There are NO accidents

There Are NO Accidents!


The bodies of six men — including a California educator — were found Thursday in the north-central Mexican state of Durango, hours after they had been abducted from a nearby restaurant, the man’s relatives said Friday. “All indications are that this was just random, a violent act, just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he told reporters in El Monte. And this is why it is important to know and respect the Universal Law of the Moon! Yes there is a green light and a red light, even the police do not know about and this is what the Cosmic Code is all about because THERE IS NO ACCIDENT really! I have decided to make 2010 Moon Power available for all for $25. It took Terania, Mike and I hours to fulfill so many requests for this book and it is very much time consuming. Thus I am literally forced to make it available to all soon from order page – stand by for your copy it will be available soon. Coast To Coast 2010 Predictions Well let’s start by mentioning two of the poring emails I received from my supporters. Hey DT. Here is the line-up for the most important C2C show?
Where the hell is DR TURI? With the exception of the numbers lady and Merlin guys, the rest are a bunch of wanna-be psychic mis-fits as well as a religiously poisoned reverend moron host. In my opinion, this show is going down hill each year and the producers just don’t see it coming with their lackluster line-ups. At any rate all the best to you and yours for 2010 my friend and keep up the outstanding work.

Wow Dr. Turi you are not part of the prediction shows on coast? Sean David Morton seems to be on exile list too, you might be too much for Ian who is a minister but still surprising. Peace, Hugs, and Purrs, Carolyn.

Well I must make you aware that each time a prediction I made with George on CTC *the last one was when I gave him the date of Dec 30th for an earthquake and it happened in San Diego/Mexico border, everyone at CTC get notified, including Ian. But of course the work is ignored because I am not a religious lunatic and with 99.09.% of the US population tuning in to Coast To Coast the millions of email of complaint may be too much to bear for their ratings. But as I said so many times, the moronic mass would rather be lied to, or amused by the wanna be Nostradamus with Ian or George than to deal with the real thing. Again telling the world that Obama will be assassinated or will perish shockingly is NOT what they want to hear. Yes George really likes me and knows my true gift in predictive astrology and this is why he invited me for less than 1 minute on his show but its all about ratings, business and entertainment, forget about the plain TRUTH and Dr. Turi obvious gift.

Gee imagine that if I was on the air regularly I all my previous predictions you have read in my Cosmic Code or FREE Dragon newsletters were to be made public? WHOA I don’t think any of these *psychics/medium/astrologers alike would stand a chance and the show would become Dr. Turi. I am just much too much for Coast To Coast and overshadow EVERY ONE of them, period. And that is the main reason why they do not want me there, advertising the best ruins everyone one else chances to be heard and the show can not be centered around the top predictor. Again these are the words of George Noory, not mine when asked on the air and in his public appearances that he thought was the best.

So all I can do is to accept the Divine order that do not mingle geniuses with losers and simply wait for God’s order for me to move forward and in a much bigger way when the stars are aligned properly for me. So no worry people if you are a supporter of the truth and my work, its just a matter of time before Dr. Turi get to where he belong, or right at the top in his field.

Again I can not remember how many times I posted an open *challenge and asked for anyone to post dated predictions like I do all over the Internet, so far NO ONE has done so and the moronic listening mass never asked Ian or any of his guests to do so…Isn’t funny that I already knew that they are incapable and unwilling to do so?

Well this is what you get when people are scared of you, after all Art Bell has been the most personally hit by the dated, printed predictions I made for him and the world.

Remember the Law of Attraction, a magnet, *me, the real thing, will not attract a piece of wood *other psychics. Its just a matter of energy people mine is much too higher and has no place in CTC anymore, its time to move on that’s all. But I am not complaining really because I have professed for so long that I am NOT a psychic thus I have no business with a bunch of taking heads that; unlike me, have never ever posted anything on major websites to prove their true values. You still have their websites available from CTC so why not asking them yourself to post like I do on FB or MS or everywhere else I offer the truth? Well you also have CTC email addresses available to you, so why not asking the hosts to make a national practical TEST on their best guests *psychics abilities but make sure they invite me, for if they do you already know who will be seen as the Master! CTC is always looking for new ideas to build ratings, thus this is the perfect time to suggest Dr. Turi’s idea. If you are a true supporter of my work here is your chance to hit every one of them with this note and email them. Again this is NOT a tactic or me trying to be invited on Coast To Coast, my time is over with them and I keep both George and Tom as good friends. They will sooner or later find out that I generated this *demand for YOU, not for ME so they will never think of asking me to spend less than a MN on CTC ever again.

If you get any response let me know * because its time to see the real face, reactions and actions of the people running the shows, of course if you are willing to help me to ask for legitimacy in this field. Now remember CTC and hosts indeed perform TOP quality broadcasting but I am much more concerned with some of the *psychic hosts they invite. Again, I am not doing this for me, because as always some people would assume I am suffering an *oversize ego and that is wrong. I am hurting because you are depraved of REAL predictions period, material than could mean the difference between life and death as seen in the example above with a California “just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” and who does either know or teach this on CTC?

Again it quite hard to make my case when you are the only one to know lolol. I know I am DONE with Coast To Coast and after this, they will never ever invite me again anyway. Trust me my enemies are very active and will work overtime to crucify me more. I make this request to you as a supporter of the truth, I even wrote this note myself for you, so your requests, as a listener can be heard. You have the right to ask for the TRUTH and help CTC to clean up their act and become more responsible in their programming with a bunch of people regurgitating the bible and offering a punishing God to the world.

When you have a Minister *Ian doing this type of programming one can only wonder what the hell he is doing there talking about psychics and UFO etc. What is the name of his Ministry and what are his deep convictions and motivations? I have had my own experience with Art Bell and I wonder how this deep, devoted Christian *Capricorn Tail managed to create this advanced program. Well let me tell you why…Remember a magnet will not attract a piece of wood? Art had millions of questions to validate his religious nature, and he was placed by God *the Cosmic Code, in a position where he could HEAR millions of different views of what it is all about and God himself. And this is why he was thrown into this radio business. Especially being born in June under the sign of Gemini ruling the radio world, * like George Noory? Hum I’d like to do the UCI *Unique Celestial Identity of Ian now and expose his soul to the world…

OK simply copy and paste the request go to CTC website, click on the email address ET VOILA.

Click here to get the emails

George –
Art Bell –
Ian Punnett –
George Knapp –
Lisa Lyon Producer,
Tom Danheiser Producer,

Send this letter please;

Dear Host; I wonder if you would be willing to test the true values of your psychic guests and I know you have interviewed thousands of them of over the years in your great show. With so many guests it may take a few shows to accomplish but a selection of what you perceive, as only the best should participate. I am a supporter of Dr. Turi’s astounding work in predictive astrology and as a listener I would be very interested to find out who really has the best ability in this field. Dr. Turi post regularly his predictions in all major websites such as Myspace, Facebook and continue to amaze every one of us with his undeniable accuracy. By the way, Dr. Turi was Gorge Noory’ surprise guest on December 25th 2009 and he gave George the date of December 30th predicting the San Diego/Mexico earthquake. This type of Excellency and accuracy is indeed very rare and very much needed on CTC. I am making this simple request proposal for myself and thousands of listeners depending and challenging the integrity of CTC, their hosts and guests so we; the listeners can really be appreciate accurate information in these demanding days.


Your name

To reward you for helping yourself and requesting the TRUTH about psychics on CTC I have decided to put a few predictions on my website, and on *as soon as I have time and live them there for the world to read what REAL predictions for 2010 are all about. Every year I used to post my predictions then one of my readers, listening to Coast-To-Coast would email me telling me someone else used my work. But this year I did not make them public for that very purpose. Those Universal / Personal daily guidance and predictions are fully elaborated in my 2010 Moon Power for each and every sign of the Zodiac. At this point in time, only a few hundreds of my VIP have the book but the requests are still poring and I have to make it available on, and many other publishing areas.

Now only my VIP or those who have 2010 Moon Power will enjoy my FULL 2010 Nostradamus Predictions.

Note I am NOT the great Prophet but born under the same stars in Provence France I used his rare Divine Astrology methodology to produce this long set of prediction for the coming year.

Enjoy… 2010 Capricorn Head Cancer Tail Universal Predictions


I extended the deal of $100 and the free Moon Power Ebook until February 1st. 2010. Join us to own the Secret of the Cosmic Code

This message if for my VIP’s only; Our system is now updated, all 2009 subscribers are now gone in cyberspace and if you are one of the thousands new 2010 VIP Cosmic Code newsletter subscribers you must confirm your access to the Cosmic Code safe website ASAP – There is a login button on the bottom of the page. Click on it, you will be asked you for your username and password.

Enter the information below:
Login: your email address:
Your assigned password //////////////////// must be entered exactly as written.

Once you are in the safe system email us at to receive your FREE copy of 2010 Moon Power *Ebook

Note you are illegible to get my best seller if you paid $100 or $120 only. Seniors, who paid $35 and wants this book, simply update your account by calling Terania at 602-265-7667. If you have friends interested in this book or any of the offered deals on my products, taped Full Life or VIP live telephone readings or other services let them know about *the Cosmic Code newsletter super deals. I extended the deal of $100 and the free Moon Power Ebook until February 1st. 2010. Join us to own the Secret of the Cosmic Code

Lastly it took me hours to generate this very long VIP newsletter and very soon expect the January transits, the daily, monthly, personal and Universal Dragon predictions to reach you. Thank you all for your participation, your patronage and your trust in my work.


Dr. Turi

BECOME A 2010 VIP Cosmic Code subscriber to find your salvation and the truth.

The Eye Of God

“When suffering is on all sides and man hungers for the unmanifested mystery in all phenomena: He seeks the reflection of the divine. God’s higher truths are cloaked in his creation and the message is in the stars.” —Nostradamus / Dr. Turi

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”
– Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

“Go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces”…
Dr. Turi was born February 26th, as a Pisces following the sign of Aquarius! BECOME A 2010 VIP Cosmic Code subscriber to find your salvation and the truth. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME FROM Question? Help? Talk to Terania – 602-265-7667


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