Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ Worse Hit


Dear reader:
Tiger Woods injured in car crash?

<img src="http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2009/US/11/27/tiger.woods/story.tiger.woods.gi.jpg"/&gt;


Golfer Tiger Woods was taken to a Florida hospital after suffering facial injuries in a car crash early Friday, police said.

And yes you have to be really stupid to accept this as a simple accident if you do not possess Cosmic Consciousness. Tiger Wood was born in January and ALL souls born in January without any exception are prone to chemical or religious dependency knowing that, their 3rd house of thought process is ruled by Neptune *escapism. Not that all Capricorn are bad and doomed don’t get me wrong but if you start to ask the DOB of your friends you may be on for a big surprise and realize that Dr. Turi really know what he is talking about. The same scenario happened to other famous Capricorn such as Mel Gibson caught drunk and Rush Limbaugh’s abuses of medications. Now because of the protective new moon the cop who dealt with him that early morning recognized him as a celebrity and probably gave him a lucky break and Tiger saved his butt from bad publicity. Anyone reading my Moon Power has had, over the year the ample unlimited examples to realize that people do GET DRUNK when Neptune is in charge and end up either fighting or in jail with a DUI. If I could have an army of volunteers doing the research to prove my claim chances are more than 80% of DUI cases or domestic violence took place when the moon was either in Pisces or Scorpio. But don’t ask the police executives to even consider this possibility because they are all assuming that I am another Miss Cleo.

The sign of Pisces rules emotions and deception add some alcohol and be ready for a real dance of madness where tears and screams can be heard all over the neighborhood. Do you remember the dramatic 911 call to the police made by Nicole Simpson? YES the moon was in Pisces and O.J. was as drunk as a skunk and heard on the tape screaming his head off in the background. Thus if I had a penny for each person that drank too much *including myself, for Thank Giving chances are I would never have to bother you ever again to start my reality show *The Cosmic Code With Dr. Turi and end up billionaire the day after.

Thus one has to be really gullible to believe Tiger Wood was straight that night and indeed he was very lucky to hit only a tree and a water drain that could not take him to court. Imagine if he had killed an innocent person that night? But again, like all the rich and famous people walking this earth, little does he know about the waxing *protective moon cruising the over emotional prone to get drunk sign of Pisces. And without Cosmic Consciousness many more celebrities will join him and ACT robotically under the jurisdictions of the Cosmic Code. Indeed a simple investment in my book Moon Power would have prepared him for the night and after reading my heed Tiger would have had the chance to apply his will and escape Neptune’s deceiving, emotional pull. So many people had to endure terrible experiences and the unlucky one met with an early death just because they do not know God’ signs and the emotional response induced by the moon cruising through a water sign. Moon Power content is so very real, so very useful and so very helpful that even NASA would not have launched any space vehicle during a waning moon and/or a Super Nova window. But like the police executive’s ignorance NASA decision-making morons are also indeed RESPONSIBLE of the death of so many courageous people.

My book Moon Power should be in every schools and Universities, in every governmental offices and checked before any and major decision are taken. My book should be accessible to all from the very young to the very old wondering about the Divine. Just because my work DOES accurately translates the will of God outside of religious archaic junk or scientific defiance. And until humankind raise a wisdom for the stars and the moon, I can only seat back and observe more and more people suffering the daily *wrath of God.
Russian train wreck ‘an act of terror’

May God Bless Their Lost Souls
Moscow, Russia (CNN) — Investigators probing the derailment of an express train in Russia have found “elements of an explosive device” at the site and believe an act of terror caused the deadly incident.


Sad enough my 2010 Moon Power prepared the readers for yet another deadly Uranic window where explosions or shocking news becomes a very strong possibility.

Keywords for a Uranic window

Cosmos News / Nuke/Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / lightning / Humanitarianism / news / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Technology / Aeronautics/UFO.
Wind, fire water to dance
Mother Earth Scream and kill
Men tools and toys explode
Wild power surprise many

May God Bless Their Lost Souls
Beijing, China (CNN) — Three American crew members died when a Zimbabwean cargo plane crashed early Saturday at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing said.

How more precise can I be? I wonder if this endeavor was started in a waxing moon? So many question unanswered but in my book *there is NO accident! The FAA like NASA will always come up with a logical, plausible answer while the real reason of any disaster starts well above any and all airplanes…

Wild power surprise many?

May God Bless Their Lost Souls

Four killed, 2 hurt in southern Florida on Thanksgiving night – Police searching for victims’ relative in connection with the shootings – Paul Michael Merhige, 35, may have “had ongoing resentment” for relatives, police say.

It’s amazing how a desperate lost soul would act out such an awful UCI in the name of loneliness and jealousy. Once more if someone can provide me with Michael Merhige’s birthday I will Astropsychology to explain his awful act.

If you have your copy of Moon Power read what I wrote last year for the current days. Note this book and precious predictive guidance and predictions will only be available through my 2010 Cosmic Code newsletter. You may learn more about the Plutonic, Uranic and Moonic Windows from http://www.drturi.com/monthly.php Don’t be left without your 2010 Personal Dragon Predictions, daily, monthly guidance, the 2010 Super Nova windows, this includes also every 2010 New and Full Moon personal Predictions for all signs, Universal Predictions and so much more. My teachings are not only entertaining but also real and many of you have indeed recognized how precious and valuable my work really is.

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I want to take this opportunity to thanks all my 2009 subscribers for their trust in my work and welcome the 2010 new crowd. In these difficult days finding relief and hope is very hard especially with the current economy. As I work endlessly to serve you better many of you over the years have also noticed the positive changes your feedback brought into my writings and my attitude with the readers. While ignorance and fears rules the majority of the population my work has indeed helped many of you to stop feeding evil and join me in the light of hope, wisdom, peace and universal love. While I am sad not to be able any longer to be on the air to guide many of you live, God’s plan for my mission cannot be changed and I can only trust the Divine to once more bring me the support to comeback, with time, stronger and better.

There is only one more month left before 2010 and unless you renew your subscription before the end of the year, you may be left in the dark without the Cosmic Code newsletter to guide and entertain and challenge your mind. I am expecting an avalanche of old and new subscribers as we getting close to the end of the year so please don’t put it off any longer to make it easier for us to re-enter so many names and email addresses in the system. You will be offered a new password to access the website January first 2010.

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