NASA Insanity !


Blowing Up The Moon? NASA are You insane?

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NASA tries for 5th time to launch Endeavour
IS THAT A SERIOUS MESSAGE THOSE MENTAL SNOBS SHOULD TAKE IN CONSIDERATION? But asking any scientists to notice any omen is like asking a monkey to master algebra. Those born logical souls rely only of what they perceive as facts and the bad weather is the only reason of so many canceled launches.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida (CNN) — NASA was preparing for a launch of space shuttle Endeavour on Sunday, a day after liftoff was postponed over concerns of possible effects from a lightning storm.

NASA prepares to bomb the moon?

Nasa scientists are preparing to launch a space mission from Cape Canaveral carrying a missile that will fire a hole deep in the surface of the moon.
First realize that the *excuse made up by NASA to look for water on the moon is laughable and one of the biggest lie offered to the moronic trusting American mass. All of you knows that testing nuclear weaponry is banned anywhere on this planet and countries like Iran and N. Korea are watched closely. But unlike the USA they do not have the trillions of dollars needed to TEST their arsenal on the moon. I am amazed at people’s ignorance reflecting Joe Six Packs gullibility. Imagine how the US and the world population would react if the US were to announce, their scientists have now in hand the biggest, the baldest and the meanness nuclear technology that would make any other power on earth terrified. And here you are accepting without challenge that this new NASA mission to bomb the moon is to find out if there is water or if life ever existed on our closest satellite. IT’S A MUST for every one of you, anywhere on this planet to listen to the show broadcasted July 13th from Las Vegas with Sarah Simmons and why we human should be more concerned with Mother Earth than a dead satellite, just in case you believe NASA’ scientific aims.

Note this show was broadcasted on a waning Moon and as expected we experienced some glitches. – Chances are I will redo this show and give more information as soon as I can find time to do so. Memo from Sarah:

Dr. Turi;

The sound quality is poor for a few minutes because I had the equalizer too high for you and I . I suggest we redo the show. Even reappear on Thursday of this week plus next week if you like. Kindly advise. The engineer can work on clearing the sound this weekend. In the interim it can be heard; – Click on Studio S and your readers will hear the show. It is looping 24/7 at his time.

Note: 13663 people clicked away from your site to mine or from your Cosmic Code newsletters and 6700 listened on Studio S when you were live. I have no access to Las Vegas stream


I am not exactly afraid of what the biggest latest man made nuclear device would do on the moon physically because extraterrestrials did it in the past. Yes a rain of calculated atomic explosions broke the gravitational forces of Jupiter’s grip and brought the moon closer to the earth so that life would become possible on this planet. Note also that natural cosmic materials have already bombarded her in the past and she survived it.
Following this explosion I am much more concerned of the Universal spiritual impact on the human psyche. There are unseen highly sophisticated *magnetic field / celestial forces at work coming from the Moon that NASA and the common logical person can not conceive, comprehend or even accept at the low level of perception they are at and indeed serious spiritual damage will result in the years to come. But even after many requests NOT to send the shuttle, because I have foreseen the death of all courageous astronauts, NASA did not budge and never answered any of my emails. Indeed, in the name of science *ignorance or fear of the ridicule they are the biggest criminals of humankind and they don’t even know it and that is INSANE! If I cannot reach the police executives, the educational elites or anyone in power willing to help me WHO WILL HELP ME before its too late? In my next radio show I will elaborate about my trip in a flying saucer and the OBVIOUS predictive legacy the ET endowed me with.

Yes this is true, during my last trip of August 2001 with my ex-wife Brigitte we ended up inside a flying saucer above LA, I was downloaded the Cosmic Code secrets and all the information of all the planets spiritual function, including all about the birthing of our solar system by the *Gardeners of the World. I wrote a bout it not long ego, did you miss it? Well you can listen to one of the top show with George Noory where I explained this experience on CTC from

Sad enough Coast To Coast rebuilt his website and the best of these pictures sent to Webmaster Lex are now gone. You may ask him the link – and email it to me?



On Tuesday, June 16 Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden sponsored a seminar on teen violence. The title of the seminar, held at Kye’s in Jeffersonville, was “Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer” and the speaker was Phil Chalmers. Over 100 people attended the seminar to learn more about teen violence. Those attending represented local churches, schools, counseling agencies, emergency management, EMS, and Law Enforcement.

Chalmers discussed many aspects of teen violence including the “Top Ten Causes of Teen Murder”. During the presentation he listed the following top 10 reasons of teen murder:
AND? Is there anything about this speaker’s information that this crowd does not already know? Where is the REAL desperately needed information that would make these people realizes they all are from a different generation? Where is the vital information that would bring them the awareness of the Cosmic Code interacting with us all, including the teens THEY TRY SO HARD TO HELP OR UNDERTSAND? While the basic logical reasons are solid and real the real reason is missing and nothing already proposed or discussed by the speaker and the concerned people have tried so far has worked. I have stopped updating my site dedicated to the police because the majority of the cops and their *elites management are still as sleep and will not mingle with what they erroneously perceive and assume to be only a psychic or practicing the work of the devil.

This is deplorable because owning the Key of what it means to be human and the answers they are so desperately looking for is wasted because a mixture of religious convictions and/or plain stupidity. I have over the years strenuously worked outside of conventional psychology to realize the impact of the Cosmic Code upon the human psyche and wrote a book titled *The Power of the Dragon which could bring them so much more than all speakers theories combined together but its all about *energy and the reality; as explained thousands time in my newsletters, is that the timing is off, I am simply far too ahead of everyone concerned and my natural obvious reaction to stupidity can not be handled easily and perceived as an ego trip.

And what is deplorable is, while realizing my work and values only a handful of my trusting readers while very concerned will not help me reaching those that need these vital information and make the changes. How much time one need to look for their local police station to find the email of the police chief or other cops, then SUBMIT both this newsletter and this link

May be you could reach Officer lecturer Phil Chalmers through his website at or the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, from and suggest them to let me educate them on the DEATH WISH GENERATION?

And that is my dilemma what is the point for me to work 24/7, then get your approval, educate YOU and wait impatiently for my next newsletter without doing your part? So I have decided to stop crucifying myself trying to educate the Law Enforcement Executives on something them and 99.9 % of the world is not yet ready to assimilate.

Yes once more, Jesus words *do not give pearl to swine can only apply. To those willing to use my pearls, my book *The Power of the Dragon has the answers and it is available!

~ Nostradamus

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“Thank you for all the 411 .. I enjoy reading on…”

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“And why are they planning to do this? Sounds insane to me.”

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Congrats On The China EarthQuake Prediction-M

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Nothing can describe the rage I feel for our soldiers. Please keep us posted. You are my sanity!

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“Love your talks on C2C thank you.”.

Dr. Turi;
On your website, it mentions Advanced Astropsychology Course ON 16 CD’s, this course also involves the teaching of Hypnotherapy, Cabalistic Healing and the Astro-Tarot ~ This course comes with all needed files – 3 DVD “Cosmic Consciousness”, “Astrology and Science” and “Dialog with the Universal Mind”. 4 hard cover Books are also included “And God Created The Stars” “The Power Of The Dragon” “Beyond The Secret” and “I know All About including 2 more 90 mn tape UFO Are Real and Introduction to Hypnotherapy. S&H included. My question is which one I am ordering?
I just realized this evening that I would like to help spread your work, make a career out of Astropsychology and would like to get the maximum number of items to do this. Thank you for the tremendous information you are sharing with the world!!!

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“Louis! On October 9, 2009 NASA is bombing the Moon. Do you see any significance about that date?”

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“OMG!!!!!! NASA to bomb the MOON? Please tell me they are joking. What are they thinking? – OR NOT. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY INSANE.”


We heard it first here on your show *COSMIC HEART! You predicted the major China earthquake on live radio. Absolutely amazing!! (I knew about your previous predictions from Coast to Coast, but now I can attest to your accuracy myself.)

Kevin – president GTR radio


Her Radio Show, “Talk of the Town” launches on July 13, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV on KLAV, 1320 AM on Monday through Thursday and I am honored to have been Sarah very 1st guest! Stand by for another show on Wednesday July 22nd and Tune in at 10AM.

L’Oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain!
Blowing up the Moon, is NASA insane? The repercussions of such a dangerous act for humankind’ spiritual health and the future are deadly. Join me and let’s talk about it tomorrow in BOTH my shows.


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Now here are the deals but hurry because I am offering a 50% discount on some of my readings until July 15th midnight ONLY OR TONIGHT! And soon I will stop writing free newsletters
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Ignorance is evil knowledge is power!

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