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A small cargo jet crashed into a river Tuesday afternoon while attempting to land at an airport in suburban Chicago, Illinois, the Federal Aviation Administration and airport officials said.

May God bless the Victims

<img src="http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:-fjy-mB5n131JM:

May God Bless Her

An Amtrak train traveling from New York to Washington struck and killed a 14-year-old girl Tuesday morning, the rail operator said.

I am amazed of the majority of the world’s population going about and living their lives without Cosmic Consciousness. This is totally insane for would it be the pilot of the small cargo jet or the mother of the teen, knowing about the waning Moon *dangerous and especially the current Supernova window, these people may very well be alive today. Had the pilot read my Moon Power book, more than usual, he would have checked and over checked the plane or his navigational map and be much more conscious of the weather or his communication with the towers before taking off and during the flight. Moreover, had the mother of this unlucky teen read my book, may be she could have either advised her child or stop her messing around with her friends on the deadly Amtrak rails. But NONE of these people had a chance to heed God’ signs speaking through the Cosmic Code and they are all dead in the name of ignorance. As mentioned before there are NO accidents, any and all mishap can be avoided if you have the right information available to you.

Again both the pilot and the mother of this child may have been pious God fearing Christians but in NO way the archaic biblical sermon heard last Sunday at church spoke about God’ upcoming signs and they can only assume both these awful accidents were only unpreventable “acts of God.”


While it is the ultimate will of God that spoke through the stars these victims of ignorance makes up for 99.09% of the people on earth and I am working my butt off every single day to make the changes or free humankind from fears and ignorance. Imagine that, a little investment in my book ET VOILA! “Ask and you shall receive” yes you made the move and as of today you have upgraded your chances by reading understanding and mostly; respecting God Universal rules. Being at the right or WRONG time at the right or WRONG place can be used or avoided with this new found wisdom. But the question is are you willing to *upgrade your own software and avoid the VIRUS of ignorance that will, in time destroy everything your worked for *your life? Be sure the young soul won’t budge victim of its own natal, rational, logical or religiously poisoned latent UCI *Unique Celestial Identity.


Following the attempt to bomb a passenger jet on Christmas Day, President Obama said “once the suspect attempted to take down Flight 253, it’s clear Homeland Security and Aviation Security took all appropriate actions.”

So what’s is the appropriate action you may ask?

Getting the US population to pay more taxes to build more invading technology for every airport? But before giving you the real answer let’s talk about the private thoughts of a very conscientious security guard and don’t laugh because perverts are everywhere. I may sound redundant to some readers, but many newcomers never read the Cosmic Code newsletter where I spoke about this subject. Cat up now – http://newsletter.drturi.com/

“Damn Grand Ma don’t you know you cannot bring anything sharp and dangerous on this plane? If you want to knit a trouser for your Grand son do it at home!”

“Hey you sexy little blond, blue eyes American little girl”, I am a fat secretive pervert who will never get a date or touched a pretty girl in my life even if my life depends on it. I am employed by the airport security, so “let me stop you and molested you today. Then when I am done with this legal molestation I want to see all the curves of your young body for free, so get on this line please and go through this machine for me.”

My God what a humiliation especially if you happen to be obese and inherited a quiet, insecure, shy UCI. You would rather go incognito like Ali did going through the metal detector undetected wearing a bomb on his underwear yes? Gee

Again I mentioned in some of my latest newsletters, if someone inherited a karmic UCI or a unlucky Dragon’s Tail *negative in the sign of Aquarius, be sure the repercussion of such intense RMI *Magnetic resonance imaging will activate dormant Cancer cells and suddenly, you may find yourself fighting the disease. Note we are not talking about the emission of a cellular phone here but an avalanche of detrimental rays that will, after repetition burn you before its time for you to undergo chemotherapy. But what; our infantile science and accredited medical education has produced? Well these new doctors (or the new kids on the block as I call them), can only rely on their commonsensical intense schooling where the Divine is not a part of the curriculum. Thus they will never link the new technology we paid for with our taxes and its direct accelerating process with patients prone Cancer. Furthermore, this harsh MRI treatment is deadly to all the souls born with a Dragon’s Tail *nefarious in Leo *the heart, and will produce with time a serious increase in heart attacks.

Gone are the days were you could fly anywhere in the world safely and gone the days you could be dropped in and out any airport at the speed of light. This country is at war, a religious war I predicted back in 1995 with Art Bell on Coast To Coast http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=drturistar#p/u/18/-zGIqWjnau8 and we are all suffering the spiritual / physical imbalance produced by deceptive teachings based upon archaic beliefs. The true face of the creator and his celestial tools have been tampered with, replaced and arranged (since the birth of Christ) to fit an abusive political crowd starving for more greed wealth and power over us all. These Universal Laws are vital and so very important for humankind survival and as we approach the year 2012, the Age of Pisces, deception/illusion/religions is losing his misleading grip to give birth to the liberating, ingenious freedom oriented Age of Aquarius and the reality of an extraterrestrial intelligence.

RE mastering the Cosmic Code is the way out, bringing back the Divine order and using it as intended by God himself is the only key to bring peace, balance and harmony to this screwed up world.

<img src="http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:rnK9WE6yjQbRnM:

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”
– Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

There are no accidents and real solid reasons why people endure pure hell regardless of their efforts, regardless of education to better themselves, while others are born lucky and happen to be at the right item at the right place. While unseen to the untrained eyes these celestial forces speaks loudly to me and my students and one must raise its Cosmic Consciousness to make peace with God himself.

In one of my newsletters I mentioned people like Phelps born with a Pisces *water/swimming? Dragon’s Head *luck and the main reason why he won so many gold medals at the Olympics. Or let’s take the example of Hitler born with his Dragon’s Tail *karmic in totally politically consumed Capricorn (head of evil). And you wonder why he made such a satanic impact in the world? What about people like Edgar Cayce, Madame Vladasky and Nostradamus? All these healer/prophets shares one thing in common, healing, psychic work, and the creative forces of the subconscious and a Dragon’s Head *positive in Pisces. This sign rules everything that regimented their secret, sleeping, secretive unique lives, but unless you develop your own Cosmic Consciousness you will never ever speak the language of the stars. Start by reading what my students wrote about “The Power of the Dragon” http://drturi.com/dragon3.php

<img src="http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:2_-tXbgc_0ow9M:

Yes I was a fighter ruled by Mars!

The same apply for famous people like Michael Jackson or Bruce Lee born with a Dragon’s Tail *nefarious, in Aries *the head/danger/fire/sudden death. By the way did Bruce Lee died unexpectedly complaining about a serious headache and did Michael Jackson suffered burn on his head doing a Coca Cola commercial years ago? The fact is both died as imposed by the Cosmic Code, suddenly.

The amount of information this world really needs to do to catch up spiritually is enormous. We have accomplished tremendous technology, *GPS, send human on the moon and invented the Internet but humankind’ spiritual accomplishments are simply ridiculous and totally offset the balance between the spirit and its physical manifestations. Universal Laws are totally ignored by the police themselves and you wonder why they are so vulnerable to criminals? My work with the police has offered nothing but frustrations just because their ignore the very essence of the word “detective”. Check my work with the cops at http://www.drturi.com/monthly.php and may be you will realize more about the people that supposed to serve and protect us?

My work is slowly becoming a revolution on the Internet, where from the innocent child in school to President Obama himself including every branch of the Government *FAA/NASA/NWS/Homeland Security etc. must RE-learn their relationships to the Universe and acknowledge God’s celestial will. At this point all I can do is to offer you the option to gather the golden keys to what it means to be human and live on earth under the jurisdiction of the Cosmic Code, especially our closest satellite the Moon. Thus download your free copy of 2007/2008 0r 2009 Moon Power from my website http://www.drturi.com/books.php and read the section, the Universal Law of the Moon.

Doing so will give you the opportunity to realize that; the part of God in each one of us is stronger than any and all planets evolving endlessly in our solar system. And from there use this rare wisdom to lead a more productive and safer life.


Get the most reliable guidance ever in 2010, be smart, save your life, and be at the right time at the right place!


Enjoy True Art! And shed a tear.


Celebrate what’s right with the world for a change.







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