Educated Empty Heads

7/16/2009 TONIGHT 8:PM PST 11:00 – EST- blowing up the Moon, is NASA insane? The repercussions of such a dangerous act for humankind’ spiritual health and the future are deadly. Join me and let’s talk about in my show. Memo posted last night on MySpace and Facebook and Twitter before the event of course! Note these quatrains found in my book 2009 Moon Power were written, printed and published June 2008. SEE THE MASTER AT WORK! PLutonic window – July 16th – (#) Famous Death/Dramatic News/Police/FBI/CIA/Mob/Secrets/Scandals/Wake Up Call/Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers Dirt To Light Shine Drama death Evil Plans Men tainted Hell Spirit To Kill Death Drama rejoice On Earth DEAD ON THE DEADLY PLUTONIC WINDOW DATE OF JULY 16TH! NO! NO! NO! IT’S NOT EVERYDAY THAT COPS GET KILLED OR GET SERIOUSLY WOUNDED! WHEN WILL THE POLICE EXECUTIVE WAKE UP AND LET ME TEACH THEM? THE FACT IS VERY CLEAR; THEY DO NOT CARE OF THOSE IN THE FRONT LINE OF DANGER! How many times will have to be RIGHT for them to finally realize Dr. Turi has something very real about his work? How many newsletters do I have to write reminding the Law Enforcement *Elites of the factuality involving my work by pointing out EACH TIME the EXACT date by posting the unfolded drama? The question is; how many of these people in charge of our brave police officers’ education responsible themselves for our security have to die because of their superiors’ religious conviction or/and ignorance? What is so difficult for the top police DETECTIVES themselves to finally investigate and DETECT the truth about my methodology? Worse, how many of those public servants *smart asses thinks their traditional education is far better than another Mrs. Cleo they titled me without any solid investigation? But the fact remain and has been since the first day I began recording for THEM at how the police force, *like NASA and everything else walking this earth, is directly under the jurisdiction of the Cosmic Code and God’s celestial signs. How many times did I complained because those DEAD cops did not have to die had they been prepared with a software program I designed and a rigid education that would indeed make the difference between life and death. Again like NASA sending the shuttle and gambling with the life of the astronauts NONE of the people in charge, in any governmental branches has ever either took me seriously or responded to me REGARDLESS of the constant facts I thrown at their faces with my direct emails and newsletters read by millions of people world wide. 07/16/09 – Five police officers were wounded and two suspects killed Thursday in a shooting in Jersey City, New Jersey, authorities said. Two officers sustained serious injuries.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — U.S. Capitol Police shot and killed a man Wednesday afternoon, near the Capitol campus, a Capitol Hill Police spokeswoman said. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

What can I do? What more can I do? What do you need more for proofs? I offered my lectures and teaching for FREE I constantly and steadily present you with the facts All my findings are at for you at Are all the comments written by your concerned police officers there matter really? Why not use some of your selected police detectives using OUR TAX $ to check me up? Don’t you think its right to do absolutely ANYTHING if it has the potential to save even ONE life? But the fact is while you are assuming nonsense about my research and laughing out loud pure inconsideration and ignorance, your police officers are dying and once more I point out the finger to YOU, the traditionally educated religious executives…In many of my newsletters I have asked any cop or conscientious Police Chief of any district to JOIN force with me and it is a shame when lives are wasted constantly than only a ridiculous minority of cops have emailed me their request and support. Yes Jesus famous phrase comes back again don’t give pearl to swine! And this seems to be the only reality I refuse to accept everyday because defeating fears, assumptions and ignorance and saving lives is my mission and I will continue doing my best to SERVE AND PROTECT the best way I know… More on NASA Criminals

POLICE EXECUTIVES AND NASA EMPTY BLACK MATTER SPACE BRAIN? Tonight 8:00 PM – Blowing up the Moon, is NASA insane? The repercussions of such a dangerous act for humankind’ spiritual health and the future are deadly. Join me and let’s talk about it tonight. GET TO KNOW THE MAN BEHIND THE MICROPHONE! Incidentally it seems that the same moronic attitude run this abusive organization too! As mentioned in my previous newsletter do not expect NASA’ executives to know anything about the Cosmic Code spiritual jurisdictions outside of its solid, physical manifestation, to them the Mars or the Moon and all planets are simply shining rocks hanging above their mathematical *educated heads. Worse don’t expect any scientist to remotely grasp the seriousness of omens even after five unsuccessful launches blamed on the weather alone. Then it finally happens ET VOILA! NASA explains why pieces of foam were seen flying off the Space Shuttle Endeavour minutes after lift off. While each failed launch of the shuttle cost us the people millions each time, why not investing on a $22 little book called 2009 Moon Power and read early in the year 2009 when planning for future missions what the Moon or Mars will do to them? Lolol this is laughable, insane and unreal to even mention such a thing knowing their limited UCI is incapable to comprehend anything from the archetypal realm of consciousness…But as always the fact remain… July 12, 2009 — Mars *DANGER enters Gemini: The Lord of war in the sign of communication and transportation ETC. GET THE BOOK – Again Mars *means danger in Gemini * and did/will affect ALL forms of transportation, not just NASA and I am so saddened that many of these people lost their lives and had NO option to respect God’ sign and will by traveling when the light was red! A simple book such as Moon Power has so much to offer but to the elites of NASA, the Law Enforcement and traveling Agency, our government to the Joe Six Packs out there the opportunity to live a more productive and safe life is denied because of ignorance a lack of intelligence or a total refusal to accept that someone else like me, even with the fact in their faces, knows better than they do!

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — An Iranian airliner that crashed Wednesday, killing all 168 passengers and crew, plunged into the ground and disintegrated on impact, according to a security official. CHECK WHAT’S NEXT! SEE THE MASTER AT WORK Moonic Window July 20th (*) Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/Forced Relocation/Destructive weather/A new Planned and/or Unplanned Life For Many. Mother Earth To Scream Despair Above Below Water Fire Wind Spit Nothing Made To Last Stars Rule Mothers Cry Home Children To God HE IS WISE WHO UNDERSTAND THAT THE STARS ARE LUMINARIES CREATED AS SIGNS AND THAT IS HE WHO WILL CONQUER THE STARS THAT WILL HOLD THE GOLDEN KEYS TO GOD’S MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE ~ Nostradamus Did you miss my show last night on GTR? Sharing Emails; Thanks to all my supporters worldwide. Dr. Turi; John posted something on your Wall and wrote: You called it: Debris Strikes Endeavour During Liftoff Joyce posted something on your Wall and wrote: “-Thanks Dr Turi – great show tonight July 15th. I sure hope that, that young man you spoke to at the last ( was his name Stephen ?) listened to you with BOTH EARS wide open to what you had to say to him about what and where he needs to go with his life. You basically told him the direction that was meant for him in this lifetime and I hope he took you very seriously. I so wanted you to tell him to call you if he needed your help. He called in tonight because he was guided to do so-timing of the stars, in his chart He needed to hear your loving voice to give him a “sense of direction.” I hope that he has the strength to fight that negative nasty dragon with those that are around him that he associates with that are not good for him at all and go on and do exactly as you said which was for him to finish school and pursue his positive cosmic code stars to lead him with much success and happiness. I can only hope and pray that he really, really listened to you.” Sherry posted something on your Wall and wrote: “Thanks Dr. Turi! Great show!!! :)” Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to consider my message about this newsletter from Dr. Turi. You may find it quite interesting, since last weeks meeting and newspaper article “Mind of a Teen Killer” is featured here. I’m glad to see that you folks realize that something needs to be done about these ruthless kids and that it all starts with understanding what makes them tick. Dr Louis Turi has plenty of “Moon Power” insights that are more in-depth and it would truly benefit everyone by knowing his work on “The Death Wish Generation”. I’m certain that he’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about that, along with many others issues that involve keeping law enforcement safe. So, hopefully you will investigate his work and take advantage of my offer to introduce you to each other. Sincerely, Laurie

AN ENCORE OF SARAH SIMMONS AND DR. TURI Her Radio Show, “Talk of the Town” launches on July 13, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV on KLAV, 1320 AM on Monday through Thursday and I am honored to have been Sarah very 1st guest! Stand by for another show on Wednesday July 22nd and Tune in at 10AM.

L’Oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain! Blowing up the Moon, is NASA insane? The repercussions of such a dangerous act for humankind’ spiritual health and the future are deadly. Join me and let’s talk about it tomorrow in BOTH my shows. GET TO KNOW THE MAN BEHIND THE MICROPHONE! Listen to some of Dr. Turi radio shows. Global Talk Radio – The Cosmic Heart With Dr. Turi BBS radio – The Cosmic Code With Dr. Turi Meet George Noory, Jordan Maxwell, Dr. Roger Leir and many of my friends at the


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Let me guide you back home in the stars where you came from, because God is there and waiting for you.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:” – Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible When all else has failed, and when all hopes are gone, count on me to bring back health to your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy your life again. I will take good care of you! Dr. Turi.

DO NOT GO BACK INTO DARKNESS! Astrology is an Art, Stay With The Master CELEBRITY VIP CONSULTATION VIP reading $700 call 602-265-7667 Live / Telephone VIP reading: Regularly $700.00: This is a very SPECIAL service! Enjoy the deepest reading ever with Dr. Turi on the telephone (no time limit) and get the most trustworthy direction and predictions you can ever get. The full conversation and priceless information are taped for your convenience and will be mailed following your consultation. Dr. Turi’s gift will astound you and change your entire life for the best. Dr. Turi is the real thing! Call the office at (602) 265-7667 for your telephone appointment. Tapes, CD/DVD/ BOOKS printed materials are included in this service and will be shipped to you the next day. 90 mn taped Full Life Reading for $310 call 602-265-7667 90 MN taped Full Life Reading: $310 and another 90 MN of Hypnotherapy Help: Too many people out there proclaim to be psychics and able to help you without any Cosmic Consciousness or awareness of the Superconscious in time and space. Yes indeed *psychic accident do happen with any unprofessional, be aware before lending your fragile psyche to anyone you do not know. Check him/her thoughtfully, ask for proof or well-documented predictions, and ask for previous performances on the radio or television before wasting time, money or your spirit. Astropsychology Course by mail complete package and 12 audio tapes $525 – Astropsychology Course by mail complete package and 16 CD $1050 3 – Books / 3 dvd / printed materials, and/or 13 audiotapes/16 CD etc. will be shipped to you the next day. Healing Room Cabalist Cleansing $1000 please call 265-7667 for your credit card transaction and for your appointment. Read what others who have dealt with me had to say… Blessings to all Dr. Turi DON’T MISS ANY OF MY SHOWS ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY!

L’Oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain! Ignorance is evil knowledge is power! Because of the current economy you may sign up for $35 by choosing the Senior Citizen option from

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT STARTING JULY 23RD 2009 on WOON 1240 AM – Show stars at 7:00 PM EST – 4:00 PM PMT in Rhode Island! WOON AM station owner and my good friend Greg in Rhodes Island WILL carry my show and the opportunity for me to be on the air on hard radio will become a reality very soon. Working my magic and helping others is a part of my mission and with millions of talking heads in the airwaves, with your help I can be one of them to serve you better. There are as many hosts as there are different topics, anything goes from talking to the dead to politic, health, computer, psychology, astrology, ghosts, UFO, new age, legal, animal, botanical, food, real estate you name it the choice on the air is literally endless. But there is only ONE Dr. Turi and one true master with a proven track of predictions with the expertise and the wisdom needed to really help a very large audience starving for real guidance and progressive spiritual regeneration. Tune in don’t miss this new show! With your sponsorship I now will own a piece of the airwave in Rhodes Island and ready to do my magic. Thus to all my supporters PLEASE become a sponsor and help me to keep my show in the air. Your sponsorship will be handled by Greg, so please do not hesitate to contact him at


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