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Dear reader:

To those of you who listened to this radio show, you can easily realize that Bill host of Project Camelot was very skeptical of my abilities to predict quakes…To the best of my ability I tried hard to explain his own logical UCI *Unique Celestial Identity and his natural reaction to earthquake predictions he perceives as a total waste of time. If you feel the same way, first listen to the unarguable verity of my premonition and watch for the other given dates. http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/archive/Project-Camelot-32k-082709.mp3

A normal dose of skepticism is healthy in my book but as soon as Bill gave me his DOB and glanced at this scientist’s type of UCI I knew exactly he would lack perception and I would have to deal once more with a hard-core skeptic. After all he and all mental snobs have studied and graduated form accredited schools a material based upon solid scientific theories for years and should know better than Dr. Turi don’t you think so? Well once more I proved him wrong… Note also that, after the show I gave him the *Coup De Grace by emailing him some well-documented, dated unarguable proof of previous earthquakes predictions.

Check them at http://ning.bryantmcgill.com/group/Astrology/forum/topics/amazing-1

But what’s new? Without Cosmic Consciousness one can only be a skeptic…plus I am coming from the highest level of archetypal realm of consciousness and without proper training Bill cannot perceive God’s divine celestial plan. Meantime, unlike so many advanced radio hosts, I dwelt with in the past, I never received a single email of acknowledgment from the hosts of the *Project Camelot show but I know better a bruised ego or forced acceptance to the fact will do that I guess?

Well to those of you who missed the show here are the dates again so if you are a skeptic the option to check on my claims is now offered to you and maybe like so many previous skeptics encountered in the past, you will take the time to do your home work and email me with your positive feedback?

SOS TO THE WORLD – Next Plutonic window Wednesday September 9th and next Moonic window September 13th.

All the information about these upcoming windows were given to the hosts and audience of *Project Camelot radio show; so now you wait and see the difference between the real thing and another so-called prophet. Note also that these dates have been posted all over the major websites such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and my good friend David Icke’s popular website in the UK. Can wait to meet him again, by the way join us in Phoenix AZ next October, David is a genius in his own right with a serious message for all of us. Check info later on in this newsletter.

Now once more by *regurgitating the news I am not glorifying death, try to scare the hell of you or look for your approval to satisfy my ego. NO, all I do is to make you aware that I DO NOT predict anything but I am aware of a celestial pattern based upon the creator’s signs from the stars above. For the newcomer, nature has a pattern, the weather has a pattern and history *and the news, past, present and future REPEAT itself. Is that an obvious fact that our infantile science has omitted? Thus if you are either a VIP or landed on my work then you know all about the given dates, the keywords, read the quatrain involving my previous *Uranic window I posted all over the Internet, do you? If not we will have a problem here and this is why I can only suggest you again and again to READ my previous newsletters and catch up with others more prepared or well learned.

Go to http://newsletter.drturi.com/ and check my claims because repeating myself, while necessary to help newcomers to catch up is boring for some of my readers. Here is the earthquake radio prediction results in question.

Powerful earthquake kills 25 in Indonesia, another 50 feared dead!

MEMO – Posted 08/30/09 in all major websites
SOS TO THE WORLD! September 3RD 2009


Shocking explosive dark energy
******Earth Tremble Wind Water Fire Spit*******
Rising Sun Cry From The Deep
The Universe Man Dangerous Toys Speak

Please help Dr. Turi – http://www.drturi.com/orders3.html he is the real thing!


Educators across America found themselves at the center of a political storm this week as conservatives exploded in anger over President Obama’s plans to give a speech to the country’s schoolchildren. A stunned White House insisted the address, planned for Tuesday, and accompanying suggested lesson plans are meant simply to encourage students to study hard and stay in school.

Well Mister President, if your *guiding entourage had Cosmic Consciousness they would have strongly advised you to be very cautious when dealing with children! After all your entourage may make good use of my own writings soon.

Facebook and MySpace?? Time to scrub your pages!

Why you may ask? Why because you were born with a Dragon’s Head *growth in Leo *Children and your plan to reach the kids will/would certainly work its miracles as they grow up. After all children are so vulnerable, they are the future and they are so easy influenced…Hmmm did Hitler used that idea to the maximum in Germany to reach the *future? What you are trying to do Mr. President is exactly what the Church Inc. did for tears and still practicing / manipulating these young souls using popular websites today. Why do you think you have *Sunday Schools *bible Schools science center all over? Luring these lost, vulnerable kids into popular religions is so unhealthy, so dangerous and so abusive but what do they know at such a tender age?

*The teen had heard of pastor Lorenz and his church through a prayer group on Facebook.


A Muslim teenager from Ohio says her father threatened to kill her because she converted to Christianity. At one point during the hearing, the girl’s court-appointed guardian, Krista Bartholomew, told the court: “This is not a holy war but a case about a broken family.” Outside the courthouse after the hearing, a Muslim activist and several Christian activists exchanged words over the case.

OMG! Is Krista Bartholomew blind or what? If this is not a holy war then what it is? Hey wait a minute here does this sound like a family dispute about shopping to you or religion?

The obvious is too much for some people to accept because she is probably herself getting paid for her legal services by the Christians themselves. When I profess that the religious war will intensify we are not talking about a single case that made national news. The religious war is raging right here at home people where the religious poisoning lunacy takes over common sense, respect and love. Religions are the cancer of this world where families ties don’t exist anymore and where family member will unashamedly *crucify/KILL anyone who do not accept the Neptunian junk they sunk in for centuries.

LOST SOULS! Who and what is GOD?

“Nothing is so firmly believed as that of which we know least.”

Christians and Muslims are trying hard to convert others, by malice or by force / *war into their own deceiving archaic junk and this nightmare of total stupidity has plagued this world since forever. Yes the Age of Pisces, stupidity, abuses, lies, religions, deception, drugs and madness wont go without a serious fight people but ultimately it is God’s direct celestial order for humankind to grow up and exit Neptune treacherous and dangerous waters. As we approach the year 2012 more and more people will start to wake up to the new face of God and many will subconsciously feel the urge to see the divine in action and learn its highest star language. All the while heeding the signs that will liberate mankind from its own perilous ignorance and deep encrusted fears.

Its all about energy and because a two faced lost soul sunk into Neptune’s addictive influence does not appear otherwise to an advanced soul.

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — A north Georgia pastor was shot to death by police when he struck an officer with his car after he was seen in a vehicle with a drug suspect, authorities told CNN.

Yes it’s all about energy but my book Moon power is not yet available to everyone willing to heed God’s signs. Memo of my book Moon Power printed 6/7/2008.

Full Moon – September 4, 2009 in Pisces: Expect serious news coming from the Middle East oil and religion. Don’t let this depressive moon get the best of you. Learn how to read Moon Power and be aware of the power of Neptune. Read “SOS To The World” from my website http://www.drturi.com

Well I have more of * religious stories that indeed match my predictions –Hmm I am CNN before CNN really lol!

JERUSALEM (CNN) — An archaeological dig in Jerusalem has turned up a 3,700-year-old wall that is the largest and oldest of its kind found in the region, experts say. The wall is believed to have been built by the Canaanites, an ancient pagan people who the Bible says inhabited Jerusalem and other parts of the Middle East before the advent of monotheism.

Well it looks like if the *pagans were quite smart and did all they could to protect themselves from all the religious invading lunatics that still plagued this region. Now do we need more *walls and more people to die for this new one too? More about religion news as predicted in my book Moon Power.

More religious/Neptuniam news… Surveillance video shows 28-year-old Jonathan Ayers entering a convenience store just minutes before he was shot. They say the 28-year-old was trying to drive away as plainclothes officers approached him at a gas station. A Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesman says Jonathan Ayers wasn’t targeted in the drug probe. But agents opened fire after Ayers tried to avoid them, put his car in reverse and struck one of the agents.


You see the beauty and advantage of possessing Cosmic Consciousness is that you are trained to see a Neptunian in action for what he really is *priest or not, and not what they look like or what they do! May be you should educate yourself about Neptune’s power so you can start raising your own Cosmic Consciousness.

Why this *priest would drive back into the cops to escape and try to kill them? Insane was he high? Reality checks people, forget about the word PRIEST for a second here and see the facts! Its all on tape for God sakes, how can a *man of the robe, be so disrespectful of man’s laws?

And do you really think this jerk had anything to teach anything valuable to you or your kids? HELLO! Remember it’s all about ENERGY and Neptune rules DRUGS ALCOHOL and RELIGIONS.

What a joke what do you think this lost kid *priest has to teach you at 28 years old? What did I know when I was his age? No much I tell you but I already knew about the deception and danger of religions. Regurgitating religious poisonous fearful junk is all any lost Neptunian soul can do and at the end it will undoubtedly bring death! There is no doubt in my expertise that Jonathan was under Neptune’s influence and was physically and spiritually spoiled with drugs. Escaping reality, addictions and deceitfulness are indeed Neptune’s most obvious tools. But how do I know this? Well he was born with his Dragon’s Tail *negative in Aquarius and this position makes for a shocking death and naturally attracts the wrong people and the wrong organizations. Aquarius rules the future and astrology and that is a simple fact I teach my students…Imagine if you were a cop or a detective? Harmed with such a powerful wisdom, using your third eye of true wisdom you could see what common people could never see and make the appropriate assessment to any situation. Now I came to this conclusion with his DOB only, imagine if I had his full date of birth what I could really divulge to you or the law enforcement? Can a reader do this search for me and provide me with his peculiar? If so I will elaborate more on this character but I have a strong feeling that Libra or Capricorn is a major part of his failed *UCI. Those signs are seriously prone for addiction and religious deception – FYI – Mel Gibson and religious guru Dr. Laura are a Capricorn…

Check this… http://www.drturi.com/astroclass.php


Note Japan is under the rulership of Uranus and this is a Uranic window…


Japan’s ’spacey’ new first lady – The wife of Japan’s next prime minister claims she’s been on a UFO. CNN’s Kyung Lah reports.


Again if I had the first lady DOB I would elaborate more on her peculiar UCI but the window, date and quatrains seems to be quite clear isn’t it? And yes by the way UFO are very real…



STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — A Wal-Mart shopper who became so angry about a crying child that he allegedly slapped the girl in the face is due in court Thursday morning, officials announced Wednesday.

What a moron, imagine what type of damage this afflicted man’s *UCI Unique Celestial Identity would do facing you or a cop. Damn there is such an ignorance plaguing this world its really scary not to be able to *illuminate the victims and help the perpetrators. Now if you think building more churches, synagogues, mosques or lavishing yourself into more sports or entertainments will help the world I have news for you readers… You are indeed seriously mistaking. Only the right education and building Cosmic Consciousness will allow every human being to auto analyze themselves correctly and be more diligent with others’ beliefs and spiritual shortcomings. All can be done with proper education and the RE-introduction to God’s Cosmic Code Celestial Divine orders where separatism and/or religions of the past have no room. This task is humongous and sometimes feels unrealizable but it is my mission, my curse or my gift to all of you and without help humankind will keep its steady decay where more and more crimes will be committed in the name of ignorance. I am doing my part, now its time if you really feel me to do yours!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi



2010 – 7 days with Terania and Dr. Turi in Phoenix AZ?


September / October: Third SUPERNOVA window

From Wednesday September 2nd through Monday October 5th 2009
From Wednesday September 2nd through Monday October 5th 2009


Much more in my book Moon Power 2009.
You can have a E book copy for $5:00 –call 602 265-7667

Life is not a game of chance; the Creator did not put us where we would be the sport of circumstances, to be tossed about by a cruel fate, regardless of our efforts to save our world.
George B. Emerson

Jesus says “go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces”…



My friend David Icke



Meet George Noory, Jordan Maxwell, Dr. Roger Leir and many of my friends at the http://www.thebayareaufoexpo.com/



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