Dear reader:

If there is a show you don’t want to miss it is this one, especially if you are a practicing psychic or if you have and/or will deal with them in the future.

Tune in tonight and let me explain a few things about this uncontrolled trade where psychic accident do take place regularly. Posting my predictions openly to the public and challenging any psychic to do the same brought some conflicts of interest where as mentioned in my previous newsletter, EGO would play an important part. Take the time to read the few last newsletters I wrote about Tiger Wood at from and see the very words I used in my last newsletter.

“Unlike so call famous deceiving psychics, channeler, mediums and astrologer alike, I POST my predictions on all major public websites and offer a chance for the uneducated public to witness my accuracy. And regardless of my many requests for others to do so, NO ONE has ever challenged me. And you wonder why I am successful in my field? Sad enough these people while very concerned NONE possess true Cosmic Consciousness and with it NO assurance of a legit spiritual gift! If you take the time to read my newsletters I have spoken the truth about many of these Neptunian souls and even give them a chance not only to prove their claims as TRUE “psychics/Mediums” but the option to take my course. Of course when the ego get bruised and the facts made obvious people tends to be quiet and wonder if I will ever be wrong.”

Because you have a name, wrote a book on the subject or been the guest of famous radio or Television hosts does NOT mean you are the real thing!

Hello! No long ago a famous spiritualist killed a few people at the Angel Valley Sweat Lodge in Sedona Arizona. Motivational speaker and author James Arthur Ray is a perfect example that fame does not mean true wisdom. Like 99.9% of the psychics you deal with, Ray does not possess Cosmic Consciousness and planned his event outside of the Cosmic Code regulations. Now being so rich and famous did Ray ever offered you with one of his books for FREE? Is there any author out there that does this apart from Dr. Turi? Hell NO, but I am so very concerned for humankind’s welfare that EACH year I am giving away my best seller Moon Power so you can learn all about the Universal Law of the moon. Go to and download it if you did not read this crucial section yet. It is because of this lack of awareness that these people died then and that is a BIG NO NO in my book. Omitting God’s Universal rules *and signs, brought this deadly penalty and all I am trying to do is to point this fact to all my readers.

So now do yourself a favor and READ –
Because this is all you have really and I am here to protect your spirit…

“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but, if you really make them REALLY think, they’ll hate you.” ” Harlan Ellison

Read the email I received following a challenge to any and all psychics to post dated predictions on Facebook like I do regularly. Before continuing please DO NOT post there, with so many friends *and growing daily, I need all the space there and spending hours deleting your messages is wasting my time. I know you appreciate me and I thank you for that, but too much is too much. Thanks – Read the samples posted at

– Dec 12th “Deadly Plutonic” Window! Terrorism ,police, criminals etc. Dec 30th “Moonic Window” Earthquake, tsunami etc. READ MORE about my predictions at – or – SEE THE MASTER AT WORK! PLEASE RE-POST THIS “SOS TO THE WORLD!” Thank you DT

Dear Dr. Turi, I am a long time reader of your work, and appreciate what you are trying to do. However, I feel that your criticism is unfair to legitimate psychics and mediums. There are many honest, talented metaphysical practitioners, including me! My radio how, “The Joyce Keller Show,” is the world’s longest-running, LIVE paranormal show, heard on NY’s 1240 am radio since 1987, and on the Web. We have been privileged to have had thousands of psychics and metaphysical practitioners on the show as our guests, including John Edward and James Van Praagh, and all have proven to be psychically gifted. Please do not continue to set yourself up as THE ONLY LIGHT and MESSENGER in a dark world. You and I are among the many, and they need to be acknowledged and appreciated. – All the best, Joyce

DT – Hi Joyce why don’t we debate what a true psychic is all about on your show? I never said there were no true psychics out there; you must have omitted one of my newsletters mentioning this fact. Meantime there is nothing wrong, asking any legitimate psychic to make their dated and specific predictions public like I do on major websites, so people can judge themselves if they are dealing with the real thing. So far no one took my challenge…I did it with so many famous people in the past and with Tiger Wood too by saying alcohol / drugs were consumed et VOILA! If you know a real psychic why not asking John Edward and James Van Praagh, to post a prediction like I always do? He /she should be as confident as I am in the art of prediction and until then I am still the only one posting regularly and indeed the real thing out there, at least to the public eyes.


Now if Joyce or any of her *famous guests were REAL and post dated predictions on Myspace, Facebook etc. only ONCE and take the chance to be judged by the public in their expertise then I would indeed recognize them as legit. But will Joyce or any of her guests willing or *able to do so? When the Tiger’s fiasco hit the fan, because of my understanding of the working of the Cosmic Code I was able to PERCEIVE the truth as it was THEN and immediately, as I did many times before, wrote about it for the world to see. Once more, there are NO regulations in this field and real gifted *psychics or astrologers, even medium MUST stand apart from the Neptunian deceiving crowd.

But rest assured many more spiritualists will hate my guts and for good reasons thought…

Those young souls who take my direct approach to life, my honesty my words and comments PERSONALLY do suffers both a deep inferiority and/or insecurity complex…
Dr. Turi

The human spirit needs spiritual regeneration or die, and people would rather be lied to with religious archaic material than to investigate the Cosmic Code and uncover how God truly speaks to us. I have explained my position and this fact in so many of my previous newsletters but people would rather assume anything than to do mental gymnastics by reading ALL my newsletters from the past. This spiritual field while competing directly with the Church Inc. is there to stay, thanks to the dying Pisces Age of deception and the New Age of Aquarius endorsing All new Age matters.

Imagine that Ophra Winfrey asking either John Edward or James Van Praagh to give a specific date and a prediction on her national TV show? She would indeed stay quite clear from an embarrassing question to her guests while Dr. Turi WOULD indeed suggest such a *test. Now imagine that, with my 98% ratio of accurate, well-documented predictions when the future finally proves me right, you can be sure Ophra would have me there regularly. Yes George Noory did the same on his Coast-To-Coast show and so did others radio hosts, but why up a sudden Dr. Turi *the best on this field, is avoided? Hum I let you assume anything because I do not have an answer for you just yet or may be I know better and won’t say a word?



Well on Friday December 11th I have a television show to do in Tucson and Kyle and I have decided to stay on the psychic topic and much more about the trade, psychics and of course my predictions of the past, present and future will be talked about.


2010/2011/2012 Universal Predictions Email Kyle Dayton if you want to be part of the audience or for any information –

Sharing Emails;

“Dr. Turi you were right again about Tiger Woods. Read the whole story on the When can we expect to purchase the Moon guide for 2010. I do rely heavy on it. Greetings.”

Hi Dr. Turi. Reports are now coming in that Tiger woods was treated at the hospital for a drug over dose, not injuries related to the minor accident. Drugs and alcohol I am sure.

While I am at it I would like to sincerely THANKS many of you for your generous donations, I know you have realized the true values of my gift in predictive astrology and supporting my goal to produce my reality show *The Cosmic Code is indeed very much appreciated. Chances are you must have been a reader of my work for many years to trust me and help my mission to FREE humankind from fears and ignorance while bringing back God’s true celestial message *the signs, to all his children on earth. While my popularity has literally exploded all over the Internet, I trust a wealthy someone sent by God himself will finally make the awaited TOP donation so my dream to build my first Astropsychology school for the children of tomorrow will become real before my number is up.



The price on 01/01/2010 will be $120 or $10 per month, thus in order to be fair with everyone of you and still reward you when you comeback, I will offer EVERYONE from my 2009 VIP list a FREE copy of my 2010 Moon Power a FREE *Ebook. You MUST make a note that you have been a 2009 VIP to qualify so we can check your email address then use the order page and voila! Please DO NOT call the office we are already swamped with requests, use your credit card * and if you are a senior use this option to pay only $35.00. You may also mail us your $100 payment with your email address PRINTED clearly so we can read you and fulfill your order and email you the book.

Dr. Turi – 4411 N. 23Rd St – Phoenix, AZ 85016 – Don’t hesitate to email Terania or myself at if you have a particular request or an idea to serve you better.


ON THE AIR BY POPULAR DEMAND DECEMBER 9TH 2009–nostradamus-psychic-predictions-ufos-2012-and-astropsychology




Question? Help? Talk to Terania – 602-265-7667


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