Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Tiger Wood Solange Magnano, Etc.


Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Tiger Wood Solange Magnano, Etc.


Dear reader:

Buenos Aires, Argentina (CNN) –, Solange Magnano, 37, died in a hospital after being transferred from a clinic where she underwent an elective surgery on her buttocks on Wednesday, the agency reported. Is there anyone famous I did not write about in my endless flow of newsletters over the years? It seems they all have something in common and that is a huge ignorance of the Cosmic Code’s impartial regulations. There is no way for me to recall any of these famous heads and their particular *crime but one thing is sure they all infringed the rules by omitting God’ signs and all have pay a very heavy price in the process.

Tiger Woods apologized for “transgressions” that let his family down — the same day a magazine alleged he had an affair. Again Tiger wood would rather be seen as a cheater only than a drunk too and the decoy is indeed working well. The stars don’t lie while Scorpio *sex / secret / police, the stars did their job Neptune *alcohol / emotion /deception, played also his vital part in the famous golfer’s drama and indeed alcohol was consumed or abused. But unless you possess Cosmic Consciousness you can only go from the *physical evidence. Yet, another very famous but unaware soul * Solange Magnano lost her life in the name of ignorance too and so many more are on the way. While the stars do not favors stars celebrities in the game of stupidity, you the reader, anywhere you are on this planet reading me, you may also be their next victim, have you thought of it? That will be true if you do not expand your own understanding of the Cosmic rules and oblige by the rules of the Divine.

Like so many celebrities and millions of other unlucky dead or alive souls, the decision to undergo surgery when she felt like *or imposed by the busy schedule of her physician, cost Solange her precious life. Her death could have been easily avoided, had she been lucky enough to consult me before making this decision. I would have INDEED strongly advised her to read Moon Power advices carefully on these days and counsel her NOT to go under the knife during a deadly Plutonic window, especially knowing that born in 1971, she inherited also a *nefarious dragon’s tail in Leo.

Leo rules children, fame, the stage, and the ego but with the dragon’s Tail in this sign LIFE itself can easily be snapped and its unlucky owner is seriously prone not only of a great dose of heartaches but heart problems even failure. But how do I know so much about ALL dragons by house and signs? Well, sad enough he touched me closely when my younger brother Vincent, who was born with such a dragon’s tail, lost his life accidentally during a Plutonic window at the tender age of 15 years old. Talk about hand on experiences… and for what sometime I ask myself? When this priceless wisdom is not appreciated or even worth $10 buck per month by some people enjoying and learning for years with me, unwilling to pay a little to reward me by joining my VIP list. Life, success, happiness, pure wisdom, predictions, valuable, funny entertainment including safety is indeed priceless and seems so cheap for some of these readers. I guess when I finally stop feeding greed I can only hope for their own sake to finally join others who rewarded my constant efforts to educate the world.


Do you remember Selena Quintanilla-Perez? 1971-1995? Yes she was born like Solange the same year in 1971 with the same dragon’s Tail in Leo, and she died very young because of a dispute involving children. Well had she know my work too I would have counseled her to be extra cautious dealing with anything involving her kid’s group and chances are if I was to check at both departed souls, their *personal DRAGON DATES must have been dead on NEGATIVE on the day they met with their early deaths. Doing anything when you feel like or coming up with any excuses to ignore God’ sign is simply gambling with your own death. Yes indeed every single human beings, without exception should heed the stars before making any move and again YOU reader, you’ve got this God sent option at your service with my expertise and indeed, while you are not rich nor famous, you are certainly much more lucky than any and all celebrities in the world who never heard of my work and I.
Given the chance you have to know about my work, chances are any of these supremely wealthy people would own a copy of my book and Moon Power would be sitting next to their bed and consulted regularly every night for any and all of their busy schedules, future events, public performances or most of all, surgeries.

If you take the time to read some of my previous newsletters especially those titled “Rich and Famous but Ignorant” from http://newsletter.drturi.com/ or simply read “What is a Cult Leader or a Deceiving Neptunian?” from http://www.drturi.com/daily.php you may save yourself some serious troubles.

If they can afford hundreds of thousands of dollars for plastic surgery trust me they could also invest in my book or better my VIP cosmic Code newsletter because $10 per month is NOTHING to anyone really. $10 bucks to save thousands or your precious life, or anyone you care is WORTH spending and still, thousands of you reading each and every one of my FREE dragon newsletters will still find excuses to spend this $10 buck somewhere else. SHAME I say, for I have been working so hard for years trying to convince you that I own some serious divine keys here. You had ample time to check my work, especially when my predictions are blasted non-stop on every major public top websites such as Myspace, Twitter and Facebook with DATED predictions. Did you read the last one posted a couple of day ago?

Here you go again but will you make a note of it and let the future ONCE MORE prove me right?

SOS TO THE WORLD – NATURE DEVASTATING FORCES AT WORK! DEC. 3/4/5 and 30TH 2009. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FORCED TO RELOCATE. PASS THIS ON – READ MORE AT http://newsletter.drturi.com/ or http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/

Now go to http://certifiedpsychics.com/?gclid=CJutiofitp4CFQQMDQodVCn5Cg and ask any of these certified psychics or those on these big websites to do what I do regularly and DEMAND them to post dated predictions such as the one above. Yes you must be joking Dr. Turi if you think any of these souls will take a chance with their *trade, names and integrity in public FOR FREE.

But when this prediction comes true *again, will you make your move and invest in YOU, YOUR future, YOUR life with them or me? OMG! A true Prophet is as rare as can be and even my challenges have not been met by anyone of the millions of others, *mediums, astrologers, psychics, spiritual professing their art to be the finest, the most accurate offered by an angel, a monk they visited in India or God himself. But where is the solid proof? And that’s the difference between me and anyone else in this trade.

While I had to stop collecting and posting the millions of emails of endorsements in my website a long time ago * http://www.drturi.com/tests.php the constant flow poring from all over the world never really stops… This is why it is so important when dealing with your fragile psyche to AVOID suffering a psychic *accident. Yes a bad performance could indeed like any cosmetic surgery SCAR you for the rest of your life and taking chances with these *gifted Sunday spiritualists, without checking their performances, education, predictions is as bad as Solange or Selena ignoring God’s rules and especially the signs above in the heavens.

Your physical body demands serious cautions before anything PHYSICAL is done to it. And so is your SPIRIT! The human *etheric / spiritual body is much more sensitive and vulnerable than its obvious physical envelop. Our infantile regulating science do not *yet perceive the spirit as a separate entity in itself and do not consider it as important with various spiritual treatments. This remark may not necessarily be accurate with a proficient educated advanced Hypnotherapist, psychotherapist a psychologist or a psychiatrist of course. Again all depend of the inherited UCI *Unique Celestial Identity allowing such deep perception.
“Knowledge is Power, ignorance is EVIL!” Period, you make a mistake you will have to pay for it! Because we don’t not have a FDA for psychics or a SSHF *Safe Spiritual Health Food organization yet in place, you are the sole responsible of your decision to undergo a safe MRIS * Magnetic Resonance Imaging of your Spirit.

Medical science is well aware of the limits of the physical human body and still tremendous errors are made daily. Within the realm of the spirit there are also powerful hidden forces at work that are unknown to the majority of spiritual violators and the victims. And this does bring about *errors of a humongous magnitude.

An average of 195,000 people in the USA died due to potentially preventable, in-hospital medical errors in each of the years 2000, 2001 and 2002, according to a new study of 37 million patient records by HealthGrades, the healthcare quality company.

Sad enough because this Neptunian profession is not accepted yet, as valuable by our moronic science thus I could not find any solid record but guess what? In the UK alone over FIVE millions people visit psychics a minimum of 3 times a year! Imagine that. But how many people do we have right here in the US doing the same thing? Certainly much more than five millions for sure thus I let you do the math reader and guess how many of these lost souls have been either deceived, abused or worse suffered a psychic accident. While ALL psychics I know are driven to really help you from the bottom of their heart and some are indeed fabulous, the mechanics behind the predictive *art and its manifestations are much more complex trust me. If I was the President of the non existent “SSHF *Safe Spiritual Health Food” I would make it the law for everyone of these savior psychic souls to master all about the creative forces of the subconscious, its interaction with the Supraconcious in time and space and its direct relationships with the Cosmic Code. I will also make it mandatory to learn all about Hypnotherapy and most of all of course Astropsychology. http://www.drturi.com/astroclass.php

And all they have to offer you is an unproven *gift and a sincere desire to help you and your future? You may as well allow your *dentist to remove a tooth with a hammer and a chisel after ingesting a shot of tequila or your *surgeon to use a chain saw to remove your appendix. Yes this may sound funny but without the proper education the dangers are very real and what is even worse is that these millions of people have NO clue and become the prime target for disaster. Again too many people from all walks of life have lost their lives or suffered scars that will never dissipate because they DID NOT KNOW that there is such a thing called “psychic accident”.


Now there is absolutely NO difference between a “psychic accident” and “religious poisoning” I may add. Do you really expect a child brought up with a fear of hell to grow up normally or slowly become psychotic, depressive even suicidal? What type of future or hopes this spiritual victim will have when he is assured daily that the end of the world is near? OMG there is no difference between an ignorant psychic wanting to make a few bucks on Sunday than you local Minister, be sure of that. Both are lost Neptunians and their victims totally ignorant of the steady hypnotic detrimental spiritual carving he endured since childhood. The same technique build terrorists, they are schooled very early to kill anyone who do not endorse their belief…


Young Victim of a Political / Religious System Humans are machine of habits that becomes robotically acting their stars and without education *Cosmic Consciousness the will *or the part of God stronger than the stars, CAN NOT be applied!

Some people may read my words critically and *assume I own a HUGE ego or again *assume this is a great sale technique to gain more clients or even think I am envious or what ever, when actually people I simply and honestly CARE about you, that’s all. The pile of work sitting on my desk can only assure me that not only I speak the truth but also many smart souls did not buy into Neptunians lies and investigated me thoughtfully before confiding their psyche with full trust to me. And that is the purpose of this newsletter to serve and protect as good as any cop would do on the battlefield. Every job demands responsibility and this *psychic field is badly understood but indeed a vital spiritual service that needs serious regulations.

The battered human spirit needs regeneration or DIE and anything spiritual even if it’s purely deceiving or poisoning is sad enough better than nothing at all. And this is why psychics and ministers alike are assured to make a living because as it stands now there is nothing else available to them. That would indeed change really fast if, with your help, I had the option to reach the mass and finally satisfy humankind’s desperate thirst for true wisdom. www.drturi.com/orders3.html

So far my pearls of truth are slowing catching up the attention of many people world wide and my obnly way of *recruiting more VIP’s and afford my television project is to keep writing more free newsletters. But my time is becoming more and more precious with so much I have to do and feeding the greedy majority of the readers unwilling to pay $10 a month for my priceless, unmatchable predictive gift is coming to an end. Much of the new VIP’s are coming from the good words and great endorsements my current VIP’s

I am seriously considering totally STOPPING wasting more of my pearls with FREE newsletters so reader make the most of this one…it may be my last one reaching your mailbox. Meantime to all my faithful supporters and all my current and future VIP Cosmic Code subscribers I say thank you for your trust in my work and your well-appreciated patronage.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


ACT NOW! go to http://www.drturi.com/orders3.html

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