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Dear VIP reader:

Indeed life is a process of changes and once more I had to make the decision, after only two shows on the Paranormal TV Network to exit, that decision breaks my heart but I had to do so. The reasons? Well there are a few of course, such as a bunch of losers in the chat room that did not join the network to learn and listen to me but to attack Terania and I. Talk about giving pearls to swine… Terania is a very sensitive soul and could not understand the mass’ evil personality making up the 99.9% number of young jealous souls cruising the net.

While she was getting tons of support by more mature, advanced audience, these fleas always manage to comeback to attack her more viciously. I told Terania many times that being notorious brings jealousy and resentment and I can not see her crying each time someone abuses her. This is why she was so reluctant to take over during my breaks fearing more attacks on the air. In my case I have a tough skin and I have been mauled many times during my career and my tough skin is too much for these hyenas and they do not or cannot harm me. Terania is different and my priority is to protect her and I did.

Secondly I am extremely busy and my time is very precious, I would rather use it constructively by taking care of my students, clients, patients who trusted and paid me good money to take care of them. I wanted to offer my services for two to three hours weekly to those less fortunate than others but the price I have we have had to pay was too much. I used to have two radio shows, one on BBS and the other of GTR and did my best to guide and help those in need for many months. But again our social life and friends also paid the price as we put YOU, before them and us and all for a meager reward. My newsletter goes all over the world and generates more business than we can handle and we do not need to sacrifice ourselves any longer for an unrewarding cruel mass.

Thirdly anytime you start a show, glitches are to be expected and after my first two shows or four hours of broadcasting only one hour were recorded and available through the PTN archives. This mishap forced me to RE-do the so very important introduction where the energetic feeling was missing. I am a perfectionist and unless I can depend on a solid technology I feel I am wasting my time and hurt my image. Thus I took all these glitches as omens telling me I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and by removing myself I am now opening a new door that will match my expertise with another future opportunity. There is no reason for me to make someone who paid me $450 or $700 for a live taped session wait while I am wasting my time or offering my pearls to swine. Not that all the people listening are pigs, don’t get me wrong, far from that I may add but they are a minority.

My times is very precious, my information very real, my guidance very accurate and without spiritual pride I cannot waste my gifts any longer. Thus I will as of now keep saving the donations I already received and wait for as long as I need to have enough and invest this money on a hard radio or TV station that will protect us from the Internet hyenas. If all the people that I have read for over the years had the decency to mail me only a single dollars, by now I would have more than enough to start my own reality show or buy airtime and serve you while being safe from the vile souls.

This is my new policy; all that Terania and I did WAS for you, all our time and efforts WERE for you and all that was FREE for NOTHING in return. I got really scared during these shows on the PTN trying really hard to repute all the callers lining up for free sample readings and I was ready to get my brain squeezed once more. My expertise is to read for others and guide others accurately, may be its time for me to do the same for us and avoid being crucified mentally and spiritually for nothing? Some people reading my work are very wealthy but also very greedy while others are just the opposite and have offered us with generous donations so far. To them I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart because your gesture will help us to help those that are in need more efficiently in the future. Giving my entire self totally and unselfishly is surely NOT the way to go anymore especially in a one way street, we took a U-turn and we will park until time and resources and God, endorses my mission without pain, sacrifices and hurt.

My wisdom and guidance are priceless to the thousands of people who have experienced my work and in order to operate, as efficiently for all my future clients I will only serve those who are willing to reward me, as I truly deserve it. My drive to serve, educate, and teach the mass is real and my mission very solid but the MASS cannot be allowed anymore to use and abuse us…Thus if you think Dr. Turi’s gifts are needed the only thing you have to do is to participate with your donations until the safe is full and ready to be used for the MASS once more. Indeed your call, unless God decides otherwise and offer me a better deal and a true professional soul willing to work as hard as we do.

The government TAKES from you and the majority of our tax dollars is wasted in fruitless dangerous scientific researches or invested and used to amuse the mass with sports entertainments or invested to build more deceptive religious buildings. None of these endeavors has served humankind in his research for spiritual evolution so far because a new, challenging type of education is the only way out of this terrible world chaos. My mission to reinstate God’s celestial tools and his divine star language demands first to free humankind’s jailed spirit from fears and ignorance. There are incredible people directly connected with my mission and I, some are from the past, the present and the future. For good or for worse, all of these people have play their crucial part and God as a plan for each one of us and for the world at large that cannot fail, and that I trust because that I know…


Very soon my cart from *order, will carry the option to make your donations directly, while you may also mail your contributions to:

Dr. Turi
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Astropsychology Section

Both Garrido, 58, and his wife, Nancy, 55, have been arrested in relation to the Jaycee Lee Dugard case, and are being held on $1 million bail. He is being held for suspicion of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor, rape by force, suspicion of kidnapping, sexual penetration, and conspiracy. His wife is accused of suspicion of conspiracy and kidnapping.

Well any of my students would easily understand the hidden Plutonic energy emanating form this crazy individual’s UCI. *Unique Celestial Identity.

Garrido was born August 26th, 1951 and the Tail of the Dragon in Leo, finally caught up with him. Note also he was apprehended by the police on his birthday during a Plutonic Window and the keywords I used certainly speaks for themselves and once more prove the values of my work.

Memo for the Deadly Plutonic Window Posted 08/19/09

Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

The 4th house of a Leo is ruled by Pluto *death/drama/sex/secret and all Leo’s must have a secret dent where they can enjoy their privacy *and/or evil acts. The unlucky Leo is very vulnerable at home and as a child many suffered mental and physical abuses. Note that Michael Jackson born in August was a Leo at home and had dirty secrets with children that really never came to light. My Astropsychology course by mail can seriously improve your understanding of anyone past, present and future you may be interested while offering you full light on every aspect of the souls’ hidden secret personality. In these incredible days as we approach the year 2012 more and more people turn to metaphysics to own the golden keys to what it means to be human and becoming an Astropsychologist is a seriously rewarding career.

Even if you already have a solid career, anything and everything under the stars is under the jurisdictions of these stars. By this I mean you can use the wisdom with absolutely anything you are dealing with. We are taking names for the next live course *in Dr. Turi’s new extension in Phoenix AZ. Space is limited to 25 people call Terania ASAP at 602-265-7667 to reserve your seat and spend 7 days with the Turi’s. More information will be available at in time, check it regularly.

Can I become a millionaire too?

Sure if you have the right stars and ride the head of your natal Dragon.…

Teen millionaire tells how to get rich

Teenage multimillionaire – CNN’s Betty Nguyen talks with Ephren Taylor, the youngest African-American CEO of a publicly traded company.

Ephren W. Taylor II was born July 17, 1982 in Carlisle, Mississippi, a town with a population of around 300 people. After his father-completed college, his job took the family to several other areas of the country, eventually settling in Overland Park Kansas, outside of Kansas City Missouri. Learning computer programming at the local library after school, Taylor started his first business venture at age 12, when he began making 3D videogames and selling them to his friends in school for $10 a copy. He sold over 100 copies of the game.

Well the Cosmic Code certainly endorsed Ephren’s financial creative endeavors and with the stars, skin color, location or anything else doesn’t matter at all. Born in July Ephren’s 2nd house of money is in Leo and denote why those born in July *Ross Perot/Bush? will shine and gain fame and fortune if they work hard enough. Of course the 3rd house *mental process of Cancer is in the picky, detailed oriented hard working sign of Virgo *the perfectionist and supported the tremendous detailed work needed to build technology ET VOILA!

Unless you have the right stars at the right place not everyone, regardless of the education and will applied will succeed to become a millionaire. There are people out there that worked harder and longer at it and never made it… thus knowing about your UCI *stars becomes a serious contribution to succeed but some people are much too afraid to take a chance on themselves and the future while young religious souls were taught to stay clear from * the occult and keep missing the boat in life.

Changing gears: To the sensitive reader, I am not glorifying myself or death but this collection of dark news are set to make you aware of what a Plutonic window is all about so when I post * Sept 9th Sept. 22nd – you will be prepared for this type of news once more. Please do not make me responsible for this messed up world and the bad news, instead have the courage to observe and learn…

Memo for the Deadly Plutonic Window Posted 08/19/09

Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

National “Go Topless” Day, Are women’s constitutional right’s of equality, being compromised? A Topless Day Parade was held to celebrate National Go-Topless Day in Venice Beach. “Free your breast, Free your mind” was chanted as people marched from Navy St. down the Venice boardwalk to Muscle Beach.


Sen. Edward Kennedy died late Tuesday at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

Dominick Dunne, the former Hollywood producer and best-selling author known for his Vanity Fair essays on the courtroom travails of the rich and famous, died Wednesday in New York city after a long battle with cancer.


5.5 million blinds, shades recalled after deaths

Three children were reported strangled in cords attached to window treatments, government says.…

They went for the view — awed by a vista of massive waves smashing against the rocky shore. Thousands of people went to Maine’s Acadia National Park on Sunday to watch as Hurricane Bill churned offshore. But then a giant wave swept three people into the ocean, one of them a 7-year-old girl. What spectator Mary Ellen Martel saw next was a day of spectacular surf turned tragic.


Dr. Mario Gonzalez, the chief of the critical care section of Methodist Hospital, was shot and killed Saturday in Bellville.

Police FBI news?
FBI “Rewarding A Terrorist…

More news on the FBI? Someone must be right

President Obama has approved the establishment of a special unit of terrorist interrogators based out of the FBI, senior administration officials said today.

Death News? Famous death?

Flags were being lowered to half-staff Monday in Buffalo, New York, after two firefighters died inside a fire-engulfed building, city officials said.

Michael Jackson Died of Propofol Overdose, Search Warrant Reveals

The three men accused in the murder of boxing champion and Georgia native Vernon Forrest faced a Fulton County grand jury on Tuesday.

Death news?

Report: Swine flu could kill up to 90,000 in U.S. The H1N1 flu virus could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths, mainly among children and young adults, if it resurges this fall as expected, according to a report released Monday by a presidential advisory panel. The report says a vaccine, expected in mid-October, would come too late to help many victims.

Obama’s “Catholic Plan”

Hummm this is what I gathered…taxing the church is a scary though that could break down the Christian political monopolizing empire.

Did you miss *Project Camelot broadcasted Thursday August 27th? link of the archived show.

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you were right Dr., Turi MJJ death ruled a homicide.!!!!!!!

Marianne /////
Unbelievable …. right once again.

Gail ////
“Dr Louis everything you say is true”


“Famous Death, Sen Kennedy. right again Dr. T? So… why doesn’t everyone listen to you??”
Respect God’s ultimate celestial rules.


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Life is not a game of chance; the Creator did not put us where we would be the sport of circumstances, to be tossed about by a cruel fate, regardless of our efforts to save our world.
George B. Emerson

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