France set to relax Sunday shopping ban? WHAT A REGIME! And you wonder why I made America my home since 1984?

If approved by the Senate, the law would permit shops, department stores, and shopping malls to open on Sundays in 20 zones of what are called “exceptional commercial” centers near three of the country’s largest cities: Paris, Marseilles, and Lille. But wait a minute here, do you think I own the best of the best, enjoy emotional, financial and spiritual stability including worldwide recognition with my work because I was physically and spiritually LAZY? When your government starts telling you if you can work or not I do not call that freedom but oppression. I remember these days when I was working for La Colas Construction Company in the South of France and to me and other workers I was ready to fight to the death if anyone would even think of making me work between lunch time and 2 PM or any week end. While working overtime was possible under special emergency circumstances no one would. But this is because all humans are machine of habits and once the habit is formed it become literally impossible to change. When I left France at the age of 24 for the UK I was FORCED to work 3 jobs so I could barely make a normal living and this helped me to build my character my will and my goal dedication. I cannot say the same for the kids victim of technology, gee am I glad I did not grow up with such a junk and waste my time. TTT? Another ridiculous ailment that can easily be avoided. Imagine if those kids would spend that type of energy passing on David and I messages or studying the fact about life and/or their government? Nope, no at this age where hormones and emotions runs the life of these lost kids.

More and more teenagers are texting until it hurts. Ain’t be their brain hurting for sure!

I worked at the *Rumblebelly restaurant until 12 PM then walked 2 miles every night facing the cold and wet English weather to take on my other job as a *switch board operator in St. Mary hospital. My 3rd job at the mortuary was to dispose of terminated hill patients whenever they would pass on the other side and this happened nearly every night. To those of you wanting to become someone unless you were born with a few gold spoons in your mouth and have famous, very wealthy parents don’t expect to get anywhere in life sitting on your butt. May I suggest you to read my book *Beyond the Secret which is in the process of turning into a movie titled *From Hell To Heaven? When I finally, after years of hard work and selling all my meager possessions made it to the US I ended up with only $50 to start my new life and with no one, not even a friend to help me. But I was now in a country where dreams can, IF YOU WORK HARD, become a reality and here I am years later looking back at where I was and the distance I covered since then. Gee do you really think I would have or became Dr. Turi had I stay in France or England? May be I would have but certainly NOT with the same financial rewards and all my luxurious possessions. I recall starting my working days in the US at 4:00 AM, work all day long, often with no break and going to bed at 8:00 PM totally exhausted to do it all over again the next day.

LIBERTE, EGALITY, FRATERNITY my A… But the French are like any other country victims of their greedy government who forced them NOT to work on Sunday to make sure the Church Inc. could grasp them in their web of deception. Let FORCE these ignorant morons to oblige to our rules so we can keep these voting religious voices and rule France *and the US, politically for ever But our current President *who loves America will have some problem changing the established rules breeding laziness…*Members of the president’s own ruling conservative party opposed the law despite assurances it would boost economic activity, saying it would instead deprive families and church groups of their dedicated day. While Marseille is made of the largest Muslim population in France, those emigrants knows what hard work and survival is all about and I don’t really think they care too much about Jesus and church going. But unifying, they seem somehow to have a very powerful voice that cannot be unheard by the politicians. The damage inflicted by the *politically oriented church of the old days has survived all the way to the present days but, if you read previous newsletters, you already know that the Age of Pisces, deception, religions, abuse and imbecility is on its way out to be replaced by the Age of Aquarius and God himself has already put the order to terminate the Christian, religious movement. But again it is not without a fierce fight that the age of fear, ignorance and abuse will go by and the battle is raging both above within the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and down here on earth with unprecedented upcoming changes as we approach the year 2012. My God friend David Icke is battling is own war exposing the true dangerous governmental conspiracy while I am battling for the spiritual freedom and awareness of a God and his tools and signs far from being what all of those ignorant souls professes. He, like me works his butt off, writing and speaking all over the world, making his mission to warn and educate others the priority focus in his life at the expanse of his own well being. Is David, again like me cursed or blessed with his genius, his vision and his demanding mission? When I wrote my very real concerns about NASA criminals projecting to bomb the moon in my last newsletters how many people read my warnings and stopped posting or reading nonsense on MS, Face Book or Twitter? Here is your chance to wake up and get a glance at reality – Go to and start to be responsible to others by RE-posting these crucial information. Empty Educated Heads Jul 16th 2009 The End Of The World? Jul 14th 2009

If I have a hero its David! *Louis…. what you say about the Moon is very interesting to me because that is coming up in my research very often now. I know the Moon is a key to life on earth in multiple ways. The conspiracy and the ‘spiritual’ are fundamentally connected and much of what I talk about is the latter. The Moon is a key to both. All the best, David I see David as a true celestial brother because of his own mission and I know how he feels inside facing the ridicule and the humongous ignorance of a rock-solid asleep society. The amount of wisdom we enjoy did not come by wasting time dealing with trivial matters but with the tremendous courage not only to expose the truth but also to study all about the Truth. Do you really think wisdom imparted by people like Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, and Dr. Turi including so many other smart people, like money would grow on trees? No, it’s earned by years of countless hours of researches, dedication and the courage to face the opposition *ignorance, insouciance, innocence, irresponsibility on a daily base. So maybe you should take the opportunity to join all of us, October 17th because David will be speaking for seven hours with more than 1,000 illustrations at the Orpheum Theater right here in my home town in Phoenix. FOR TICKETS AND INFORMATION SERIOUS AND RELIGIOUSLY DANGEROUS! Palin Ties To Militant Religious Movement Confirmed-Since the 2008 presidential election, mounting evidence suggests a dramatic, widespread failure of media to investigate and inform the American public about Sarah Palin’s extensive ties to a radical, growing global movement whose leaders proclaim that an end-time army of young Christians led by Apostles and Prophets will cleanse the Earth of evil, and unbelievers, and impose Christian theocratic government. Well imagine one second if she chose politics over fame and ego? This entire old political masquerade gave her all she needed to own a stage in the public eye and that is all she wanted in the first place starting by her drive to become a modeling icon. I am amazed that such dangerous, ignorant souls managed to make it to power and the repercussion their stupid beliefs would have on all of us in the long run. This is indeed a very dangerous world where ignorance, fear and stupidity is on the forefront. None of these political, religious or scientific heads possess Cosmic Consciousness and have no clue of whom the hell they are or where humankind is going. Indeed a very serious proposition made by moronic leaders. And you expect this lost dangerous world to run properly? God have Merci on the rest of us. Now can Mr. Pope know anything about omens? Does he know that NOTHING happens by accident really? As the top spiritual man on the planet he shouldn’t he? But how far can he really see?

WHERE IS GOD? Just a little message from God himself that things wont get better for the Church Inc. and the dying Age of Pisces, that’s all Mr. Pope. And while at it read the sign God offers me on a daily base so I can really help the people on earth. The Deadly Plutonic window of July 16th has once more proven me right! When will the Law Enforcement *or anyone else, Agency take me seriously? (#)Famous Death/Dramatic News/Police/FBI/CIA/Mob/Secrets/Scandals/Wake Up Call/Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers Dirt To Light Shine Drama death Evil Plans Men tainted Hell Spirit To Kill Death Drama rejoice On Earth Plutonic window of July 16th – POLICE news, SEX, secret, FAMOUS DEATH? NO! NO! NO! IT’S NOT EVERYDAY THAT A JUDGE ORDERS 10 POLICE OFFICERS TO BE ARRESTED! HELLO LAW ENFORCEMENT EXECUTIVES WAKE UP PLEASE!

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) — A federal judge ordered 10 municipal police officers arrested Saturday in connection with the slayings of 12 off-duty federal agents in southwestern Mexico, the attorney general’s office said.

Two Baltimore, Maryland, police officers were shot Saturday after a gunman’s domestic dispute led to shootings at two locations, a police spokesman told CNN.

A former California police officer accused of sexually assaulting a motorist during a traffic stop pleaded guilty in federal court, the Central District of California U.S.

Walter Cronkite, the CBS anchorman known as both “Uncle Walter” for his easygoing, measured delivery and “the most trusted man in America” for his rectitude and gravitas, has died. Cronkite was 92 years old. I wish the most of luck for you soldier so you can soon go back home. A U.S. soldier captured by the Taliban says in a video posted on the Internet he is “scared I won’t be able to go home.” The soldier was identified today by the Pentagon as Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, of Ketchum, Idaho. He was captured June 30 from Paktika province in southeastern Afghanistan. Lastly and sarcastically…He did not even had a chance to smoke what could have been be his last cigarette since the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs recommended a complete ban on tobacco, which would end tobacco sales on military bases and prohibit smoking by anyone in uniform, not even combat troops in the thick of battle. WHAT A MESS with the *Baby Busted Generation health fanatics kids moving into power and none of them has a clue of their own UCI…How can, in the name of God, anyone rule anyone else when this person is a blind and stupid as can be? And this apply for ALL of your rulers and law makers in the highest place in the US and world governments. God have MERCY on your children… Just in case if you happen to be scared about your health and want to impose your fears on the rest of us may be you should read all about it in my book *The Power of The Dragon. IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL ON FB – MS or Twitter; Make me your friend, become a fan or follow me – Anyone RE posting my SOS window or heed will get a FREE copy of my book 2009 Moon Power *E book only – email me at make your request and offer the book to ALL your friends. Wanting to help the world my own way in these tough days. CHECK WHAT’S NEXT! SEE THE MASTER AT WORK Moonic Window July 20th (*) Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/Forced Relocation/Destructive weather/A new Planned and/or Unplanned Life For Many. Mother Earth To Scream Despair Above Below Water Fire Wind Spit Nothing Made To Last Stars Rule Mothers Cry Home Children To God HE IS WISE WHO UNDERSTAND THAT THE STARS ARE LUMINARIES CREATED AS SIGNS AND THAT IS HE WHO WILL CONQUER THE STARS THAT WILL HOLD THE GOLDEN KEYS TO GOD’S MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE ~ Nostradamus Sharing Emails; Thanks to all my supporters worldwide. Dr T. – Do you think the world will get better? I have an old videotape of your friend David Ike. I watched it again for the first time in almost nine years. He said he believed that by 2010 we would be living in a Socialist state. What are your feelings? DT – David was right and has much more information for you; you should come and listen to him in Phoenix in October, read more about him and his event in this newsletter ; Thanks for the support DT Dr. Turi, Yes one of those officer’s from Jersey City Police, NJ are a cousin to one of my own brother officers, on the Lyndhurst Police Dept, NJ, who I have been the best of friends with him & his wife for years. His CAT scan as of today, his brain is dead. But he is breathing on his own. It’s so hard to get through on C2C, to do a worldwide prayer, for both of these Law Enforcement Officers, see below! Also another NJ Police Officer, from the Hasbrouck Heights Police Dept, is also in serious condition, after being run over, while doing a traffic detail, on NJ Route 17, since a new fast food place was opened, which is a Sonic Restraunt. Reports now, doctors are saying that this officer may not be able to walk again. PS – I know that you always look out for the law enforcement officers, on certain dates, and all of the dates that you give out, NJ seems to have casualties of police officers. NJ has been very hot with all of this negative energy, the last few months. I do spread your words to my officers, on a daily basis. I’m hoping for a promotion to Captain, sometime this summer. Good Bless, Lt ///// Lyndhurst Police Dept. NJ Dear Paul: First my prayers are with you my friends and I can only admire your concern and bless your support. With your and other souls’ help many more police officers in the future will benefit from knowing and respecting the Cosmic Code jurisdictions. Blessings my friend… DT Dr. Turi, Police officer killed near Albuquerque while on a stake out at approx. 4 am while attempting to apprehend a man who for about 10 years had been terrorizing people in the area. Both the officer and the assailant were killed. The officer was a good solid police officer and family man who had been on the force a number of years. This story is quite big news here. I live in Santa Fe. Every time the Dragon’s Tail energy is in the air I feel it strongly. There is always an unusual tension. I feel “wired” and can see an intensified agitation in the people around me and in the situations they are in. I use quantum physics in my work and heal people around the world, so I am much more aware of the energies, even the most subtle ones as they change in the cosmos. The Dragon’s Tail is perhaps the most intense. Sincerely, L//// Santa Fe, NM Sad my friend very sad…had this soul knew about the *Deadly Plutonic Window and be more cautious on the given dates he may have spare his life. Thank you for the support. Blessings DT Faith White made a comment about your link: So many cops have died this weekend. A few died just an hour ago here in Chi-Town. The past 3 or 4 days have been violent. Marianne made a comment about your link: “How sad about Walter Cronkite. It must be hard on you to always be right.” Sherry made a comment about your link: “What is going on DT? I always tell everyone about you and what you are about but ….. they think I’m mental, but I know the truth. You are the truth! I feel they are all so controlled and brainwashed there is no way to get them to listen. Go educate the children before society corrupts them! That’s what I have done with service dog education. They are my best resource.”

AN ENCORE OF SARAH SIMMONS AND DR. TURI Her Radio Show, “Talk of the Town” launches on July 13, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV on KLAV, 1320 AM on Monday through Thursday and I am honored to have been Sarah very 1st guest! Stand by for another show on Wednesday July 22nd and Tune in at 10AM.

L’Oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain! Blowing up the Moon, is NASA insane? The repercussions of such a dangerous act for humankind’ spiritual health and the future are deadly. Join me and let’s talk about it tomorrow in BOTH my shows. GET TO KNOW THE MAN BEHIND THE MICROPHONE! Listen to some of Dr. Turi radio shows. Global Talk Radio – The Cosmic Heart With Dr. Turi BBS radio – The Cosmic Code With Dr. Turi Meet George Noory, Jordan Maxwell, Dr. Roger Leir and many of my friends at the


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Let me guide you back home in the stars where you came from, because God is there and waiting for you.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:” – Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible When all else has failed, and when all hopes are gone, count on me to bring back health to your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy your life again. I will take good care of you! Dr. Turi.

DO NOT GO BACK INTO DARKNESS! Astrology is an Art, Stay With The Master CELEBRITY VIP CONSULTATION VIP reading $700 call 602-265-7667 Live / Telephone VIP reading: Regularly $700.00: This is a very SPECIAL service! Enjoy the deepest reading ever with Dr. Turi on the telephone (no time limit) and get the most trustworthy direction and predictions you can ever get. The full conversation and priceless information are taped for your convenience and will be mailed following your consultation. Dr. Turi’s gift will astound you and change your entire life for the best. Dr. Turi is the real thing! Call the office at (602) 265-7667 for your telephone appointment. Tapes, CD/DVD/ BOOKS printed materials are included in this service and will be shipped to you the next day. 90 mn taped Full Life Reading for $310 call 602-265-7667 90 MN taped Full Life Reading: $310 and another 90 MN of Hypnotherapy Help: Too many people out there proclaim to be psychics and able to help you without any Cosmic Consciousness or awareness of the Superconscious in time and space. Yes indeed *psychic accident do happen with any unprofessional, be aware before lending your fragile psyche to anyone you do not know. Check him/her thoughtfully, ask for proof or well-documented predictions, and ask for previous performances on the radio or television before wasting time, money or your spirit. Astropsychology Course by mail complete package and 12 audio tapes $525 – Astropsychology Course by mail complete package and 16 CD $1050 3 – Books / 3 dvd / printed materials, and/or 13 audiotapes/16 CD etc. will be shipped to you the next day. Healing Room Cabalist Cleansing $1000 please call 265-7667 for your credit card transaction and for your appointment. Read what others who have dealt with me had to say… Blessings to all Dr. Turi DON’T MISS ANY OF MY SHOWS ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY!

L’Oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain! Ignorance is evil knowledge is power! Because of the current economy you may sign up for $35 by choosing the Senior Citizen option from

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