Especially when I am the only one *with my students, with Cosmic Consciousness who owns the golden keys of what it means to be human…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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Thank you for your reply Mike. Yet I do have a problem, none of the addresses below take me to a page where I can order Moon Power 2010 e-book. I found a page that has 2009 which I have. Perhaps Dr. Turi has not had the time to finish his new book. Please let me know. Everyone in our family is waiting to read it. I do not want Dr. Turi’s VIP news letter, I have not enjoyed that as much because I really don’t care about celebrities nor do most folks I know. We want to know how to conduct our own lives, and be in tune with the cosmic universe. Once again thank you for your time,


Hello Heidi you may order the e-book from DT’s website or www.drturi.com I am myself a student and working for DT and as for the newsletters they are a full explanation how the Cosmic Code works on everyone’s life and a serious complement to learn more about the dynamic of the Universe. The more samples the better, famous or not DT’s examples serve as a logical platform to learn it all with time. You are indeed not realizing as he said so many times that the truth is not within one selfish self but outside into others pain, errors and suffering. The hard cover will be available in the future I think but not sure when.


Dear Dr. Turi,

I am really impressed by your News Letters as well as your website. You can surely Register Yourself in our Astrology Forum below and submit your Articles.


See you on board. Regards, Team, AncientSciences.com


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Enjoy True Art! And shed a tear.


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