Iran and Neda’s Fate


Dear Reader;

May God Bless Her Heart…

The young woman who last weekend emerged as a powerful symbol of opposition to the Iranian government embraced life in many ways, but there was little about her that would have led her friends to predict she would become a martyr, one of them told CNN. Neda Agha-Soltan, 26, rose to prominence within hours after a crudely shot video documenting her final moments was uploaded to the Web shortly after she died Saturday from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

By now you’ve heard that a young Iranian woman was shot in the heart by a government militia sharpshooter during my last Deadly Window date of June 19th marking the deadly protests in Tehran. A camera phone nearby caught the police drama crackdown and Neda is being called Iran’s Joan of Arc with the footage of her death shown round the world on both Twitter and Facebook. I do not have the exact date of birth of the young woman but her age only and I trust my objective Astropsychology methodology to be much more precise in bringing more light on her demise outside of conventional news making international news about this terrible case that will, in time change history. The sad reality is that there are no accident and yes anyone born with a vulnerable UCI *Unique Celestial Identity becomes indeed a sure target as intended from the Cosmic Code.

In any case Neda’s UCI and fate resemble the one of Michael McClendon, both shoot to death by the police *Black Guards in very different circumstances. Incidentally Michael McClendon was born 04/11/1982 with the same Dragon’s Tail *negative in Capricorn *government than Neda. In order for you to really raise your own Cosmic Consciousness you must take the time to go back to the newsletter titled: The Life and Fate of Michael Mc Clendon broadcasted March 14th 2009 from
Again only repetition will make you aware how vulnerable we all are of our personal inherited natal Dragon’s Tail especially if you are one of the 99.9.9 percent of the ignorant mass. Ignorance is evil and knowledge is power, pay no heed to God’s celestial birth signs is a sure indication of an early karmic death. God loves you only if you understand his celestial will and if you don’t know your own UCI, you have indeed some serious reasons to be scared of him.

Again both Michael and Neda lost their lives at the end of the police or the Government and while Michael was terrible upset with the system, refusing him to work with them regardless of his efforts Neda was lead by her heart and drive from her deplorable Iranian government injustices against the people. But the stars *or God, do not care and I teach all my students that if you happen to be born with such a Dragon you will be very unlucky with all affairs involving Uncle Sam or your government. Furthermore I strongly caution my clients and students to stay clear from any and all governments endeavors, including politics. In both cases the Dragon’s Tail in Capricorn took both of them and that is all there is to it, period!

The question remain now, what if both Michael or Neda had a reading with me and knew about my warnings will the wisdom they paid me for changed their fate? You bet it would because a chance would have been given to them to apply their will and honor God’s will to stay clear from such engagements. But we will never know because passion against injustice and the drive to change things is an inner part of the human machine and reasons or heed is not always strong enough to act upon. But again there is no accident for such people to become either very famous or infamous in death and what pain me most is that I understand the celestial scheme of things and I may be much too advanced for *normal people unwilling or unable to cash up on my divine perception. All I can do is to do my best to translate God will hoping for some of you to upgrade your own Cosmic Consciousness and avoid your own early death.

I still believe that not a single life is ever wasted really regardless how karmically, quietly or loudly we will one day depart from earth. But again one can only perceive the surface and/or the physical reasons of any demise while, as a free reader (until July 2009) or as a VIP Cosmic Code subscriber my job is to give you a more spiritual answer hoping to give you more explanation of what it means to be human and God’s ultimate hidden celestial order. To the common soul my writings wont mean much and after reading a few words he/she will go on playing games on the net or waste more time talking about what’s going on in their destitute lives on Twitter or Facebook. Others more spiritually inclined will aim for more of my wisdom and read me through.

In reality Michael and Neda are true victims of the system and the Dragon but even worse their ignorance of the Cosmic Code but even in their death there is a message for all of us. A message of hope for a better world, a better government and a better understanding of a God and a set of Universal rules they did not know. As we approach the year 2012 more and more shocking news and badly needed changes are ahead of us and I can only write it again for your understanding that the real changes are taking place above, in the stars within the eternal clicking of the cosmic clock. The Age of Pisces is over, the age of religions, lies, deceptions, abuses, and political and religious manipulations is coming to end, imploding in its own self where all its Neptunian sick rulers are going down with time. And it is because of people like Neda and many other martyrs that the proper attention and actions will follow up to liberate humankind from oppression.

In my 525 pages book * The Power of the Dragon – I explained in great details how the Dragon mold the fate of many criminals and souls that made history but again the mentally lazy mass would rather watch TV and get updated on the latest divorce or health habits of their favorite celebrities instead of gathering true wisdom that would indeed upgrade their quality of life or even save their life. Yes here is my *Jesus favorite quote again *don’t give pearl to swine and with this my deep disgusted feelings of trying my best to offer you God celestial tools in a golden plate for no or little return if any. Yes my perceptive gift or/and curse is my own karma dedicated to push on and save one of you at time I guess. Now for what it is worse, if you are a police officer and did not keep a close eye to my Deadly Plutonic window for 2009 here is another memo for you. You are strongly advised to make a note of those windows for your own safety.

Would it be in my radio shows or previous newsletters the Plutonic Window of June 19 posted at has once more proven my work to be reliable and trustful when many months ago I cautioned the world to be ready for the police to make the news. How more precise can I be? June 19 total 19th deaths.

Raw power challenges police deadly villains

Ugly face of death drama horror surface

Nature, man’s religion bloody folly reign

Thousands of riot police and members of the Baiji militia lined the streets of Tehran today, according to eyewitnesses, and calm appeared to prevail. The scene was in stark contrast to a bloody day Saturday when 19 Iranians were killed in clashes between defiant anti-government protesters and police.

Lastly I am asking all my supporters to pass on this newsletter to the world as respect for the memory of Neda so in her death another crucial spiritual message becomes available to all, especially the Iranian people.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


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