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Dear Reader;


LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Questions swirled Friday about the possible role prescription medications may have played in the death Thursday of pop idol Michael Jackson, people close to him said.

With such a lifestyle and the stress associated with being a top celebrity you do not have to be a brain surgeon to realize that Michael was addicted to *legal drugs. Furthermore if you took the time to read his complex UCI, *Unique Celestial Identity, his natal moon *emotions in soft Pisces *drugs, deception, illusion, imagination happens to be the right and unavoidable ingredient for serious addiction. Pisces rules the art, the feet, dancing including music and Michael, indeed had it all. But all the chemicals ingested over the years due to his many facial cosmetic surgeries finally caught up with him and all the physicians prescribing before, while and after dangerous medical prescriptions are of course a certain cause of Michael’s early demise. Born in August under the constellation of Leo *children Michael never really grew up and felt more secure with kids he could relate to in his imaginary world he managed to create with Neverland. Furthermore his Sun sign in Virgo *purity brought a stronger need for innocence and purity slowly building a subconscious fear of death, dirt and diseases.


By respect for the Super Star I will remain neutral and avoid assuming about his infamous involvement with children and with this disposition, using the power of love and understanding I was able to reach his departed spirit during the late hours. One must realize that with such a celebrity status, the legal hyenas like fleas on a dog found a blessed ground to rip him apart while make millions of dollars. Like the majority of the uninformed mass when I wrote * Michael Jackson Last CONcert? Broadcasted March 14th 2009 from http://newsletter.drturi.com/ I was only half way to the truth. I will also take this opportunity to apologize to all Michael’s fan all over the world, not knowing, in channeling his spirit last night not only the artistic but also the very important spiritual legacy he would left us with. I did not know then what I know now and this is the beauty of being human and the option given to us all by God to grow spiritually. Apart from the phenomenal artistic genius he was born with, Michael was like anyone of us. He was only a human and lived his life with all his gifts and all his flaws. My work demands to bypass any and all human imperfections knowing that no one is perfect and never will be regardless of his/her status.

The power of love, forgiveness allowed me to reach him in a place where I would be able to be a channel to all of the people wanting to hear from him just one more time. And from the depth of my subconscious and my natural ability to tap in time and space and the after world I did it for you my readers…While this newsletter is unusually long, the opportunity to read about the real reason for his demise will come later on. In one of my last free Dragon newsletters *until the end of July I am asking you to adopt the same loving, forgiving attitude and hear Michael’s desperate plea through my own spirit.


1979 – Shortly before the August release of his breakthrough solo album, “Off the Wall,” the 20-year-old Jackson broke his nose while dancing. He underwent rhinoplasty surgery that reshaped his nostrils. But according to biographers, Jackson complained of breathing difficulties and more surgeries would follow.

DT – Aries Dragon’s Tail *negative – Aries rules the head/nose and made him accident-prone. Any traditionally educated plastic surgeon should NOT operate on his patient during certain celestial hospices or run the serious chances of complications and costly legal disputes. You better know your own Dragon’s Tail and get your own personal Dragon window dates or pay the price of infringing the Cosmic Code. www.drturi.com/resolution.php

1984 – In January, Jackson is badly burned by malfunctioning pyrotechnics during filming for a Pepsi TV ad. The singer’s hair catches fire and he suffers second-degree burns to his head.

DT – Aries Dragon’s Tail *negative – Aries rules the head/nose and made him accident-prone. Any actor or movie producers should NOT film during certain celestial hospices or run the serious chances of accidents and costly legal disputes. You better know your own Dragon’s Tail and get your own personal Dragon window dates or pay the price of infringing the Cosmic Code. www.drturi.com/resolution.php

1986 – Photos surface of Jackson using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Reports say he used the chamber in an effort to halt the aging process, a report he denied. Years later, it emerged that Jackson himself had his team “leak” the photos, in an attempt to keep his name in the headlines.

DT – All souls born in August nurture a subconscious fear of death and decay and Michael’ Sun in perfectionist, health oriented Virgo made his situation worse.

1988 – In his autobiography, “Moon Walk,” Jackson reveals that he had been physically abused as a child. He also admits to two rhinoplastic surgeries and the surgical creation of a cleft in his chin. He attributes the changes in his appearance to a vegetarian diet, weight loss, and a change in hairstyle.

DT – Read house #4 * Michael, House #4 Scorpio: Foundation; Home; Upbringing; Security; Parents. (Michael becomes a Scorpio – Pluto) www.drturi.com/jackson.php

1990 – Michael Jackson is seen for the first time wearing a surgical mask in public. No explanation is ever given. While some reports say Jackson went on to have many more surgeries in the 90s, Jackson has denied having any surgery on his lips, cheeks or eyes.

DT – Read Michael House #6 Capricorn: Health; Service; Work; Co-Workers. (Michael becomes a Capricorn – Saturn) www.drturi.com/jackson.php

1993 – In a 90-minute interview with Oprah Winfrey in February, Jackson dismisses suggestions he bleaches his skin, admitting for the first time that he had been diagnosed in 1986 with lupus and vitiligo, a condition that causes his skin to lose pigment.

DT – You cannot and should not believe his doctors! They simply found an excuse with this disease to avoid being sued because Michael’s blood was slowly being poisoned and his kidneys and liver could not clean his system efficiently any longer and his skin tried to do the job by excreting the poison, thus the white bleach discoloration.

1995- After collapsing during rehearsal for a HBO concert special, Jackson is advised to take some time off. The concert special is canceled.

DT – Chances are his natal or hidden Dragon’s Tail was making a hard aspect to his moon but I missed my chance to talk stars with him personally when I was invited to meet Michael in Tokyo while invited by my friend Bryant Mc Gill for a special occasion. Michael’subconscious gave him his first serious message to change his thought process because all ailments are coming from an inner blockage. Was Michael already wishing for peace he could never have?

2002 – In November, during a civil breach-of-contract trial, Jackson complains of a series of medical problems. After a two-week recess in the trial, he arrives to court on crutches, complaining of a spider bite on his left foot. The judge in the case orders Jackson to receive an independent medical examination. The results confirm that Jackson has a legitimate ailment that prevents him from appearing in court. But specifics are not disclosed. During the same trial, Jackson arrives in court wearing a surgical mask. When the judge orders him to remove the mask, Jackson reveals a highly disfigured nose that appears close to collapse.

DT – Chances are Michael was on one of his negative window dates and none of his close concerned friends had Cosmic Consciousness to guide him or help him out of his health fears and drive for physical perfection. Surgery performed on negative auspices can never turn out right, period! Furthemore Michael did not know about the creative *positive or negative forces of his subconscious or the fact that the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts… Had I met him in Tokyo I would have offered him my book *Beyond The Secret and help him to undertsdant more about the divine.

2003 – Randy Taraborrelli’s unauthorized biography, “Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness” is released. The book claims the singer became addicted to Demerol and other painkillers after allegations of child molestation in 1993. The book claims his health deteriorated and he entered drug rehab in Aspen, Colorado for a few months. Jackson issues a statement saying he is “appalled” at the “vicious” report, and says he was in Aspen for a vacation with his three children.

DT – Randy Taraborrelli’s putrefying UCI lured him to write for money fame and greed at Michael’s expenses and the abuse of his private life is appalling. Hyenas are everywhere when you are a celebrity; karma is pending.

2005 – While being tried of child molestation charges, Jackson arrives late to court numerous times. After being ordered to appear immediately or face a fine, Jackson hobbles to court in his pyjamas. He later tells Jesse Jackson in an interview that he had been in “intense pain” during the trial after suffering after an accident earlier in the month. “I was coming out of the shower and I fell and all my body weight — I’m pretty fragile — all my body weight fell against my rib cage,” he said. “And I bruised my lung very badly.” After Jesse Jackson points out that he looked extremely thin, Jackson said he had never been a big eater, fact that had worried his family and friends, he said. Elizabeth Taylor used to feed me, to hand-feed me, at times,” he said. “Please, I don’t want anybody to think I’m starving, I’m not… My health is perfect, actually.

DT – Michael’s Uranus *weird / unusual is located on his first house *the self and affect his personality both positively *unique, electrifying on stage and negatively or weird under stress. But only if you become an Astropsychologist will you know what it means to be human and why Michael was Michael…Take the course at home and master all the secrets of the Cosmic Code – www.drturi.com/astroclass.php -Call me for information first (602) 265-7667

2008 – Rumours swirl again that Jackson is gravely ill and in need of a lung transplant. According to Ian Halperin, an investigative journalist writing an unauthorized biography, Jackson has not only lost most of the vision in his left eye, he has been fighting the genetically inherited disorder, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. The disease reportedly left Jackson wracked with emphysema and internal bleeding. A Jackson spokesman releases a statement denying the report as a “total fabrication.” “Mr. Jackson is in fine health,” the spokesman says in December of that year.

DT – Ian Halperin putrefying UCI lured him to write for money fame and greed at Michael’s expenses and the abuse of his private life is appalling. Hyenas are everywhere when you are a celebrity; karma is pending.

March 2009 – Jackson announces plans for a series of London concerts for this summer. At least one report says that in order to gain insurance for the concerts, Jackson underwent a four-hour medical examination, after which he was declared to be in good health.

DT – Sure but all his traditionally educated doctors possess no Cosmic Consciousness and had no clue that the Dragon’s Tail *negative was luring in Leo, right in his first house on himself. Furthermore they had no idea of Michael’s natal Dragon’s Tail in Aries making him seriously prone to suffer violent death. Leo rules the heart and cardiac arrest is a serious probability when the dragon’s Tail resides in this sign. But what those *kids newly crowned doctors do really know of metaphysics?

May 2009 – A report from The Sun newspaper in Britain claims Jackson is suffering from skin cancer, with skin cancer lesions on his upper body and pre-cancerous cells on his face.

DT – What do you expect? Michael’ system was totally poisoned and his skin which was his last natural way to eliminate the loads of deadly chemicals finally gave up. The mental shock became too much for Michael’s fragile psyche and he was petrified, lost and he made a subconscious wish to exit this rough world speedily. Michael’s UCI was set to drastically and actively refuse any ailments and he spent millions of dollars trusting traditional medicine to stop the aging process. Most importantly the nasty tail of the Dragon was simultaneously cruising both his first house *himself and his twelve subconscious house turning the depth of his fear into a desperate wish. Michael simply died suddenly of fright produced by despair misusing unknowingly the creative forces of his subconscious against himself. But again do not try to convince any academics of the true perceptive power I am blessed *or cursed with because after all who is Dr. Turi and what accredited colleges or universities he attended and graduated from?

Born with an over sensitive Moon *emotions, in Pisces * self-illusive, Michael had a natural desire to escape reality and stay in his own world. Indeed this karmic moon position is one of the most difficult to bear because the natural pull of the negative fish is to swim downstream and force the soul to follow the current of deception, addiction, religion where the relentless flow finally takes the soul down to deep depression. Fighting the muddy down stream demands an extreme use of the will but very often drowning and death is the only way out.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune *Lord Of Deception and the waves represent the unrelenting beating produced by the steady addictive craving that finally drown the soul to his demise. People born with a strong Pisces in their chart are prone to physical *drugs and /or spiritual *religion poisoning. Neptune rules all man made buildings leading the lost addicted soul to confinement such as jails, hospitals, asylums, churches, temples, synagogues etc. Neptune’s negative peons abuses drugs and the need for the fix leads to criminal or sexual debauch breeding sexual transmitted diseases. A lost Neptunian is easily recognizable and will serve the Lord Neptune for good or for worse. Their natal Neptunian UCI lead them to become; priests, ministers and operate in religious buildings while some others becomes doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, pathologists, run mortuaries, cemeteries. Some perform in hospitals, funny farms in front or behind bars working in jails. Some becomes deadly Neptunian schizophrenics and build their own UFO  groups* Apple White or religious cults *Rev. Jones, David Koresh etc. Without Cosmic Consciousness none of Neptune’s victims is able to fight the worse and dangerous robotic expressions produced by this gaseous planet.

Read from http://newsletter.drturi.com/

Rael UFO Religion or Cult? March 22nd 2009

A more positive and artistic expression of a Neptunian lead the soul to act, sing, dance, paint or even engage in swimming and win tons of gold medals. Check *The Life And Fate of Michael Phelps III broadcasted August 17th 2008. Note also that *Tarzan, actor Johnny Weissmüller was like Mr. Phelps born with a positive Dragon’s Head in Pisces *acting/swimming.

www.drturi.com/jackson.php -Note this material was writen months ago when the Star was still alive!

Michael, House #8 Pisces: Legacy; Debts; Taxes; Insurance; Sex; Death; Corporations.

(Michael becomes an illusive, impractical, deceiving Pisces – Neptune)

Key words are: deception, drugs, religions, hidden legal affairs and sexual motivations.

So rest assured YES Michael abused legal drugs to escape his harsh, unforgiving fame. This type of life style is very detrimental for some souls born with an over sensitive UCI and many unlucky celebrities ended up drastically and much too early because of their addiction to drugs. Do you really want to be famous? do you have what it takes? But what do you really know about yourself just yet?

The Eighth House: relates to the physical structure of the individual’s public self. It, therefore, covers buildings and real estate (Neverland!). It covers energies emanating from the body so it controls sexual attraction and how death, confinement, legal pursuits and sex could enter the subject’s life. This is the House of joint resources and the business/financial potential of Michael. In an advanced chart, this House also denotes the witchcraft legacy and the potential to relearn the mysteries of life for healing purposes and its good use for mankind.

Michael may for sure suffer a fear of death and decay but he is fascinated by the after-life and affairs of the dead. Pisces astrological symbol was subconsciously chosen by Christians to represent Christianity. On the negative end of this religion, it has used its deceiving teachings to create a financial empire with over 375 billions dollars invested in oil companies world wide, and many other financial endeavors regimented and controlled by the Vatican! If it was not for the grace and love of numerous and powerful Leo’s big pockets, there may be no proliferation of so many religious organizations. Many successful Leo will naturally give away large amounts of money. In doing, they subconsciously buy and earn their place in paradise! Leo rules fame and fortune and most of the religious institution buildings (real estate) will be found in the most notorious parts of town where money and power can be sucked away from the pious God fearing Leo’s and other successful and wealthy victims. The point is the Pisces energy can be very deceiving and sucker money using religious ideals and guilt, and shows the enormous power that can be created by illusion.

This House deals with legacy and Leo is very conscious of what will happen to his family or the children of the world after his demise. Thus, much work will be done to make sure his valuable possessions are shared equally to the members of his family. Sadly and most of the time the young Leo soul becomes an easy target for abusive religious groups and all (or a very large chunk) of his life resources are often given away to religious institutions. This will further ignorance and eventually death through religious wars throughout the world. (Its happening now as I had predicted years ago ‘America will fight (and lose) a religious war with the Middle East!’). Mother Teresa (a Leo) spent all of her valuable life healing and helping others while the Vatican secretively managed the tremendous wealth she generated to further their own controlling agenda and large real estate endeavors world wide. Do you really think the poor Leo Lady cared about her money? A true nun like Mother Teresa would easily sleep on bare floor and eat hard bread with the children she loved and worked so hard to protect.

Pisces rules religion and Leo is the sign of life; this sign subconsciously fears death and the even after-life. They are a prime target for God’s manipulators and promoters… The research for answers of what it means to be human and the purpose of life is quite strong. Sadly enough because of early religious poisoning, many a fortunes were wasted to further ignorance and doctrines. The advanced Leo soul is well aware of the spiritual manipulation involving organized religions and invests in the true light, via the stars.

Michael was born with an illusive and deceiving Pisces moon in the 8th house of sex and in the worse case dictates, deception, imprisonment, use of chemicals, confinement, religious poisoning, murder or suicide. Another inmate who thought he was Jesus killed Dahmmer in jail. Dahmmer spent the last days of his life intensively preaching and reading the bible and listening to the sound of humming whales. Neptune (Poseidon, the Lord of the seas) rules marine life and all religions! Note that O.J. Simpson, Dhammer and many killers or sex offenders were also born with an addictive moon in Pisces. As noted earlier, Michael’s moon in Pisces expresses his emotional, artistic, unworldly response to life and the drive behind building NeverLand estate in California. A place where his deceiving dreams would become a reality and with it the accompanying karma imposed by the rigid world and its unforgiving laws.

Pisces rules fantasy and Moon is the home, so with the ability brought about by wealth, this Leo has been able to make his home into a miniature Disneyland! His home abounds with Mickey Mouse figures and Peter Pan images. Using the name Neverland, the land of lost boys, and the whole fantasy of his home comes from Peter Pan who was the boy who never grew up. Here we see the hidden but powerful dragon (youth) and his moon (home) in Pisces (fantasy). Again to demonstrate the power of the stars, see that he was secretly (8th house) filmed (Pisces) on his jet as they took him from Las Vegas to be booked. It has been said the boy bringing the accusations told authorities that Michael used wine and pills before the abuse. Pisces rules alcohol and drugs and in Michael’s 8th house of sex this is a very real possibility. However Pisces also rules suicide and imprisonment, and so it is an indicator of Michael’s possible fate to those forces. This moon position support all use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Note also that when Nicole Simpson called 911, O.J. (born with a moon in Pisces) was under the influence of alcohol.

With education anyone, including Leos can expand into true knowledge of the heavens and can offer great financial and spiritual investments to the future and support my goal to further mankind cosmic consciousness. The advanced Leo can and will help this world to synchronize harmoniously with the stars. Only then peace, harmony and respect will bless this world, as the old doctrines must give room to more practical and beneficial use of financial resources. Pisces is a dreamy and religious sign and has not much grounding; thus, imagination and religious fear blur the soul’s judgment about investments. And as seen in Martin Bashir’s documentary, Michael spends enormous amounts of money on baroque vases and ornate paintings, and seems to have no realistic stop to his spending on these items.

This is also the House of death, indicating a final resting place close to the water or in an exotic place where the Lion can enjoy the last days of his productive life. On a negative note, Pisces rules also chemicals; drugs, hospitals, mental institutions, jail and many Leo’s end up suffering with Parkinson’s disease. Other low Leo spirits will use their religious or famous positions to sexually abuse children. Sadly enough my research also leads me to acknowledge that many religious leaders and ministers were born under the fame-seeking sign of Leo. These ugly self-centered egocentric souls are predators of children, and churches are indeed the best place to pick and deviously operate. What a deal, children seeking knowledge and concerned innocent parents looking for what seems to be the cleanest, safest place to educate their children with high Christian “superior” morals. This clearly explains why the church attracts; and this is a fact, the greatest sex offenders from all walks of life.

Being a soft Pisces in the corporate area is a blessing for Michael as long as his resources are used to promote the future and none of the 875 religious institutions (and growing) plaguing this great country. Being an impractical Pisces investor can only help abusive religious organizations to gain more power; and poison more minds with fears and ignorance. Doing so takes away the Universal Love and ultimate celestial rules written by God himself via the stars. His Pisces emotional makeup also explains why Michael can be so soft spoken and shy.

May God Bless His Soul

Prediction # 18. Many famous people to die and increase of heart attack in 2008/2009.
June 25, 2009 – Jackson collapses and dies of apparent cardiac arrest.

Brian Oxman, a former lawyer, says he had long been concerned about Jackson’s use of painkillers. He claimed Jackson had prescription drugs at his disposal to help with ongoing back pain. “I warned everyone, and lo and behold, here we are. I don’t know what caused his death. But I feared this day, and here we are,” Oxman said.

DT – Yes there is such a thing as a big difference between education and intelligence Mr. Oxman and if at all permitted channeling Michael spirit in the dark privacy of my office tonight I am honored to bring light and a form of closure about Michael’s last moments on earth as it really happened.

Michael told me that first and foremost, he did NOT want to perform against his will in the UK and feed more vicious legal hyenas. He knew they would never stop harassing him until his death he guaranteed me. The stress and world wide publicized accusations he endured over the years consumed him daily and the only thing he wanted was to be left alone and enjoy his children. I could hear his child like voice and so many tears were running down his face. “God gave me fame and the center stage to bring light and love to the children of the world and that is all I did all my life.

I thought of committing suicide so many times but the thought of missing my own children was unbearable to me. But in my heart I was already dead Dr. Turi” he said to me. ” I could not fight the constant flow of accusations and the terrible feeling of desperation it brought to me, it was like an evil force taking more of me each day and I could not fight it any longer. “I JUST DID NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO THE LIMELIGHT, I had enough, I just wanted to be left alone with my kids. I did not want to suffer physically and spiritually and I wished so much for the total peace I was never allowed to enjoy, then up a sudden God heard me and called me back home. Here, finally I am allowed to enjoy true peace, away from the light, the noise, the cameras, the judges and the world at large.” Michael last words before joining God in the heavens was. “Dr. Turi I can not wait to become an innocent child again, and comeback to do more work for them, please tell the world about it”. The most beautiful smile enlightened his face, and then I watched him turning into a white dove and he flew away followed by his guardian angel…


I can only hope in the name of his memory that many of his fans, close friends and family members get the opportunity to read about it and bring them the closure they so desperately need.

Please post this newsletter for the world to hear Michael’s last concerto…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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