Police Requiem

A Honest Urgent Pledge To All The Police Executives



Dear reader: Before going into the hot, emotional, deep, powerful and honest Law Enforcement Executives police discussion and the latest drama the force suffered today, with yet 4 more cops killed let’s start with more information on the working of the Cosmic Code. With Pluto’s challenging fanatic attitude over the current power structure in Capricorn *politicians the dance of evil is raging between Republicans and Conservatives in the US since President Obama took control of this great country. But Pluto’s influence does not stop in the US only but extend all over the world and especially Plutonic ruled, Iran and their challenge to ignore the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog will bring serious pain, death and unneeded drama to the world at large. Indeed a mixture of Neptune *religions and Pluto *fanaticism ruling the entire Middle East region has since the beginning of times brought endless blood and death to all the unaware people residing there. Is self-destruction the final outcome for the Middle East?

Well keep in mind that is what Pluto does…especially using religion to breed its Army of terrorists. Please once more before becoming bombarded with your political or religious preferences let me once more state that: POLITICS AND RELIGIONS STINKS! And as the ultimate editor of my Cosmic Code newsletters if you are too sensitive to read about the plain truth I strongly recommend you to stop reading my work and go back talking about your nonsense on face book or go back watching anything going on television nowadays. My work is dedicated to bring you the hard facts where your Indian deceived Neptunian *enlightened / anointed / ascended master bull *soft words of love and wisdom seems to flow much more softly after a few joints. Damn when will people wake up and learn about Neptune’s deceiving powers?


And if you are like me and I believe 99% of you are then accept the facts as they really are because even if you don’t know or refuse to see the truth, both since forever have done you!

And I could not care less if you are Republican or Conservative or if voted or not for Obama or if you believe that Allah, Buddha or Jesus will save this screw up world. Thus, don’t harass me with your little mundane human screwed up affairs, I am only A Messenger Of The Gods translating the Cosmic Code following four solid UFO experiences and the marvelous legacy they left upon those * visits cruising the Cosmos on a spaceship with them. You have the right to believe in archaic religious deceiving nonsense and invest in total deception or fruitless endeavors all you want. The fact is I am sad enough walking about within in a multitude of human robots totally unaware of the extraterrestrials’ vital agenda and worse God’s true face ignoring the signs daily. So what’s now wit Iran?

(CNN) — Iran’s Cabinet has authorized the construction of another 10 uranium enrichment plants, its state news agency announced Sunday, further defying international calls to halt its production of nuclear fuel.
Well my friend as of January 2010, my Cosmic Code VIP newsletter will divulge all the Universal predictions for what will transpire on a very personal level with the current Dragon located in Capricorn for each one of my subscribers. I have also elaborated on the location of Pluto and its impact on each sign of the Zodiac making the 2010 Moon Power not only very rich but LOADED with accurate information. Tons of people have already emailed me wondering when this book will be ready and again this manuscript is so real and so unique in itself that I have decided to let only my trusted supporting VIP Cosmic Code subscriber’s readers and supporters read all about it. I will also let the reader know my prediction of what will be the outcome of Iran *and the region, ignoring the International Atomic Energy Agency’s many requests to stop producing nuclear materials. Very specific dates are already written in the very long list of predictions I have for each one of my readers and the many months of predictive work will come to you soon enough. Don’t miss anything sign up right now, your life depend on your wisdom to heed God’s Universal signs and sad enough four cops did not know about the Cosmic Code and lost their precious lives in the process. ACT NOW go to http://www.drturi.com/orders3.html


http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/11/29/washington.police.shooting/index.html May God Bless Yet More Police Officers Dead For Us.
Raw power challenges police deadly villains? – Four sheriff’s deputies were fatally shot today in what police described as an ambush in a coffee shop near Seattle, Washington.

This is terrible and during a Plutonic Window fully expected yet my book Moon Power clearly says for today!

SUN., MON. — NOVEMBER 29, 30:
RULERS — Mars (War/Action)

Events: Remember Mars is around; don’t take any chances with confrontations or the police. A positive attitude and diplomacy will keep you out of trouble. What really happened there today? Read my friend and please help me with the police.

Note we are RIGHT now, as I am writing this newsletter into another deadly Plutonic window!

Quatrain Sample for a (#) – Plutonic window

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature, man’s religion bloody folly reign

Keywords for a (#) – Plutonic window

Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police news/ FBI / CIA news/ Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

For years I have advised the police to heed my work and again today, under a plutonic window four cops are dead. Note that if you go to http://www.drturi.com/monthly.php

you will see again that many courageous cops died in the name of their superior’s ignorance and unwillingness to offer me a chance to prove my claim. Indeed the lives of more cops are gone and only yesterday in one of my latest newsletter titled “The Wrath Of God” I wrote about Pluto’s nefarious influence on people.

Read it again from http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/group/cosmiccode/forum/topics/the-wrath-of-god

Memo: Such an obvious dramatic plutonic energy drastically changing the lives of innocent children and unfortunate celebrities? And what are you going to do reader to help me to bring clarity and real wisdom to all the future victims of Pluto?

So like many other victims of Pluto, she is now in jail but in reality it’s the police, the teachers, the system, the church executives, the government itself that should be punished NOT A CHILD! She was only responding to the power of the Cosmic Code and without Cosmic Consciousness she became a ROBOT of these stars, exactly like Christ Brown and so many other *criminals overloading our jails indefinitely sucking our tax dollars.

Thus what can I do? What more can I write? What will I have to do to finally make the police executives aware of a Plutonic Window and assure them that their police officers are now walking on a razor blade? During this trend Pluto’s deadly children will become very active and very dangerous too. I got so disgusted with the police deaf hear that I completely stopped trying to reach them or post at http://www.drturi.com/monthly.php but I also knew in time many more civil servants would met with their early death.

What is it I have to do, I don’t know anymore and may be you the reader will finally become active if you know about my solid work to reach them. These four cops were set up, remember Pluto *death/Drama/Police/ criminals is in Capricorn *power structure? I already explained this ugly process above with the media Liberal/conservatives talking heads. OMG! What is so difficult to understand? Meantime here I am totally helpless to stop this carnage and witnessing yet history repeats itself again with more dead cops. AsI mentioned to George Noory on Coast To Coast so many times,” I do not predict anything, I am NOT a psychic and my software do the math for me to pin point these deadly windows” and I did exactly that on his show many times in the past and millions of people witnessed my ability in predictive astrology using my system. But what has been done so far? Nothing people this is so depressing…

I want to make this methodology available to all police officers and assemble a crowd of cops teachers so, soon or later this vital wisdom will be taught at the academy but so far, NO ONE in position of power or in the media seems to be as concerned as I am with another human being’s life and that is the sad reality. Terania and I spent so many months calling, talking, explaining how my expertise could be used, all the while assuring the many Chiefs of police I spoke to, that I was using technology and science but at not avail. ALL without exception turned me down and silently laughed at me not realizing I would give then the opportunity of their life to CHANGE the entire police force for the best and give their name the potential for immortality. And I am not exaggerating anything for as it stand now it’s me to know and them to find out that I speak the truth.

Not even the ego or guilt in each one of them was enough to take action, not even the loss of so many lives was sufficient and I became so resentful towards yet another *police system. Only yesterday I did a VIP reading for a cop and I hope he will read my work and email me his feedback about my reading and why his superiors should listen to reason once and for all. In my constant drive to help others I will also divulge the entire 2010 Deadly Plutonic Windows for the Police and make them public so the opportunity to look at these dates before starting their shift will allow any cop to apply the will and realize these days are NOT going to be normal days at work. While this job is very dangerous indeed armed with such real wisdom can only allow all wise cops to use EXTRA caution then and come back home safely to their loved ones. I wonder how a little French man is more concerned with total strangers while their seem to be unconcerned bosses don’t give a damn and won’t even be man or smart enough to take a chance on my expertise.

I always said, regardless where wisdom comes from, even if its seems ridiculous at first, if it has the potential to save a single life it should be fully investigated, and so far their traditional, accepted, educated, accredited wisdom has produced ZILT, zero, nada to prevent state troopers the option to add more safety or save lives the way Astropsychology would. Meantime more cops are dying because of ignorance and burying these four police officers after a church sermon is their only course of action. INSANE, all this unawareness MUST change and it can and will be done and the sooner the better because NO ONE should die and it can be avoided by being more prepared.

To all the police Enforcement Executives PLEASE honor this symbolic phrase and at least TRY to PROTECT those who are ready and willing to die for all of us. Please I am begging you to give me a chance and offer me with the opportunity to prove my claim for I profess and promise you that together, with real investigation, patience, acceptance and determination we will save future cops lives and tax payer’s precious resources. I am willing to offer my time and my wisdom for FREE to any and ALL police associations, to any Academy, to any local private or public police gathering, to anyone willing to help me saving future cop lives. Please take a chance on me, after all if someone risk RIDICULE its ME not you. But do I sound overly confident? You bet I am because I have been doing this *police work longer than you have served in my 60 years of unique experience.

Mr. Police Executives not only do I counsel police officers regularly but I have stories to tell you that would make you really sad Sirs.

Mr. Executives did you take the time to read some of your police officers concerns at http://www.drturi.com/monthly.php? Are their requests and worries worth listening?

Mr. Police Executives why not taking some of your precious time safely sitting behind your desk to discuss any possible way to stop this carnage?

Mr. Police Executives do you really think they are all doomed to die anyway because it’s their personal choice to work as cops?

Mr. Police Executives ask yourself honestly why you will not take a chance on me and let me prove my claim?

Mr. Police Executives are you that afraid of the ridicule or what your Church goers friends will say if they find out you deal with what you still perceive as the *occult?

Mr. Police Executives how do you really feel reading my cutting words and now will you still remain blind and deaf and nurture more deep guilt?

Mr. Police Executives what will be your next excuse NOT to act to try saving a single life?

Mr. Police Executives may be ALL the cops reading my work will finally REALIZE you will NOT budge because your FEARS to *mess up your credibility, your image, your job, your safety are stronger than you?

Mr. Police Executives you are SUPPOSED to protect and serve and this oath alone SHOULD be above YOU, your FEARS to *mess up your credibility, your image, your safety so you can really PROTECT those under you and perform your job for your cops more efficiently.

Mr. Police Executives why aren’t you as concerned as I am with all your courageous police officers? Will you be tough and man enough to accept the truth hitting you in the face and realize time has come to be more responsible.

Not that you are not in deep pain each time you lose an officer. After all you are also human. Not that you are not in deep pain each time you have to announce a tragedy. After all you are also human. Not that you are not in deep pain each time you when you see the tears running down an unlucky police officer’s wife or hear her desperate screams. After all you are also human.
Not that you are not in deep pain each time you feel helpless especially if you are close to the dead person. After all you are also human.

Not that you are not in deep pain each time you wake up each day realizing how screw up this world has become. After all you are also human.

Not that you are not in deep pain each time you send them to work every day wondering who will be next. After all you are also human.

Not that you are not in deep pain each time you see yet another picture of dead cop in the wall of the police station. After all you are also human.

YES YOUR FRIEND HIS GONE! Not that you are not in deep pain each time you have to bury one of your own. After all you are also human. Because regardless of where you are at in your own lives or the imaginary reasons why you wont help me Mr. Police Executives I know you cry in silence away from everyone in respect for the lost soul. Yes you are feeling the depth of the pain his wife, his children, his siblings, his close friends and all other cops are feeling too.

Mr. Police Executives you are NOT in the direct line of fire and you will be back home safely to your loved one, the chances to be killed on the job are NONE! But it’s not the same for our courageous police officers and this is where you must act, because nothing in the police educational curriculum currently will PREVENT the next victims.

YES DADDY IS GONE! Once you hear me soul speaking through and watch my artwork and check the software these armful deadly Plutonic days will emerge for everyone at the gathering to make a note of these nefarious dates. Then I will go my way living you with supreme wisdom and when the future reveals to you the accuracy of my heed by yet taking more lives ON THE PLUTONIC DAYS I GAVE YOU, only then will you realize how urgent and vital our meeting and my critical message to the police really was. Please I am begging you readers too, help me to save life because ignoring God’s celestial signs has to come to an end. Forward this newsletter to your local police Chief; post this sad requiem everywhere so everyone feeling my concern, my heart, and my pain for those four human beings immerses you too. I am demanding you to become as active as possible and help me fight the EVIL of ignorance because if you were to lose a dear one yourself you would lose your own heart too and cry rivers long after God received them in Paradise.

Please cast your fears aside Mr. Police Executives and let me use my God given gift to help your courageous, death defying unique crowd so the force of Evil lose the battle and take more police officers. I beg you to give me a chance for if or when you do I will own your deepest respect, the same deepest respect I have for all the police community. And this is why I am trying again, and again, and again, and again and hope you will finally hear my pledge in the name of ALL the past, present and future police officers. Lastly please do not let their sacrifice going nowhere for one day not too far away you will realize that my God given mission is very real and it will take only ONE of you Mr. Police Executives to hear my desperate pledge and open a door that has been closed for too long…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Sharing Emails:

Dr. Turi;

I’m thinking you missed this one; Tiger was In the 3rd house of deep shit. Mom was chasing him with a driver because; he was having an affair and got busted. The press is saying Mom was trying to free him from the SUV with a driver but, I’m saying he was bailing toot sweet because Mom was going to kill him not free him ! He’d better have a pre nup. You need to take over for Ian on Coast 2 Coast, what are they thinking???? The Nation need your Insight on a weekly basis.

DT – lol I wish,,, ask George to get me there for my 2010 predictions they seem to have forgotten Dr. Turi. All other readers you may do the same if you feel its time for me to be heard again. Here is George Email – George@coasttocoastam.com

Dr. Turi; Hello

I would like to get my astrology report. Is it possible to get that? I am quite confused with what I should do in my life. I have achieved what I thought would bring me happiness but I am still unhappy and more lonely.

Shivani – xxx

DT – Yes please call us at 602-265-7667 for all the details -Making money or having a great job may net necessarily mean you regenerate your spirit or maybe you are undergoing serious psychological changes. Unless I investigate your UCI thoroughly I wont be able to see where the Cosmic Code and the Dragon affects you and produce your sadness. Call me for more information my friend


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And His Guest of Honor Dr. Turi



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