Violent Martian Beauty


Dear Reader;

In my last newsletter I explained how the Cosmic Code leads any human being into a specific endeavor and gain either recognition or end up in jail. My huge collection of newsletters divulges so many people’s inner character, fate and the results experienced because of the inner power of the stars above. Yesterday I divulged Laila Ali’s UCI and how her aggressive Aries Dragon’s Tail lead her to beat people for a living. But unless I find another example raising your awareness to the Cosmic Code interaction upon ALL human beings may be a bit tricky, thus I found another great example. Her name is Natalia Ragozina (Russia) and she was born: 04/05/1976.
Russian beauty makes boxing history

Russia’s glamorous female champion boxer Natalia Ragozina has landed a heavyweight belt in a spectacular knockout victory in her first fight in her home country. The new belt adds to her impressive collection of seven super-middleweight straps, setting a new record in women’s professional boxing. Dubbed “The Russian Tsarina”, the single mother — who has done photo shoots for magazines including Penthouse — improved her pro boxing record to 22 wins and no losses, with 13 knockouts.

Like Laila Ali, a strong Mars *male, war, fighting Aries energy was allowed to manifest itself leading her to use her wrists *horns to make a living and gain notoriety in the process.

Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted

On the dark side…
Aggressive and dangerous
Selfish and quick-tempered
Impulsive and impatient
Foolhardy and daredevil

Her moon is located in the sign of Gemini *the hands, speed and her Mars *aggressive is in Cancer denoting the early battles she had to endure as a child at home. Most importantly her own Dragon’s Head *luck/grow is located in the supremely powerful Scorpio, making her not only magnetic, sensual, sexual but a very intense fighter. Meantime her real success comes from her Dragon Tail in stubborn Taurus and who would stand a chance facing a bull? This Dragon’s Tail is known to be very tenacious unrelenting and very fixed in pursuing anything *or anyone. Note also that her dignified hidden Dragon in Taurus is a Venus *the art/beauty/money ruled sign and depict very much all the hidden life and success of “The Russian Tsarina”. Incidentally in Laila Ali case, her Dragon’s Head in Libra is also a Venus ruled sign and enunciate the gracious, feminine and obvious fate similarity of those two tough and beautiful Ladies.

My Loving Aries Baby
Note that my sweet Terania is also an Aries but because of her over feminine Virgo rising and hidden Dragon Pisces/Virgo including her Mercury in Pisces the fighting aggressive masculine traits are, luckily for me, absent. Her Aries qualities are set for her to uncover herself first, her talents then become a Leader in her own field. And she is doing just that!

There is so much to gain for the world of psychology had the educational system elites gain Cosmic Consciousness themselves but traditionally educated religious souls are far from understanding the urgent critical values found in my work. There are billions of practicing psychologists and psychiatrists outhere and they are all over booked with lost souls that with a bit of education could save their sanity and lots of money in the process. Furthermore I can guarantee you that, regardless of the level of education gained from any well known accredited school NONE of these PhD’s will ever gain the level of perception of any of my own graduated students of Astropsychology. As a matter of fact one of the many psychiatrists I trained told me “Dr. Turi I have learned more in your 7 days crash course than 7 years in college.” What about that?

As a matter of fact, each and everyone human being stuck on earth, on this dense physical manifestation is nothing more than an Unconscious robot responding to the stars or *the Cosmic Code jurisdictions.

I have lost control (*&^*&^%$^%$

Every one of you were designed by the creator to feel and respond a certain way to any situation and the inner pull of those stars can either make or destroy a life. The manual for your robotic reactions did not come with you, you have to own it and I am here to explain it for you. A 90 m taped or live VIP reading will always work by the way. – The part of God in each one of us is much stronger than the stars, but without the vital awareness there is no way for the soul to apply his own will and very often disaster occur. Being totally ignorant of God’ s celestial design is your first but a very serious MORTAL SIN it appear.

Your first teachers and your early environment will play a very important part of how the Cosmic Code will make you behave or react. Michael Jackson would never have been Michael without his father’s touch and the same apply for Laila Ali, but like every one of you, the RIGHT stars were already in place… Absolutely anyone famous or not is where they are at because the Cosmic Code, especially their natal Dragon ENDORSE, promote and fuelled your spirit to explore and become. Hitler for example was born in April and as an Aries, *the warrior fulfilled his fate by bringing the entire world to war. Of course they are other major elements to take in consideration that can not be divulged in this yet FREE Cosmic Code VIP sample newsletter but be sure, my book “The Power Of The Dragon” can tell you much more about people like Nostradamus, O.J. Simpson, Oprah Winfrey, Einstein and many serial killers etc. The point is you willing to pay me $10 per month to gain supreme wisdom and become a 2010 VIP subscriber or invest in this book *or any of my books, to learn more?

This rare wisdom is so very crucial to humankind and because God’s signs are ignored and omitted since birth are you really surprised of the humongous chaos we are in? Not so reader, when you truly know like I do, the real reasons, the treachery, the mental abuses, the religious deceiving fiasco, the lack of interest and the political greed fueling this madness. Children killing and/or raping other children, Mothers/fathers killing and/or raping their own children, gangs activity going out of control, legal or illegal drugs being abused all over, criminals endlessly going to jail, Army psychiatrist killing the very depressed soldiers he supposed to help. And with their suicide rate exploding don’t you think its time to regain control of the poisoned human spirit? It’s such a heavy burden for me to be so aware of the diabolical reasons and most of all the helplessness kills me because I have real answers of what it means to be human to offer you with and NO serious help.

When the police themselves are oblivious of the rules of the skies and infringe these laws daily how can they even protect themselves from death? They are the first one to enforce all human physical laws but the law is the law and infringing any of the *unseen/unknown mystical/spiritual laws will bring them more of their own casualties they don’t seem incapable of stopping.

The Train is the Cosmic Code; you can’t ignore it, its too big and very real!

I have offered my wisdom, my time, my efforts and all for FREE and here I am just awaiting for another Deadly Plutonic Window to take away more brave cops and destroy more families. You know reader, really from the bottom of my soul, sometimes I wonder why God gave me the gift of supreme cosmic perception and the seemingly impossible task to teach it to you. Sometimes I really hate myself and wonder what it would be like for me to be *normal, watching football, performing a normal job at Mc. Donald or being a delivery pizza driver. I wonder how good it would be to go home and forget about my days’ work and enjoy a well-deserved rest. I wonder what I would feel like, I wonder how much or if I would really give a damn about you, or the police, or the kids of tomorrow, or this world going to hell?

Leading a normal life is something I never experienced or even enjoyed and may be its time for me to retire for no one in a financial or influential position has yet heard me and understood the urgency and values of my teachings… Yes I know I could easily write Jesus’ words again and hit you with it why not? “Dr. Turi DON’T GIVE YOUR PEARLS TO SWINE”. But it has not worked before and it won’t ever work I guess…so what’s next? Shall I simply watch this human disarray get out of hand and in a few years witness the total depletion of the human spirit or shall I fight ignorance, greed and fears even more by giving you more of my pearls for free?


Well it seems to be my God given gift and/or curse not to abandon you and keep trying harder than ever and may be my sacrifice and drive to help your spirit to find true wisdom and peace will pay off one day. And this is why I am about to tell you and offer you much more than you could ever imagine because it dawn on me that this is what God, the spirit of light and true wisdom wants me to do. So what type of offer can I give you to thank me for the rest of your life for my good heart and start the process of healing the human wounded spirit in a practical way? The best thing you have to receive is yet FREE and that is the BEST of the BEST of the essence of who I am and what Dr. Turi I know. But there is a hook of course and this catch is your best chance to get pulled towards the Cosmic Code and the light of the Creator himself.

It is absolutely no fair for my VIP’s to offer you something priceless if your greed is the only reason for you to squeeze me and my wisdom for free isn’t? So you have to prove to yourself that you are willing to access these thousands of dollars or my gold mine by joining my 2010 VIP Cosmic Code subscribers. This act will seal your participation for my famous Astropsychology LIVE course for FREE. Yes you heard me, one week of FREE tuition where YOU will gain access to Cosmic Consciousness and change your entire perception of life. Yes one full week with Dr. Turi and Terania in his home/extension in Phoenix mastering and owning the Golden Keys Of What It Means To Be Human. NOW OPEN!

This is an offer literally impossible for anyone remotely interested with the truth cannot turn down. But why do I up a sudden offer my most expensive service * $1500 for FREE you may ask? Because you will have no more valuable excuses NOT to be here to learn from the Master. The idea is simple, once you graduate you will be able to help others and reach more people with your new found wisdom and what you do with it is your business. Understandably this offer will generate a tsunami of responses to secure your seat and organize your trip. Thus all the information about this FREE offer, dates and all peculiar will be offered to my 2010 VIP subscribers only. This mean you have to invest $100 *before 2010 or $120 as of 01/01/10 to get to know all the arrangements.

For the time being I am ASKING everyone of you NOT to email me anything about this incredible deal because I will have to pick 25 people born with a very specific UCI *Unique Celestial identity ONLY. And you may very well be one of the lucky one so when you join my new VIP list make sure to write your date of birth for me. These souls will be *The Chosen Ones and willing to work as a team with my future endeavors, Terania and me. If you feel you have a specific karmic purpose with a total dedication for the children of the future, chances are you will be picked up to join this unique star family.

Soon or later…

This FREE Cosmic Code sample newsletter is or could be the final one I wrote, as the 2010 recruitment process for advanced souls must come to an end. Again if you think I am worth $10 per month for my wisdom or if you want to have access to the best of the best I have to offer you with I can only suggest you to join us in 2010.

Blessings to all
Dr. Turi


I am very picky with psychics but my friend Angelique stands apart. She shares her natural gifts with her extremely accurate Intuitive Psychic and Tarot Readings with those who seek guidance, clarity and understanding. Advanced knowledge enabling better choices and creating transformation, peace love and positive change in your life. Try a reading you won’t be disappointed! Come with your questions, an open mind and heart. Visit her website for more details about winter specials til Jan 30, 2010.

Do you really want to know all about the REAL “secret?” Here it is


Use the creative forces of your subconscious at your advantage and
remember “Knowledge is Power, ignorance is evil because the future is
nothing else than the reincarnation of your own thoughts”

Now in my 2010 Cosmic Code newsletters I will elaborate much more on every sign of the zodiac and tell you more about the good and bad side of all signs of the zodiac. The beauty of being human is that the part of God, or the Human will, is much stronger than the pull of the stars or the Dragon himself… the point is will you find your salvation and our “Father in The Heavens” and stick or me or with another lost souls such as Oral Roberts? May be its time for you to listen to the Divine and join my own worldwide Internet Ministry?“/>

“Go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces”… Jesus

Dr. Turi was born February 26th, as a Pisces following the sign of Aquarius!

Join us don’t be left in fear and in the dark!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


Quatrain Sample for a (*) Moonic window

Nature To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many

KEYWORDS USED to explain a (*) Moonic window

Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Destructive weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many.

Read more in any of my newsletters at

Note to all; You will be able to read 2010 Moon Power or get your FREE Ebook copy if you become a 2010 VIP Cosmic Code subscriber before 01/01/2010. Don’t waste this opportunity after January 2010 no more deal and anyone joining will have to pay the full price or $120 for the full year. Right now it is still $100 and a FREE E book. ACT NOW!

Question? Help? Talk to Terania – 602-265-7667


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